Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Panorama hatchet job on UKIP in sharp contrast to softly-softly approach to BNP.

There will be many readers reading the headline to this article with some disbelief. "Panorama having a soft approach to the BNP?" Well, relatively speaking, yes.

In August 2011 Darragh Macintyre did an "expose"on the BNP . It "exposed" what it said were financial irregularities. In the intervening three years no legal action has been taken. They were none events.. But Macintyre WAS in possession of stronger, more interesting facts which were not used by the BBC, Documents which the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) refused to release until a FoI request was made were provided to him. Facts about a former Italian fugitive protected by  British Intelligence who is a close associate of Nick Grifin, were likewise left out of the programme. This was not the only lack of interest by the broadcast media in the BNP. On more than one occasion various journalists showed great interest initially only to contact me a few days later with a "not interested anymore" comment.

By contrast the BBC and Darragh Macintyre flitted around Europe in the wake of Nigel Farrage to try and pin some petty dirt on him. It must be that "They" fear the UKIP more than the BNP.,

Oh, but there is one little story which has been quietly forgotten. Tory MP Dr Robert Spink  joined the UKIP in 2008 to become their first MP. At the time he had on his staff a young lady of Italian extraction. She was the daughter of Nick Griffin's Italian fugitive friend.  Given that the BBC has (apparently) such a down on patriotic parties it is surprising that this fact is overlooked.

Wonder why?

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Local charity gets free solar panels.....well that is the official line.

To mark the 1000th home in Tameside to be fitted with solar panels the Taiwanese company doing the work has donated a complete set of Solar panels to a charity providing cheap second hand furnishings to Tameside residents. The premises of Second Generation Furnishings were fitted with the panels recently and at the official , what would you call it ?  Handover? Opening? Those present included charity trustee Thomas Joseph Daly. Head of the Council Cllr Kieran Quinn. CEO of the New Charter Group Ian Munro and GES boss Dr Quincy Lin.Here Click here to see the official version.

It appears that New Charter own the premises of the furniture shop. And that is the limit of New Charter involvement in the donation.  Regular readers of this blog will not be so sure of that!

Check here for another report. Note that one Hyde resident is featured in a case study, but Tammy Williams  is not just a Hyde resident. she is a director of New Charter Homes.  As was Tom Daly and his wife Ann .(They ceased as such on 1st October last year.) Though they are still Trustees for the Second Generation Furnishings charity. The whole Tameside deal is reportedly worth £18 million.

So let us just sum up the situation. Tammy Williams is "airbrushed" out of New Charter's own report...odd.  There is more New Charter involvement in the charity than is admitted in the two articles on the web. (Second Generation's first registered office was the New Charter HQ at Cavendish house.). and finally, just what is meant by :-

“This solar panel project is the first we have done in the UK and is an extremely significant deal for GES. The deal basically involves using roof space for solar panels under a licence agreement with New Charter. This allows New Charter to retain control over the roof and their tenants benefit from reduced bills through the energy produced by the panels on their homes.” 

Who actually owns the panels??? 

Friday, 10 October 2014

Tories play The Race Card in aftermath of UKIP success.

Less than 24 hours after their defeat in Clacton the Tory Party has responded to the UKIP threat by playing The Race Card. Ignoring the Heywood and Middleton result, an e-mail sent to people believed to be Tory supporters (our source is a member of no political party). In it Tory Party Chairman Grant Schapps warns that voting UKIP will take votes off the Conservatives and favour Labour , leading to "Higher immigration, no in/out referendum on the EU and no economic plan for Britain's future"

Note that. The first danger presented by the Labour Party is 'Higher Immigration'. If that isn't playing the Race Card, nothing is.

Now I'm no multi-culturalist. I lament the changes in my country over the last 50 years. But the Tories have been part of the problem for that period of time, if not longer.  For them to now claim that Higher Immigration is something to be frightened of, that the Tories will somehow prevent, is hypocrisy of the highest order.

UKIP plan to eat immigrant babies .....sell the NHS to paedophiles........canonise Hitler......blah blah blah

No, don't worry, Tamesidecitizen has not gone insane, well not totaly insane. The above headline however is not far short of the wild claims, accusations and irrelevant stories aimed at UKIP over the duration of the Clacton and Heywood and Middleton by-elections. We produce a few samples below. They say more about the dubious mental health of their designers than they do about UKIP and its members/voters.
This poster shows an obsession with sex. This is common amongst those in the "anti-fascist " movement (Freud would tell us the reason why). When you can't answer the question make a joke about a willie.
Gays, "homophobia" etc. If you are not stridently in favour of anything remotely connected with the homosexual lobby you are on the way to getting measured for a black uniform. Odd how people who engage in such a minority pass time as "single sex " relations want to be so conformist as to get married. (This blog believes that what people do in private is their affair.) One question does puzzle me, hoow many of those defending "Gay Rights" are actually Gay themselves?

Copy other people's ideas. This is a rip-off from Mel Brook's "Blazing Saddles" but look at the stereotypes in the queue. White Males. Presumably working class, apparently stupid and violent. Stereotypes? Not just UKIP  then?

So there we are then. No debate on policy, no attempt to defend their ideas or beliefs. The anti-UKIP groupings use only sexual innuendo and rehashed extracts from old comedy films......sounds like any old "Carry On" film.  Perhaps the ghost of Kenneth Williams is their inspiration. Mmmmm Matron.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Morocco releases Briton jailed for being Homosexual.

Before the main issue is addressed I want to make one point. This blog believes that whatever happens in private involving one or more adults who have given their consent and which affects no-one else is the business of those adults alone.

The imprisonment of Briton Ray Cole led to calls for Morocco to be boycotted as a holiday destination.

The Foreign office advice on travel to Morocco states:-

Homosexuality is a criminal offence in Morocco. Sexual relations outside marriage are also punishable by law. It is not uncommon for hotels to ask couples to show evidence of marriage at the time of check-in, and if such evidence is not available, to insist on separate room.
It is against the law to carry bibles in Arabic, to attempt to distribute any non-Muslim or evangelical literature, or to be involved in any such activity.
So there it is. No one can claim they did not know. As unpopular and backward as this may appear to us in this country it is their culture which we in the UK are told to respect when practised here because it is "enriching".

When football fans break the law abroad they are condemned by Government, Media and the Police. Britons found guilty of drug crimes abroad receive little sympathy.

Yet this man went abroad with the aim of breaking Moroccan law. And the response of many in the UK can be summed up as "Who do these bl**dy w*gs think they are, sticking an Englishman in gaol"

It looks like neo-colonial and Imperialist attitudes are not just the preserve of the "Right"

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Do as we say, not as we do...

The documents reproduced here give the details and conditions of the Planning permission granted to New Charter Housing Trust Group for the development of "Katherine House 150 Bentinck Street Ashton" There are several items of interest.

The first one is that permission was granted to "New Charter Housing Trust Group" while the Land Registry has the owners  of the land as "New Charter Homes" On the other ('third'?) hand Tameside Council's press statement tells us that planning permission was given to "New Charter Housing Trust". Companies house records indicate that a "New Charter Homes Ltd" and a "New Charter Housing Trust Ltd" both exist though a New Charter Housing Trust Group Ltd does not. This is interesting. The "Group" if it exists in a non-limited form will not have the same level of accountability as a limited company.

Finally there is the list of planning conditions. Condition 7 says there is to be no Sunday working on the site. Yet on Sunday just gone church goers had to run a gauntlet of laughing and joking builders working at 10-45 AM on the site. One law for us, one for "Them". It is not that long ago that a Denton restaurant was threatened with closure and it's owner with prosecution if he opened the establishment at tea time or later. Yet here we have Tameside council's favourite Social Landlord working in apparent contravention of it's planning instructions.

The conditions may have been changed and not made public, which is almost as bad as ignoring them..  But New Charter should know their obligations, they have enough councillors and ex-council staff on their various boards.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Union is maintained!!

The Gordon Highlanders salute Queen Victoria, who had a special affection for the Jocks! We have all seen the classic films where the beleaguered garrison hears the pipes in the distance and knows rescue is at hand!

Glad you are still with us!! Scotland the Brave!!

Friday, 12 September 2014

New Charter try to screw pensioner out of £850.....sound familiar??

The "Advertiser" carries an interesting article this week by reporter Beth Abbit. See Here

All credit to them. It tells us that 81 year old Hilda Gannon has been presented with a bill of £850 to remove doors and flooring in her recently vacated New Charter house. The story reports that she was living at her house for 16 years and New Charter claim that Mrs Gannon, who is reportedly profoundly deaf, knew and agreed to the charges.

Sound familiar? It should do, because we carried a similar story about a different person in March of this year. See  here .

The similarity is most remarkable. Is this a deliberate policy of New Charter?

We make several observations. If she is a tenant of 16 years then she was there before New Charter was the landlord. Did Tameside housing have the same policy? If not what protection was extended to their former tenants?

New Charter Homes Ltd is a registered charity. What kind of charity treats the elderly in such a dispicable manner? One that needs to be asked what do they actually do to deserve the status?

How do they arrive at their prices? We already know that they charge £250 for disposal of bulky rubbish that TMBC charge £25 to remove. .

The most remarkable part of this sorry tale is that it is not unique. How many others have been similarly fleeced?

Blow the whistle, let us know.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

"We are on high terrorist alert"....local beat policeman.

On Monday of this week (8th September) Roy West was engaging in his film and photography hobby (A hobby which has seen his work being used by the BBC's "Caught Red Handed" programme) when he was approached, twice, by police officers asking what his was doing. Having determined from them that he was not acting illegally he told them he was engaged in his hobby of filming.

This satisfied the  police on both occasions. One of them even volunteering the information "We are on terrorist alert". But he was warned that he could be stopped again if he was seen photographing anything.

I have heard nothing publicly about a high terrorist alert though it is on various Government web sites. But if photographers are now suspects, should we not be told? Should we not be on the alert for suspicious clickers?

The problem is the growth in digital technology and mobile phone cams. In the past, unless you had your own darkroom, you sent your films off to be developed. The police alerted developers to report any suspicious pictures. Amazingly people DID send "sensitive" film to Max Spielman and Boots,  but no longer. A cable to the computer and a button pressed and there you are. Now the would-be terrorist can do their own recce. And risk being spotted and arrested. Or, worse still, mistaken for Roy West.

In some respects this is a shame. Paranoia over child abuse means that many parents cannot take photos of their youngster at school, in concerts etc.....though this does not appear to have saved the youngsters of Rotherham from abuse. On the other hand  I recall a local news story some years ago telling of how a Tameside CCTV watching  security guard focused his camera on an ATM and tipped off his confederates when money was drawn out and where the person was headed, thereby enabling their robbery. The story was swiftly dropped.

It is understandable that the state is concerned for it's survival against "terrorism". I just wonder to what extent "Terror" is used as an excuse to restrict our freedoms even more.

*And if you are reading this Roy, only joking at the end of paragraph four.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

First light bulbs, then vacuum cleaners next hair driers. The growing list of "Verbotenen Gegenstände"*

Many of you will have heard by now that the EU has banned importation of vacuum cleaners of more than 1600 Watts  power. In 2017 the limit will be reduced to 900 watts. Hair driers will similarly face a limit on power and face being declared illegal.

Now just imagine that we could travel back in time 10 years. Just suppose that in 2004 someone, me, had said that within a decade it would be illegal to sell or supply a certain kind of bulb, or hair drier or vacuum cleaner? What would be my fate? Sectioned? Ridiculed? Laughing stock of  Tameside? Probably all. Yet here we are in 2014 being told we are no longer allowed to use a particular type of cleaner because of.......I don't know why! Green issues? Cost?  A potential shortage of power? 

According to the European Commission, the new rules will help combat climate change and reduce energy costs by saving 19 terawatt-hours every year by 2020. That amounts to the electricity produced by more than four nuclear power plants for 5.5 million households.

Climate change? Not that old chestnut again. Do people still believe that? The climate of the earth is changing because of vacuum cleaners. Sorry, that won't wash. 

More worrying is the fact that due to the closure of old power stations due to age there is a potential shortfall in energy supply with associated possibility of power cuts and power rationing.

Now why worry about winter if there is "Global Warming"? Sorry I forgot, it is now "climate change". With fracking, the Russian control of gas to the EU, and now the shortfall of power generation in Britain it appears that there is more to this EU policy than just "The EU being the EU".

And if there is no hidden agenda, no conspiracy, what is there? We are being ordered around on a matter we had no chance to vote on by people who never mentioned it in their manifestos at the Euro election for reasons that have not been explained fully.

That's Dictatorship.

See Here and also here

*Forbidden items

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Rotherham, it was known about but who cares about the white working class?

What can be said about the Rotherham affair? This is a non-party political blog but it must be admitted that the British National Party said this was happening but were ignored.

I am of the opinion that these child victims were of scant interest to the authorities because they were working class as much as because they were white and their abusers were non-white. Indeed it is this anti-working class bias which shows itself repeatedly in the attitude of the authorities as much as a PC motivated fear of being seen as anti-Asian. Remember the Harold Shipman affair? It was only when a former Lady Mayoress died and her solicitor daughter complained that the local Plod took the complaints seriously. When a close associate of mine was nursing his dying mother a couple of years ago he noticed that the patronising and superior attitude of Tameside "carers" and officials ceased when they saw his two graduation photographs (he has two degrees) and they realised he was not a "pleb".

The authorities can take action when they want. As I write this I am looking at a document called a "Child abduction warning notice" under section 2 of the Child Abduction Act 2002. It is a threatening notice produced by GMP. It basically warns the person on whom it is served to have no contact with a named child on pain of a seven year prison sentence . It does not mention that it is only on the express authority of the DPP (now the CPS) that a prosecution will be undertaken, evidently the notice is designed to intimidate the working class who have no access to friendly solicitors!

So there we have it. The authorities have let the community down, so who can the community rely on?