Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Election is here. UKIP/Tory pact?

Yes, I know it's a cliche but it's the most infamous example of "My enemy's enemy is my friend" I can think of.

In Tameside there are rumours of a UKIP / Tory pact based on the fact that five Tory candidates will not face a UKIP challenger ( Ashton Hurst, Hyde Werneth, Stalybridge South, Longdendale and Denton West.). Four UKIP candidates will not face Tory rivals (Hyde Newton, Droylsden East, Audenshaw and Dukinfield Stalybridge.) The perceptive ones amongst you will note that the first two wards were traditionally good wards for the BNP, gaining 1000 votes in Droylsden East the last time a BNP candidate fought it.

Needless to say the Labour Party and those not knowledgeable of Tameside politics are making a great fuss about this "pact", claiming that it shows there is no difference between the two parties. The truth is simpler. As any thinking person in the borough would tell you. ANY political pact, agreement or campaign is justified to free Tameside from Labour control.

It is madness, sheer madness, to split the anti-Labour vote and thus facilitate the return of any Labour Councillor when they could be thrown onto the dung heap of history where they belong.

It is regretable that if there is a pact, it was not carried out in all wards .

To continue on other election issues, I expect that UKIP will receive the denounciations from the pulpit once reserved for the BNP. It appears that there has been at least one already, though not reported in the press. The clergy seem to have got a taste for this sort of political intervention and one is reminded of the old axiom "When they came for.........I did not protest because I was not a ........."  "When they came for me there was no one left to protest."

The pulpit seems to be aimed at increasingly mainstream targets. The old saying can now be written as "When they tried to come for me there was no one left to come, they were too busy chasing everyone else!"

I will watch with interest whether there is a denounciation of the only Communist Party candidate (In Audenshaw). The anti-religious credentials of the CP are more obvious and bloody than UKIP so even-handedness and fairness should mean a denounciation is forthcoming. But...."even-handed and fair...." not terms one associates with the Democratic Centralism of Marxist politics

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Unholy Alliance of Ashton Job Centre, New Charter and Tameside Council join together to bully single parents.

A worrying report concerning Ashton Job centre, the local council and New Charter Homes, a registered Charity, has come to my notice in the Morning Star. For more check here. 

Under the very "Common Purpose" sounding title of "Troubled Families Wave 2 Joint Investment Agreement" the Job centre offer a social worker to an unemployed single parent to 'help them' get a job. The council provide the social worker. they are committed to assisting 1750 families for which they receive £1000 per family. Thats £1.75m in total.

The government also provides a "results fee" of £800 per family to an agency which is working with the family. And guess what? The local agency is New Charter, the job being given to them WITHOUT TENDERING.

Two "Troubled families" advisors will be employed by Tameside within the jobcentre.

There is an underlying, sinister, tone to this plan. ANY member of the 'troubled' can be called for interview. The close working relationship between private industry and government is pure corporate fascism, while the holding of the whole family to account is pure Stalinism.

As for training, one is reminded of THIS article in Tameside Citizen

There are serious aspects of civil liberty here. The linking of unemployment with being a troubled family. The implied threat that an unemployed person will lose their children to the council. The mis-use of personal data.

And 1750 new  families is a lot of new work for the social workers..... or will numerous 'old' families be used to pad the figures and gain the £1.75m for the council?

There is a history of Ashton being used as the trial run-out area for new plans, universal credit for example. This may be happening in Ashton now but the rest of the country tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

And now for something completely different.....or, how others see us!

I recently stumbled across this film on "You tube". The interesting part starts at 2:03:45.

This is an Egyptian film portraying what is claimed to be a true story of an Egyptian dancer involved in espionage against the British.

The acting and production values are laughable. Note that the extras' guns don't appear to be firing...even blanks lol.......and one suspects that the Union Jack / Union Flag is only flying so that one of the actors can pull it down!

But there is a serious aspect to this film. It shows how anti-Western propaganda is still a popular source of entertainment in the Arabic (Muslim??) world.

As Robert Burns said..."Oh wad some power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us."

Click here

Sunday, 29 March 2015

The Spanish Legion celebrate Easter and Holy Week in Malaga.

This week is Holy Week. A sacred Week for Christians of all denominations. We respectfully ask you to watch this magnificent clip from a country and society which is not ashamed of it's Christian heritage .

The Spanish Legion celebrates Easter and Holy Week

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Green Party Candidate for Stalybridge and Hyde thinks Cancer is suitable fodder for humour

Above. Jenny Ross, BBC hack and Green Party candidate.

In a reference to Mr Nigel Farage's suffering in his younger days from testicular cancer this alternate comedian drew comparisons with Adolf. Hitler.

This has led to shock and condemnation from all sides, We wonder "Why the shock?" Condemnation is understandable, but shock? Did you really expect anything better from this sort of creature? Had Ed Miliband, David Cameron or Nick Clegg made these remarks then I would have been shocked. And disgusted. But a former BBC "Pop" presenter.... hardly surprising.

As an aside this incident throws an interesting light on the BBC's choice of staff. Look at  the fuss made over alleged "Racist" remarks by Jeremy Clarkson. Calls for his dismissal. But make "Right on" insulting remarks about "Right wing" politicians and its thumbs up from the muesli munchers (and other sorts of munchers as well no doubt!)

And while we are claiming that certain politicians emulate Herr Hitler it is worth remembering that at the 1989 Green Party conference a conference paper proposed the reduction of the British Population to between 30 million and 40 million. Whether  this is before or after more immigration they didn't say. Wonder whether Ms Ross will take questions on this policy? Or the UN's  "Agenda 21"

We shall see.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Tameside council faces criticism from Parliamentary Commissioner ("Omdudsman")

The family of an elderly woman were faced with increased care charges when Tameside incorrectly reduced their contribution to her care home fees.

The Ombudsman found that TMBC made changes to her care contract without assessing her care needs or completing a risk assessment.. They also did not do a financial assessment with her son to see whether he could afford the extra cost. They also ignored Government guide lines. Tameside also withdrew it's offer of a settlement and has subsequently refused to pay the family anything.

Dr Jane Martin, the Ombudsman, has recommended that the council reimburse the estate of the now deceased lady with the over paid cash and an additional £250 to cover the cost and trouble of the complaint.

Yet again Tameside MBC is seen as the high handed undemocratic body it really is. The mask slips again and the ugly grasping face of Tameside is seen. Think I might refuse to pay money to Tameside. 

To view the Ombudsman's web site click Here

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Who gives a damn about the ramblings of decadent singers?

I only took notice of the recent spat between Elton John  and two Italian designers when IVF was mentioned. I thought it referred to a Loyalist para-military organisation so I mistakenly read the story.

It made me feel tacky. It reminded me why the French cut off the heads of their decadent kings emulated by Elton John. At a time when ordinary working people are facing austerity, evictions, sanctions by the job centre and job cuts the amount of time spent by the media on the petulant outpourings of this over rated warbler is truly astonishing. 

But then again, he IS gay, and therefore untouchable (in more ways than one). This blog believes that what one does in private is one's own business. But when someone uses some private peccadillo to gain an advantage, to try to assume a mantel of being above criticism, then that private activity becomes subject to critical comment.

The photo at the start of this posting shows Elton John (left) dressed as French  King Louis XIV (or is that Louis XIVF?). It is his 50th birthday party. It is for behaviour like this that the word "Tosser" was invented. Why he chose to flaunt his obscene wealth in this way I don't know. But by doing so he shows he does not give a damn for the ordinary man in the street.

Why should we give a damn for his sensibilities in return?

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

New Charter flout planning permission. Tameside council do nothing.

New Charter Homes received six plots of land for free off Tameside MBC to build social housing.

They received the appropriate planning permission, with conditions, for the sites. Planning Application 13/00180/FUL refered to the site of the former Katherine House (Opposite St Anne's Church). Among other stipulations all work on Sundays was prohibited.

On Sunday 28th September the site was seen to be working. Calls to the Planning Department produced no visible response. No one responded to the complainant either from the council or New Charter.

Work also took place on Sunday the 30th November 2014 and again the week after, 7th of December 2014. This time the complainant used the council's own on line complaint form. To  no avail, the council again did not respond.

The Council rigorously enforce their regulations against the public but ignore their chums in New Charter. Bus lanes are enforced even when there are no buses running. Italian Restaurants are threatened if they open for evening meals and feeding the pigeons is strictly discouraged.

But a building site is free to operate opposite a church on a Sunday in direct defiance of planning permission conditions.

No doubt with the building almost, if not actually, finished the guilty parties think they have got away with it. Not so. Tameside Citizen Blog have produced a leaflet telling the story of Tameside MBC's Nelsonian blind eye to breach of planning rules. One will be sent to every person we hear of who is facing problems with Tameside Planning pointing out the council's inability to behave fairly.

As for the original complainant? They have informed the local Government Ombudsman of the council's behavior with a suitable complaint.

Watch this space!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

"New" flood of migrants on the way warn the EU. Tameside Citizen warned about this SIX YEARS ago!

The "Daily Express" today (Saturday 7th March 2015) warns of a new "flood" of migrants into the EU. Processing centres are to be set up in parts of North Africa to process the migrants and Britain will be expected to do her "bit" See here .

This "new" influx is roundly condemned by the Express and the MigrationWatch organisation who are apparently taken aback by this development. It is a pity they are not regular readers of this blog.

                             WE KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN SIX YEARS AGO.

Check this posting of six years ago and go to the second comment, by tonydj Follow the link, which we reproduce here.
 Barcelona Declaration

The Barcelona Agreement of 1995, that is 20 years ago, was an agreement between Muslim North African nations and the EU to facilitate better relations between the EU and Muslim countries with a few to facilitating more immigration to EU countries.

Where is the UKIP or "Right wing Tory" opposition to this policy. A deafening silence descends on this matter. The dog didn't bark. The elephant is in the lounge. Nothing. We have been lied to and betrayed by those who should be protecting us. Why has the "Barcelona Declaration" aka "Barcelona Agreement" been kept out of the glare of publicity. One word comes to mind.


Tameside screw money off motorists for using Bus Lanes......when there are no buses!

Thanks to a "Freedom of information" request. (My God  how Tameside must hate FoI's) it has been learned that 136 motorists were fined for using bus lanes om Christmas day, when no buses were running!. 157 were caught on Boxing Day and  134 were trapped on New Years Day, when limited services were running.

This is the clearest evidence yet that Bus Lanes were designed to screw the motorist. Cllr Peter Robinson, executive member for transport and land use said that there was a safety issue here, in that the bus lanes were also used by cyclists. (I always thought that cyclists used the pavements) They have cycle lanes anyway. Still as executive member for land use as well as transport--what an interesting combination-- it is reassuring to know that as long as he is concerning himself bus lanes he is not concerning himself with other land use, such as giving land to New Charter for free.

One final point. This story indicates that Tameside made an effort to get their staff to work on Christmas day. I am rather concerned at the mentality of persons who would give up a family Christmas to persecute their fellow man. Alternatively the prosecutions were obtained via CCTV. Which then means that some sad b****** spent their time trawling the hours of film for motorists. Yet they found it impossible to check CCTV film for a gang of con-men who robbed an elderly couple known to me.

This story is not a flattering one for Tameside. One which TMBC managed to keep out of "Call the Council"

Friday, 6 March 2015

Select Committee propose TV licence fee be replaced by house tax.

It has been suggested by a Parliamentary select committee that the TV licence fee could be replaced by a new "Poll Tax", where every house in the land pays for a licence, The money raised going to the 

This proposal is driven to a large extent by a desire to bring into liability for a licence those currently not  liable to buy a licence. People who watch "catch up" TV on their computer or i-player for example.
The frightening thing about this situation is that the BBC or their agents may well be given "right of entry" powers or even "stop and search" and "arrest"powers.

It is bad enough with a "licence" fee, but at least it can be avoided if you have no TV. This new idea will give the BBC new powers .

This appalling idea must be fought. Your attention is drawn to the contact addresses to the right of this blog.