Wednesday, 20 July 2016

How can we defend ourselves from this:-

This picture recently ap[eared on Facebook.. It claims to show an elderly victim of two burglars in Ashton. There is no evidence given in support of the claim.

Let us for sake of arguement  assume the facts contained in hte article are accurate. And given the state of Brtiain at the moment this is not an outlandish assumption. There is one question which I would like to pose to the Greater Manchester Police. How was this woman ,or any infirm or disabled person, expected to defend themselves?

We know that we are permitted to use "reasonable force" in self drfence. But look at the victim. I doubt she could use ANY force in self defence.She is therefore left helpless by the GMP. She is left undefended by the police as a deliberate police decision. We are  used  to the police taking a tough line with "vigilantes" but this is different. How does the vulnerable person defend themselves when the police do not or will not?

I make one suggestion. A "vulnerable person" has the right to keep a shotgun at home. I can hear the outcry now from the liberals.."gun nut","extremist", etc etc. I am prepared to compromise. A taser, a stun gun, tear gas or some other non lethal weapon could be substituted. But whatever you views may be there is still one problem the police cannot or will not address. They can not defend the vulnerable member of the public who needs help. But they will prevent him/her from defending themselves.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Is this the most patriotic road in Tameside?

When traveling down Manchester Rd in Denton it's always impressive to see our national flag (but for how long if the fishy Sturgeon has her way?) flying. For sheer visual impact the large flag flying from the Liberal Club wins hands down, the flag flying from the Conservative Club has definitely seen better days and I think a whip round for a replacement might be an idea.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Richard Skill R.I.P.

It is with great sadness that we announce the death last weekend (9th / 10th July) of Mr Richard Skill, after a long illness.

Richard was a long-standing British Nationalist in the Stockport area, with a long record of activism and electioneering. It is comforting to bear in mind that he lived long enough to witness the vote to leave the EU.

The cremation will take place at the Manchester Crematorium in the Southern Cemetery on Wednesday 20th July. Followed by the Wake.

Friday, 24 June 2016

UK citizens vote to take back their country.

Today, the 24th June 2016, almost a century after the Battle of the Somme, which saw 20,000 young British men killed on the first day, the British people kept faith with their memory and voted for freedom and independence.

Now prepare for the deluge. A spate of attacks on the UK  by international banks and financiers.

International banker George Soros "warnend" the UK not to vote to leave the EU..... then made a killing by  when we did.

Soros set up a number of foundations in Eastern Europe which engaged in subversion against popular governments. The one in Ukraine acted on behalf of the US State department to overthrow the democratic elected leader.

Be aware that the numerous "crises" we face in the future days will be manipulated by international finance.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Land For Sale - Dukinfield

It seems that every spare piece of land, however small, is up for grabs in the borough of Tameside. This small piece of greenery on Birch Lane in Dukinfield is no exception.

It would be fascinating to see a chart with a simple graph showing the number of new residential properties in Tameside over the last decade. If you take Hyde Newton as an example, think of the number of residential dwellings that now exist compared to ten years ago, that number must surely exceed 1000 when you think of the vast number of properties on the old industrial sites such as Castrol, Christies etc.

If you prefer less green spaces and more housing, traffic and pollution you have an opportunity to ensure that continues to happen by voting Remain in the E.U. Referendum on June 23rd. If on the other hand you prefer green spaces and a sustainable population your only option is to vote Leave.

The E.U. has been a wonderful thing for the wealthy and speculators. If you were sat on a pot of cash you could snap up the little piece of land on Birch Lane, you could then employ an army of cheap and exploitable labour (of which the E.U. has ensured we have an endless supply) to build you an apartment block of twelve flats and then you could sell them to native Britons fleeing the inner city or rent them to anyone the Council will pay rent for. Which ever you look at it you win and by the time the population has reached 120 million and life has become totally unbearable you will have long since retired to roads that are sandy and therefore not your problem, as for those remaining, well they could have prevented this nightmare scenario but they couldn't be bothered to turn out and vote leave in the E.U. referendum on the 23rd June 2016.

Good to see TC is back in action so this is the caretaker signing off for the foreseeable future.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Illnesss strikes again!!

Its been a bad year for me healthwise.I have recently spent 12 days in hospital with a severe infection leading to severe hallucinations and similar !

I have recovered now and I thank my helpers for keeping the blog ticking over.

I will be on line more fully next week. Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Flying Scotsman Comes To Tameside

An impressive turnout this afternoon at Denton Station to see what is arguably the worlds most famous locomotive. Thanks to JH for the photos and video.