Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Solidarity with Charlie Hebdo. Stand up to anti-European terror.

This is apparently the last cartoon 'tweeted' by the French magazine "Charlie Hebdo" before the murderous attack on their offices. It is apparently the leader of "Isis". It looks pretty staid to me. Compare it to other cartoons of other people in the past.

A blood stained Hitler or General Togo as a grinning semi-monkey.
Or even an insect.

The 'offensive anti-muslim' cartoon pales into insignificance by comparison to these WW2 allied  cartoons. And there is the point often missed. It is not the cartoon which is the cause of offence but the fact that the writer / artist is disagreeing with Islam. 

But whatever the reason or cause of the mass murder in Paris we support freedom of speech and publish the last cartoon tweeted by "Charlie Hebdo" as a mark of solidarity and respect for the victims of the killers.


Islam: F**k Off. said...

Well done TC. Let's see if the mainstream British media have got the guts and principles of the murdered French satirists and publish the same cartoon on all their front pages tomorrow.
Or have the establishment's 'social cohesion' squads (craven appeasement scum) got to them already.

SerpentSlayer said...

The usual ear poison from the BBC about how most Muslims are moderates, "religion of peace" repeated ad nauseum.
The Saudi royal family (all Jews by blood apparently) are funding the spread of Islam across Europe, they are funding the wars against sovereign middle eastern nations that oppose America and Israel.
As it is, Islam is a threat to Europe, as the massive majority of mosques are of the Wahabi (forgive my spelling) variety, we have to see Islam as a problem in western nations.
Rape gangs, drug trafficking, random attacks on white people, we see it all the time and the problem will only get worse as the clans and nations of the middle east are destroyed and their remnants scattered across the middle east and Europe.
We are facing a massive threat, but we must always remember the massive threat that created it in the first place. I think the string pullers hope that enough terrorist attacks will earn Israel sympathy, but I hope that people get fed up of their homelands being used as a stage for the games of a terrible conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

All in the name of religion! Deluded individuals. Always has been and always will be a curse on humanity.

Koran. Union Jack. Decide. said...

@ Anonymous 09:57, No. One particular religion: Islam.

Reimer said...

Terrible attack in mysterious circumstances.

It takes something like this to get the latte sippers visibly agitated. Like a mob boss being burgled it's something that's meant for dull little people living elsewhere (eg squaddies crossing the road).

I don't expect to see the Establishment do much else but use this as a pretext for more of the same, and faster with it.


Intel Wants a Less White, Less Male Workforce said...

Intel wants to be less male and white. Jewish, Chief Executive Officer Brian Krzanich pledged on Tuesday to spend $300 million to boost the diversity of the workforce at Intel, which, like many other technology companies, has been criticized for employing woefully few women, blacks, and Hispanics. By 2020, Intel hopes, women and underrepresented minorities will be fully represented in its workforce.

Intel’s ambitions are admirable. The company may well be the first tech giant to publicly set aside this much money to tackle workplace diversity, even as others—including Facebook and Microsoft—have paid lip service to the topic in recent months. Yet it would be premature to consider the battle anywhere near won. Making a large company more diverse is harder than most people think.

“Diversity isn’t something you can buy quickly. It has to be an investment, and it has to take time,” says Marilyn Nagel, CEO of Watermark, a nonprofit working to increase the representation of female leaders in companies.

Curmudgeon said...

It is essential that political opponents must have the freedom to criticise those in power.
As a political blogger, I am aware that some may not like it, but it is one of the ways that people in a democratic society hold their leaders accountable and enables them to express their individual opinions as free citizens.
In a free society it is our fundamental right have our own opinions and discuss these opinions freely and without fear of reprisal or interference from the Government.
Such criticism includes not only the spoken word, but written material, images and other published or broadcast material.
However, as regards ‘hate speech’ that may incite violence -- it has become apparent that even a tolerant and free society such as ours has to put some limits on freedom of expression.
Anyone who reads the European Convention on Human Rights, (which was incorporated into UK law) will discover that there are several permitted reasons for limiting free speech, including national security, the protection of health or morals, and protection of peoples' rights and reputations.
As my old friend Bernard used to say “Everyone has the right to their opinion, it’s just that some abuse the privilege!”

Defence is no Offence said...

All the 'keep calm' pieces in the media are designed to suppress the British and European indigenous masses rightful fury at their ongoing planned destruction.
The Internationalists KNOW in a few years we'll be outnumbered in our own lands.
The sooner the fight back starts the better.

Anonymous said...

@ Curmudgeon, can you clarify what you mean by 'hate speech'.

Alf Garnett said...
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SerpentSlayer said...

The convention of human rights basically allows any form of speech to be banned, it is no protection. What is classed as moral is framed by the propaganda of the state in question.
The only form of restrictions on free speech that should exist are in the realm of slander and libel and of inciting specific crimes. Criticising certain protected groups, expressing an opinion on history or on politics should never be a crime. Not anywhere and certainly not in Britain.

Anonymous said...

Try making any comment, outside the 'accepted' mainstream view, on race and see what happens.
So much for free speech.

Anonymous said...

Here's how I see it. Islam has no place in Europe.

But its very bad manners to insult and mock what is sacred to another person. But neither should we or our children be forced to accept Islam in our culture or liberal degeneracy either.

These cultural Marxists who got shot and who support immigration insulted the Prophet of a religion, in a country full of extremists, who's religion informs them to kill those who insult their Prophet.

Liberal atheists/cultural Marxists have no right to mock religion or others who don't subscribe to their outlook.

Free speech ! don't make me laugh. France jails those who question the holocaust, that magazine sacked a cartoonist who depicted Jews in a caricature.

Amazing how the controlled media is spinning this.

Alf Garnett said...
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Pray for blood. said...

Enoch Powell looks more visionary the day. The cowards and fence sitters had better start confronting their ultimate nightmare: Picking sides.

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks said...

Alf lad, I know you have always struggled with dyslexia and I am hugely impressed by the way have battled to overcome it. Your writing is impressive as are the points of view you put forward. Well done and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news Roy West to bring the BNP back to Dukinfield/Stalybridge

secession said...

Proposals for a new Stalybridge town council. Sounds good considering the way Taylor Quinn and co. think Ashton is the centre of the Tameside universe and everywhere else irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the direction Greater Manchester is going Stalybridge would be better off back in Cheshire.

Alf Garnett said...
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Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 14/01/2015, 15:11 Roy West will not return to the BNP at this stage.
Instead it must be a return to the expenses leaflets.