Tuesday, 3 April 2012

An Update by J Hall: TMBC Graph Levels of Fine Particles in the Air For Week Beginning : 26/03/12

Looking at this graph note the suggested levels for the Two Trees Monitoring Site for Denton and the audacity of TMBC to suggest this is away from roads and is a semi rural hidden away monitoring site which represents the Denton/Audenshaw Air Pollution levels, and I quote TMBC`s own words when  they played their devious deceptive game of wanting to hide the reality pollution, and this is "their original statement made some years ago"
TMBC Air Quality Monitoring Report 2000: In December 1997 a real time monitoring station was commissioned at Two Trees School Denton.The station is equipped to monitor for ozone, sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and particulates.

I exposed this situation at the Mottram By-Pass Public Inquiry because it was a terrible scandalous deliberate and lying misrepresentation of the Denton/Audenshaw Air Pollution region which is seen on the Government Air Quality Management Maps where Air Pollution far exceeds all Government, EEC. World Health Authority limits on Air Pollution.
The Two Trees School selected site us not even in an official AQMA seriously air polluted location, and TMBC has for 15 years been deliberately and knowingly burying the reality facts of air pollution in the area where 47,000 people live.
Have a trip to see the Two Trees School monitoring site is and see for yourselves how TMBC hid this site away to seriously deceive all Tamesider’s all these past years. This was a corrupt, devious, and evil action carried out by TMBC and note the present low pollution graph results for Two Trees Site on the graph above. 
Now observe the graph results for Mottram Moor and surprise surprise the pollution levels show high peaks more than the Denton Two Trees site, WHY ?????  you may ask. Well TMBC decided to place that air pollution monitoring equipment 8 feet, yes 8 feet from the exhaust pipes of HGV`s and Cars as they slow down approaching Mottram Traffic Lights on their way to the M67.
Now visit this Mottram Moor location and note the large green cubicle within feet of vehicle exhausts and this is supposed to represent the pollution reality in Longendale, so how much more lower can TMBC Councillors and Officials descend to? 

I reckon they are already the lowest of the low to deliberately manipulate and deceive 220,000 Tamesider’s like this to criminally withhold the actual Denton/Audenshaw air pollution levels and dupe everyone with the Longendale deliberately fabricated lies.
R Oldham engineered this scandal along with his friends and relatives on the Siege Committee way back to ensure he tricked the Public Inquiry into recognizing false reality pollution levels in area’s of Tameside. I gave lots of Photographic evidence plus DVD filming to the Public Inquiry which blew a large hole in the fictitious evidence, but now see how the conspiracy continues of falsifying TMBC Documentation which sets out to still deliberately deprive the Tameside Public of the truth about Air Pollution.
TMBC Councillors know these facts I offer and are directly responsible for this duplicity and such terrible actions of deliberate deceit.
So Mr Gwynne and Mr Reynolds hide your heads away in total shame for your direct role in this scandalous scam, and you are certainly not fit for purpose to represent the decent, trusting public of Tameside, and resign your positions which you and TMBC Councillors have seriously tainted and brought shame.
(All my statements, comments and references are 100% accurate for those liable to continue attacking my constant substantiated facts)


Anonymous said...

Ignore the rants of Mr Hall. The Two Trees site is designed to give typical urban background levels and is one of a number across Greater Manchester. It doesn't take a brain of Britian to work out that if you have a number of sites across Greater Manchester you don't want them all by the road side or all in woodland. You pick a number if various sites. The one in Tameside is chosen to give background levels so there is no point sticking it anywhere near a roadside. Others across GM measure roadside levels. Together they show a balanced picture across GM. Mr Hall fails to understand that and rants in and on. Now he'll come back on and be offensive because someone has criticized his argument and exposed the failings in his argument.

balanced debabate said...

Good point anon@21.16

Breather said...

What about the pollution levels at the M60/M67 junction?

Kevin Harper said...

Mr Hall is saying they have been placed specifically and dishonestly to provide certain statistics to support a particular line of argument by the council.

Ian Dean said...

I was in the Wellington Street dustbin the other day. A very large number of the people waiting to be seen were Asians, mostly Muslims by their appearance. Yet supposedly they only make up 5% (not for long) of the borough's population. Does this particular demographic group use the council's facilities more or something?

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall would have you believe they have been placed dishonestly. You will need to look at all the stations in Greater Manchester. Some are at the roadside of main roads. The idea is that over a number of stations across GM you get a balanced view of pollution levels. Mr Hall wants the Tameside one to be at a point of his choosing. I believe tha Manchester City one is near Piccadilly and will measure levels near a very busy road. The Tameside one measures urban background levels. He doesn't get it because he is unable to comprehend. All GM stations at main road junctions or stuck away in woodland will not give a balanced measure. It is NOT about sticking stations at heavy traffic points nor is it about having all urban background levels. Think about it. This makes sense. Mr Hall doesnt

kevin Harper said...

Anonymous 21:47, that doesn't answer the assertion of Mr Hall in any way.
He's saying that SOME are placed to gather an overall picture of air pollution, and that SOME are placed to provide information to back up a specific council agenda.
And as Breather said I would like to know what the air pollution levels are at the M60/M67 junction and that a monitor should be placed in a similar position to the one on Mottram Moor.
Presumably you accept the wealth of scientific evidence that exists linking traffic pollution to heart disease and other conditions.

Anonymous said...

These anonymous posters trying to defend the proven devious TMBC
administration need outing as regards who they are.
They are nothing but Labour mouthpieces spouting utter crap and if they back this denial of reality information then they have no place in a civilized society which numerous military fought to uphold in wars.
11,000 live in just Denton West more than all of Longendales population yet Longendale monitoring is 8 feet from vehicle on exhausts on Mottram Moor where no-one really lives.yet Two Trees Air Monitoring supposed to represent Denton/Audenshaw is stuffed away deliberately off the beaten track away from roads HGV`s and other constant vehicle flows.
Amazing how these absolute backers of deliberate deception and falsifications are Anonymous mouthy
individuals who will support any
corrupt,evil and inhuman administration and who obviously have direct links too and part of the sick perverts of the truth who have not told all Tamesiders the Truth over a period of years.
Don`t refer to other air pollution sites because I have full DEFRA data references with every grid reference in the UK where Air Pollution is monitored and referred to by DEFRA.
You will not find Two Trees School monitoring site in any UK DEFRA
documentation because its obviously a scam recognised but not dealt with for almost 15 years.
I would like to see Mr Gwynne`s comments seeing he has and is fully aware of this denial of pollution statistics to thousands of his own Constituents,but that would open
his own Pandora`s box with my help.
Labour in Tameside is without doubt a cartel of sleazy,corrupt,and devious individuals,who for years have refused point blank to face me in a public meeting where I would really unload some other findings as well.
The Anon who stated:
The Tameside one measures urban background levels".
What a load of crazy gobby crap comes out of these Labour mouthpieces as they prefer to always remain Anonymous.
Why did I manage extremely easily to prove at the Mottram ByPass Public Inquiry with 400 pages of specific data that the TMBC/Highways evidence for a ByPass was a complete load of distorted and manipulated deceptions.
In fact the Seige Committee leading members did not attend the Public Inquiry at all because under cross examination they would have been
shown to be also unfit for purpose spouting rubbish,and that`s why the Public Inquiry Chairperson halted the Public Inquiry 6 times telling the ByPass proposers to come back with accurate specific evidence which after even months they couldn`t get their "story" right,thus ended that Public Inquiry because of rubbish supplied evidence.
So get back to your Labour group discussions how to stop the truth coming out,and advise your MP to advise you better on how to make an accurate point.
If Gwynne and Reynolds allowed me to openly cross examine their inability to come clean and answer the facts I produce,their existing low level of credibility would vanish completely.
So Anons get back into your secretive hideouts and try again to undermine my accurate facts.
The only thing that really disturbs me and encourages me to increase the deserved heat on Labour Councillors and MP`s is the fact that Tamesidee Administration both Politically and Top Dog wise is totally and utterly defunct of the ability to tell the truth,whilst they prefer to show deception and just gob it, if people take the trouble to check them out.
Your worth nothing Labourite Anons
in a society of decent,honest and trustworthy people who do really care for the kids,babies and adults
who "you enjoy stuffing dangerous toxins into" whilst you hide the pollution monitoring equipment in a field with direct vision to the Penines where you can deliberately avoid HGV`s Cars,Vans as though they don`t exist.
You really show your lousy thick ignorance and inability to contradict the facts Anons,and go play with your Labour Leaders of the same ilk.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Harper said...
Mr Hall is saying they have been placed specifically and dishonestly to provide certain statistics to support a particular line of argument by the council.

With respect Mr Harper its not to support a particular line of argument by the Council.
The Council Leader and his Labour sycophants for 20 plus years tried and tried to get a Bypass around Mottram,Mr Oldham even had large detailed sketches of the wonderland of rural excellence he would surround himself with,and each time he got knocked back year after year.
What they will not tell you is that TMBC and its Leaders ensured the Highways Agency refused numerous calls for an HGV temp ban on the Woodhead Road which had become a rat run instead of the M62.
Common sense,a trial scheme was repeatedly refused definately because it would have scuppered the fanatical persistant urge that Oldham had to create an oasis of tranquility in the area where he lived if a Load restriction was ever installed,and that`s another fact.

Anonymous said...

Questions for Anons
1,Why is Two Trees School field not an official DEFRA daily monitoring site showing readings daily on the web.
2.Why has TMBC refused for 13 years to allow air pollution monitoring at the A57/M60/M67 junction remembering that air Pollution at such hot spots
affects all those living within a minimum 2 mile radius.
3.When an MP states its the worst congested and polluted area in the North West,why did he support the Mottram ByPass which would shunt a further 40,000 daily vehicles including many more HGV`s down the M67 to the M60 Junction.slap bang where his Constituents live some within 50 metres of well over 350,000 daily vehicles from 23 lanes of traffic.
4.Do the Anons have any knowledge of stop/starting increased levels of pollution when vehicles circumnavigate the stop/start M60/M67 interchange hence why TMBC are scared to death to monitor the levels.
The severe lack of knowledge in the community unfortunately allows TMBC
the constant opportunity to stifle facts,mislead the public and distort reality of what is occurring.
How come not one of the three Denton West Councilors live in their Ward,and that includes the MP,are they being protective of their own kids health and welfare.
Has anyone checked the list of serious diseases linked to traffic PM2.5 Particulates and Nitrogen Dioxides,simply type in Traffic Pollution and Diseases into Google.
Did you know the Tameside & Glossop Primary Care Trust who were responsible for improving the health in their area,when asked the Director of Public Health stated there was nothing in the present or future agenda to look into air pollution and its toxins as they at the PCT sat 100 metres away from the M67/M60/A57 interchange,a definate case of deliberate medical negligence.
Hundreds of questions have been blocked,ignored,refused,and swept under the TMBC carpet because Administrators know of the severe problem,but prefer to keep silent and let the toxins flow into every breath of air.
My last of tonight,but plenty more for future postings.
Good Night Anons hope you wake up tomorrow with a conscience.

Anonymous said...

utter nonsense Hall and you know it. Oldham wasnt on some quest to create a new arterial route between Hull and Liverpool, which is one of your claims. In this regard he was about two things. (a) attempting to support the local industry and supporting private sector employment by facilitating good transport links to the rest of the country and (b) protecting the living environments of those people affected by those transport links.

Lets be frank, the junction you claim is the worst place in the north west also houses the primary care trust headquarters. Would the staff and these authorities you quote have located their head office at such an environmental blackspot? No.

What is so wrong about a Holligworth and Mottram by pass. Chapel has one, leafy Alderly edge and Wilmslow have them, There are some lovely new roads around Poynton and Bramhall that take traffic away from residents. All over Manchester and its surrounding communities there has been road building to take traffic away from residential communities. Why not Mottram and Hollingworth.

I note your concern for health and recognise that the worst pollution is created by stop start traffic. The logic, therefore, is to improve the flow of traffic, to reduce stop and start. Improve the Denton Junction, fly over east/west, improve left turns to keep traffic moving. Are you a supporter of these measures?

Anonymous said...

"worst congested area in the North West"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Only someone who doesnt get out much would claim that!

Try, M60 between M61 and M62 (liverpool) or M60 between M61 and M62 in the Leeds direction, or Trafford Centre area of the M60 or Stockport Pyramid or Ashton to Droylsden on the Old or New Road, or between Lymm and Croft on the M6 or M56/M60 junction at Wythenshaw.. those were just for starters

Anonymous said...

It must have hurt when the labour councillor arrived to deliver a leaflet and didn't know who Hall was. Hardly a fear of the man if they haven't a clue who he is or even where he lives.

Doesn't give you the impression that they run scared does it.

progressive socialist said...

Hall is using pseudo science as an argument to suit his agenda. If he had his way we would be riding around on horseback and moving goods by horse and cart.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall. A HGVS ban? Try telling that to all the companies and their staff that rely on cross pennine business who would significantly increase costs by using the M62. What about all the links from South Yorkshire to the airport? What is needed is a bypass. And there is little merit in placing a monitoring station at the Denton interchange.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"worst congested area in the North West"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Only someone who doesnt get out much would claim that!
Direct your comments to Gwynne MP,Councillors Warrington,Smith and D Lane these words originate in their own E.Mails.

You really are bunch of illiterate Anon losers on this subject and those reading TC have already recognised the Labour Party Nutters
style of trying to defend the indefensible.
You can prattle on as long as you like it will not mean anything to the many intelligent folk who read TC.
How the hell do you exist in life
denying facts 24/7,time you sought an education.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the TC site its incredible how many War Dogs are let loose by TMBC to savage this Hall poster.
Such underclass lunatics really do exist in Tameside,glad I don`t live there.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hall it's a nerve with them thats why he gets abuse from them.

Self-interest said...

They can't stand ANY form of opposition as all their eggs: status; money; power; influence and social position are all in one basket, or should that be dustbin, on Wellington Street. With 'leaders' like this no wonder the borough's now infested with the dross you see shuffling round our town centres.

Anonymous said...

All other issues aside and bearing in mind the vast amount of queueing traffic at the M60/M67 junction, the ensuing pollution, and its undisputed effects on human health, wouldn't a monitoring station there be a sensible idea?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
All other issues aside and bearing in mind the vast amount of queueing traffic at the M60/M67 junction, the ensuing pollution, and its undisputed effects on human health, wouldn't a monitoring station there be a sensible idea?

I agree 100% but that`s been refused over a 12 year period by TMBC,I have fought for that,with a written reply stating that there is no site suitable for an Air Pollution Monitor at that location.
After reminding TMBC there was a wilderness large island bang in the A57/M60/M67 centre with masses of space,no further replies or correspondence were received.
Its one huge cover up to stop 47,000 Tamesiders in Denton/Audenshaw from knowing the chronic invisable massive volumes of toxins they are daily ingesting.
Your common sense has no place in TMBC,they prefer to keep a multitude of secrets from the Electorate in order to maintain the Power Cartel which exists.

Hollingworth Under Siege said...

It is from a totally selfish perspective that Hall adopts this position. The long and short of it is, he lives near J24 of the M60 and he believes should the by-pass we desperately need be built, more traffic will use the M60/67 and thus create a traffic nuisance near his house. Mr Hall, you trying living in Hollingworth for a week and see what we have to put up with and maybe you would look at things differently.

Anonymous said...

To Hollingworth Under Seige person.

Be totally assured you are making lunatic comments in comparing the two localities
How many live in Hollingworth ?????
Admit its a widespread rural location.
You are a very tiny minority in Hollingworth as are the less than 2000 in Tintwistle,and with only 9,000 people in Longendales entirity and you need to get out of your quite rural location,take a trip to Junction 24 M60,stand on the overhead bridge the only walking route across the motorway huge junction listen to the VAST NOISE beiung created 24/7,recognise how many toxins are being unloaded
and then stop dramatically over egging your plight compared with 47,OOO folk who live in close proximity to 24 lanes of traffic forced into a stop/start interchange whereas you have but do not mention it slow moving single lane traffic passing through Hollingworth.
I know every part of your region,its problem with single slow moving traffic at peak times,and I made 3 DVD films of your area exposing the facts that your suggested ptoblems of single lane traffic is an absolute joke compared with the minimum 350,000 HGV`s,Vans and Cars funneled into
Junction 24 from 24 traffic lanes.
In an open forum public debate as I did at the Public Inquiry I would
eradicate your points making comparisons with our 2 locations.
You know nothing whatsoever of the thousands and thousands of pages of submissions made as evidence to the PI and for a start did you know how many extra vehicles will be shunted from the North East across the Peak National Park onto the M67 with your overstated bypass,its 40,000 per day and thats another fact,and the Highways Agency had to openly admit the increase of vehicles.
So yes you can stick another 40,000 vehicles making are minimum existing 350,000 because another know FACT is that with the resultant 400,000 daily vehicles then stuffed into Junction 24 the result would be it overtook the Londom M25 major problems to become Number 1 in the UK for congestion.
Why can`t you read instead of spouting,because its is A.Gwynne,and 3 local Councillors who wrote that the M67/M60/A57 was the most traffic and polluted area in the North West,not just me so start compiling facts Hollingworth Under Seige you have no logic whatsoever in your posting on this site,and having at my fingertips thousands of reports,data,and correspondence proving all the facts I state its time you really did stop spouting simply rhetoric in your comparisons.
Please ensure you learn all the facts not those stuffed into your local residents such as "under seige" terminology.
Why did the ByPass inquiry fold up ??? because you had no accurate evidence to support your claims,or doesn`t that still get through to some people,who try and make stupid comparisons from one lane traffic to 24 lane traffic flows.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Gwynne MP doesn`t give a toss for his constituents knowing all the facts.

John Taylor said...

bnp throw the towel in , Dukinfield ward is fascist and racist scum free
Dukinfield Labours campaign to rid the town of its bnp candidates claimed success this week with the news that the bnp would not be fielding a candidate in Dukinfield ward in this years council elections.
Total surrender achieved, disastrous election results and a sustained campaign by Dukinfield labour removed them from the town.

Brenda said...

Good work John. People want to realise they need to ignore the nuisance critisising local politicians over non-existant pollution scares too.

Anonymous said...

J. Hall here are some facts.
The reason why the H.A withdrew from the Public Enquiry from the HA website:

In March 2009 The Highways Agency withdrew from the adjourned Mottram-Tintwistle bypass Public Inquiry- see Scheme History for details.

The decision had been taken after the Regional Leaders Forum, 4NW, informed the Department for Transport that after assessing its priorities for funding from the Regional Funding Allocation it wants to delay the proposed start of the scheme by at least four years, until 2016/17.

The decision also comes in view of the extended period of time between the publication of the draft proposals for the scheme in 2007 and the earliest date at which the Inquiry might be reconvened. It is important that all parties to the Inquiry have a fair opportunity to understand and test the evidence base for the scheme given that the traffic model, environmental statement and cost estimate will have changed since 2007. The additional delay to the scheme will now require further amendments to be made to the traffic model, environmental statement and cost estimate.

Work on the scheme had initially been planned to start in 2012, subject to the completion of statutory processes.

As a consequence of this decision, the Secretary of State for Transport and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government on 23 July 2009 withdrew all draft Orders and Notices previously published and cancelled the Public Inquiry.

He also states that the Mottram Moor monitoring station is "within feet of vehicle exhausts" when in reality it is at least 4 or 5 metres above the exhaust pipes and in a very open situation, allowing winds to disperse the pollutants. This is in contrast to the canyon effect of the A628 through Hollingworth and past the gates of the Primary School playground.
Bypasses all over the country have improved the environment of the towns they go round, as one post points out look at Chapel, Alderley Edge Wilmslow and Keswick - imagine these places without their bypasses.
The solution at the end of the M67 is a flyover using the ramp that was built for the purpose - this would keep the traffic moving and therefore reduce pollutants

Anonymous said...

Who rejected who in Dukinfield did the BNP throw him out ?
Whos standing in my ward Stalybridge North ?
Is it true the EDL have more candidates than the BNP ?

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Two Brave Men said...

Well done Mr West and Mr Hall. Expose them for the swine they are.

Anonymous said...

Gobby Brenda tells lies,lies lies.re
over re:non-existant pollution scares.
Then whats the exposed E.Mail about from Gwynne MP,BRENDA Warrington,Smith and Dawson Lane which J.Hall refers too,or do you have educational problems in actually reading TC pages.
Your a joke with your comments and its no wonder Hall tears you to shreds.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hall is a joke and all the idiots who believe him. And I'm nota labour war dog. I just understand reasoned arguments and not the rants of Mr Hall.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
J. Hall here are some facts.
The reason why the H.A withdrew from the Public Enquiry from the HA website:

In March 2009 The Highways Agency withdrew from the adjourned Mottram-Tintwistle bypass Public Inquiry- see Scheme History for details.

Its really unfortunate that such posters have such inabilities to know the facts and prefer to distort the reality and truthh.
Were you at the Public Inquiry each day Anonymous,did you read all the transcripts,NO YOU DID NOT otherwise you would not spout such absolute nonsense trying to dupe the TC readers.
Did the PI Chair regularly halt the PI because the HA & TMBC could not offer answers to his questions.
Did the PI Chair give then several delayed opportunities to bring accurate evidence to his attention.
Did the Seige Members prefer to keep away from the PI thereby avoiding being cross examined.
Did the Seige Leader (R.Oldhams brother in law) keep away from the PI and preferred to make quotes to the press from outside his premises.
The Highways Agency HAD TO WITHDRAW THEIR EVIDENCE because they could not on six separate occasions comply with the PI`s Chair to submit evidence fit for purpose.
Was the Head of the HA team replaced and took no further part because he could not offer fit for purpose evidence.
You are a liar regarding R.Oldhams requirement for a M62 Mk11 from Hull to the M67,you obviuosly are totally ignorant on the NETA Route plan which began its administration within TMBC itself and even published route details which Oldham wanted 100% regardless of its threat to the Peak District National Park.
Read the Anti Mottram ByPass large group extensive coverage on the Internet,that tells you how much you are distorting the facts.
The Secretary of State for Transport had no option other than to pull his inept HA people out of the PI because after £20 million had been wasted and used to produce incorrect and farcical evidence,plus TMBC used over £1 million of Council Tax payers to create their own evidence which also did not add up,so in excess of
£21 MILLION WENT STRAIGHT DOWN THE PAN spent on UNFIT FOR PURPOSE EVIDENCE by TMBC and the HA,and thats the 100% facts Anonymous proving you are well capable of being untruthful on all counts.
Re the M67 suggested flyover,pleasa do not show yourself up to this extent,the M67 overpass would ship that traffic onto the A57 heading for Manchester and within 100 metres of the A57/M60/M67 interchange the A57 becomes three lanes,then 2 lanes and then single lane asa it passes the overhead rail bridge on the A57 approx 250 metres from the M67/M60 interchange.
So all that traffic is shipped into a single lane as it progresses to Manchester.What a lunatics suggestion that is.
You can wriggle on and on and on telling distortions on TC,and its time such Anons admitted their absolute attempts to deceive the public.

Anonymous said...

Part 2itesh ngetsvar
Did you know in the PI HA/TMBC evidence re Longendale Air Pollution Monitoring 57 roadside sites were selected between Mottram and Tintwistle,and surprise surprise Anymous a back street well of the main road at Denton was chosen as the site for that pollution monitoring.
These a facts from the evidence I scrutinised thoroughly, regardless of many thousands of pages.
Your methods of deception in your comments are spurious rubbish and obviously you were not daily associated with the PI,yet prefer to have the audacity to contradict
my facts.
400 pages of facts plus grid references,peak time photographs and non peak time photographs plus 3 DVD films taken of your location both peak and normal time traffic flows,and not one aspect of my well researched evidence could be found incorrect.
Here`s just two references to traffic made for a ByPass,
My young son is frightened of being sucked into the vortex of the fast moving HGV`s (wait I minute that road through Mottram is supposed to be a a standstill isn`t it) how then do you create a sucking into vortex experience by a Mottram resident.
Regarding the Mottram Moor monitoring site close to where R.Oldhams home was toxins are released from exhausts,then rise a few feet directly into the monitoring equipment to create a falsified state of pollution in Longendale.
Now I am extremely savvy on all air pollution forms,chemical components,distances of effects,diseases caused by specific toxins,the actual electronic circuits used in monitoring equipment,and the fact that TMBC have been deceiving its public for years.
Are you going to spout that our problems of in excess of 350,00O daily vehicles pollution is less than the just single lane traffic volumes on Mottram Moor.
Come on your credibilty does not exist after your rant.
1.The NETA route from Europe,Hull then M67 is a documented FACT,likewise the M60 to M67 back to Hull route is on authentic plans and exposed at the PI.
How many more Anons who spout undiluted crap are going to ridicule themselves on TC.
How come my invites to a have a Public Forum debate with the Seige
Leader (Brother in Law of R.Oldham)
were totally ignored.
Its time the truth was known not only about a ByPass but the business links between Pendry,Owen Oyston,R.Oldham and links with Spain and Oldham`s Directorship with Oyston the jailed rapist.
I could write a book Anon and would also include Spain and Councillor Parker Perry the Ex son in Law of Pendry and Oystons interests.
Bring it on if you would like more facts I could do with shedding the vast number of documents.
Ask Gwynne why that E.Mail stated we were the most congested and polluted area in the North West,not Hollingworth,not Mottram and not Tintwistle it seems.

Laughing Out Loud said...

"My young son is frightened of being sucked into the vortex of the fast moving HGV`s"

OMG, that quote is unbelievable, come on tell me it is a four day late April Fool joke?

John said...

J Hall really does have them nailed.

J Hall, why do you not send your information to the newspapers and TV so the scandal can be exposed?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
utter nonsense Hall and you know it. Oldham wasnt on some quest to create a new arterial route between Hull and Liverpool, which is one of your claims.

Who is producing all this absolute crap,well its the group of Anons linked to TMBC and MP Gwynne who prefer to hide their heads under the cloak of anominity.
To those as above who spout lies here`s once again the facts and 100% truth
The NETA road route was backed and produced within TMBC with a member of staff from Longendale and was another dream of R.Oldham1s to boost his power once more.
From Europe to Hull the M1 then through the Peak Park to the M67 onto the M60.
The route plans were exposed with maps and copies of the groups contacted by the TMBC Offices to promote the road plans at the Public Inquiry
The Road Map NETA ROUTE was fact,not fiction Anonymous,and Oldhasm was spearheading the scheme
on the QT until it was exposed.
Another fierce dictatorial plan made clear with several sketches paid for and produced for Oldham showed with a ByPass produced showed a 19th Century garden tranquil suburb called Mottram with trees everywhere,no traffic,just an oasis somewhat like a Constable watercolour with no doubt the squire Oldam and his expensive Mottram produced Plaque which showed all the historical sites around Mottram which included Oldham`s house with a suitable script,
That was paid for by Tameside Council Tax payers like the very expensive alarm installation he thought he needed also paid by the Electorate of Tameside.
These anons have seen their cages rattled tremendously as they continue their quest for ultimate power again over the decent folk of Tameside.
I want Channel 4 TV to produce a investigative programme concerning TMBC over recent years from the TEL days right through with facts linked to the sleazy scandals which have occured over recent years including protective groups created,favours utilised,and including other cultivated organisations.
The substantiated evidence certainly exists without doubt,and would draw into the net even more
past and present sleaze methods used to retain power.
So when you read the Anons stupid lies and insults remember how many Labour political sycophants and spoilers are now being used now that their cages are being really rattled,which is producing a tirade of lies,insults,deceptions all created by Anonymous individuals who keep cross referencing each other to try and maintain a spoiler campaign against the 100% facts.
We are dealing with rabid power seeker tactics well used for over 25 years in Tameside,and in May regardless of who is chosen,the types re elected will rob your pockets blind again to continue filling their family coffers,their local drinking houses and their expenditure linked to Spain and property.
One day a leaker of facts from inside TMBC will immerge and burst the bubble big time,and maybe thats what we need from a Mayor chosen by the Public.

Anonymous said...

Laughing Out Loud said...
"My young son is frightened of being sucked into the vortex of the fast moving HGV`s"

You should have been there and seen the Barristers and Solicitors faces,definately better than anything Harry Hill could produce.

Anonymous said...

We definately need signs throughout Tameside.

"Watch Out For HGV Vortex`s"

You may find yourself with Dr.Who

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with fine particles but I thought you may like to know Roy West is moving house again! so if the house next door to you is empty or they are moving, well!!

Anonymous said...

Funny how J Hall's recollection of the Public Inquiry are muddled - like much of his diatribes. He was often told by the Inspector, when cross-examaning witnesses, to ask questions rather than make statements.

Deutschland 1 - England 0 said...

The residents will be having the biggest street party Dukinfield has ever seen when we finally have rid of him but pity the poor souls who will have to suffer him where ever he moves to next.

Kuntz said...

Better to have even West as a neighbour than a money grabbing c**t of a councillor or a blood sports fiend. Animals that need to be killed should be shot humanely, not hunted and terrified for the gratification of vile sadists. Whatever West is he's not that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:47. Correct. What Mr Hall doesn't quote are the number of times he was told to stick to questions. He didn't see the faces of ordinary folk in the audience who laughed behind his back when either he ranted or asked totally silly questions. He thinks he was the only one at the PI. And yes the scheme was pulled. And yes the HA did not do the modeling correctly. But this had nothing to do with Mr Hall nor anything to do with his argument. The debate on the Mottram bypass will continue until a solution is found. And yes the HA needs to improve the Denton junction. They aren't going to move the M60 so Mr Hall needs to consider whether he stays or moves. But he needs to consider the fact that he always ignores and that is the fact that his area has the longest life expectancy than any other area in Tameside. Despite the environmental problems he quotes. So if TMBC are to put a monitoring station somewhere else how about the area with the shortest life expectancy?

Anonymous said...

So the Anons are left with no contradictory facts like where monitoring is chosen to enlarge a problem in one area and in an other area hide the monitoring away so hardly any pollution is recording
"now that is definitely devious and deceptive.
So no references to the difference between slow moving single lane traffic problems and 24 lanes shunted into an interchange.
No reference to the written statements by MP Gwynne and 3 TMBC Councillors about worst in the North West.
No references to why the Seige Group did not attend the PI and were was their pages of evidence.
No references to the differences that occur from pollution from 350,000 traffic volumes and pollution from single lane slow moving traffic.
I could quote numerous no references to the NETA route exposed when an Anon stated Oldham
had no real objectives had someone in an office in his headquarters to promote the NETA route.
What the REAL TRUTH was that Oldham and TMBC used the folk of Longendale as pawns talking terminology such as the threatened 3 villages under seige,the 3 stricken villages,etc etc and even resorted to ByPass supporters list showing people well outside Longendale such as Staffordshire/
South Cheshire.
Its now become a case of suggesting I was muddled,laughed at and told not to make a statement,and another Anon resorts back to spurious infantile name calling with no specific facts to put forward.
All in all this debate shows the classic drivel that overtakes the facts and reality in two separate locations, one in a dense urban Tameside location and one in an open rural widespread country region where less than 6% of Tameside people live and even that was boosted up by area`s taken out of Cheshire and rounded up into Longendale courtesy of TMBC.
Why no references to the thousands signed up to No ByPass and no mention of Save Swallow Woods large groups of Anti-ByPass.
Your traffic volumes come mainly from in and out of Glossop an almost dead end location where increasing thousands live,so its a traffic problem caused by your own population,who then demand £300 million schemes to try and get out of their own created problems.
HOW many from Glossop,Hollingworth,Tintwistle,
Mottram officially objected to the new TESCO store bang in an already congested location because the the biggest post ByPass PI total farce of all.
Just wait until the roads are rock solid in that area because you didn`t do anything about that issue but were happy to accept the TMBC plans for a Tesco Store slap bang
in your area.
No your logic,facts and comments do not stack up whatsoever,just go anywhere in the Manchester Area and note all over the place slow moving single lane traffic congested roads,so why preferential treatment for less than 9,000 local people in Longendale compared with the other 210,000 in Tameside.
Picket Tesco for a start,and one thing never discussed is the vast millions spent at the other end of the ByPass proposed route past Flouch into Yorkshire for the mas of HGV`s that will travel from the North East through Longendale,and why the intention too build a huge huge truck stop and motel near to where Tesco was created for all the anticipated HGV`s read the plans which were intended get your facts and research done and see THE REAL OBJECTIVES using people in Longendale as puppets because without some support from locals TMBC new their real objectives would be rejected if the truth was told to them re large extra numbers
NE to NW heavy traffic volumes wrecking Longendale.
Thats why the Peak Distric National Park objected with Barristers and Solicitors and large numbers in other organisations who actually new what was the real objective.
And that again are FACTS not spurious FICTION concocted by TMBC.
Now off for my Easter brake with folk who don`t spin and withold the truth.

TMBC = BENT said...

TMBC are keen to improve traffic flow and thereby reduce pollution. That's why they keep installing new sets of totally unnecessary traffic lights everywhere and leaving them switched on 24/7. Slowing/accelerating traffic causes more noise, emissions and pollution than anything else.

J Hall For Council Leader said...

Bravo J Hall. This is the biggest single demolition of the TMBC lie machine I have ever witnessed. You really should stand for a elected office. If we had an honest citizen warrior like you in the chamber of deceipt you would soon have the rats running for cover.

Well done for exposing this scandal and for fighting off and beating the TMBC/Labour internet attack dogs which they unleashed to attack you.

Anonymous said...

Yes well done Mr Hall.

Anonymous said...

We must look at greed in local politics.
The days of serving the people, is now second place to greedy Councillors.
Can you trust them?
Political thuggery and gutter politics rules our Council.
There's no place for those that speak out against the political Mafia.
You get this if you do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh-p35aw2gc
We live in fearful times, and you should fear them because one day they'll come for you.

one flew over the cuckoos nest said...

The countries mental health services will never be short of work with this lot.
Regular medication should be compulsory.

Anonymous said...

Reading the cross fire about traffic,pollution and the mottram and denton area`s its too obvious for words.
The longendale a glossop people who have created their own traffic as we can all see if you go there then they want to shovel the shit they actually created get a new road and then dump their shit further down into Tameside away from their countryside living.whats the vehicles per house up there no wonder you cant get into glossop now.
In a nutshell you made it you live with it.
Easy Peasy

SerpentSlayer said...

Surely the problem would solve itself if we phased out oil burning cars?

I'm sure certain companies would hate to see that happen but if it must be done for us to have clean air then so be it

We've done too much harm to our surroundings for the benefit of the wealthy, why don't we start living at one with our environment rather than combatting nature at every turn (factories, cars, tarmac roads, racial ignorance, etc)

I propose that within 10 hundred years we go back to living in nice small villages, surrounded by fields and trees and with the ground, bar a few footpaths, being as nature intended.

I envision something similar to the Shire in 'The Hobbit' by JRR Tolkein.
In many ways that story parodies reality, the destructive industry and fire of Isengard, against the peaceful nature loving folk of the west. Read the books with that in mind, or watch the films if you have less time.

What they've done to our Country said...

New security footage of white couple (Rhea Page) being assaulted by Black Muslim gang in the UK

dead men don't talk said...

nice one hally nice one son, nice one hally lets have another one.

Roy K West said...
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Roy K West said...
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8% said...

A very powerful video message from Peter Quiggins. I know he was once the leader of Liverpool BNP but ignore that fact and listen to his message. Outstanding is the only word to describe this video.

William Smith said...

Councillor Wild's expenses equate to someone working full time for the last eight years on a wage of over £10 an hour. That's equivalent to a PRE-TAX WAGE of about £13 an hour.
Nice 'work' if you can get it.

Keep up the good work Mr West. No Tameside Labour councillor wants people 'knowing the score' and waving tenners at them in the pub. Jokes aside it creates an unpleasant atmosphere for them.

I pay 45p in the pound said...

I can view Cllr Wilds allowances any time I want via the councils web site or read about them in the local press.
Where can I view the amount of benefits certain individuals receive each week, I have to pay towards the allowances Councillor Wild and his fellow councillors receive via my council tax and income tax.
I also pay towards the state benefit system,and I know which of the two brings us value for our money, we can remove councillors via the ballot box,we have no system for getting rid of career benefit fraudsters.

Anonymous said...

Crime down your street series
Tameside North Ashton- under-Lyne & St Peter's 3975
Tameside West Denton, Droylsden & Audenshaw 3622
Tameside East Dukinfield, Stalybridge & Mossley 3566
Tameside South Hyde, Hattersley and Longdendale 3362

Thats 14,525 in 2011 0r Approx Average 40 Every day

Read more at: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/s/1490570_crime-down-your-street-anti-social-behaviour-reported-every-4-minutes-in-greater-manchester

What a bloody shit hole run by corrupt crap heads and a not fit for purpose Police mob.
If they (police) spent less time hounding people and get stuck into the real dross in Tameside it could make a difference.
What about the £20k per year Tameside Patrollers,they have either gone under cover or sat in swish new vehicles having jolly rides out of the weather.
We need a bloody revolution in Tameside to safeguard the honest decent folk and their kids.
Up your arse TMBC Councillors-GMP-Tameside Hosp Chiefs and Tameside Patrollers to get through life in Tameside you need a sodding miracle to safeguard yourself.

Ready to March with Banners.

Sarah said...

I would like to know what exactly these councillors get paid for. The only time I ever see mine is on a leaflet.



Quality Leadership Tameside Council said...

O, let me not be mad, not mad, sweet heaven! Keep me in temper. I would not be mad.
William Shakespeare (1564-1616) British poet and playwright

Tramageddon said...

'I pay 45p in the pound', I don't want to support benefit scroungers OR fork out for far too many chronically overpaid councillors. As for checking out councillor's expenses on the web, virtually no-one bothers which is why West's campaign has spread the word so effectively in Dukinfield. The fact that his judgement is so bad generally doesn't alter the other fact, that they are now out to get him because of his exposure of their gravy train riding.

Duki Mike said...

Roy West has certainly opened my eyes to this scandal and I thank him for telling me about this free speech blog too.

Royal British Legion Dukinfield Remembrance Day March 2011 Back To The Town Hall said...

Royal British Legion Dukinfield Remembrance Day March 2011 Back To The Town Hall.

Why did those brave Englanders/Britishers die, so that, the police can harass me while I'm posting leaflets? And are free to intimidate my partner and her 4 year old grandchild.

Anonymous said...

Why Why Why ??? are one of the few UK Councilswho prefer not too show a list of Councillors Interests on the Internet.
Yes they can be seen by asking to see them at Ashton,but they are lodged away in files to obviously keep their positions in other beneficial organisations or groups
locked away
Why are they refusing to act like many other Councillors in the UK
You can read all MP`s declaration of Interests and House of Lords Members declaration of Interests
all on the Internet,but not Tameside Councillors Interests on the Internet.
Simply do not vote for the present
devious cartel who run your lives whilst they keep shtoom.(quiet)about their filed away interests.??????????????
Wise Owl

lets make it easy for them said...

The doomed Tory councillor Clive Patrick from Stalybridge North is calling for a reduction in councillors its a desperate attempt to gain some support to save his doomed seat.
Nice try Clive but it did not go down very well with the Tory councillors in Stalybridge south and Werneth where they have three Tory councillors,all have told him no more help for you in this election, having said that I understand Floyd the invisible man fighting Werneth from his Denton home is doing his very best to reduce the Tories down to Two in Werneth.
Back to Stalybridge North where Labour councillor George Roberts is running down a clock on the doomed Tory councillor Clive Patrick,I understand he started the clock ticking at the last election count in 2011 because of some comments made by the doomed councillor in leaflets that year.
Labour workers can be seen on the streets in Stalybridge every week, and my information is Werneth ward is the main attraction with workers out every day and night and large numbers out at week ends.
Rumours of a big split in that ward with the Tories are not going away,did Floyd stab Councillor Baines in the back, did one the Tory councillors threaten to defect ,why are they so thin on the ground ,why is Floyd being called the invisible man.
Lots of unanswered questions and a clock ticking away, looks like another good night for Labour you make it so easy for them.

Anonymous said...

I saw a Labourite scuttle away with her tail between her legs on Ridge Hill the other day when a lady householder to get lost because she was against the illegal wars Labour got Britain involved in.

John Connolly said...

Forget about Werneth where demographics now rule, Mr Miah will win. The Tameside Tories should have found a similar candidate but are such a shambolic, disorganised load of clowns they put Paterson up. They've allowed a ruthless bunch of political gangsters to take over the borough in the last few years and must be one of the worst, and worst led, Conservative groups in the country.
In Staly North let's hope the English Democrats or UKIP get a few votes (not the global warming scam 'Greens', they're a party for fantasists and cranks) as it's now clear the main parties have NOTHING to offer the British people but treachery, self-interest and corruption.

C A T spells cat said...

Speaking of Labour councillors, try putiing a comment on Taylor's blog. If you put a reply simply disagreeing with one of his posts he'll sometimes leave it up. But if you post one with a reasoned counter argument to his post, it virtually always either gets removed or he doesn't respond.
Brings to mind the old adage, 'Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open your mouth and remove all doubt.'

Anonymous said...

All Tamesiders are in the right under
Human Rights Articles to ask their Councillos and MP`s questions.
Seeing a previous posting about Annual Declaration of Interests which legally are Public Documents.
Surely ALL TAMESIDER`S should ask their own Councillors BEFORE THEY VOTE to directly supply an identical copy of his/her public files which are in His/Her Declaration of Interersts at Ashton
YOU are perfectly entitled to ask the question and then expect an identical copy of those Interests
locked away in a Filing Cabinet at Ashton Offices
If you are fobbed off,refusesd,or ignored that will tell you that "that Councillor is deliberately hiding something from you,and does not want you to know ALL His/Her Interests,which are locked away in Public Interest Files at Ashton.
This could well be the dynamite to blast away the TMBC corrupt structure.
Who has the bottle to ask their Councillor about his/her interests documentation.??????????????
Don`t moan or fire missiles after the Election THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO
Let the battle commence if you use your rights to know.
The Wizard

Anonymous said...

Public Declarations of Interests by Councillors.
These are "Public Documents" but in our case those in Tameside are held in secure folders within TMBC Offices.
You are entitled to know everything related to your Councillor on these completed Public Records, which include numerous questions to be answered,with full details of facts.
In order to increase transparency, the information submitted on declaration forms can now be published on the internet.
Are all the facts about TMBC Councillors on the Internet? No repeat No
I am requesting from the Borough Solicitor an exact copy of what
information my Councillors gave on their annual declaration of interests.
So ensure openness,probity and full accountabilty is depicted I am entitled to receive a hard copy from the actual declaration of submitted files of interests.
TMBC like all Council permit such files to be read by appointment at their offices but that is certainly not conducive with an ability to a full and proper scrutiny.
To be refused a replica copy of the declaration of interests files by any Councillor would obviously suggest an inappropriate document is held without all the legistlated facts required by statute.
Before anyone votes should you not ask your Councillor direct for a copy of his/hers declaration of interest,not just the resume`that ends up with the positions they hold.
By legislation far more information is required on interest declarations than at present.

Anonymous said...

A Council is committed to the highest possible standards of openness, probity and accountability. In line with that commitment the Council should operate a 'Whistleblowing' policy for its employees and anyone associated with the Council to use if they suspect illegality or malpractice in the workplace. A Council is bound and committed to dealing responsibly, "openly" and professionally with any concern that is brought to its attention. The Council's Monitoring Officer has overall responsibility for the operation of the Whistleblowing Policy.
Who is TMBC`s Monitoring Officer ??

Madman said...

The highest possible standards, are you taking the piss?

Anonymous said...

what a greedy bunch of scum, these labour mafia are. How can Brian Wild claim to be with the people through tough financial struggle.
People actually believe him. £145,000 since 2003. Caribbean cruise.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if we had more jobs and industry in the area the graph would be better

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:00.

Jobs and industry brings more vehicle movements. That's not what Mr Hall wants. He wants us all on horse back and the M60 near him closed. He's not really bothered about anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Anon 11:00.
Jobs and industry brings more vehicle movements. That's not what Mr Hall wants.

What a totally stupid comment,there are more vacant offices and industrial abandoned units in Tameside than most other Greater Manchester Districts and still the Council pass plans for what within 12 months end up derelict premises.
The DfT (Department of Transport for those thinking it means Daft in Texting)announced Tameside had the fastest growing rate of vehicles in the area than any other UK region.
So where`s the benefits,what`s happened to the supposed benefits,
where`s the large Industrial Plants around the massive area near the Snipe.
The only adverse benefit is stuck in bloody traffic jams everywhere,pumping foul air which obviously you either don`t care about or your bloody nose is stuffed up with shit.
Just another brain dead Labour Voter spouting pure crap and after 25 years of Labour dictatorship that`s why we are in an absolute crap location.
Mr.Hall stuffs facts into his comments which never reaches the mentality of the dense sods who we see everywhere,something like a living dead area where "yer wat" and "wats that"is the common lingo.
Thicko`s should be swept off our streets,by thicko`s who have no intelligence to do otherwise.
Walking around Ashton,Hyde,Dukinfield,Denton tells you all you need to know about the mass of shit heads which don`t appear in such numbers outside Tameside.
Seen it,been there,heard it all but refused to buy a bloody tee shirt at Ashton Market.

Lets have the next Labourite Anon "yer wat" persons posting,and I am not a Tory either.
Pass intelligence tests in Tameside to live here and the bloody place with empty rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Is this occurring at TMBC "Cars from Council Tapayers Money"

Following a request for information by Mr Webb under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to North East Lincolnshire Council in respect of, amongst other issues, information relating to Council employee and member car loans, in response the Council disclosed that there had been one car loan payment default in the past 6 years to the sum of £10,000. Through further information requests, the Council also disclosed the 'debt' was that of one if its employees who received a car loan in April 2008 to the sum of £12,159 through the Council's Assisted Car Purchase Loan Scheme (the Loan Scheme). The Council granted car loans up to a maximum of £15,000 and 100% of the value of the vehicle with no deposit paid by the employee receiving the loan.
The Council also stated that this particular employee then left its employment without repaying the 'debt' of £10,000 of Council Taxpayers money.
Skint Bert

Knee deep in human blood said...

Anonymous 13:22, pass intelligence tests to live in Tameside? There should be a basic intelligence test to determine if you're allowed to VOTE. It should establish that someone has a BASIC knowledge of British and general history and current affairs to demonstrate that before they vote thay haven't got the brain of a subnormal child, but have got an essential understanding of the issues they are BEING ASKED TO VOTE ON.
The main parties and Labour in particular rely on the massive number of dumbed down, 'vote first ask NO questions later' morons to keep them in power.
Then there's the immigrant vote. Set one foot in Britain from a Commonwealth country and you get FULL and INSTANT voting rights. They might not speak English, they might know absolutely nothing about this country, they will almost certainly have contributed NOTHING, many actively hate Britain and its values, and yet ALL are given FULL voting rights INSTANTLY because they fulfil the 'demanding' criteria: they live here.
Combined with the media, the main parties and the establishment being in bed together in their ongoing campaign of liberal, multicultuaralist Marxism deigned to DESTROY the very idea of the nation state, means democracy itself could be the thing that destroys Britain and turns it into a chronically overpopulated, Third World multicultural hellhole.
It isn't too late now, but in a few years IT WILL BE.

McVities to Longsight Market said...

Knee Deep, many parts of our country are already multicutural hellholes; I know as I live in one. It wasn't always like this. Oh how the people of the nice borough of Tameside will cry when there area is transformed as mine has been.

192 said...

OOps, 'their'

A fool thinks himself to be wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool said...

No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity, but I know none, therefore am no beast.

Vitreous Accomodation said...

Pass intelligence tests in Tameside to live here and the bloody place with empty rapidly.

You might have a point, this borough wide mental decline appears contagious, as you appear to lack the ability to construct a coherent sentence...

False face must hide what the false heart doth know. said...

Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.

Anonymous said...


Watch this and look at yourself in the mirror said...

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.

Anonymous said...

If we are marked to die, we are enough to do our country loss; and if to live, the fewer men, the greater share of honor.

Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind. said...

Sweet are the uses of adversity which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head.

The wheel is come full circle. said...

There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.

Anonymous said...

Truly, I would not hang a dog by my will, much more a man who hath any honesty in him.

I am sadly afraid that I must have done some wicked thing. said...


Anonymous said...

Truly, if you could 'hang a dog by your will' you should be in the movies, not wasting time on here...

easter said...

above comments have great meaning thanks for posting them

Thanks and goodnight said...

All men whilst they are awake are in one common world: but each of them, when he is asleep, is in a world of his own.

Knee deep in human blood said...

Vitreous accomodation, at least he can construct a coherent argument, which is better than being a pernickety c**t with no apparent views of their own.

National Front said...

What's the total number of bnp candidates across the country for this years local elections?
Only two candidates standing in Tameside.
Wiped out in Yorkshire, north east, stoke, burnley ect.....
They had 655 candidates in 07.

William Smith said...

The BNP is finished in all but name.
Does anyone know how many the other nationalist parties are putting up nationally? In Tameside there are two BNP and three English Democrat.

Joseph Garber said...

Gets busy at local election time this site doesn't it. Labour run around squawking like demented chickens anytime their stranglehold on local power is threatened, even if the chance of them actually being seriously affected is virtually zero (Tameside Tories are utterly pathetic opposition in any case).
Tameside Labour are, in fact, political gangsters of the worst kind who detest the very idea of democratic (or indeed any) opposition.

Anonymous said...

The Tory leadership has always been in collusion with Labour for years
with arrangements to make sure Labour was not threatened in its secure area`s or else no room for the Top few Tories on Panels or Advisory Groups.
The Tory leader has shown a total and complete disregard for the Tameside Public but he`s made a nice living out of doing nothing.
As for Labour at the Polls the crap heads of Tameside deserve the sleazy corrupt Labour shite that
they get.
Such a pity what Tameside could be
but for the Council and the 100% support it gets from the local media who block the reality and simply throw a few damp squids now and again by the sycophantic so-called journalists,who are only fit for a kids comic.
Dangerous Dan

Anonymous said...

Ever noticed how the post Marxist takeover public mind has been so dumbed down it actually believes the 2+2=5, war=peace and the smart=dumb narrative from those from whom the peasantry takes its orders.

SerpentSlayer said...

The BNP is waning but I impress on others the need to support your local nationalist candidates regardless of your opinion of the main party.

I know both of the BNP candidates well, neither is oblivious of the current crisis in British nationalism.

Vote BNP, failing that vote for another Nationalist party, or of course, the independent from Dukinfield who frequents this blog. I also endorse the Duky Staly ED candidate.

Game Over said...

If I have any advice to patriotic nationalists it is to abandon the ballot box once and for all. Modern western democracy is nothing more than a form of the blind leading the blind, and continued perserverence will only lead you into a dead-end of frustration and cluelessness.

The fact is 90-99% of the white race of western Europe and north America is doomed for extinction within about a century or so. Seperatist movements like the northwestfront in the US have already conceded that nation states cannot be saved, and a new approach and policy is needed.

Whether the likes of Iceland and eastern Europe take note of the west's decline only time will tell. But a mongrel western Europe is assured within a few generations, with at least some segments of the continent being islamic.

There are still alive today in this country generations who remember what this country once was and have seen first hand what it has become. If the New Labour years were not enough to permanently sway a sizeable portion of those generations to a genuine nationalist party then what will?

Most of the older generations (aged 50+) are still loyal to the big three. So if they don't have it in them to change course, then what hope for brainwashed future generations who have known nothing other than 'modern Britain'?

Anonymous said...

ED's have 8,000 members and growing, the bnp had 14,000 members niow have less than 1,000 paid up members.
Can't understand anyone putting their name to NG's bnp.

John Taylor supports Mossad said...

I really do think, that the Muslim community in Hyde should look at the true motivations of the Deputy Leader of Tameside Council.
He stands with the Muslim community against the EDL in Hyde.
Yet supports Mossad and the persecution of Palestinians in their own homelands.
See blue link on name.
Oh yes, and a Communist going on about God. Hey this guy could be the leader of Tameside Council.


By Gordon Thomas said...

Mossad - The World's Most
Efficient Killing Machine
By Gordon Thomas

William Smith said...

Game Over, you've given up on the ballot box and espouse as an alternative, 'a new approach and policy' without giving any details of it or how it can be achieved. If that, and presently unrealistic hyperbole, is the best the 'given up on democracy' brigade have got I'll keep campaigning and trying to wake the masses up for the time being.
Retreating to enclaves could in the end become the only option, at the moment it isn't. Some people who currently propose such methods haven't given up on their kind, they've just given up and are hiding it with rhetoric and fake bitterness.

in the know said...

I am reliably informed the English Democrats have 867 members as of April 2nd 2012.

Quality not quantity said...

You need Huggy Bear or a reliable informer as a membership card I saw the other day was nearly 9000, and that dated back some time.
No doubt some have left or not renewed but 8200 doing so, especially seeing as they've recently picked up members from other nationalist parties, seems far fetched to say the least.
In any case a party of five patriots would be better than one with a million traitors.

Game One Definitely Over said...

@William Smith

And at what point do we give up, when we're the last white man standing watching the likes of Anjem Choudary march into Downing Street??

What you clearly don't realise is that the longer we cling to hopelessly unrealistic aspirations at the ballot box, the more we compromise any future alternative contingency options. Ditching the ballot box is the first crucial step, even if clueless as to what other course to take.

I'm not going into an exhaustive study on this blog as to where to turn to next. What I would say is that imbuing younger white generations around the globe with a strong sense of ethnic identity and pride, and promoting some sense of white unity between different white populations is one of the next steps to take.

I always predicted that BNP support would wane after the early 2000s, but even I didn't predict the absolute hemorraging of the last couple of years. The current demographics say one thing loud and clear - the major English cities are lost. Are you seriously suggesting the non-whites that are multiplying are going to be repatriated in the millions? You know as well as I do they're here to stay and growing in power and influence.

Through race-mixing there are also fewer and fewer white families untouched by multi-racialism, and that in itself will increasingly sap their ability to resist societal changes. Only a minority of whites in western Europe stand a chance, and in the long-term that may involve some form of seperation and/or migration - by whatever means necessary.

William Smith said...

Game Over, no-one knows if our current aspirations at the ballot box are 'hopelssly unrealistic' or not. Such talk betrays that despair and desperation at the current nationalist position has significantly affected your judgement and senses of proportion and reality.
You don't take one step, because of self-imposed despair, if you're 'clueless' about step two. A long term goal and vision is required. Currently the prospect of gaining menaingful and significant democratic representation is the best available option.
Talk about 'global white identity' is fanciful nonsense that presently belongs in the blogosphere. We should be focussing on the REALITY of saving OUR OWN country whilst extending co-operation and collaboration etc to nearby when useful, feasible and appropriate.
I never mentioned repatriation, every realist knows the ballot box alone won't solve that.
We are still the vast majority of the population in Britain and can therefore still control its destiny.
Fantasy talk about global white enclaves is manna from heaven for our enemies in the establishment. It means they KNOW an increasing number of Nationalists have become so desperate at the (patently orchestrated) slow death of the BNP that their judgement and sense of proportion has gone.
What you describe may come to pass in the future but IN BRITAIN we're not there yet. We still have the power and numbers to defeat the enemies within.

Last White Man said...

@William Smith

"Talk about 'global white identity' is fanciful nonsense"

Like the prospect of a far right government with a resounding majority dominating Westminster in the not too distant future....

Let us be clear about one thing - if you're not going to achieve that outcome, then you're not going to achieve much at all. A LibDem sized presence in the commons is pretty useless, and even that is on a scale which remains rooted as firmly as ever in dreamland for nationalists.

And since you're so keen to rubbish my suggestions (or lack thereof), perhaps you'd care to explain what your 'democratic solution' to the looming demographic catastrophe is. Legislation to forcibly sterilise non-whites perhaps? I've yet to hear one single real solution to the changes taking place from any of the lightweight nationalist parties or 'movements'. Simply stating that you're standing in elections and democratically representing white interests is just not good enough at this the eleventh hour.

As vague as talk of white seperatism may be, it is a sight more pragmatic than the laughable suggestions of 'voluntary repatriation' etc etc that we hear from rosette warriors. To the white nationalist politics is a means to an end, with the end being the long-term survival of the race.

Of what value is democracy when you're the last white man standing?? Personally, I couldn't give two hoots how much liberty and democracy there will be in a future mongrel Britain.

Anonymous said...


Some very interesting reading on this link which confirms everything Mr.Hall referred,its not his blog but confirms the TMBC deplorable devious antics and the Longendale Seige Groups deceptions backed by Jonathon Reynolds MP for Stalybridge.
As for Reynolds wife as a Dukinfield Councillor not exactly a struggling person to represent Dukinfield folk when her Wedding dress is shown on the Victoria and Alberts Museum Web-site ie
Victoria and Albert Museum
The world’s greatest museum of art and design
The name of your museum:
The Big White Dress Show at Mottram Parish Church, September 2009.
Vote Labour and see what Claire Reynold nee Johnstone can do for you,perhaps you might get a pattern for the very very expensive and exclusive dress she had.
Hard up come off it they are filling up the Labour Gravy Train even more.
A now digging Anon supporter of J.Hall

William Smith said...

Gane Over, no-one said anything about a 'right-wing' government with a resounding majority'. I said significant democratic representation.
If a LibDem sized presence is so useless how DO their 60 MPs wield so much power. Sixty Nationalist MPs, although they would probably not be in a coalition government, would still have significant influence WITHIN the corridors of power. if the LibDems had given up on the ballot box, as you are suggesting Nationalists should, they would now be a group of pontificating internet fantasists and not influencing the course of events as they actually are.
I also didn't say there was a simply democratic solution to the repatriation/demographics issue, I specifically said the ballot box alone won't solve that.
By campaigning and working hard for a Nationalist party you give the indigenous population the OPPORTUNITY to vote for their potential salvation. The time MAY come when the course of democratic action is no longer viable but we aren't there yet. I would rather be a 'rosette warrior' than a cyber one.
it's difficult to reconcile all this current internationalist talk of global white enclaves etc when we are supposed to be NATIONALISTS. Co-operation and collaboration yes, but we should be focussing on resolving our own country's problems. Britain, after all, is what we're fighting for.

Game Over said...

"If a LibDem sized presence is so useless how DO their 60 MPs wield so much power."

Bit of a difference there though. In the event of nationalists entering Westminster all other parties would coalesce as one implacable opposition. They would block vote against any and every private members bill, and as a united front against nationalists they would lay waste to any such 'power'.

That is why a majority nationalist government is the only solution, especially at this stage. A few MPs would effect the course of Britain's destiny about as much as the few dozen councillors elected in recent years. And I emphasize "a few", since the prospect of 60 BNP / NF / ED etc candidates taking seat in the commons at any time in the coming decades is remote at best.

The future is hidden by a dark impenetrable veil, and yet we struggle to pierce through it said...

" In the event of nationalists entering Westminster all other parties would coalesce as one implacable opposition"

Yes, this is tactic they would use without a doubt.

William Smith said...

You can clearly see the future with astonishing exactitude, or an invented future that fits your argument. I don't see any 'united implacable opposition' against the Nationalist parties in the EU, or in individual nation states like Holland, Finland etc where nationalists are doing increasingly well.
100 councillors is indeed a drop in the ocean with 325 English councils with 50 or so councillors in each, that's 16000 at least, in England alone. 100 people (0.6%) aren't going to make much of a dent in that, but 10% in the national legislature would. There are undoubtedly millions of indigenous people who would vote for a properly run and promoted nationalist party. In the future that MAY not be the case.
In any case election campaigning is still the best current course, nationalists in other European countries have proved it.
Talk of global white enclaves etc is meaningless to the British indigenous masses we are trying to rouse from their ignorance and apathy, we need to appeal to their sense of patriotism and nationhood and its shared values, as they are doing in other European countries.

Game Over said...

So in the event of a few nationalist MPs, support would come from mainstream MPs where parliamentary affairs are concerned? A private members bill put forward by the likes of the BNP addressing the kind of issues they campaign on would receive support from the Labour / LibDem / tory benches? Are you serious? With what limited voting power they would have in the commons, the most nationalist MPs could do is offer a voice in the chamber that would fall on contemptuous deaf ears. The propaganda coup of attaining MP status might in itself further the cause somewhat. But like I've said, anything short of government (or strong opposition) is not going to halt let alone reverse the changes taking place.

And another thing - whilst election results remain as dire as they currently are for the likes of the BNP, such campaigning is not only wasted time effort and money it is wholly counter-productive. It is negative propaganda for the mainstream to feed to the masses. The unpalatable truth is that there is no real sense of alarm amongst the white masses at the changes taking place. Even the high water-mark of 1 million votes which put many nationalists on cloud nine is paltry - about 3% in a general election.

Make no mistake about it - the white masses would have to have a very bad mauling indeed to wake them up. You propose that no white people on the globe start considering alternative options NOW - and that is reckless bordering on suicidal. I don't have all the answers myself, but I welcome any alternative suggested. If we wait for democracy to fail us completely then it may already be too late.

William Smith said...

You have failed to answer my points about Nationalist MEPs or the significant increases in Nationalist MPs and popular support in other European countries.
I never said support would come from mainstream MPs, I said 60 Nationalist MPs would have significant influence. It would be impossible to ignore a block that represented 10% of MPs.
I agree that campaigning for parties like the BNP/NF is counter productiv which is why I never proposed such a course.
The white masses in Britain ARE being brainwahed butinternationalist rhetoric about global white enclaves, identity etc is virtually meaningless to them and therefore has no motivational force. The appeal must be to their common senses of patriotism, nationhood and national identity.
A significant start has been made in this direction in Holland, Finland, France and other European countries.
I didn't propose that white people around the globe 'do nothing NOW', on the contrary I said 'co-operation and collaboration yes, but we should be focussing on resolving our own country's problems'.