Sunday, 14 June 2015

Closed due to illness.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently but your favorite columnist has been "under the weather". he is recovering and "normal service will be resumed soon".

Monday, 25 May 2015

Now explain to me the useful purpose served by Rumanian gypsy beggars.

This item could also be titled  "coming soon to a park near you".

For those who are not familiar with the story hundreds, if not thousands, of Rumanian (Gypsy?) beggers have invaded London and infest the parks of the city. 

I shall not go on at length about the rights or wrongs of the matter. I shall ignore the liberal guff of the trendy pundit or the outrage of "Disgusted of Cheltenham" I shall ask only two questions.

1) What useful purpose do these creatures perform? Are they doing jobs "we" won't do? Are their taxes contributing to our pensions? (Stop laughing at the back there!) Perhaps the NHS would collapse without them?

2) Why was a situation like this not foreseen?

Now, I do not use these creatures as a stick to beat other EU or oveseas citizens, I direct my question purely at this issue.

Explain what useful purpose they perform. And if you cannot, explain why we should keep them in this land of ours

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Is this REALLY true? Are Tameside Council to cut the expenses of the Leader of the Opposition?

I hear an unconfirmed rumour. The Labour council are to cut the expenses of the TORY leader of the opposition. anyone else heard this story? Is it true or a subtle joke? Tell The Citizen at the usual number.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Second anniversary of the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

Fusilier Lee Rigby from nearby Middleton was murdered two years ago today by two Nigerian born Muslims. There is very little more which needs adding.

                                                              Rest in Peace Lee.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Election is over, Labour "Wimmin only" shortlist produces first Female MP for Tameside. No change in the council, Turkeys vote for Christmas.

No change in the make-up of Tameside's council chamber. The Conservatives held their two seats (Hyde Werneth held by Conservative group leader John Bell and Stalybridge South by Clive Patrick.). In the other 17 wards bears defecated in the woods when the results were announced.

Despite a good effort by "Shameside" organisation (??)( is it an organisation???) to get tactical voting the Labour defeat did not occur. In 9 wards a costly UKIP / Conservative clash was avoided, but to no ends. The bus was missed and the gravy train pulled out of the Town Hall for another run around Tameside. "The Red Flag" being replaced by " Gimme Gimme Gimme" 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Why the BNP are not standing in the election....the inside REAL story.

The two pages shown here date from 8th February 1999. Read them and inwardly digest. What they tell us is that the security service was instructed to smash a legitimate political party, the BNP. They were to investigate the members, their friends, their work mates, EVERYBODY who had contact with them.

At the same time a close associate of BNP Chairman Nick Griffin, Mr Roberto Fiore, was 'outed' as an MI6 asset by both the European Parliament and the Italian Parliament.
This is just a small part of the evidence that there was a hidden campaign against the BNP waged by assets of the state.

Why was Fiore allowed to stay in the UK in the face of repeated extradition attempts? Why did various journalists show interest in these stories for a day or two then suddenly lose interest and drop them like a hot potato? When Roger Cook did an expose of Nick Griffin, how exactly did Nick learn about the 'sting'  before it happened and thus wait for Roger Cook with a placard. The only time he was ever sussed by his subject. And why did his career fade afterwards?

So there we are. Just a short synopsis of this writers view of how the BNP collapsed. Any questions will be welcomed.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Oh dear, those nasty newcomers have caused some unpleasantness with the local Native Americans.. We must have a town meeting on cohesion.

We are used to warnings before films on television about violence, sexual content, flashing lights and so on. But this morning I saw a new one.

"More 4" are warning that the 1965 Sam Peckinpah western "Major Dundee" with Charlton Heston, Richard Harris, James Coburn and others....Contains Racist Attitudes!

Hmmm a film about an Apache uprising in 1865 suppressed by Union troops aided by paroled Confederate  prisoners and with invading French soldiers thrown in has racist attitudes! Directed by Sam Peckinpah I would have been surprised if it had not!

History is full of racist attitudes. The world sill is. And the real problems are caused not by these attitudes but by heavy handed attempts to suppress them. particularly when only certain groups are faced with the suppression of what these groups do not consider racist, while at the same  time what they do consider racist is allowed to flourish.

The still at the top of the page showing a captive cavalryman head down over a fire was not shown in today's broadcast. An edited view made a short appearance later.

Forward yooooo!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Election is here. UKIP/Tory pact?

Yes, I know it's a cliche but it's the most infamous example of "My enemy's enemy is my friend" I can think of.

In Tameside there are rumours of a UKIP / Tory pact based on the fact that five Tory candidates will not face a UKIP challenger ( Ashton Hurst, Hyde Werneth, Stalybridge South, Longdendale and Denton West.). Four UKIP candidates will not face Tory rivals (Hyde Newton, Droylsden East, Audenshaw and Dukinfield Stalybridge.) The perceptive ones amongst you will note that the first two wards were traditionally good wards for the BNP, gaining 1000 votes in Droylsden East the last time a BNP candidate fought it.

Needless to say the Labour Party and those not knowledgeable of Tameside politics are making a great fuss about this "pact", claiming that it shows there is no difference between the two parties. The truth is simpler. As any thinking person in the borough would tell you. ANY political pact, agreement or campaign is justified to free Tameside from Labour control.

It is madness, sheer madness, to split the anti-Labour vote and thus facilitate the return of any Labour Councillor when they could be thrown onto the dung heap of history where they belong.

It is regretable that if there is a pact, it was not carried out in all wards .

To continue on other election issues, I expect that UKIP will receive the denounciations from the pulpit once reserved for the BNP. It appears that there has been at least one already, though not reported in the press. The clergy seem to have got a taste for this sort of political intervention and one is reminded of the old axiom "When they came for.........I did not protest because I was not a ........."  "When they came for me there was no one left to protest."

The pulpit seems to be aimed at increasingly mainstream targets. The old saying can now be written as "When they tried to come for me there was no one left to come, they were too busy chasing everyone else!"

I will watch with interest whether there is a denounciation of the only Communist Party candidate (In Audenshaw). The anti-religious credentials of the CP are more obvious and bloody than UKIP so even-handedness and fairness should mean a denounciation is forthcoming. But...."even-handed and fair...." not terms one associates with the Democratic Centralism of Marxist politics

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Unholy Alliance of Ashton Job Centre, New Charter and Tameside Council join together to bully single parents.

A worrying report concerning Ashton Job centre, the local council and New Charter Homes, a registered Charity, has come to my notice in the Morning Star. For more check here. 

Under the very "Common Purpose" sounding title of "Troubled Families Wave 2 Joint Investment Agreement" the Job centre offer a social worker to an unemployed single parent to 'help them' get a job. The council provide the social worker. they are committed to assisting 1750 families for which they receive £1000 per family. Thats £1.75m in total.

The government also provides a "results fee" of £800 per family to an agency which is working with the family. And guess what? The local agency is New Charter, the job being given to them WITHOUT TENDERING.

Two "Troubled families" advisors will be employed by Tameside within the jobcentre.

There is an underlying, sinister, tone to this plan. ANY member of the 'troubled' can be called for interview. The close working relationship between private industry and government is pure corporate fascism, while the holding of the whole family to account is pure Stalinism.

As for training, one is reminded of THIS article in Tameside Citizen

There are serious aspects of civil liberty here. The linking of unemployment with being a troubled family. The implied threat that an unemployed person will lose their children to the council. The mis-use of personal data.

And 1750 new  families is a lot of new work for the social workers..... or will numerous 'old' families be used to pad the figures and gain the £1.75m for the council?

There is a history of Ashton being used as the trial run-out area for new plans, universal credit for example. This may be happening in Ashton now but the rest of the country tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

And now for something completely different.....or, how others see us!

I recently stumbled across this film on "You tube". The interesting part starts at 2:03:45.

This is an Egyptian film portraying what is claimed to be a true story of an Egyptian dancer involved in espionage against the British.

The acting and production values are laughable. Note that the extras' guns don't appear to be firing...even blanks lol.......and one suspects that the Union Jack / Union Flag is only flying so that one of the actors can pull it down!

But there is a serious aspect to this film. It shows how anti-Western propaganda is still a popular source of entertainment in the Arabic (Muslim??) world.

As Robert Burns said..."Oh wad some power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us."

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