Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Four British "Spies" captured in Kenya.

Four British spies have been fined £1400 or they will be faced with a year in jail.  It appears that They were taking photos of aircraft which is a crime.

No doubt the airport at Nairobi is the base for the Kenyan air force's latest state of the art fighter aircraft which need keeping away from potential enemies.....like white middle age hobbyists.

Odd, isn't it, that the punishment for such a serious offence as espionage is only one year,indeed a mere fine if you choose that option.  What happened to the 20 or 30 years handed out in the cold war? The amount looks like a deliberate figure that is  big enough to split between several back pockets but small enough to not be worth fighting over in the courts.

I have always been puzled by the lack of the obvious comment "How come such a serious crime as espionage attracts such a small punishment?" I recall a dozen Brits in 2001 being  found guilty of spying in Greece. Some received three years and others a year in jail SUSPENDED! A suspended sentance for spying? What would 007 say?

Is there a link between the two. Both countries have a record of waging a terror campaign against the UK in the 1950's. The Mau-Mau in Kenya and EOKA in Cyprus,led by  General  Grivas, the Cypriot born Greek officer.

So there is my take on the subject..Corrupt officials of a country still bearing a grudge.


Anonymous said...

They don't call Nairobi, Nairobbery for nothing.
Corruption is endemic in sub saharan African countries, as are: savagery; a dependency culture; filth; sloth; ignorance; crime (especially violence); oppression of women and the weak; zero responsibility re sustainable family sizes; chronic unwillingness to take responsibility for ANYTHING; nationwide victimhood.

The small proportion of decent people in these sountries are blighted by the chronic lack of civilised behaviour by the vast majority.

Roy K West said...
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Anonymous said...

Brussels: Muslim terrorists AGAIN.
Trump's the only one speaking the truth about why the world's most wanted man could hide in the Muslim community so easily for weeks: Muslims failing to give him up.
Their loyalty lies elsewhere.
Mine lies with the flag of my country, theirs lies with their culture/religion.
Imagine saying to a typical 'European' Muslim: Either spit on the Koran or spit on the flag of the country you've chosen to live in. 100% would choose the latter.