Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Green Party Candidate for Stalybridge and Hyde thinks Cancer is suitable fodder for humour

Above. Jenny Ross, BBC hack and Green Party candidate.

In a reference to Mr Nigel Farage's suffering in his younger days from testicular cancer this alternate comedian drew comparisons with Adolf. Hitler.

This has led to shock and condemnation from all sides, We wonder "Why the shock?" Condemnation is understandable, but shock? Did you really expect anything better from this sort of creature? Had Ed Miliband, David Cameron or Nick Clegg made these remarks then I would have been shocked. And disgusted. But a former BBC "Pop" presenter.... hardly surprising.

As an aside this incident throws an interesting light on the BBC's choice of staff. Look at  the fuss made over alleged "Racist" remarks by Jeremy Clarkson. Calls for his dismissal. But make "Right on" insulting remarks about "Right wing" politicians and its thumbs up from the muesli munchers (and other sorts of munchers as well no doubt!)

And while we are claiming that certain politicians emulate Herr Hitler it is worth remembering that at the 1989 Green Party conference a conference paper proposed the reduction of the British Population to between 30 million and 40 million. Whether  this is before or after more immigration they didn't say. Wonder whether Ms Ross will take questions on this policy? Or the UN's  "Agenda 21"

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! Behind every "progressive" touchy feely liberal lurks a fascist.

They really are disgusting, vile and very dangerous people

SerpentSlayer said...

Only dangerous if they have dumb thugs who will do as the communist filth tell them. A fair go between a red and any other human being will only end up with the commie spilling his favourite colour onto the pavement.

The Fascists of the future will be the anti-fascists said...

@12.02, I couldn’t agree more.

When I think back to the most hateful person I ever met while on BNP activity I think back to the Hapton with Park by-election back in 2003. I was telling at a polling station with an old Labour activist and a Liberal Democrat. I got on well with the Labour teller and he was in near total agreeance with me when I stated that New Labour had totally betrayed the Working Class and that if a true patriotic socialist party existed, there would be no need for a party such as the BNP. During this debate, a short, fat and extremely ugly woman from Bury who was a Liberal Democrat activist was constantly haranguing the Labour activist not to speak to me. She rolled it all out: I was evil, I was anti-democratic, I was a hater etc etc. To his credit the Labour activist did not let her put him off debating to me, but when I think back, this so called ‘liberal’ was the most intolerant bigoted person I had ever met while on a political activity. It’s a strange old world it isn’t it!

Sock it to them Pat said...

Pat Condell has released a new video on the hypocricy of 'progressives' and Muslim grooming gangs. No right thinking person could disagree with what he has to say on this matter. Watch it here.

Pray For Blood said...

Anyone who gives a F**K about where our nation is headed should go and have a look at potential "New Britain" in the Longsight/Levenshulme area.
The reason 'they' strut about like they own the place is because they DO.

Oy Vey said...

Austerity, what austerity: Holocaust memorial project boosted by £1.5m from Government

On top of the £50 million plucked out of the air for the Holocaust memorial in London. Of course the Government will also be providing a million towards the Agincourt and Waterloo commemorations respectively.

Nothing like getting your priorities right. And this is nothing like getting your priorities right! Would anyone bet against me when I say at least two out of three of our glorious Tameside MP's will be positively gushing at this 'wonderful' news?

George Osborne pledges £50m for new Holocaust memorial

Pyrrhic Victory said...

This day in 1945 the heroic defenders trapped in the Heiligenbeil Pocket
were finally crushed by the Judeo Bolshevic Asiatic hordes. The selfless deeds by the defenders of European culture and civilization who were trapped within the pocket can truly and justifiably be described as heroic. Their sacrifice, against overwhelming odds allowed tens of thousands of civilians to escape the Soviet rape machine.

Despite the heroic deeds the defenders of European culture and civilization ultimately failed and the globalist Masonic forces of Capitalism and Communism were victorious. Had it been different the world we now live in would be immeasurably better.

Enough Already! said...

£50 MILLION?? of OUR money.
Have the Jews run out of cash, somehow I doubt it. Pay for it yourselves and put it in Israel where it belongs.
You can build it near all those illegal new settlements, the ones in areas Palestinians are being cleansed from.

Anonymous said...

A despicable woman still playing on the second place win of a stand up comedian contest 10 years ago. Nothing much since.

Anonymous said...

A despicable woman still playing on the second place win of a stand up comedian contest 10 years ago. Nothing much since.