Saturday, 7 March 2015

Tameside screw money off motorists for using Bus Lanes......when there are no buses!

Thanks to a "Freedom of information" request. (My God  how Tameside must hate FoI's) it has been learned that 136 motorists were fined for using bus lanes om Christmas day, when no buses were running!. 157 were caught on Boxing Day and  134 were trapped on New Years Day, when limited services were running.

This is the clearest evidence yet that Bus Lanes were designed to screw the motorist. Cllr Peter Robinson, executive member for transport and land use said that there was a safety issue here, in that the bus lanes were also used by cyclists. (I always thought that cyclists used the pavements) They have cycle lanes anyway. Still as executive member for land use as well as transport--what an interesting combination-- it is reassuring to know that as long as he is concerning himself bus lanes he is not concerning himself with other land use, such as giving land to New Charter for free.

One final point. This story indicates that Tameside made an effort to get their staff to work on Christmas day. I am rather concerned at the mentality of persons who would give up a family Christmas to persecute their fellow man. Alternatively the prosecutions were obtained via CCTV. Which then means that some sad b****** spent their time trawling the hours of film for motorists. Yet they found it impossible to check CCTV film for a gang of con-men who robbed an elderly couple known to me.

This story is not a flattering one for Tameside. One which TMBC managed to keep out of "Call the Council"


Anonymous said...

All but one are Mon-Fri peak time bus lanes. They were left in operation on Bank Holidays purely to steal off the motorist.

Anonymous said...


I travelled by bus once when my Mercedes was in for a service , never again will I allow myself to be seated in a long metal tube filled with individuals who were quite unfamiliar with washing and basic communication skills.

To top it off the driver, a gentleman who's grandparents may have come from the colonies acted as if he had never seen a £50 note , and certainly could not give me change.

I had to borrow 50 pence off a pensioner to pay my fare, ( which ended up, as gift because he did not have an email address my PA could contact him on to return it )

A terrible experience and one which I would not want to revisit.

Yours sincerely,

The New Statesman

Tameside Citizen said...

Very enterprising of you to travel by bus, and so lucky to get such a cheap fare. May I suggest a taxi firm in future. Your PA can arrange a short term contract with a reliable firm. If you would care to e-mail us at the address on the main page we can recommend a few "right minded" firms.

Anonymous said...


My reason for choosing this form of transport over a taxi cab was because of my positive experiences of European public transport when I lived on the continent, Germany to be specific.

Travelling on the Germanic system is a quite different experience, clean, efficient and shall we say 'regulated', a real pleasure to travel.

To sum up, 'Tutonic' public transportation is a real delight.

As for using a taxi service , since returning back to England to live, I have had some horrendous experiences with drivers , who's only grasp of English is to say “Innit” after uttering an intelligible sentence.

The only saving grace is that they call you 'Boss' when paid.

I now insist on a courtesy car when the Merc is in for service …

Yours Sincerely

The New Statesman