Friday, 20 March 2015

Tameside council faces criticism from Parliamentary Commissioner ("Omdudsman")

The family of an elderly woman were faced with increased care charges when Tameside incorrectly reduced their contribution to her care home fees.

The Ombudsman found that TMBC made changes to her care contract without assessing her care needs or completing a risk assessment.. They also did not do a financial assessment with her son to see whether he could afford the extra cost. They also ignored Government guide lines. Tameside also withdrew it's offer of a settlement and has subsequently refused to pay the family anything.

Dr Jane Martin, the Ombudsman, has recommended that the council reimburse the estate of the now deceased lady with the over paid cash and an additional £250 to cover the cost and trouble of the complaint.

Yet again Tameside MBC is seen as the high handed undemocratic body it really is. The mask slips again and the ugly grasping face of Tameside is seen. Think I might refuse to pay money to Tameside. 

To view the Ombudsman's web site click Here


White Lives Do Not Matter To The Criminal Elite said...

Killer responsible for Jordan Brennan's death to be released from jail in summer after Manchester court sentencing.

The teenager who killed tragic Jordan Brennan for ‘dancing Gangnam Style’ has been jailed for just eight months.

The tearful family of the late teenager left court in distress after learning Jordan’s killer, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, will serve just half his sentence behind bars and will be released on licence in the summer.

The killer handed himself in after seeing his CCTV image in the Manchester Evening News, following a police appeal for information.

The court heard he was a straight-A student from a good family.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter in January, and has now been sentenced to eight months at Manchester Crown Court after his barrister, Kate Blackwell QC, argued that "young people should be given the opportunity to learn from their mistakes".

Read more of this unbelievable shite here: Manchester Evening News and then study the grovelling language used to convincce the readership that the killer was a 'nice boy' and he is also a victim who deserves a second chance blah blah. Would the vile and odious Manchester Evening News use the same grovelling tone had it been the immigrant who was dead and the White kid the killer? You know the answer, the traitoress scum journalists would have been baying for blood and demanding the maximum sentence available if the roles were reversed and the immigrant was dead rather than poor little Jordan (RIP). FFS, Roy West was jailed for longer than this killer for saying the word neighbour in a Youtube video. If the people of this country do not rise up soon and give the traitors the justice they deserve - they never will!

Foundation of the nation said...

Tameside is a failing borough run by low quality people.

Anonymous said...

@19:15 Roy West was jailed for 14 weeks for saying neighbour because his accusers want to punish him forever..........

Anonymous said...

Sentencing Roy West to 14 weeks, District Judge Kal Qureshi said "we deal in common sense here" said...

@19:15 very interesting read that.
Listen to this one then.

Lesbian who sexually assaulted her friend after she refused to have sex with her is spared jail again despite breaching restraining order by messaging victim.

Read more: