Thursday, 24 March 2016

EuropeanChristian Leader Radovan Karadzic sentanced to 40 years in jail for defending his communituy from Muslim jihadists.

Twenty Years after the end of the Bosnian war and eight years after his arrest a UN Kangaroo Court has sent Bosnian Serb (ie Christian) leader Radovan Karadzic to jail for 40 years.  The sentence was handed out by the presiding South Korean Judge O Gon-Kwon..

The idea that the UN have some sort of 'right' to try anyone is absurd. The UN resolution to get Mr Karadzic was a mere  veil to hide the fact that the powers-that-be were determined to crush any spark of European Nationalism or  pride. Just a few years later in 1999 we saw the obscene spectacle of NATO  bombing civilian targets in (Christian) Serbia not to mention other countries (in error). The Bulgarian capital Sofia was hit.

Most delegates in the UN represent third world petty dictatorships. They have no moral right to condemn anyone.

Mr Karadzic's real crime was to show that Islamic terror can be beaten.


Anonymous said...

Went to Selby Abbey on good Friday the vicar told us that we should pray for God's ancient people the "Jews" and pray for Israel.

Anonymous said...

This part of the priest's sermon yesterday at Selby Abbey.

Priest: Lord God of Abraham , bless the children of your covenant, both Jew and Christian; take from us all the blindness and bitterness of heart, and hasten the coming of your kingdom, when the Gentiles shall be gathered in, all Israel will be saved, and we shall dwell together in mutual love and peace under the one God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Selby Abbey, a beautiful building and significant part of our national heritage.

Anonymous said...

Priest's sermon Selby Abbey yesterday. Priest: Let us pray for God's ancient people, the Jews, the first to hear his word; for greater understanding between Christian and Jew; for the removal of our blindness and bitterness of heart, that God will grant us grace to be faithful to his covenant and to grow in love of his name.

SerpentSlayer said...

Put down your weapons, your god commands it. Let your lands be colonised by hordes of men who reproduce four times the rate of any westerner, abandon your customs and your way of life, face murder and oppression with banners of tolerance as the men responsible cash out and move their assets to China and India to begin the cycle anew.
Abandon the lands of your ancestors, hand over your daughters, renounce all that thousands of generations of your ancestors have toiled to provide for you. Condemn the brave men who fought with communists and riot police today in. Brussels, praise the men who call for tolerance in the face of murderers who cant be reasoned with.
Go gently into the night.
That's what these christians would have you think, accept defeat and roll over. It wont happen, what we have seen today is proof of it. European men have everything to lose if they capitulate, they wont give it up without a fight.

Anonymous said...

There is generally greater trouble, violence, social unrest/division, terrorism etc in Europe wherever there are large Muslim colonies.
Brussels for example has an extremely high Muslim population of 26% - the world's most wanted terrorist managed to hide in the Muslim community there for several weeks with apparent ease.
There is also widespread and extensive violence, terrorism, mass bloodshed in Islamic regions and countries: The middle east, many and growing parts of Africa, South East Asia etc.

European countries which have extremely low numbers of Muslims: Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Iceland etc don't have these issues.

Anonymous said...

Truth is important and if you are in possession of the truth then you should never be afraid to speak it.

Anonymous said...

Compare Cameron's total and chaos inducing lack of leadership on something as vital to Britain as the steel crisis, with his fanatical zealotry on homosexual marriage, race or anything remotely PC.

He's simply an opportunist and an administrator: someone who thinks he can 'manage' existing situations or spot 'social trends' (no matter how trivial) and leap on them to look nice and feel good about himself.

Any crucial or contentious British issues, i.e. immigration or the steel crisis, which require national leadership and a thick skin and he's found utterly wanting and revealed as the spineless, convictionless nonentity he is.

Anonymous said...


Have you noticed the subtle conditioning that is being used via the media to turn us in to an Islamic state ?

The promotion of 'beards' being fashionable accessory for young men

Scare stories run on a daily basis about eating bacon and drinking alcohol ?

Marks and Spencer selling 'Burkas'!

It is drip, drip, drip, toward the islamification of the UK


The New Statesman

Anonymous said...

The Islamification of Britain is increasing exponentially in the place that maters most, the maternity ward.