Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dad-of-two saves Britain from invasion.

"Father of two, The Duke of Wellington, said after the battle....."

Not what we would expect from a history book, or a serious  article. But exactly what we get from the media. Why? Why is the media so obsessed with reporting trivial details of people's lives. In Today's Manchester Evening News we learn that a man who trained fighting dogs is not just "Barbaric" he is a "Barbaric dad-of-two".In the same edition we learn of a "dad of ten" accused of sex attacks (wonder where he gets the energy?) A heart-warming report of local binmen is spoiled by the superfluous information that the elderly lady they helped is a "Gran-of-four". Finally we learn of a dad-of-two accused of offering a cash reward for the beheading of those responsible for robbing a mosque in Oldham.

Now call me old fashioned, but if someone within easy traveling distance of my house is offering cash for beheading someone I am more interested in knowing what they look like and where they live than knowing how many offspring they have!

So, why do it? On explanation is laziness. Fill up the page with waffle so that it looks impressive. Another is that a "Family person" gets more sympathy. Or is expected to behave better once they have a young life to look after. It is a lazy method of writing. It is also somewhat intimidating. The unspoken hint that if you "get in the papers" your family will similarly appear, and not always in a favorable light.

And I have not even begun to comment on the obsession with printing the age of the person being interviewed....

"46 year old father of two Arthur, who has been Duke for two years now....."

What do others think???

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Is there a secret grooming scandal in Tameside? Another Rotherham or Rochdale?

The Grater Manchester Police (GMP) facebook page carried a disturbing item earlier this week. It reported that :-

"Following reports of children missing from home and attending parties with unknown adults and as part of OP Labyrinth, Abduction Notices were served on numerous males from the Tameside area this weekend.These notices are served to protect vulnerable children who are at risk of sexual exploitation. @NotOkayGM"

The GMP go on to say:-

"Do you know where your children are going? The number of reports GMP receive of children attending houses and parties with adults is on the increase, your child may be at risk of sexual exploitation as some of these addresses are unsuitable and may pose a serious risk to children"

As yet  (18th February) this crucial story appears only on GMP's FACEBOOK page. One can only hope that the Advertiser and Reporter carry the story to a wider audience and do not succumb  to a "cohesion" decision to suppress the story. The fact that 'numerous males' were served with 'abduction notices' indicates that this is a large problem and further information is needed from the GMP or local authority.

There is one question which remains unanswered, were any of the girls in care? Remember this story from just before Christmas? Carer abandons child  How many of these children are similarly in care? Is this poor supervision or something more sinister?

Rotherham is only an hour away.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Channel Four to broadcast comedy set in the Irish Famine.

There is a sizeable Irish community in Tameside,  indeed TC has traced 4 of his 16 Great -Great Grandparents to Ireland. As Al Murray might say, the relationship between our two countries has not always been happy. It was therefore with horrified incredulity that I learned of Channel Four's plan to broadcast a COMEDY series set in the time of  the 1840's famine.

Where does one start? There is so much to comment on. It could be argued that it is a matter of free speech. But I would like to see the comedy script writers do a comedy on the life of the prophet Mohammed, or the holocaust. Not that I wish to offend other communities. I am merely highlighting the moral bankruptcy of the script writers. Presumably this series is being made to make a profit. So it should certainly be boycotted (little Irish historical joke for you). Perhaps the products which are advertised during the commercial breaks could be boycotted too.

Research has shown that the famine, caused by the failure of the potato crop, was made worse by the government policy of non-intervention, leaving the peasants to starve or seek a better life overseas. this was a tragedy, not a source of humour.

If you feel strongly about this matter there are more details, including an on line petition here and also here .

As a believer in free speech I am hesitant about calling for a ban. But I am reminded of the story of an English traveler who saw the brutal punishment of a Prussian soldier. Walking away he declared  "You may do in your army as you see fit, but I don't have to watch!"

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Research to be carried out on adding mind control substances to drinking water.

In June last year The Royal College of Psychiatry announced that a study would be carried out in Scotland on the relationship between high levels of lithium in an area's drinking water supply and a low suicide rate. Research in America and Japan had discovered that areas with a high natural level of lithium also had a lower suicide rate than other areas. Lithium is used as a standard treatment for Bi polar disorder.

Professor Allan Young, Professor of Mood Disorders at the Institute of Psychiatry, King's College, London, was reported last year as saying " ‘We are now  embarking on urgent research to establish the impact of taking low levels of lithium as medication, as well as adding lithium to the water supply in much the same way as fluoride is added to prevent tooth decay.’ (Our emphasis)

A mood changing drug to be added to our drinking water? Sounds sinister to me.

More information comes from Dr Daniel Smith, Reader of Mental Health at the Institute of Health & Wellbeing at the University of Glasgow. He said "Previous studies have not always taken different variables such as poverty and unemployment into account when making this comparison, In Scotland, we have ideal conditions in which to carry out this research.  A single organisation, Scottish Water is able to measure levels of lithium by postcode and we can make use of the excellent routine data which is available from sources  such as the Scottish Health Survey and from the Information Services Division of NHS Scotland."

Of course, this may be all genuine. But there is something disturbing about drugs which change moods being added to water. A way of drugging areas of high unemployment to keep the population docile? And who is paying for this research??
Check on the link for more information.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

He's back!!!

Just when you thought it was safe! A report prepared by medical analyst Dr Foster, due to be published this weekend has revealed that Tameside hospital had 35 more deaths than were expected in 2013. This was despite orders to improve issued by NHS England Boss Sir Bruce Keogh and also being placed in "Special Measures".

A spokesman for Tameside hospital said "data quality issues" may be partially to blame for the increased figure.

"Data Quality Issues" Can we have that in English? Data? That's information. Quality means good or bad. This seems to imply wrong or inaccurate information...hmmmmmmm.

So there we have it. The Tameside population fobbed off with platitudes and cliches . No explanation of what has happened.. "The Peasants" (us) will swallow anything they feed us. Or so they think!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Unpaid bill? No holiday for you mate! Government plan to prevent people with unpaid bills from leaving the country.

"If you are innocent you have nothing to fear". How many times have we heard this mantra, this un thinking chant, every time the Government introduces some new law against "Terrorism" or what ever happens to be the fashionable fear of the moment.

When the Government introduced it's E-Borders initiative we were told it was just to track terrorists."If you are innocent you have nothing to fear". So what has happened? Detective Superintendent Alan Crawford , head of Border Policing Command has stated that people with outstanding Warrants and fines are already subject to being stopped at the Border, but this Government has introduced a pilot scheme in Scotland which goes further.

If you owe Council Tax or TV licence you will be subjected  to the kind of control we were told was to be used for anti-terrorism. Yes, thats right, anti-terrorism legislation if you don't pay your TV licence......and you think  that the innocent have nothing to fear?

For more information check:-

Friday, 23 January 2015

"Biggest Gang in Britain"

We rarely give a mention for a business or book but we make an exception for the works of Mr Stephen Hayes, a retired GMP detective who has now completed a trilogy of books on his life and experiences in the Manchester Police. ("Biggest gang in Britain"  "50 shades of Black and Blue" "Top Secret")

Anyone who has harboured suspicions about the GMP will find their opinions justified by Mr Hayes' revelations. But we won't spoil it for you. Go to his website, the link has been added to our list of 'approved' web-sites and see for yourself.

Community Action "Flash Demo" defeats Bailiffs. Inspiration for us all.

Carlton, Nottingham today. Hundreds of supporters of cancer sufferer Tom Crowford turned out today in a flash demo to block the path of bailiffs (spit) and turn them back, thereby preventing him from being evicted. (check here for more details.) Leaderless Resistance, the way forward!

Don't join joint committees involving the local Labour Party or Unions. They are a part of the problem. Liaison with state approved bodies in the fight against austerity is as logical as having a joint strike committee with the boss! Use social media to announce your flash demo but keep your identity secret. The police regularly wear helmets with face covering visors and hide their shoulder numbers so we should hide our names.

It is not "cowardly" as many people in the establishment monotonously say when activists hide their faces or names. Rather it is foolish to let "Them" know who we are. If you don't believe me check the next item (above) on the blog.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo. Stand up to anti-European terror.

This is apparently the last cartoon 'tweeted' by the French magazine "Charlie Hebdo" before the murderous attack on their offices. It is apparently the leader of "Isis". It looks pretty staid to me. Compare it to other cartoons of other people in the past.

A blood stained Hitler or General Togo as a grinning semi-monkey.
Or even an insect.

The 'offensive anti-muslim' cartoon pales into insignificance by comparison to these WW2 allied  cartoons. And there is the point often missed. It is not the cartoon which is the cause of offence but the fact that the writer / artist is disagreeing with Islam. 

But whatever the reason or cause of the mass murder in Paris we support freedom of speech and publish the last cartoon tweeted by "Charlie Hebdo" as a mark of solidarity and respect for the victims of the killers.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy NewYear to all our readers.

A Happy new year to all and sundry in Tameside and to all our viewers where ever they may be.

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas and good wishes to all our readers / viewers.

May I wish all our viewers /readers a happy and joyous Christmas. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all men. Easy to say but very hard to do. Let us try to be decent to others in future. May those in positions of power pause a little more often to ask themselves "Is this moral?" And may those who point the finger of scorn think whether it could more accurately be pointed at them!

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