Saturday, 7 March 2015

"New" flood of migrants on the way warn the EU. Tameside Citizen warned about this SIX YEARS ago!

The "Daily Express" today (Saturday 7th March 2015) warns of a new "flood" of migrants into the EU. Processing centres are to be set up in parts of North Africa to process the migrants and Britain will be expected to do her "bit" See here .

This "new" influx is roundly condemned by the Express and the MigrationWatch organisation who are apparently taken aback by this development. It is a pity they are not regular readers of this blog.

                             WE KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN SIX YEARS AGO.

Check this posting of six years ago and go to the second comment, by tonydj Follow the link, which we reproduce here.
 Barcelona Declaration

The Barcelona Agreement of 1995, that is 20 years ago, was an agreement between Muslim North African nations and the EU to facilitate better relations between the EU and Muslim countries with a few to facilitating more immigration to EU countries.

Where is the UKIP or "Right wing Tory" opposition to this policy. A deafening silence descends on this matter. The dog didn't bark. The elephant is in the lounge. Nothing. We have been lied to and betrayed by those who should be protecting us. Why has the "Barcelona Declaration" aka "Barcelona Agreement" been kept out of the glare of publicity. One word comes to mind.



Glenmore resident still said...

Hey TC serious question for you, do you think it was just a coincident that new charter moved an African family into Roy West's old house?

Anonymous said...

565,000 let into England in the last three years alone.
When this planned destruction was deliberately massively accelerated by Labour starting in 2000, England was ALREADY virtually the most overcrowded country in the world. In the last fifteen years countless foreign hordes and their massive numbers of offspring have poured into our land yet STILL the moronic British masses vote for those responsible, the main parties.
In May we'll have probably our last DEMOCRATIC chance to save ourselves. If we don't then it will be the duty of all patriots to do whatever is necessary to save our nation and people.

Tameside Citizen said...

@ Glenmore Resident still.

I don't know. Probably was coincidence but it's certainly ironic!

Anonymous said...

If the Internationalists tried this ethnic cleansing in countries like Russia, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Iran, Poland and the rest of eastern Europe etc there'd be mass violent patriotic opposition. In the soft, feminised, sheeplike west the masses will know accept almost anything, as long as they can keep their comforts and life of ease. Look at the non-reaction to Lee Rigby's butchery where wallowing in it was seen as the appropriate reaction rather than mass reaction. The same goes for the decades long systematic rape of White girls by gangs of Asians NO REACTION.
Britain has become a nation of spineless zombies and 'individuals'.

Anonymous said...

So TC can we speculate on the fate of Roy West at Glenmore Grove.? John Taylor is saying he was "kicked out" "removed" on his facebook account.
Was West "evicted" or given a "transfer"?

Tameside Citizen said...

Anonymous @ 20:19

My research indicates that Roy was not the tenant of the premises. His partner was. His partner was given a transfer. Roy went with her.

I honestly do live on Glenmore Grove said...

Sorry TC but I'm rather confussed on this issue.

Why would new charter housing spend in the region of £10,000 dragging West's poorly partner through the courts for two years, only to end up giving her a transfer?
Makes no sense to me unless the whole affair was malicious on their part.

Tameside Citizen said...


You are well on the way to answering your own question. It is a matter of fact that the prosecutions which led to the eviction hearing were against Roy and not his partner. But New Charter took action against his partner anyway.

New Charter behave as a law unto themselves. (Check my posting which I will be making in the next couple of days on this subject.) The BBC series "neighbourhood watched" gave a good example of this paternalistic attitude. And don't forget the searing criticism by Judge Osbourne of Roy's treatment. "A serious infringement of freedom of speech" being just one comment.

I think New Charter realised what the eviction of Roy's partner would cost them. they are after all a registered charity.

I signed roy west's election nomination papers said...

OK TC one final point on this, would this explain the news blackout?
Because Roy West's been in the newspapers more times than Jack the ripper.?

Tameside Citizen said...

@ I signed Roy West's

Your comment about the press blackout is very appropriate. No mention in the press at all. But it should be remembered that "The Reporter" and "Tameside Radio" are both owned by the New Charter Group. The Advertiser is independant but I recall it has an office in the TAC building.

Anonymous said...

TC On 2nd April 2012 Roy West and his partner made an application to exchange with another resident in Dukinfield, it was refused point blank.

The mutual exchange was refused on the 14th May 2012.

So the massive question must be, why did they drag her through the courts for two years trying to evict her then give her a transfer? There must be some malicious bastards in that new charter TC.

Tameside Citizen said...

Anonymous@ 9:53

I cannot fault your facts. And I presume you have proof of your statement.

Therefore, though I am reluctant to think ill of ANYBODY without due reason, a malicious person or persons would seem to be the logical reason for N.C.'s almost obsessive pursuit of this woman.

Check my later posting on Sunday working on a N.C. building site. They flout regulations when they want to, so a lack of moderation is endemic in their culture.

Anonymous said...

Yes there's proof TC.
What makes me angry about the whole eviction case, they knew she was under going hospital treatment only days before having to sit in court.

There was a political agenda to the eviction. Directors of new charter were key fingers in this political plot.

Anonymous said...

The whole affair involving Roy West's partner is a stain on New Charter's Charitable Status.

They know that, because they were desperate to keep it a news blackout.
If not, then what are they affraid of if they beleive they were in the right.?
New Charter pushed the boundaries of their Charitable Status.