Tuesday, 29 July 2014

They would like you to forget this.

 67 years ago tonight (29/07/2014)  the British Authorities in Palestine made the chilling discovery photographed here. It shows the hanged bodies of two British Sergeants, Clifford Martin and Mervyn Paice. A few moments later they were ripped apart by a booby-trap bomb as the British officer trying to recover the bodies detonated a booby-trap bomb.

The two Soldiers were hanged and then strung up on the orders of Menachem Begin, a very unpleasant example of an Israeli Jewish leader (a type of life-form not particularly attractive at the best of times.) This was in retaliation for the hanging of Jewish terrorists by the British authorities. This squeemish behaviour towards executing terrorists did not long survive any time in a position of power, the Israelis showing an almost Stalinist dedication to their cause.

At a time when the Arabs are vocally condemned and face an uphill struggle for recognition we make no apologises for these articles.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Solidarity with the Christians of Iraq.

The extremist Muslim group Isis are expelling Christians from the town of Mosul. They are marking the houses with the Arabic letter "N" for "Nazerene". As a sign of solidarity with the Christians of Mosul I urge you all to display this letter, as a lapel badge, a window poster, a car bumper sticker, or any way you can think of.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Labour Councillor laments foreign "scabs" in local hospital. Says we should train our own.

The full council meeting tonight contained an astonishing example of what you could describe as a xenophobic  statement. Certainly a UKIP or BNP would have been at the receiving end of howls of protest if he, or she, had made it.

In an otherwise run of the mill defence of the NHS Councillor Ann  Holland (Droylsden West), after a loud exchange with Tory group leader John Bell, referred to "Bringing in foreign doctors and nurses......scab.....Why aren't we training our own/" Her voice was low and hard to hear properly  which could explain why no disapproving remarks or comments were heard until some time later Cllr Jackson spoke, during which time she made a few remarks about the value of foreign nurses.

Cllr Holland is entitled to her views, and this blog believes in freedom of speech. But she makes a habit of offensive remarks, wishing that Margaret Thatcher would go blind being one. Perhaps it s time her party practiced what the Labour party preaches regarding xenophobic utterances.

Monday, 21 July 2014

But I thought it was an offence to take your children out of school in term time?

In the worst outbreak of "Do as we say not as we do" since the Parliamentary expenses scandal Tameside saw hundreds of pupils take leave from schools without permission. Despite legislation making this illegal no one was - or will be- punished.

This is because it was teachers and not parents who were responsible.for the interuption of their education.

Parents who take their children out of school to take advantage of reduced holiday prices during term time risk a fine for doing so. This mainly impacts on the working class parents struggling to make ends meet, it does not affect the four-wheel drive owning middle class teachers, the heads who live outside Tameside in the hills or the councilors on their expenses (and their wives). Look at the smug faces in the picture. Worried about their next Italian Holiday or dinner party. For all their alleged concern for the pupils of their school they chose to strike and deny their pupils an education....but let their parents deny them one day and its down chianti and Guardian and "hello council solicitor".

To any pupils reading this, next time you sit SATs tests remember, they are not GCSE's or GCE "A" levels. you don't get a certificate so don't bother studying, Or better still take the mickey! If asked what do you know about "Lesbian literature" say you've never heard of it. "I've heard of Brendan Behan, even Dominic Behan but Les Behan is new to me".

You get the point. THEY can ruin your education but your parents can't get cheap holidays...welcome to the adult world.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Lest we forget....USS Vincennes 3rd July 1988

On the 3rd July 1988 290 people were killed when the American warship USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian civil airliner (Iran Air Flight 655)

This in no way excuses any other similar event. But it is well to remember that these things happen, and that the unusual is often a bit more usual than we would imagine.
Then there are the strikes by the US military against targets which in the past have included an inordinate number of weddings. Just to mention a few, 
6th July 2008 Deh Bala Afghanistan. 47 dead. 
December 2013. Yeman 14 dead (unmanned drone)
3rd November 2006 Wech Baghtu Afghanistan 37 Civilians killed

It has been claimed that at least eight wedding parties have been bombed by the Americans since 2001 

Why is a local Tameside blog covering such weighty international issues? Well one reason is that history tells us that international events have a nasty habit of affecting local matters. In June 1914 my Grandfather living in Ashton probably took no notice of the murder of a foreign nobleman in a place he had never heard of. Twelve months later he was on his way, with hundreds of other Ashtonians, to the trenches in Flanders.

The outside world is there and we ignore it at our peril

Police unveil "Gay friendly Rainbow Car"

It has been announced that a "Gay Friendly" Rainbow painted police car has been introduced onto the streets of Manchester....recently claimed by a senior police officer to be "too dangerous to go out in after midnight" The car has been condemned by some gay activists as "tacky". see here

We should not be surprised by this.  Manchester's Gay community is well established with a well organised lobby. And this blog is no friend of those who commit "hate crimes" against any group or individuals....we merely ask that all victims are treated equally in the seriousness with which their complaints are taken.

However, there is one fact reported in this case which should cause concern to all. It is that the car is reportedly "Funded by donations from businesses". Sponsorship? He who pays the piper calls the tune. Are we moving towards a situation where we will have a semi-private "Pay Police" where those who pay an additional payment will get their own police car on call?

And will anyone be able to sponsor a car? Could the residents of  say, Royton, or Rochdale sponsor a car to make the streets of Royton, or Rochdale,  free from groomers and safe for the local young girls?

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Michael Gove: Sacked for introducing new ICT teaching Syllabus.

In January 2012 Education secretary Michael Gove set out a plan to update the teaching of  Information Communication Technology. (ICT) . Instead of bored children being taught how to use Word and Excel by equally bored teachers there would be 11 year olds capable of writing programmes for simple 2-D animations using a MIT tool called Scatch and by 16 would have an understanding of formal logic previously only covered by University courses and capable of writing smartphone Apps.

The Government (that is Mr Gove) threw out the old syllabus, built around an ability to use Microsoft Office, and introduced a new syllabus which taught computer studies. This new syllabus in many schools relied on the Linux system, an altogether cheaper, easier to use and more secure system.

So after suggesting a radical new approach to computer studies, independant of microsoft, Michael Grove is shuffled out of office. To leave the syllabus of Computer Studies open for grabs again. Of course, we could be wrong, and the position of Chief Whip is an important one. But the sacking of someone so apparently close to the Prime Minister as Mr Gove causes any inquisitive person to think.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

on the anniversary of 7/7 in 2005 , a little reminder.

We are constantly told that the Security Services (MI5) opened an office in Manchester in response to the 7th July 2005 bombing. But in their news  office some one blundered. The announcement was made BEFORE  7th July. Before the bombing which the news said was the reason for the opening of the Manchester office.  here

As Connie Sachs would have said "Chronology George, chronology."

So, if not on account of 7/7, why?

Friday, 4 July 2014

"They won't be satisfied 'till I've beaten them in the open!"

                                                         17th Lancer at the battle of Ulundi.

Today sees the anniversary of the Battle of Ulundi, 4th July 1879. it was the last battle of the Zulu War. A British all arms division crossed the Umfolozi river in one large square, four sides composed of British Red Coats, the artillery and gatling machine guns at the corners and the cavalry, 17th lancers with 1 troop of 1st (King's) Dragoon Guards in the middle of the square.

As soon as the square crossed the river the zulus struck! A series of immensely brave but finally futile attacks were made against the square only to be cut down by rifle and machine guns, with the cannons joining in. Eventually the zulu morale broke and they retreated. At this Lord Chelmsford, the British commander, ordered one side of the square to march aside to  allow the 17th Lancers out! They charged and scattered the Zulus.The regiment had last charged  at Balaclava and had justified it's existence for another 20 years.

The heading quote is by Chelmsford and referred to both the Zulus and the critics of Chelmsford at home. They felt the tactic of forming laagers of wagons  (defensive circles, often with trenches and barricades) was cowardly and not respected by the Zulus and they needed to be "beaten in the open".
The men who challenged rifles and machine guns with spears and shields in defence of their homeland.

A better topic of note than US "Independence Day".

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Home Affairs Committee calls for ending of Female Genital Mutilation. Possible 170,000 UK victims

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM, "Female Circumcision") has been condemned by a report from the home affairs committee. Describing the situation as a "national scandal" and due to undue "cultural sensitivity" the committee, chaired by Keith Vaz MP, has called for tougher measures to be taken against those who carry out the practice on young girls. These tougher measures include the usual liberal knee jerk responses of educating the community, prosecution of those who don't report child abuse and more training for headmasters and teachers to recognise the signs of those in danger. Surprisingly there is a deafening silence from the 'Wimmin's ' movement on this issue. Even arch-feminist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has been critical of the lack of interest shown by the feminist lobby in the issue.

The simple fact is that the liberal establishment is so far up it's collective a*** that it is frightened of doing anything that could upset the ethnic communities which engage in this revolting practice. The growing size of the ethnic voting population means that they can influence policy while the indigenous population can be relied upon to vote for their same old parties.

Meanwhile the ritual mutilation of children in the name of some primitive 'culture' goes on.

Monday, 30 June 2014

And now, something you WON'T have seen on the BBC.

On Saturday 21st June 50.000 people marched through Central London to protest against the austerity policies and the cuts. The BBC, who have the cheek to rip off the public with their astronomical TV licence, did not show one second of the march. This of course is nothing to do with the upcoming renewal of the BBC charter. It's just the Government funded TV channel being even handed and fair.

                                    THE ANTI-CUTS MARCH AS NOT SEEN ON BBC

Even more astonishing is the press  blackout surrounding the proposed plan by the government to sell off the Land Registry and the two day strike by CPS union members in protest. The proposal has now been ditched by the Government in the face of union AND senior management opposition. And the BBC report? Not a whisper.

Two major stories spiked by the BBC. Support your local Blogs, fast becoming your only independent news  sources.