Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Candidates announced for Tameside council elections

Voters go to the polls again on May 3 to choose their latest batch of councillors. A third of councillor roles are up for grabs.

Labour, which has controlled the council for more than 30 years, is fielding a candidate in each ward, as are the Conservatives and the Green Party.

Like last year the Liberal Democrats have no candidates standing in any of the borough's 19 wards, despite having a councillor in Audenshaw as recently as 2008.

UKIP candidates are also standing in most seats, and there are also a handful of independents, English Democrats and BNP candidates.

Other notable names on the list of candidates include Claire Reynolds who's standing for Labour in Dukinfield Stalybridge - her husband is MP Jonathan Reynolds. His rival Conservative parliamentary candidate Rob Adlard is standing for his party in Longdendale.

Roy West, who was previously a British National Party candidate, is now standing as an independent in Dukinfield.

Those standing are:
Ashton Hurst: Richard Ambler (Con), Leigh Drennan (Lab), Lisa Radcliffe (UKIP), Nigel Arthur Rolland (Green).

Ashton St Michael's: Paul Lee Buckley (Con), Rochelle Rolland (Green), Margaret Celia Sidebottom (Lab), David Colin Timpson (English Democrats).

Ashton Waterloo: Catherine Piddington (Lab), Lee Anthony Price (Con), Peter Taylor (UKIP), Andrew David Threlfall (Green).

Audenshaw: Stuart Andrew Bennett (Green), Gaynor Patterson (Con), Tracy Radcliffe (UKIP), Teresa Ann Smith (Lab).

Denton North East: Gerard Joseph Stephen Boyd (Green), Joanna Herod (UKIP), Rachel Marshall (Con), Denise Ward (Lab).

Denton South: Adrienne Bennett (UKIP), Margaret Downs (Lab), Steve Roden (Con), Carl Simmons (Ind), Noel Woodhead (Green).

Denton West: Michelle Harrison (UKIP), Dawson Lane (Lab), Christine Marshall (Con), Simon Rollinson (Green).

Droylsden East: Robert Charles Booth (BNP), Marr Holgate (Con), Jim Middleton (Lab), Ted Salmon (UKIP), Mark Thomas Stanley (Green).

Droylsden West: Jennifer Louise Ball (Green), Dot Buckley (Con), Gerald Patrick Cooney (Lab), George Mills (UKIP).

Dukinfield: John Cooke (UKIP), Dylan Lancaster (Green), Brenda Roden (Con), Roy Kevin West (Ind), Brian Wild (Lab).

Dukinfield Stalybridge: Amanda Jane Buckley (Con), Michael Keith Fowler (Green), Lyn Misell (UKIP), Claire Reynolds (Lab), Gregory John Shorrock (English Democrats).

Hyde Godley: Joe Kitchen (Lab), Duran Benjamin O'Dwyer (UKIP), Melanie Roberts (Green), Tom Welsby (Con).

Hyde Newton: Rosalind Gauci (BNP), Craig John Halliday (Con), Ian Horton (UKIP), Jacintha Manchester (Green), Peter James Robinson (Lab).

Hyde Werneth: June Gill (Green), Raja Miah (Lab), Stephanie Misell (UKIP), Floyd Anthony Paterson (Con).

Longdendale: Rob Adlard (Con), Damian Patrick Mendea-Kelly (Green), Kevin Misell (UKIP), Adam White (Lab).

Mossley: Dean Tom Aylett (Ind), Christine Clark (Green), Dominic Johnson (Con), Ellie Shember-Critchley (Lab).

St Peter's: Warren Bray (Lab), Trevor Clarke (Green), James William Flynn (Con).

Stalybridge North: Andrew Peter Fogg (English Democrats), Jan Jackson (Lab), Emma Misell (UKIP), Clive Alistair Patrick (Con), Jean Margaret Smee (Green).

Stalybridge South: Dorothy Cartwright (Lab), Doreen Dickinson (Con), Angela McManus (UKIP), John Francis Spiller (Green). Manchester Evening News

So we have a full slate of Labour and Conservative candidates standing in May. It’s disappointing to see UKIP do not have a full slate this year but well done to the Green Party for putting up a candidate in every ward. All the talk on this blog about the BNP collapsing appears to have been spot on as they only have two candidates, down from a high water mark of sixteen or seventeen a few years back. The new kids on the block, the English Democrats have three candidates and two very important community campaigners are standing as Independents, one in the Denton South Ward and the other Dukinfield.

The one to watch this year will without a doubt will be the battle between Labour and Conservative in Hyde Werneth. Labour have played their ace with their candidate choice and the Conservatives will be very lucky to retain this ward. The Conservatives really need to get the message out to their core vote that unless they want a to wake up to a nasty shock on May 4th they must vote, and tell their friends and family to vote too because one thing is certain, if the community to which the Labour candidate belongs believe having him elected will bring direct benefits to them, he is guaranteed a huge block vote which will be added to by the usual dead-head traditional Labour voters.

There is an interesting new article on the Guardian Newspaper Blog from an experienced pollster which is of some relevance when thinking about the permutations of likely voting patterns in Hyde Werneth. Tameside Citizen


Song for Ireland said...

Thank you for the Irish support.
It makes me very proud.
I will never forget that Irish kindness.

Roy West
Independent Candidate

Tameside Citizen said...

Sorry anon@18.14, I have had to delete due to the serious nature of your allegation. Please re-post with proof or be a little more vague with your wording.

Golliwog advert said...

Robertson's marmalade ad from the eighties - the good old days, when you could get away with putting a golliwog on national telly.

Snouts back in the trough said...

No wonder they wanted Press TV banned.

Anonymous said...

Homer Simpson esk analysis there TC. Wasn't that chap the labour candidate the last 2 times? hardly an increase in the vote due to his ethnic background this time then eh?

and when is that champion of truth and justice, Mr J Hall esq. surely with all his credentials and campaigning skill he should be on the ballot paper in Denton West. wasnt he complaining, only last week, that none of the Councillors lived in Denton West.

Call to vote said...

Anonymous 20:58, Doh!
The Tories had built up a dominance in the Hyde Werneth ward by 2008 and won by 600 votes. In 2010 Mr Miah got that gap down to 300 and last year it was 130 (against the Conservative LEADER who would presumably get the local Tory vote out). Postal voting is a wonderful thing (especially if youre Labour).
If you think culture/ethnicity has no relevance in this ward (and increasingly locally and nationally) then come to the count and have a look at the groups now stood around the table for that particular ward.

De Camptown Races said...

Someone told me a Golliwog joke the other day:

Why did they take the Golliwogs off Robertson's Jam jars?
Because blacks were using them as passport photos.

Is that an illegal joke now?

SerpentSlayer said...

Best of luck to the BNP candidates, the ED candidates and to Roy West.

I myself, living in a ward without a Nationalist have no the foggiest who to vote for. I've heard bad rumours about local UKIP. I find the Green social policy repulsive and their belief in global wrming laughable.

Dancing Steve of Newton said...

Personally my nomination for the council would be this guy. Given the literacy standards of many Labour councillors, their crass drunken behaviour in public and tactless remarks about past prime ministers I would struggle finding a worst candidate.

Traitors and Water Melons said...

SS, in that case do as I do by spoiling your ballot. If any particular candidate offends you write a comment next to his name. For example, you have a Labour candidate write TRAITOR or if it's a Green write WATER MELON but be careful to make sure you do it to more than one candidate or your comment might count as an X indicating you are casting your vote for the individual in question. The idiotic so called Anti Nazi League helped get a number of BNP candidates elected in Burnley in 2003 when they had a campaign urging people to put swastikas next to the names of BNP candidates on the ballot paper. Some people did this and it helped the BNP get eight candidates elected at one go.

SerpentSlayer said...

That had me in stitches traitors and water melons!

The ANL must be a few planks short of a treehouse. Thanks for the advice though, I have been toying with the idea of voting Tory just to bolster the vote against Labour. I will have to learn more about the local Tories before I decided whether or not the Tories are just the lesser of two evils.

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

why am i hearing people saying oh i dont know who to vote for! and then go on to whine about a corrupt labour council, simple, vote labour out, you have the power to change what you dont like, and if whoever you replace them with dont shape up, get shot of them next time around, for goodness sake people get a grip, ps glad roy west is standing as an independant,

Anonymous said...

Come on Enjoy this lot again: Gwynne,Warrington,D Lane,Smith, Reynolds,P.Perry,Pendry,and Seige Committee bullshitters.
Don`t attempt any more crap comments "The Truth Is Out There".
As for Mrs Claire Reynolds nee Johnstone (wife of MP Jono Reynolds) seeking the Dukinfield Ward votes,yet another Labour seeking passenger crawling onto the TMBC Labour Gravy Train.
So its Vote Labour and ensure you
keep waving to the Labour Gravy Train as it passes you by again and aqain and again.
Vote Dawson Lane for Denton West you must be mental re this pathetic
hanger on,and his partner Lane of Dukinfield.Whats your total household income,its disgusting your ever increasing screwing of the Tameside Public.(consciences ???????????????????????????????)

Go forth and multiply said...

With the country rapidly heading for destruction by demographics why would anyone vote for a talentless, infantile, attention seeking prick who dances in the street.

Newton Steve said...

Because he happens to be a decorated Falklands vet suffering PTSD.

SerpentSlayer said...

Who are we talking about here?

only threatened mind you! said...

Brent Police seize religious flag outside Kingsbury house in terror swoop.

Jamshad Khan, with the flag he says Brent police threatened to arrest him over.

Anonymous said...

TMBC, Longdendale Siege & David Moore: the truth
[David Moore: he loves roads, he does]
Hands up who believes the propaganda of Tameside MBC & Longdendale Siege Committee that the Longdendale Bypass is meant to relieve the three villages of congestion? If there are any that read this weblog, then this post may make you think again. For those who already suspect it is lies, here is the evidence that seems to have lain buried, until now.
Is this the bloke who backed J.Reynolds MP for climbing down the Mottram Church Tower ?????????
and where does D.Moore operate now ??????
New To Digging


TIP OF THE ICEBERG - THE BEGINNING OF THE END FOR BRITAIN. You need to watch this video see link in blue.

Anonymous said...

TMBC & Immigrants.
So is this how TMBC started a campaign to cultivate immigrants ??? and their Votes???

Project title (single) Access - H.A.C.H
Project title Access to history and cultural heritage
Priority Polycentric structuring of the area and development of centres of excellence
Developing transport systems with a view to insuring sustainable mobility and improving access to the information society
Promoting the environment, sustainable management of economic activities and natural resources
X Strengthening and promoting the Atlantic identity in a context of globalisation
Project leader Emma Varnan
Contact person David Moore
E-mail david.moore@tameside.gov.uk
Address Tameside MBC, Room 1.82, Council Offices, Wellington Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 6DL, UK
Phone 00 44 (1) 61 342 3980 Fax 00 44 (1) 61 342 3935
Thematic key words Preservation - history and culture - minority groups - archives
Project Description
The establishment of a study and archiving centre for the preservation of the history, culture and heritage of minority groups in the community such as Asian, Irish,West African and East European people who have migrated during the past millenium
Main Aims
To cultivate and promote a wider appreciation of the links between European, Celtic and minority group settlers in a European context by providing access centres for the study and preservation of history and cultural heritage.
Expected Results
Increased sense of ownership of heritage and arts.
Development of museums and art collections which represent the breadth of communities with Atlantic Area regions.
Wider appreciation of connections and links between present culture and that of migrant settlers..

Internet Website related to the project To be established
Total cost 1,000,000 €
Calendar June 2004 – June 2006
Partners Already Found None
Help/Information required
Partner search X
Links with related projects X
Setting up of the project
Geographical Origin of Partners sought Ireland, France, Portugal and Spain
Profile of Partners sought Regions with significant representation of minority immigrant cultures
This Mr.David Moore a Longendale Labour Party Organiser was certainly working hard in TMBC.

Certainly not being a racist but someone interested in how Votes can be gained.

Anonymous said...

The real news about Tameside council gets better and better on this site.
Tameside council should concentrate on the generations who have worked
bloody hard and paid their way in Tameside and provided rich pickings for the despot Councillors.
The electorate need telling where TMBC priorities are and have been to secure votes.
Plain Joe Soap
TMBC should get a bloody good kicking and red carded in the May elections.

Anonymous said...

Thats a scandalous comment Hall. What are you claiming about David Moore, Labour party activist?

Anonymous said...

you want to be careful there Mr Hall, you know how badly you get facts wrong

Brenda said...

Just bloody ignore the trouble causer. He cannot separate fact from fiction and hasn't even got the courage to put his barmpot conspiracy theories to the electorate by putting his name on the ballot paper. All he likes to do is snipe from the sidelines and criticise his lawfully elected councillors and MP's.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows and has now seen over recent months that when such as "Brenda" climbs out of the cess-pit and the Anons start spouting crap compared with facts,then the TMBC cages start shaking to the sounds emitted from the orifices of the sycophantic Labourites.
Why shout and carry on if your not rattled ?.
Unfortunately you need constant reminding that whatever I post denotes facts and the truth,but likely you have never experienced such assets.
Definitely more to come yet Brenda & Co keep watching out where the finger of fate lands.
You never answered Brenda to whom am I causing trouble for, as you put it so ladylike ?
As for standing on a ballot paper is that the best you can manage.
My loyalty is to the truth and facts which is not reflected in the TMBC jungle.

Anonymous said...

Supported and backed by the Tameside Advertiser Labour Rag.
A MAN who has spearheaded the fight for the Longdendale Bypass for more than 30 years is not giving up the battle.
In an exclusive interview with the Reporter and Chronicle, Lord Tom Pendry has pledged the battle will go on.
He told us: “The need for a bypass (through Tintwistle, Hollingworth and Mottram) is greater than ever.
“Traffic has increased and it will get even worse in this area when Tesco open their supermarket in Hattersley.(pardon am I reading this correctly)
So did Pendry,Reynolds and Longendale Councillors campaign AGAINST TMBC passing the Tesco`s Planning Application ?NO and NO
Come on Pendry your having a laugh.
According to the fairly recent London Meeting. Reynolds MP had with his Seige Committee 4 members they told the Minister
we have 30,000 vehicles a day through Hollingworth (approx 21 per minute I make that)
Wow that`s absolutely monstrous,hardship, definately in need of a £300 Million ByPass.as the last one was priced back then.
Minister: What will it create ??
J.Hall response::Only another 40,000 onto the M67 from the North East.
Minister: That sounds reasonable.
J.Hall What about the almost 400,000 vehicles per day now stuck at the end of the M67/M60/A57 interchange ?.
Minister: Well that makes it 440,000 doesn`t it.?
J.Hall : So that makes the 47,000 people in Denton & Audenshaw choke on even more vast levels of air pollution.
Minister:Never thought about that !!,and Pendry,Reynolds,Gwynne and Seige kept that bloody quiet didn`they???.
J.Hall: And I bet Pendry didn`t mention he had 50,000 shares showing in Companies House records 04236511
in the Oyston Steel Estates Ltd owned by Owen Oyston the infamous convicted and jailed old rapist of a young girl.
and then whilst he was in clink Pendry was involved in running Oyston`s business empire,which R.Oldham was also
a Director participant in.a few years ago..
What more will get spawned in Tameside.

Anonymous said...

Only just spotted you Mr Gwynne surrounded again with lots of small children now exposed on the world wide internet.
Picture and topic very appropriate Mr.Gwynne as shown in the Reporter.
Picture was followed by:

Children in Need. Andrew & Allison Gwynne attend a special Children in Need assembly at Denton’s Russell Scott School.

Definitely in need Mr.Gwynne in your own bloody Constituency where you shrug off the fact that large numbers of infants,and children are having their lungs daily stuffed full of disease causing toxins,backed by your claims with B.Warrington that your Constituency is the most air polluted in the North West.
Pull your bloody finger out for once after all the years you have known about it,done nowt,and then have the audacity to talk about CHILDREN IN NEED.

Anonymous said...

Labour will be successful in May and eventually Mottram will get its bypass. Mr Hall claims to expose the truths. He reckons he's been doing it for years. He's got piles of documents. He's not been that successful has he? But he's got a few fans on this site anyway to keep him motivated.

Anonymous said...

Hall. What was the accusation you were making against David Moore of the Longdendale Siege Committee and Labour Party Activist?

Are you backtracking? any chance of an apology to Mr Moore?

Rotten Borough said...

Sheldon got £109,000 in expenses for a house he didn't even own.

Anonymous said...

The references to David Moore,his role when at TMBC,his designated office etc and the description of his duties and the objectives sought by the TMBC Leadership are clearly spelt out in the TMBC document located I refer to.
The objectives contained in the TMBC objective are explicit and clearly defined and I want to know who decided to place great emphasis on the following TMBC statement and Mr.Moore`s participation because I don`t recall TMBC given a mandate whatsoever for the following intentions are accurately taken from the TMBC statement of intent.ie
"Thematic key words Preservation - history and culture - minority groups - archives
Project Description
The establishment of a study and archiving centre for the preservation of the history, culture and heritage of minority groups in the community such as Asian, Irish,West African and East European people who have migrated during the past millenium."

Is that what Tamesiders voted for,and were Tameside content for TMBC to spend Council Tax Payers Money on these projects.
Don`t be stupid Anons (again)we are perfectly entitled to challenge any or all TMBC objectives and the money spent from our Taxes.
So what apology for exposing what was set up in TMBC and those involved in the objectives.
You Anons/TMBC want a Stalinist regime to continue where you are the financial benefactors and require no democratic questions from the Electorate.
Remember the large majority of Tamesiders do not want the present TMBC structure,and therefore have decided not to vote.
If they wanted the present Councillors the numerical voting figures would represent that,but they don`t and so with tactics and
apathy mixed together we got 30 years of a despot and undemocratic
regime which we increasingly pay for.
I suggest the silent manipulators of power advise their Anons to cease talking tripe,because the TC readers everywhere are more aware now than ever before of what goes on at TMBC because Facts Rule in a Democracy and Anons mean nothing to an increasingly enlightened electorate.

Anonymous said...

To another Anons stating:
He's got piles of documents. He's not been that successful has he.

So whats been stopping "You Getting a ByPass" having spent £24 million on "just the preperation of evidence" to get a ByPass and a direct cost of evidence offered by TMBC which directly cost the Tameside Electorate over £1million out of our money.
Surely having spent over £25 million on just documentation for a Public Inquiry and which ALL WENT DOWN THE PAN and became bog paper because it was seriously flawed evidence which got exposed.
What`s your point ??,its time the HA and TMBC found out how to produce 100% accurate evidence and I suppose the Council Tax Payers may have to pick up the tab again for more dubious evidence manipulated and without any references to the wider impact of a ByPass which has been spelt out to you and yours time after time after time.
Talk about an inability to recognise the facts and the wider
implications,you lot take the winners award straight off.
(Day of Tomorrow so have fun)

Anonymous said...

God you are a fool. There is more than one person called David Moore.

David Moore, retired, about 70, labour activist, former teacher, lives in Hollingworth, Longdendale Siege Committee.

David Moore, Tameside Council Employee, I guess.

Sort of demonstrates your great skill for research and making 2+2=5, doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Busy at present enjoying my day, just sit and wait for a more than adequate response.

Anonymous said...

I very much doubt it Hall. They have you bang to rights on this one. The rest of us have been laughing for years as you and the nomottrambypass keep getting it wrong. Its a shame that someone has pointed it out for you. Although it does demonstrate your research skills!

Roy K West said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Loads a Money said...

I know he is a nasty piece of work. A totally different person than the image the media has created for him. Remember to wave a £10 note at him when ever you see him.

BNP R.I.P. said...

Roy keep these superb leaflets coming and lets us in on your secret how did you get the inmates from Broadmoor to design them for you.

i liked the simple leaflet dewsnap lane said...


vote greed, vote Brian Wild you mugs said...

Councillor Brian Wild last 8 years

Anonymous said...

For Anons incapable of understanding:
Already been on the internet for ages re Stop the Mottram ByPass so pick the facts out of this lot Anons (doesn`t it get right up your nose having to always be Anons and skulking in the dark,what a way to conduct yourself.When you have your Newspapers delivered or your Post are they addressed to Anons.
Readers of local newspapers may be familiar with one David Moore. A person of that name used to regularly write in to advocate pro bypass views, as well as launch vitriolic attacks on anti-bypass campaigners (to be fair, we could be said to be the 'anti David Moore' in that respect, as it's our style too). Some examples are here and here (notice the classic Chronicle/Daily Mail/Fascist headline for the latter - 'Minority views are not valid'). We're not sure whether or not he had any direct affiliation with the Longdendale Siege Committee, but given his views and willingness to write to the newspapers (and regularly get published) we'd be surprised if he didn't. The fact that he lives in Hollingworth makes it seem highly unlikely that he is a stranger to them.

But what can be revealed with certainty is that someone called David Moore (with the fizzog displayed above) used to work for Tameside MBC. His contact details are on this page of this website. Go on, take some time to read what the website is about.

Yes, he was the Project Manager for the North European Trade Axis (NETA), an organisation seemingly run by TMBC from their offices. He also clearly has affiliations with the North West Regional Assembly, given the alternate email address on the contact page.
The ‘corridor’ is a broad network of towns,
cities and communication links and includes the whole of Ireland, the central corridor routes of
the Irish Sea and the trans-Pennine corridor before extending, via the Humber ports, across the
North Sea and through the Netherlands and northern Germany. There is the potential for further
extension to include the emerging economies of eastern Europe. t is NETA about? Lots of things, full of awful public language, the new bourgeois coded speech. But looking at the website and the conference reports, there talk of Transpennine Corridors, and 'management of M62 traffic flows'. But next to David Moore's face on the 'welcome' page is this more intelligible blurb:
"The NETA project seeks to develop and promote a West-East Eurocorridor extending from Northern and Southern Ireland across the Irish Sea to the Transpennine Corridor of Northern England and thence via the Humber ports and North Sea to the Netherlands, North Germany, Poland and beyond"
Anyone living in Tintwistle,Hollingworth,and Mottram folks should read the ABSOLUTE FACTS why a ByPass was sold to those incapable of learning the truth.
It was not for the benefit of anyone other than a supply route bringing thousands of extra HGV`s bang through the Longendale Valley.
You have been treated like idiots and pawns by the local snidy Politicians, to sell a ByPass to you based on a purely ficticious reason.Without some support from locals NOT ONE PERSON WOULD ACCEPT A BYPASS FOR WHAT YOU WILL ACTUALLY GET.Read and read the NETA intentions.
J.Hall (Part 1)

Anonymous said...

"The NETA project seeks to develop and promote a West-East Eurocorridor extending from Northern and Southern Ireland across the Irish Sea to the Transpennine Corridor of Northern England and thence via the Humber ports and North Sea to the Netherlands, North Germany, Poland and beyond"
transport infrastructure along the NETA corridor, and the various associated issues
such as integration and changes in mindset
- the role of the Humber Ports in the NETA corridor
The companies discussed matters of mutual business interest and it was clear that this
process will lead to new trading linkages and ideas across the NETA corridor.
About one third of the respondent companies said that some of the freight traffic with which they
were involved could possibly be re-routed via the NETA corridor, given the appropriate
circumstances or measures which could include those outlined above
Yes, he David Moore was the Project Manager for the North European Trade Axis (NETA), an organisation seemingly run by TMBC from their offices.http://nomottrambypass.blogspot.co.uk/search/label/david%20moore
Given that TMBC are the facilitators of this project, we can now clearly link them with a project to develop their leg of a 'braided' (their terminology) trans-european transport network: in this context 'management of M62 traffic flows' can only mean one thing - diversion of key (trade) traffic elsewhere. Clearly, leaving the M1 to avoid the M62 and thereby accessing the M60 to head to the Western ports for Ireland and vice versa: the Longdendale Bypass.
In the meantime, if you really do believe the Longdendale Bypass is meant to relieve the three villages of congestion, ask Tameside and David Moore for explanations as to what NETA is all about. And come and tell us what they said. Food for throught.
NB: since we originally posted this article, the NETA website has mysteriously disappeared! We have changed the links to point to the pages captured by the internet archive.
Longendale Peoploe have been "abused and deceived all along,and that why TMBC,your local Politicians have objected for years to a trial HGV Ban over the Woodhead because the results when proved would block the need for a ByPass.
Ask yourself Why Why was TMBC were heading the NETA Route plans,with staff and an office.Because they want THE NETA ROUTE BANG THROUGH YOUR VALLEY.

Anonymous said...

More FACTS for Tamesiders to dwell on.
As everyone can now see the Carillion Company has been extensively involved in New Tameside Education establishments,refurbishing others after gaining a multi million pound contract given by TMBC
Now what is more than disturbing is that on the Carillion list of Directors within its various Companies was our present TMBC Chief Executive Steven Pleasant who has been employed by TMBC for a number of years and closely linked with Mr.R.Oldham our Ex Council Leader for over 25 years.
Steven Pleasant our present Tameside Chief Executive 2012 was shown as a Director in two formed Companies by Carillion the company awarded 2 massive contracts (£500 million) by Mr.R.Oldham.
Now I for one always assumed that Council Chief Executives were totally independent of District Council Councillors and therefore totally non political.
The Chief Executive is the senior officer who leads and takes responsibility for the work of the paid staff of the Council, who run the local authority on a day to day basis. The role of Chief Executive is a full time appointment; it is the highest paid officer role and is responsible for selecting, appointing and managing the staff.
A panel of senior councillors will interview and select a person and make recommendations to the council "The Chief Executive is then appointed by the whole Council".
Well, nearly £200 million came from the Longdendale Bypass contract, and now another£300 million contract - placed by ONE TMBC Decision maker - for the Tameside Schools programme.
Remember Carillion, the construction Company named last week by the Office of Fair Trading for being associated with manipulating contracts, or otherwise being bent? Their appeal for mercy was obviously lodged to try to get a potentially large financial penalty reduced.
But hang on, within recent weeks Carillion were awarded another massive contract by none other than your Councillor Roy Oldham, who was described (see page 1, opens PDF) as the "Decision Maker", the contract being appropriately signed by him.
It is imperative that Councillors,Council Executives and Employees offer the Electorate 100% Openness,Probity,Accountability,and Impartiality,in all matters and decisions taken.
You decide how TMBC is run and you decide who runs it and administrates our lives.
Standards Commmittee`independent members are members of standards committees with no link to the authority they are overseeing. They are important in helping increase public confidence in the local standards framework. They provide a clear signal that the standards committee is acting fairly and impartially. Independent members also bring a wider perspective from their outside experiences. A person can only be an independent member if they: have not been a member or employee of the authority for the previous five years, or are not a member or officer of that or any other relevant authority, or are not a relative or close friend of a member or employee of your authority.
Strikes me few know whats going on in TMBC,or accept very iffy goings on. and its bloody time they woke up to the FACTS
You have really been brainwashed something terrible by TMBC Politicians as they sit there laughing at you pocketing your money for themselves,wives and partners.

Anonymous said...

To Assist the Anons and our "Brenda"
person,may I suggest you declare yourselves in an open and honest manner,and allow me to do even more facts digging which may interest you directly.
Now that`s a fair offer in a supposed democratic Tameside.

Anonymous said...

An apology to Mr Moore for in-punning his character would be sufficient. Clearly the man has every reason to be concerned by the suggestion by Hall that he has been paid by TMBC to be involved in the campaign to save his village from the heavy trucks.

2+2 still equalling 5 for you Mr Hall?

John Wroe, Ashton

Thick as two short ones said...

Is that true about what Wild said? Wasn't it his car you caught on film with the 'Vote Labour' posters plastered all over the inside parked outside Dukinfield's main polling station on election day last year? Then him and Taylor turned up and said it had broke down. That's right, it was being driven with posters all over the windows and broke down.
Pretty obvious who the c***s in Duki REALLY are.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
An apology to Mr Moore for in-punning his character would be sufficient. Clearly the man has every reason to be concerned by the suggestion by Hall that he has been paid by TMBC to be involved in the campaign to save his village from the heavy trucks.

You still dont get it Mr.Wroe a David Moore was employed by TMBC with an office to spearhead the NETA route through Longendale.
If the picture of Mr.Moore contained in my extensive posting is not one you recognise then be assured that pictured David Moore was directly linked to the huge NETA project and TMBC plans.
Please read every word in my posting including the site references I denote Mr Wroe before you accuse me of anything you might suggest of me.
I suggest you ask Mr David Moore to clarify whether the person depicted
and that persons role in the NETA plans was not him whatsoever,because the Articles written by Mr,D,Moore in local press reports even denote an address if you carefully scrutinise
"every part" of my posting.

Anonymous said...

That John Wroe of Ashton surely is not a reincarnated John Wroe of Ashton
John Wroe 1782-1863 Founded the Christian Israelite Church and declared that Ashton-under-Lyne would be the new Jerusalem.
Me thinks a non de plume.

Family History Researcher Hyde

England said...

Ther was a BBC TV series, 'Mr Wroe's Virgins' starring Jonathan Pryce, a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

John Wroe was depicted in that as a wise man.

It was a work of fiction though as there are neither a wise man or seven virgins in Ashton

tonydj said...

John Wroe found virgins in Ashton!!??

Anonymous said...

I found a virgin in Ashton in 1984 one saturday night,by Sunday she was no longer one of them.