Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Who gives a damn about the ramblings of decadent singers?

I only took notice of the recent spat between Elton John  and two Italian designers when IVF was mentioned. I thought it referred to a Loyalist para-military organisation so I mistakenly read the story.

It made me feel tacky. It reminded me why the French cut off the heads of their decadent kings emulated by Elton John. At a time when ordinary working people are facing austerity, evictions, sanctions by the job centre and job cuts the amount of time spent by the media on the petulant outpourings of this over rated warbler is truly astonishing. 

But then again, he IS gay, and therefore untouchable (in more ways than one). This blog believes that what one does in private is one's own business. But when someone uses some private peccadillo to gain an advantage, to try to assume a mantel of being above criticism, then that private activity becomes subject to critical comment.

The photo at the start of this posting shows Elton John (left) dressed as French  King Louis XIV (or is that Louis XIVF?). It is his 50th birthday party. It is for behaviour like this that the word "Tosser" was invented. Why he chose to flaunt his obscene wealth in this way I don't know. But by doing so he shows he does not give a damn for the ordinary man in the street.

Why should we give a damn for his sensibilities in return?


Anonymous said...

So decays the putrid, sick western world.
A draconian purification of our blood is necessary in order for us to survive, improve and thrive.

Reimer said...

The noisily militant section of the LGBT population (a protected class in the Brave New Manchester where vigils[!!] are held to mark nasty but nowhere-near-fatal attacks) is using and being used by elite interests to condition the rest of us into Bilderberg-compatible re-configurations. The co-ordinated roll-out of SSM in so many territories screams "Plot".

Elton has (had?) talent but not enough to cover up his stench.


Anonymous said...


God is quite clear on this matter , why the law on this type of abomination was repealed is beyond me.

Yours sincerely,

The New Statesman

Tameside Citizen said...

God. Yes the Old Testament is clear. but it also advocates genocide of the original inhabitants of Canaan. Christ on the other hand is for love and forgiveness.

"Hate the sin, love the sinner"

The reason why the law was repealed was because it was nothing more than a blackmailers charter. A law which led to the persecution of such a fine person as Alan Turing is to be condemned.

You do agree with that don't you? Given Alan Turing's contribution to the anti-nazi war effort?

PS Sir Elton ditched Labour at the last election

Anonymous said...


Whilst Christ may have had a more, dare I say it liberal view on sodomy, Our Lord is indeed uncompromising on the subject .

The biblical account of Sodom and Gomorrah, tells us that he rained down fire on that wretched town as a lesson to us all .

As for Turin, his contribution has been over cooked by liberals who wished to link intelligence with homosexuality as a cause célèbre, to 'normalise' this kind of activity and by all accounts encourage our children to get involved.

I often wonder what kind of society we would have today if Hitler had won ….......

Yours Sincerely

The New Statesman