Monday, 2 April 2012

A Guest Article by J Hall

To those interested enough about their own health, their families health and the health of future generations you may want to read examples from the following damming report which comes direct from DEFRA and the IHPC who were requested to investigate the alarming volumes of traffic related to air pollution, with a mention of its serious consequences for the public's health.

So here we have Tameside MBC its Councillors bang to rights, plus the MP`s who have done absolutely zero during the past 15 years regardless of the report that Tameside has the worst traffic congestion and a large designated Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) where at least 40% of Tamesider’s live.

Before the Labourite generated packs of anonymous attack dogs recommence the onslaught on my long established concerns concerning this National scandal in Tameside, especially in view of any further

plans intended to increase Air Pollution by backing the Longdendale Politicians, the Longdendale Siege Group and the small number of Longdendale residents who are less than 6% of the Tameside Regions Electorate, it’s time the scandal was dealt with by TMBC who are and have been complicit in not checking real time air pollution in localities where they know air pollution considerably exceeds Government and EU required levels.

Having found the secreted away following written statement backed by Andrew Gwynne MP and three Labour Councillors: B Warrington, Smith, and Dawson Lane the proof is out that TMBC

are and have been complicit in ensuring Traffic and therefore Air Pollution has been constantly increased, which proves they have been directly involved in stuffing more and more dangerous toxins into the lungs of many many thousands of Tameside residents

To do so is in my opinion is a criminal act to knowingly and deliberately increase dangerous toxins into the bodies of Tameside residents and perhaps it should be recalled how Saddam Hussein was classified as a world criminal who should be dealt with because of the toxins he made the Kurds ingest.

How can one split hairs on criminal behaviour when thousands of people are definitely put at high health risk because of the actions of the Tameside administrators?

These I now quote are not my words but the words contained and subscribed to in an Email from Councillors Warrington, Smith, D Lane and A Gwynne MP:

"The A57 is a main road into Manchester City centre and is extremely heavily congested".

"You may be aware that the M60/M67/A57 interchange is one of the most congested and polluted in The NORTH WEST".

Perhaps these words should be told to the Longdendale Siege Committee and the Longdendale Politicians and those TMBC Councillors who support more congestion and toxins into an already environmentally seriously degraded locality they refer to above.

(Amazing that TMBC will not and have always refused to monitor air pollution in that locality for very obvious reasons)

DEFRA & IHPC Reports

Local authorities in the UK have statutory duties for managing local air quality under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 and in Northern Ireland, Part III of the Environment (Northern Ireland) Order 2002.

They are required to carry out regular reviews and assessments of air quality in their area against standards and objectives prescribed in regulations for the purpose of local air quality management (LAQM) before undertaking Action Planning if air quality is found to breach the regulations.

The following regulations apply:

* England: The Air Quality (England) Regulations 2000 (SI 928), The Air Quality (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2002 (SI 3043),

4. The EU has set mandatory air quality targets for certain pollutants. The UK is at present failing to meet EU targets for ambient concentrations of particulate matter (PM10) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Consideration of what additional part LAQM might play in achieving EU targets was a major driver behind the commissioning of our review

6. Road transport is the largest single source of air pollution, accounting for 33% of emissions in the case of NOx and 21% in the case of PM10. Transport is identified as the main source of pollution in 92% of all AQMAs.

18. Those involved with air quality policy in local government and elsewhere attribute the failure of action planning to a range of factors including: the low priority that tends to be
accorded to air quality by the public and local politicians.

• Health: links with health policy are crucial in that poor air quality has serious consequences for health.

J Hall



Fellow airbreather said...

Mr Hall, please don't see this as an 'attack' of any kind, more a polite suggestion: Have you considered getting somebody to proof read your articles?

Your writing style obscures the points you are making to such a degree that the above piece is rendered somewhat incomprehensible.

You appear very committed to your cause, and it would be a pity if any useful information to local residents was lost due to such trivial reasons.

Why hand such an easy ride to the detractors you seem convinced are hanging on your every word?

Thick is as thick does said...

Labour must be doing a good job as the local troglodytes keep voing them in.
It's almost as if the intelligence of the average voter has massively diminished in the last thirty years or something.

Anonymous said...

'voing', Brains?

Anonymous said...

Fellow airbreather said...
Mr Hall, please don't see this as an 'attack' of any kind, more a polite suggestion:
With respect Airbreather your comments are noted,
however with more than 4,500 documents and data references plus over approx 2,500 health linked reports concerning the diseases created by PM2.5 Particulates and Nitrogen Dioxides its an impossible task to submit the overwhelming mass of evidence onto a blog site in a concise and informative manner.
Trying to be informative for those who have never delved deeply into
TMBC`s utter negligence relating to Air Pollution Toxins is extremely difficult on a minute facility such as TC,but observing Facts in my brief posting should not be a real problem.
Having had to present over 400 documents for Public Inquiries in Tameside which were also submitted to Sir David King the Ex-Scientific
advisor to the previous PM,and Sir Liam Donaldson the Chief Medical Officer,and the Royal Commission on Urban Air Pollution,I have found that such parties who know the subject have no difficulty in observing the facts,but 400 pages is hardly appropriate on a limited blog site.
Numerous requests to a variety of Tameside Politicians over a 12 year period for an open public forum debate where the public if interested could learn the truth and raise questions have all either been refused or totally ignored.
Unfortunately you make no mention of the alarming facts which are relatively plain to observe,so maybe your interest is somewhat limited however the facts and multi page reports are widespread on the net should you pursue an interest.

Anonymous said...

I had a very sudden and unusual visit today from Councillor Dawson Lane as I was tending my garden mid morning,as he stopped at my gates to inform me he had a leaflet for me whilst informing he was "my Tameside Councillor".
It really was a Eureka moment to see a Councillor or MP call on me.
First I refused whatever leaflet he had,then advised him of my name and suggested he was acting under false
pretences seeing neither he,nor B.Warrington,Smith or A.Gwynne represented me because of their refusal to respond,reply or deal with issues I have put to them in recent years.
Being told my name he stated that he did not wish to converse with me further,I suggested he was therefore extracting money as payment from my Council Taxes under false pretenses seeing he had not represented me as "My Councillor".
The point was made as he trotted off unable and unwilling to respond.
Next time Tameside Politicians try and be more savvy and avoid my home like you have ignored my requests to you.

Anonymous said...

Todays Star Headline
POLLUTION in some Sheffield neighbourhoods has soared to more than six times the world-recommended safe limit,
Perhaps it should also report at least 50,000 minimum Uk folk die each year from air pollution related diseases according to the Department of Health reports.
So RIP the approx average 136 who will leave us today.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Guardian today which states the facts plus the following.

In its recent report on air pollution, the environmental audit committee of MPs said that the government had failed to get to grips with this issue. The issue's low priority appeared to be confirmed when the only specific figure highlighted in the government's response to the report was £3m allocated to local authorities to investigate air quality measures. The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is seeking to delay EU deadlines for the UK to comply with NO2 pollution standards.
How much of the £3 million did TMBC get for doing nowt ?.

Brenda said...

Just ignore him. He's a bloody nuisance trouble causer who is upset because he lives near a busy road which he would sooner see becoming a quiet country lane. He cannot get his own way so he takes it out on his local politicians.

The situation is actually worse than the author imagines said...

21 Signs That The UK Is Being Transformed Into A Hellish Big Brother Surveillance Society.

Why would anyone want to live in the UK at this point? Well, if you enjoy having every little detail of your life dictated to you by elitist control freaks then you might like living there. But most of the rest of the world is absolutely horrified that the UK is being transformed into a hellish Big Brother surveillance society. The UK truly is on the "cutting edge" when it comes to implementing liberty-killing rules and regulations. Many have pointed out that the United States is becoming a Big Brother police state, but the truth is that the UK is even worse. The madness going on in the UK is where the rest of the world is headed. Right now, there are more surveillance cameras per capita in the UK than anywhere else in the world. If you accidentally drop a couple of potato chips in public or if you whisper a phrase that is not politically correct in a restaurant there is a good chance that you will be hauled into court. In the UK, the public has been sold the lie that society will be better off if everything and everyone is constantly monitored. But instead of improving society, what all of this surveillance is really doing is turning the entire nation into a very frightening version of George Orwell's 1984.

Sadly, most of the rest of the globe is going down the exact same path that the UK has gone. The UK is several years ahead of most of the rest of us, but eventually almost every nation on earth will be just like them.

The following are 21 signs that the UK is being transformed into a hellish Big Brother surveillance society....LINK

SerpentSlayer said...

Personally I believe the issue will solve itself. Once the power of international finance are broken, so too the oild companies power shall wane.

Once the grip of the Rockefellers of this world has loosened, the development of alternatives to oil burning will be much accelerated.

Unfortunately until that time oil is the most important resource in the Globalist trade empire. Saddam was atatcked when he tried to trade oil in a currency other than the dollar, as was Libya (it would weaken the dollars strenght if other currencies were used)

I believe the noncompliance with environmental legislation is merely the tip of an all to obvious iceberg. Restricting the growth of zog-mobiles is essential for the health and welll-being of the nation, it also hurts the proliferation of the oil trade and will be opposed by the powers of greed at all costs.

Fight the internationalists and you will be fighting all that serves to harm the wholeness of nature. Man versus machine, wood against metal, water against oil.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see nore of these articles from Mr Hall. They fear him because he's on the ball.

Anonymous said...

This repulsive female poster named Brenda is a classic example of someone who has not an ounce of decency when it come to the health and welfare of children,infants,and all adults and the elderley.
What a character she is,having no conscience about others suffering health problems because of TMBC`s decisions to constantly increase traffic toxins throughout its region.
I am only glad all my family members are not of the same ilk as
this totally obnoxious female who surely must have a personality unfit to be called a women by not caring for childrens welfare.No facts,just insults and happy to see more and more toxins stuffed into kids lungs.
You disgust me "Brenda" whoever ?,
why not come out and declare yourself or is it all gob,gob,gob
as you hide in the shadows.
I have never, will never, and have no concerns whatsoever about my own health, or the road where I live,I simply have a strong conscience,a concern for others (you better believe that)and am capable of exposing people like you and others at TMBC who happen to be the pinnacle of dross which has and is destroying Tameside whilst ripping us all off financially, and who are unfit for purpose when it comes down to real humanity,common decency and care for others.
Your Country Lane crap Brenda deserves my contempt and wrath,and I regret such people as you are called Tamesiders.
I am entitled to be furious when you lie and deliberately distort facts,so have the bottle Brenda to climb from under your cess-pit stone and tell us who you really are.Cease being a coward with a big gob Brenda,and respect the role of many other than you women, who have the decency to care for childrens health and welfare in Tameside.
Don`t worry I am getting my own way by defending the right of decent Tameside folk to observe and see what TMBC is all about.
My sincere apologies to all those TC posters who may dislike my rant at this female anonymous constant attacker,but I have given 15 valuable years towards telling the real truth about TMBC,and its destruction of our Borough but I always have the proof to substantiate my comments.


Thank you Mr hall for pointing this out and my view is that it may help if they kept vehicle moving abit better ? ie get rid of bus lanes and speed humps would be a good start

Anonymous said...

You have missed this trick TMBC !!

Daily Mail.
Boris accused of pollution fraud by using dust-buster machines "near monitoring stations" to avoid EU fine
Trucks spraying saline solution to clear the air of fine dust particles from traffic exhausts
The sticky salt solution makes dust particles stick to the road rather than hover in the air
Clean Air in London warns the tactic is putting public health at risk by masking true extent of pollution.

correct me if I am wrong said...

Yes, a brilliant article by J Hall. The way I see it is; thanks to TMBC's obsession with bringing more traffic to the borough we get the pollution but not the financial benefits as most of the pollution causing vehicles carry on through Tameside en-route to Manchester and Liverpool.

Thick is as thick does said...

Anonymous 12:22, sorry, I mistyped a 't'.
What are your views of the changes in intelligence of the average Tamesider?

Blue Rinse said...

What has happened to the Tameside Tories website, someone not paid the bill? Maybe that's why they are using a Wordpress mirror featuring the Bell Crew?

Anonymous said...

oyhn1tPlease get ready to read how TMBC,its Councillors and MP`s have been deliberately conning the 220,000 Tameside Public for years with deceptive methods which have hidden the reality facts to suit their objectives.
Its an absolute scandal which they certainly should not survive,and because its a detailed exposure including a graph it is now with TC for posting.
Its extremely serious because it shows how TMBC Councillors and MP`s have been complicit in this scandal.which deliberately hides the facts of the pollution levels you,your families and children daily ingest,which is an unforgivable evil act directed at the Tameside public.