Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Rotherham, it was known about but who cares about the white working class?

What can be said about the Rotherham affair? This is a non-party political blog but it must be admitted that the British National Party said this was happening but were ignored.

I am of the opinion that these child victims were of scant interest to the authorities because they were working class as much as because they were white and their abusers were non-white. Indeed it is this anti-working class bias which shows itself repeatedly in the attitude of the authorities as much as a PC motivated fear of being seen as anti-Asian. Remember the Harold Shipman affair? It was only when a former Lady Mayoress died and her solicitor daughter complained that the local Plod took the complaints seriously. When a close associate of mine was nursing his dying mother a couple of years ago he noticed that the patronising and superior attitude of Tameside "carers" and officials ceased when they saw his two graduation photographs (he has two degrees) and they realised he was not a "pleb".

The authorities can take action when they want. As I write this I am looking at a document called a "Child abduction warning notice" under section 2 of the Child Abduction Act 2002. It is a threatening notice produced by GMP. It basically warns the person on whom it is served to have no contact with a named child on pain of a seven year prison sentence . It does not mention that it is only on the express authority of the DPP (now the CPS) that a prosecution will be undertaken, evidently the notice is designed to intimidate the working class who have no access to friendly solicitors!

So there we have it. The authorities have let the community down, so who can the community rely on?   

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Women only it legal? Unlawful??

A little bird has reminded me of a story from the past. From January 1996 to be exact. A Labour Party member took the party to an Employment Tribunal accusing them of unlawful sex discrimination AND WON! This was a move against the imposition of women only lists. The man was Mr Peter Jepson, former Labour Councillor for Audenshaw and former director of Tameside Enterprises Ltd. Now Dr Jepson, he is still of the opinion that such lists are discriminating and should not be allowed although the practise was permitted to occur by the Sex Discrimination (election candidates)Act 2002.

A simple complaint of "Sex Discrimination" is no longer likely to succeed but some commentators believe a complaint centred on Human Rights issues and E.U. law might have a chance......any offers?

Check here  and here  for further information.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Here's a mystery. When was Councillor Idu Miah born?

Just when was Cllr Idu Miah born? Why does he use, or appear to use TWO birthdays on official forms, depending on when they were filled in and who they were intended for?

Let me take you, the reader, through the maze which is Cllr Miah's filing system.

The documents lodged with Companies House give the birthday of "Idu Miah" , Company Secretary of Tameside Racial Equality Council  Ltd as being 10/05/1958.

The documents lodged with the Charity Commisioners give no birthday for the Trustees of Tameside Racial Equality, including "Idu Miah". Both sets of documents give the registered office as 183 Manchester Road Mossley, the sub-post office owned by COUNCILLOR Idu Miah. The trustees report gives the Racial Equality's Chair,Secretary and Chief Executive as being COUNCILLOR Idu Miah. The Charity Commisioners' web site report that "Idu Miah" is a Trustee of OIC Educational \trust, which runs a new \Islamic \college in Oldham. The Facebook entry for the college showed a number of the trustees including COUNCILLOR Idu Miah. We have borne in mind that "Idu Miah" and "Cllr Idu Miah" could have been two different people but this possibility has been ruled out by comparing the documents submitted to Companies House with those submitted to The Charity Commisioners. These show that "Idu Miah" and "Cllr Idu Miah" were "both" holding the same position of Company Secretary of Tameside Racial Equality Council. They also showed that the "Idu Miah" of TREC was the "Cllr Idu Miah" of Oldham islamic College.

 So according to the information available about the Racial Equality Council Cllr Idu Miah was born on the 10/05/1958.

Things now get a little clearer. Documents held by Companies House show that a director of \Tameside Citizens Advice Bureau is COUNCILLOR Idu Miah born on 10/02/1965. Not just one but several other documents show an "Idu Miah " with the birthday 10/05/1958

So there are the facts. The complexity of the documents is admitted and I commend those readers who have waded through the evidence with me! What they mean is open to various interpretations but this blog will ask The Councillor to explain the anomaly as soon as possible. Otherwise a question may be asked at the next council meeting

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Oppose Fracking....Oppose war? What are we not being told about fracking? It's military importance?

Do you want to understand how fracking will affect us? I do. The government won't tell us though.  A recent report on the subject has been so redacted (ie censored) as to be virtually useless. The report tells us that fracking will have three major effects on the areas where it occurs, on services, property prices and an un-named third area censored out. This could be referring to the growing belief that fracking is a con-trick on a par with the "dot-com" trick which made millions for those in the know at the expense of ordinary folk. Tim Morgan, a former head of research at Tullet Prebon has said as much. So has "Russia Today". The initial high production level of fracking will soon run out and be reduced to a fraction of that which we need for long term viability. 

So what use is something that has such a short "Shelf life"? How about the fueling of a Blitzkreig campaign against Russia? This time starting in the Ukraine?

(Fact:: Russia and China have signed an agreement to trade with each other in domestic currency and not the dollar, including trade in oil) This could spread to the rest of the BRICS countries (Brazil Russia India China and South Africa) Faced with economic defeat the USA could try for the military solution using the Ukraine as a Casus Belli. (Excuse). And don't forget the  boycott of EU food produce by the Russians, assuming you have heard of it in the first place! BBC silent again!

The undoubted fact that there is something about fracking that the government wants to be kept quiet, while admitting that property prices will be adversely affected indicates the seriousness of the situation. 

I urge all readersof this blog to watch Russia Today....while we are still allowed to!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

School Uniform, the official policy. Opinions and views, but no law.

It is soon going to be "Back to school" with all that that implies in cost.  As a service to our readers we provide you with the official policy on school uniforms. The single largest cost at this time of year.

The Department of Education has produced a booklet on School Uniform which can be studied hereThere are some interesting views and observations which clearly show that if the guidelines are adhered to then there will be few problems in state schools regarding uniforms. They must be of good quality, reasonably priced, there should not be a monopoly of supply nor should they be of such cost that they de facto exclude pupils from school.

"There is no legislation in place that deals specifically with school uniform or other aspects of appearance ".

So says the second sentence of the document. School uniform is to be decided by the Board of Governors though in principle the Department of Education approves of it. Similarly the Department sees the importance of school uniform in building cohesion (THAT word again!) but accepts that some slack be be granted in the case of individual culture, belief or personal circumstances.

The bottom line is that uniform is not enforced by legislation but by school rules and the rules cannot be so strict as to lead to a pupil being prevented from attending school.

But please read the document yourself, and remember who provided it for you!

Cats heads found in bin bag in Rusholme. Not far from "Curry Mile". Council mystified.

A bin-bag of severed cats heads has been found in Rusholme by a council worker. They were found near Walmer Street East and Basil Street, an area just off Wilmslow Road -"Curry mile". A Manchester City  Council spokesman said "At this stage we have no way of knowing how these animal parts came to be where they were discovered". Oh no? Please, don't patronise us.You have a damn good idea, and I'll give you a clue, it's not a pet shop, clothing shop or pub ....if there are still many pubs in that area.

During the Seige of Paris in 1871 high prices were paid for "Roof Rabbit" as cats were nick-named. My late mother told me that during WW2 the local women would not buy rabbits from the butcher if it had it's head, paws and fur removed. Such an animal could have been a cat. Feline cookery has a long pedigree. 

The authorities are running round like headless chickens, or is that cats? The RSPCA are to be called in to deal with "Animal cruelty"  even though the council, using health regulations, has immense power to enter premises and search/inspect them. As we all know from watching the BBC's "Call the Council". All that is needed is a couple of swabs from each Restaurant and then DNA tests for Feline DNA. "They" have spent similar amounts of time and effort to pursue on-line "racists" so let the authorities spend a little of that effort on a genuine problem.

Of course, a local squad of jihadist ISIS members could be responsible, working their way up from cats to dogs then humans, but unlikely. Cats scratch and the jihadists like easy targets.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Has full blown censorship come to Tameside??

My fellow Citizen Journalist (Blogger)  Curmudgeon has a disturbing story on his blogsite Curmudgeon . Click on the link.

It is claimed that access is blocked on council computers to the sites of certain "Political Bloggers". No names are given. Probably in a vain attempt to hide the fact and stop the creation of  a Political Martyr. Tameside council are no strangers to political censorship. Remember the "cohesion" document case in 2008 and the council meetings with editors to "suppress sensationalist reporting"?

Censorship, far from being the sign of a strong and ruthless government is a sign of a weak and frightened government. It is a sign of something being hidden that must be kept away from the rest of us, something we must not be told. Kept secret lest we turn against it, repudiate it.

Despite the council's "Big Conversation" and the Labour Party's origins  in a down trodden and oppressed working class it is clear that in Tameside freedom is an endangered species and needs protecting in the wild. Tameside Citizen is committed to freedom of speech and expression..are you?

Saturday, 9 August 2014

BBC refuse to show Demonstrations against Israeli killings in Gaza. Censorship in the UK again.

Have you seen any reports on the BBC about Israeli killings in Gaza? No? Neither have I! Speaks volumes does it not? The TV station which colluded in helping the Provisional IRA and Provisional Sinn Fein to avoid Government reporting restrictions in the name of "Freedom " now refuses to cover the demonstrations in UK cities against the Israeli attacks on Gaza. Such is the influence of Zionism in the UK.

For a better quality of reporting on Gaza, the ukraine and the political world in general...including the UK...see "Russia today" on Television or here:- Russia Today

Local connections;- Andrew Gwynne, MP for Denton and Reddish is a former member of The Labour Friends of Israel and was it's Chairman  from 2007 until 2010

Jonathan Reynolds, MP for Stalybridge and Hyde is Vice Chair of Labour Friends of Israel.

James Purnell, former MP, was chairman of LFI

Thursday, 7 August 2014

All women shortlist for Ashton's next M.P.

 As predicted by this Blog in June of this year the Labour party in Ashton will choose it's next MP from a Women only short-list. If it had been announced that the MP would be chosen from an all-Male list the uproar would have been heard the length of Britain, but all female......hardly a sound.

How this discriminatory act is justified is beyond the understanding of this writer. The Muslim community with it's conservative (with a small 'c') outlook on women's position in society will no doubt have some reservations. Indeed it is interesting to note that by having a 'women only' short list it has guaranteed that no Muslim will appear on the short list. An interesting thought.

So there it is, sexism is rampant in the local Labour party and no one cares. Perhaps the voters should rebel by voting for some other party. As it is, such is the overwhelming Labour majority in Ashton, that the selection process for the candidate will be the real contest for the MP and not the ballot next year.

For the record, the short list is;-
Angela Rayner;    Stockport Unison Branch Secretary
Jean Stretton;       Oldham councillor
Julie Reid             Manchester councillor (Gorton South)
Catherine Hynes  Trafford Councillor (Urmston)
Victoria Desmond  Civil Servant (who lists Cllrs Bill Fairfoull and John wag Taylor (sic) as Facebook friends
Ann Courtney       Labour activist in Rochdale

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

What's wrong with a Briton then?

This photograph was taken earlier today (Weds 6th August ) in Longsight, Manchester. It will shock many but surprise few. It is illegal because it clearly discriminates on the grounds of race. We expect it will not receive the attention of the police or the anti-racist lobby. And if someone put a similar posting on Facebook discriminating against an ethnic minority I'll bet they would track them down! No difficulty in tracing mobile 'phone numbers then! The white woman who had a so-called "Racist rant" on the tube was tracked down.

I recommend this post to those who think anti-white discrimination is a product of a wild imagination!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Another lesson from history..

It has been announced by senor officers of the armed forces that the army will have a display tent at the "Living Islam Festival" in Lincoln. Aimed to recruit Muslims to the British Army instead of ISIS in Syria and god-knows-who-this-week in Iraq. With the Centenary of he British entry into WW1 it is perhaps the moment to remind ourselves, or perhaps more appropriately given the  lack of knowledge on the subject, learn about The Indian National Army. Given the undoubted references there will be to the Indians who "fought for us" , and it is admitted that many Indians served in two world wars, though who the "us " they fought for is unclear (see picture). Enlistment reached 40.000 and many fought for the Japanese.

We do not dispute the numbers of Indian troops who remained loyal. But the traitors then were outside the country. Imagine if a fraction were in the UK. An organisation prepared to shake hands with the Nazis would do anything. That 40,000 people were prepared to support that organisation should be borne in mind when we face the "Loyal Muslim / Loyal Indian" propaganda assault over the coming weeks.

Top: "The Desert Fox" inspects Azid Hind Members.
Upper Middle "Colour Party"
Lower Middle"Nazi salutes" Imagine giving similar salutes to a Sikh in Southall!
Bottom Subhash Chandra Bose, leader of the Indian National Army, shakes hands with Austrian Politician.
more details, click below
here   And here