Friday, 19 December 2014

Imagine if this had been a parent? Social Services neglect child in care.

A disturbing story reached me last week. I have checked the facts and they are true. For legal reasons we cannot name the child or identify the child. Therefore the social workers, parents or other individuals cannot be named. but they are known to TC and in some cases have been met and interviewed.

Elizabeth (not her real name) is an intelligent 13 year old girl. She is in care because her mother is alleged to be an unfit parent due to alcohol mis-use. She has never been physically assaulted and her mother has access to her. Her mother never abandoned her to go on holidays abroad with a toy boy leaving her in the care of her 83 year old mother.

Her foster mother, however, did abandon her.

Elizabeth returned home one night from school recently to find her foster mother's own 83 year old mother on the floor senseless. She was looking after Elizabeth while her daughter was on holiday in North Africa with a young man. Elizabeth raised the alarm and the emergency services attended.

Read about it in the papers? No? Neither did I. Imagine if it had been the mother who abandoned Elizabeth. The local, if not regional or national, papers would be baying for blood. As it is Elizabeth has a new carer. Routine changes, not a response to this affair. This blog would suffer worse punishment if we revealed Elizabeth's identity than the absent carer has received.

The mind boggles! Rochdale is only 10 miles away and this is the level of care in Tameside. God help us!!

Over 50% of Tameside pupils attend crap schools, any sackings? Any action?

Once again a "Do as we say not as we do" story. Over half of Tameside pupils attend a school not considered fit for purpose. (See earlier posting). This means that a substantial number of well paid finish-work-at-4pm individuals are taking money under false pretenses. Let one of these educators join an "inappropriate" political party and they are out on their ear. But if  they are just crap at their job it's OK.

Perhaps we could save money for the council tax payer by sacking these incompetent teachers. They are plainly unable to do their jobs so they won't be missed.

Of course we could give them a second chance. Let them promise to stick to TEACHING and to improve the level of teaching. No lectures on not eating "Big Macs", no persecuting pupils for selling unapproved sweets and crisps in the school yard, no obsessive behaviour on enforcing school uniform etc etc.

And finally, stick to "The three Rs" and leave social engineering and cohesion to the politicians.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Ashton Jobcentre Sanction pregnant woman for telling the truth.

A 19 year old pregnant woman has been sanctioned by Ashton Jobcentre for telling the truth! When she was interviewed by B&Q for an unpaid placement she told them she was pregnant. B&Q originally stated she would therefore be given light duties but they later changed their minds and told the Jobcentre they would not require her. Accordingly the Jobcentre sanctioned her. FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. This is the same Jobcentre which employs G4S security guards who threaten claimants.  For further details see:- here 
also :-here and :-here 

We can't claim a "scoop" since other blogs have beaten us to this story but we are mentioning it because it deserves a wider circulation. Visit the other blogs which have covered this story.

Friday, 12 December 2014

"Academies to blame for poor results" Cllr Ged Cooney

Ofsted have reported that in Tameside only 49% of Secondary pupils attend a "good" or "outstanding" school.

Councillor Ged Cooney has blamed the academies in Tameside for the poor Ofsted result obtained overall for the Borough. He said "We have known for sometime that the borough's academy schools, which the council has no control over, were negatively affecting this score." Going on to claim the result was "disproportionately impacted by Academies"

So much for the tragedy of this story, now for the farce. Cllr Cooney laments "However, we are frustrated that we have no power to work with these schools and we are not clear who is doing this if it is happening at at all."

Haven't you Cllr Cooney? We are clear who is doing this. You are, or were. I refer you to 24Dash com of 29th June 2011:-

 Cllr Ged Cooney said: “We already have a track record of working in partnership with New Charter to raise educational standards and help improve the local community.

"New Charter already has significant involvement with the school and surrounding community and is well placed to take the school forward to a positive future.”

Your working in partnership with New Charter does not seem to have worked!

New Charter Academy received a "requires improvement" score, Copley received a "Good" result.

Having all those councillors on the boards of New Charter companies has clearly not paid off. Perhaps this explains the departure of various councillors from these boards. Cllr Cooney is not on the board of New Charter building any more. Neither is Cllr Ricci. While Cllr Kieran Quinn, council leader, resigned on 5th November 2014, last month......

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Triumphalist gloating by two councilors. Just about all they are fit for.

Having been involved in the persecution of Roy West and his partner for several years the tattooed deputy leader of Tameside council has taken time off from praising the dubious pleasures of "Stickey Vicki" to make a posting on his "Dukinfield views" website glorifying the fact that.. errr............ Roy no longer lives at his old address.

The Dukinfield councilors must be short of work if they can afford to spend time leafleting somewhere where Roy USED to live. Perhaps Taylor is taking heed of Judge Osbourne and growing a thicker skin. Working his way up to leafleting Roy's current address when he grows some balls to match his thicker skin.

This man really is the pits. Barely able to write a coherent sentence without his ghost writer he writes about there being "one to many" villains in Dukinfield ("too"), "Dukinfields happiest street" ("Dukinfield's") "This years Christmas cards" ("year's").

I believe he needs to remember the biblical statement, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

One law for them, one law for us; New Charter flout planning rules.

New Charter's ruthlessness in dealing with tenants who are "anti-social" is well known. They were even cocky enough to appear on BBC TV in the series "Neighbourhood watched."

They are not so keen on obeying regulations.

A few weeks ago the building site on Cavendish Street, the former Katherine House, was working away on a Sunday, in breach of the planning permission granted. Tameside Citizen has been reliably informed that a complaint WAS made to the planning department. What came of it is not yet known. But what IS known is that on Sunday 30th November and last Sunday (7th December) the site was again working away!

This Blog hopes that New Charter's cavalier approach to planning regulations receives the same treatment as it would receive if it were you or I doing it....but we are not holding our breath!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Council leader says the council will dispose of their land as they see fit

Addressing the council meeting on Tuesday night (2nd December) Councillor K Quinn said that the council is dedicated to building affordable homes which will be "100%" for Tamesiders. In an obvious reference to comments made on local Blogs the council leader, in his keynote address, said they would continue to dispose of "their" land as they saw fit in pursuit of this aim. Presumably this means more free land for local social housing companies.

We wonder what "100%" for Tamesiders means? It is the landlord who lets the property. Is he admitting that he has control or influence over local landlords. Some local social landlords have close links with housing in Oldham. Can he guarantee a "Tameside for Tamesiders" policy will be enforceable?

Talking of local social landlords,  a motion was considered in the name of Cllr J Fitzpatrick regarding tax avoidance by major companies, listing Google, Starbucks and Vodaphone. No mention of local housing company and registered charity New Charter Homes which is able to avoid paying council tax on it's vacant property for a period of time by virtue of being a charity. Odd omission!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Abusive male banned from Rotherham, Rochdale, Dewsbury and other major British towns.

It would appear that it IS possible to protect women from abusive males! An American "chat-up artist" has been banned by the Home Office from entering Britain. A man called Julien Blanc  is regarded as holding views on women so offensive that he is too dangerous to be allowed in the country.

One would have thought that with the large number of people other than Blanc who have done much worse than just express unfashionable views on women, the authorities would have more dangerous people to ban from the UK. But evidently not. So one American Blanc is considered more dangerous than dozens of non-Blancs in Dewsbury, Rochdale and Rotherham..

When they want to, the government can act, never forget!

"Muslims only" hostel run by New Charter charity. Now who's Racist?

It has been announced by "Threshold", New Charter's own homelessness charity (see HERE) that they are to manage a hostel for Muslim women funded by the National Zaket Foundation. The hostel described as being in "Greater Manchester" is in a formerly vacant premises and was renovated with a grant from the Department of Communities and Local Government.

We must be careful not to over-react to this news story. We fully understand the need for women only hostels. Victims of domestic abuse may feel safer in single sex hostels. But we question the need for Muslim only hostels.... unless it is now admitted that there are "Muslim only" problems such as "Honour killings" or arranged marriages. By all means address these issues....BUT HAVE THE HONESTY TO ADMIT THEY EXIST.

One issue though will stick in the collective throat of this Blog's readership. it is this line from the "Threshold" page:-

"A support worker at the project will work with the five vulnerable residents to help them stay physically and mentally well"

Where was this support worker when Roy West's partner was being threatened with eviction? How is it that New Charter claim to operate a policy which is opposed to discrimination and which punishes it's tenants for racism while at the same time their charity "Threshold" can discriminate on religious grounds. In Tameside this de facto means discrimination along racial lines.

It is the old old story, "Do as we say, not as we do!"

Thursday, 20 November 2014

British Gas behind "behaviour change project" centred on "Smart meters". Agenda 21 anyone?

The Guardian newspaper informs us that "The Futures Company" on behalf of British Gas has been running the "British Gas smart meter challenge ", described as a "behaviour change project". See here:-LINK

The project seems to simply involve a group of 14 families using modern meters to monitor exactly how much energy is used by the various gadgets in the homes of the volunteers. How much they waste and how much can be saved is also an important issue.

There are however a few points which puzzled me. The most obvious one is why should a gas producer be worried about electricity consumption or wastage? Gas and electricity are produced separately and differently, right?? Well, yes, but anything which smacks of energy awareness, behaviour change or trying to get people to accept that  increases in energy costs are best dealt with by the consumer changing their  'wrong ' attitudes is a cause for alarm and suspicion.  It smacks of the globalist nightmare sketched out in Agenda 21.

And smart meters have a policing function. They monitor utilities usage and thus give an idea of how many people live in a house. Ideal for the snooper policing the council tax or the local enforcers who want to know where we live.

"Northern Voices" has excellent article on getting a dentist in Tameside.

We came across this article on "Northern voices" and recommend you read it, We are not in the business of reproducing other's work and passing it off as our own. Credit where credit is due, and in these days of attacks on the standard of living and social services it is a case of "Them" v "Us".


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

New Charter Youth Group oppose smoking. Nothing unexpected there.

Young people from Tameside want to see the Government implement standardised tobacco packs, following an event on the power of cigarette packaging.

Last month an event was organised by "Tobacco Free Futures" a "social enterprise" which campaigns against tobacco in the region. The event studied how tobacco companies use colourful packaging to seduce young people into a life time of "addiction". But the youth of Tameside are not alone! They have an organisation. a "Big Brother" to help them. Step forward firmly and with a steady tread --The New Charter Youth Group--represented by 15 year old Wesley Beard.

Not one to mince his words Wesley goes to the heart of the matter. "..the colours and design (of the packaging) affect people's decisions (on what to buy)" He supports the Government's draft plan to introduce standardised cigarette packaging.
Now far be it from us to be critical of young people taking an interest in their society. But there is something unwholesome about this matter. A group of young people, some of whom are well under the age of majority, being involved in a political campaign much beloved by the social engineers and the corporate state advocates. Having obtained control over housing, schools, and the media together with substantial influence with the police and local council we now see New Charter forming a Youth Movement (sorry Youth Group). One is reminded of the old Socialist Mantra "From the cradle to the grave, From the womb to the tomb. From the erection to the resurection."  By Mussolini's description of the corporate state Tameside is truly a Corporate and Fascist state.

Perhaps this explains the poor election turnouts in Tameside. Why waste time with the council? That is not where the power lies.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Silence is Golden....Cllr Idu Miah's birthday mystery part II

In August this year we showed by a close study of company and charity documents that Cllr Idu Miah had apparently used two different birthdays on official forms. This Blog asked for a clarification but none was forthcoming. 

Since  then more documents have appeared showing even  more clearly that Cllr Miah is using two birthdays,
Born on 10th February 1965 Cllr Miah appointed to the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau.)

Appointed Secretary Tameside Racial Equality Council, 10th May 1958 Birthday.

Interests as declared to council. He is on Tameside Racial Equality Council and CAB. But with different birthdays. Note his Grotton address in some of the documents. 

The documents shown above clearly pose a question regarding Cllr Miah. There is no excuse for the silence which both Cllr Miah and the Labour group have treated this issue. It does neither of them credit

Sunday, 2 November 2014

15 year old Army Cadet burned by aerosol in attack by "Black or Asian" after selling poppies.

On Saturday night a 15 year old Army Cadet was waiting for a bus in Manchester City Centre, He was in uniform having been selling Poppies. Clearly a fine young man. He was approached by a man described as "Black or Asian". This sub-human sprayed him with an aerosol and then ignited the fumes.

I don't know what emotion to feel reading this story. Check here for full story..Anger, disgust, desire for retribution? All seem appropriate. But there is one feeling which recurs again and again.


I wonder how "They" will respond? The media, the council, the liberals the "Cohesion" warriors the whole rotten assembly of excuse makers and haters of traditional values who have steadily made excuses for the changes in Britain over the years.

They sneer at UKIP, they sneered at the BNP for wanting to "Turn the clock back". Turn it back to a time when 15 year old Army cadets could sell poppies without being flame attacked, DEAD RIGHT. I want it turned back to those days, as does any right thinking person in the UK.

I want EVERY reader of this blog to copy and print off this story, keep it near the front door and when the election campaign kicks off next year ask every candidate, canvasser or activist who knocks on their door to be asked what they think of the story. And if you hear a sneering comment that so-and-so want the clocks turned back just say "To a time before they burned Cadets on the street? So do I"

Are Halloween costumes merely getting more tasteless, or is there something more sinister happening?

I must admit to copping out of this year's Halloween "celebrations". I went to a relative's for tea then straight out to the pub. No constant up and down to answer the door to a stream of children in ghoulish costumes. But in retrospect it is not just the Scrooge in me that produces this response. It is a genuine unease at the origin and direction of Halloween.

Halloween, "All Hallow's Eve", is the night before All Saints' Day.  This is the day when the Christian Churches, particularly the Catholic Church, commemorate and celebrate the lives of the saints, those who are in heaven,

But how over the years has this developed into an Americanised "Trick or treat-fest"? Where often unaccompanied children roam the streets begging for food or money? We now have a situation where even if adults do accompany the youngsters they are dressed in "Paedophile " uniform, a costume associated with a high profile sex-offender such as Jimmy Savile or Gary Glitter.  This glorification of  evil needs to be explained. 

By comparison the traditional Guy Fawkes celebrations are  sidelined  with safety being used as an excuse. "Fireworks can injure" But how much more danger is there in allowing unsupervised children to wander the streets knocking on strangers' doors asking for sweets or money?

The whole Halloween business is unsavory. Unsupervised children,,,,not all are in family organised groups....extort cash or goods  off people on pain of having a "trick" played on them. Over the last few years the police have issued warnings about undue pranks such as "egging" homes and cars. Some of the costumes are of inappropriate characters such as celebrity child abusers or wife beaters while the occult background of other characters is something which should not be a part of some alleged "bit of a laugh".

OK, Call me a stick-in-the-mud, no sense of humour, bible basher or whatever but I'm still more likely to go for 5th November  and not some semi-occult gathering with some very questionable undertones.