Thursday, 17 March 2016

"They've won WHAT?" Tamesiede mbc WIN "Council of the Year" award

It has beeen announced that the Local Government Chronicle has  named Tameside as Council of the year! It appears that The judges were attracted by the "Partnership" policies pursued by Tameside to provide a "viable future"in the face of Government "Austerity".

Sounding like a Labour  Party hand-out the LGC went on to say..
"Working with Tameside Council it has launched VisionTameside...... the borough will get three advanced learning centres and a joint service centre.....Ashton-under-Lyne's Victorian Baths is being transformed.......a transport interchange will upgrade accessibility.."
We are also told that a housing venture has been launched with Matrix Homes through the Greatwer Manchester Pension fund which Tameside administers.

Just read that again."..will get three.." "..will upgrade.." And so on. Promises not completed tasks.

One thing does worry me though. What do they mean by a housing venture launched through the GM Pension Fund? Is our pension money being used as venture capital by the council?


SerpentSlayer said...

Is this the same kind of "award" they won the other year TC?

Anonymous said...

Try reporting fly tipping. A glacier moves quicker than they do.