Tuesday, 10 March 2015

New Charter flout planning permission. Tameside council do nothing.

New Charter Homes received six plots of land for free off Tameside MBC to build social housing.

They received the appropriate planning permission, with conditions, for the sites. Planning Application 13/00180/FUL refered to the site of the former Katherine House (Opposite St Anne's Church). Among other stipulations all work on Sundays was prohibited.

On Sunday 28th September the site was seen to be working. Calls to the Planning Department produced no visible response. No one responded to the complainant either from the council or New Charter.

Work also took place on Sunday the 30th November 2014 and again the week after, 7th of December 2014. This time the complainant used the council's own on line complaint form. To  no avail, the council again did not respond.

The Council rigorously enforce their regulations against the public but ignore their chums in New Charter. Bus lanes are enforced even when there are no buses running. Italian Restaurants are threatened if they open for evening meals and feeding the pigeons is strictly discouraged.

But a building site is free to operate opposite a church on a Sunday in direct defiance of planning permission conditions.

No doubt with the building almost, if not actually, finished the guilty parties think they have got away with it. Not so. Tameside Citizen Blog have produced a leaflet telling the story of Tameside MBC's Nelsonian blind eye to breach of planning rules. One will be sent to every person we hear of who is facing problems with Tameside Planning pointing out the council's inability to behave fairly.

As for the original complainant? They have informed the local Government Ombudsman of the council's behavior with a suitable complaint.

Watch this space!


The coxs run said...

Very good article and good work.
A true champion in the cause of accountability TC.......

Anonymous said...

"The the stone the builders rejected has become the capstone"?

"Everyone who falls on the stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed."
"The teachers of the law and the chief priests looked for a way to arrest him immediately,because they knew he had spoken this parable against them.
But they were afraid of the people.

Anonymous said...

Well worth a read: The Hidden History of the Khazarian Mafia

Blood and Soil said...

Britain is on the path to destruction as a recognisable entity.

Anonymous said...

Roy West's situation is the biggest political frame up Tameside's ever known.

Anonymous said...


Typical liberal wish washy values, all that is need to house the poor is to convert one of the many abandoned mills in the area in to a work house (with a suitably high wall around it)

The land earmarked for social housing, could then be sold to developers like myself who can create wealth for those who invest and work hard.

Yours sincerely,

The New Statesman

Tameside Citizen said...

Ah. You get my point, The land should be SOLD not given away. Your idea of using an old mill for housing the poor is excelent, but has already been thought of by a local social housing land lord (cough). Unfortunately there was a gas explosion and death, but this was quickly forgotten....even though the local radio station occupied adjacent premises.