Friday, 6 March 2015

Select Committee propose TV licence fee be replaced by house tax.

It has been suggested by a Parliamentary select committee that the TV licence fee could be replaced by a new "Poll Tax", where every house in the land pays for a licence, The money raised going to the 

This proposal is driven to a large extent by a desire to bring into liability for a licence those currently not  liable to buy a licence. People who watch "catch up" TV on their computer or i-player for example.
The frightening thing about this situation is that the BBC or their agents may well be given "right of entry" powers or even "stop and search" and "arrest"powers.

It is bad enough with a "licence" fee, but at least it can be avoided if you have no TV. This new idea will give the BBC new powers .

This appalling idea must be fought. Your attention is drawn to the contact addresses to the right of this blog.


SerpentSlayer said...

It's about time the BBC was scrapped. It has long since provided anything in the way of quality entertainment and the way it gathers it's funding is absolutely criminal. The BBC harass those struggling to get by, people who dont even own a set in many cases. All to fund low quality propaganda such as eastenders with it's middle class, liberal minded "cockneys" or the "guardian shoved in your face" crap like "a casual vacancy" or "waterloo road". Not to mention the awful parody of Doctor Who that has been showing on our screens since 2005. If we are to be forced to pay for propaganda against the British people, can they at least take it out of the money already levied to feed, treat, house and educate the hordes of "new Britons" the BBC loves to celebrate?

Pray For Blood said...

Pay the licence fee and help fund your own national, ethnic and cultural DESTRUCTION.