Friday, 23 January 2015

Community Action "Flash Demo" defeats Bailiffs. Inspiration for us all.

Carlton, Nottingham today. Hundreds of supporters of cancer sufferer Tom Crowford turned out today in a flash demo to block the path of bailiffs (spit) and turn them back, thereby preventing him from being evicted. (check here for more details.) Leaderless Resistance, the way forward!

Don't join joint committees involving the local Labour Party or Unions. They are a part of the problem. Liaison with state approved bodies in the fight against austerity is as logical as having a joint strike committee with the boss! Use social media to announce your flash demo but keep your identity secret. The police regularly wear helmets with face covering visors and hide their shoulder numbers so we should hide our names.

It is not "cowardly" as many people in the establishment monotonously say when activists hide their faces or names. Rather it is foolish to let "Them" know who we are. If you don't believe me check the next item (above) on the blog.

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