Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Off Sick

Just a quick apology for the recent lack of articles and an explanation why: TC has been a little under the weather recently but thankfully he is now on the mend and business should resume as normal over the coming weeks. TC Mk1

Sunday, 25 October 2015

And Gentlemen in England now a bed....

                                  King Henry V at the Battle of Agincourt 
Today is the Feast Day of St Crispin. It is also the six hundred anniversary of the victory of Henry V over the French at Agincourt. An English Army of about 5000 defeated around 12000 French* The French were predominately mounted heavy cavalry while the English- and Welsh - were Longbowmen.. It was a battle which presaged other battles in the future,   where well disciplined, outnumbered British defeated a larger army by firepower, The "Thin Red Line".**

* The figures vary depending on the historian

** consider Rorke's Drift, the 93rd at Balaclava, Guards at Waterloo, 20th (Lancs Fusiliers) at Minden, Quebec.

see here     for the cinema version by Kenneth Branagh

Monday, 12 October 2015

Gravy Train derailed? New Charter announce 150 redundancies. Will only workers go or will directors join them?

Local employer and major Social Landlord " New Charter" have announced 150 redundancies in their staff. They hope to achieve this number by voluntary redundancies but have not ruled out compulsory redundancies.

The redundancy issue could be very interesting. The figure of 150 has been given, The reason for the redundancies has been given as a cost cutting exercise to deal with the governments plans to force Social Landlords to reduce their rents by 1%

But according to documents lodged at Companies House New Charter Homes employed an Average of 50 persons in "Housing Management" in 2014, the last year for which figures are available.

Another New Charter company, Gedling faces redundancies. It's workforce is reported as being 63 full time and 30 part time staff.

Overall The whole New Charter Group has 1000 staff..

So we have a dichotomy, They evidently intend to rid themselves of staff who are employed by a company or companies who do NOT provide social housing. So how can they be affected by a 1% reduction in rent?

And while on the subject of redundancies will any of those Labour councillors who are New Charter directors give up their directors pay or positions to secure the jobs of those for whom New Charter provide their livelihood rather than pin-money?

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Deputy Council Leader flaunts his wealth in front of Tameside's poor.

We reproduce here a posting on Cllr John "Wag" Taylor's "Dukinfield Views" web site. It show's  Man City fan Taylor with a boat covered in Man City emblems. Nothing wrong with that.This Blog is football neutral.

But if the emblems excite no comment from us, the boat does. Is it Cllr Taylor's? If not then he is clearly lucky to have access to it.

But if it IS his then this is a gross insult to all the unemployed and poverty-struck Tamesiders for whom Taylor and his cronies shed crocodile tears for. If this were a Tory buisness man or councillor he would be penning words of class warfare --or his ghost writer would--against the wealthy boat owners. But being a Socialist in the mould of "Two  Jags" Prescott he just flaunts his boat in the faces of his constituents..

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Free Sergeant Blackman

The Daily Mail is leading a campaign to bring about the release of Royal Marine Sergeant Alex Blackman, sentanced to jail for shooting a member of the Taliban in 2013. The Campaign, fronted by author Frederick Forsyth can be contacted here:-http://www.justiceforsgtblackman.co.uk/ see also www.dailymail.co.uk/blackman

It is astonishing that a British Marine can be jailed for shooting an enemy. An enemy who would willingly torture his prisoners and not just kill them. What were the authorities thinking of when they put this man on trial?

Who were the authorities trying to impress? The Taliban? The muslims in the UK? Some other wiley oriental gentlemen? One is reminded of Breaker Morant in the Boer War, another sacrificial lamb in the international diplomatic game.

If you have a few quid to spare send it here and not to the  "refugees" flooding the country. They have enough already........... probably pinched off dead servicemen!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

So Jeremy Corbyn won't sing our National Anthem. OK he started the disrespect!

Long standing Irish Republican supporter Jeremy Corbyn refused to sing the National Anthem at a service for the RAF. To be honest it would have been more of a story if he HAD sung the anthem! But he didn't.

Now to be honest his behaviour did not affect me much. But many would be offended. Like Muslims were with the Cartoon issue. But it now appears that giving offence is permissible. We no longer need to guard against upsetting our fellow citizens by our actions or words  (or even lack of words).If we hold deeply held views we can express them and cause offence with impunity.

Thank you Mr Corbyn for clarifying the situation.........
..............now where's my sketch pad and pencils?

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Double Whammy No. 2. The Gates of Vienna 12th September 1683

This Saturday is the anniversary of one of Europe's greatest victories! On 12th September 1683 a Polish army led by the Polish king Jan Sobieski utterly defeated a Turkish army before the gates of Vienna. Europe was saved from Islamic oppression. Having lifted the Seige on 11th September the Poles and their German allies sallied out of Vienna and with the largest cavalry charge in military history scattered the Muslim hoard!

On the anniversary of this great event we remember those brave Christian warriors who shall forever be an inspiration to us!

Top; Polish Winged Hussars
Bottom The "Black Madonna" of Czestochowska.

Niech żyje Polska. Cześć jej dzielnych wojowników!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Double Wammy!! First one. Malta 11th September 1565

On this day in 1565 the Spanish General García Álvarez de Toledo y Osorio, 4th Marquis of Villafranca del Bierzo attacked and defeated The Muslim Ottoman Tukish army beseiging the Island of Malta. The Seige, commencing on 18th May, was brutal in the extreme with the Knights of Malta under their commander, the Aristocratic Frenchman Jean de la Vallette, matching the Turks in horror and determination.

In high temperatures and blazing Sun Vallette inspired his Knights onto victory against the Muslim hoards. The Turks hammered away at the various forts and bastions surrounding Malta's Grand Harbour, but to no avail. Strengthened by the example set by Vallette and by their Catholic faith the defenders fought grimly until Don Garcia arrived and victory was theirs! Europe was saved!

This is an episode of European history which repays study. I recommend Ernle Bradfords "The Great Seige"

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Refugee crisis in Europe.

The picture is of a group of refugees fleeing Spain during the Civil War (1936-1939) crossing into France.

Study the group. Mainly women with a number of children and old men. Few if any men of "military age". Also study their behaviour. They do not riot, loot or wave placards demanding the "right" to enter the UK.

By contrast look at this:-
All young men of military age. Old men? Women? Children? Where are they? Refugees? I think not!!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Parliament to debate Satanic Assisted Suicide Bill this Friday.

It is interesting that the Assisted Suicide Bill is supported by The Guardian. The very same newspaper which cries over pictures of dead children on a Turkish beach is prepared to support the killing of  the sick, old, infirm and disabled.

I must declare an interest. I suffer from Parkinson's and have seen my physical condition worsen over the last decade. But in the event of this Bill becoming law, how long would I be allowed to live? How long until the Social Workers whispered in my ears "You won't have much of a life, won't you be better off dead?"

This Bill is the start of a slippery slope.

The Three Tameside Labour MP's have promised to vote against the Bill, but we must not be  complacent,  Keep pestering  your MPs to ensure they realise the depth of feeling on this matter.