Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy NewYear to all our readers.

A Happy new year to all and sundry in Tameside and to all our viewers where ever they may be.


Anonymous said...

2015 is a crucial year for Britain.
There is now talk from the Labour and particularly the Conservative parties about potentially running a minority government after the, increasingly unpredictable, upcoming general election.
The simple solution for the Tories of doing a pre-election deal with UKIP which would virtually ensure a large centre right government is apparently unacceptable to Mr Cameron and his ilk, i.e. he'd rather risk losing/trying to prop up an extremely unstable government than join with a party that wants only two perfectly reasonable things that the vast majority of the British people want too: an in/out EU referendum; strong action on the mass immigration chaos that is wrecking our country.
Because of our patently unfair, first past the post electoral system we could end up with a party in power that gets less of the popular vote than its main rival. Throw in the potential uproar caused by the Scottish/English votes for English laws scandal etc an undemocratic mess could be on the cards.
All because of the egos of a few power crazed individuals and an establishment infested with and obsessed by political correctness, that hasn't got the guts or will to address 'untouchable' issues.

Alf Garnett said...
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SerpentSlayer said...

This place has been crooked since Cromwell, and growing more crooked as time goes on.
Remember the saying "Every Englishman's home is his castle" it had a meaning once, now the state reserves the right to interfere in peoples private lives, tell them how to live, what decorations they can display on their houses, how they allowed to defend their property and worse.
The Queen's mother was a Bowes-Lyon, of a tribe of people who Cromwell allowed back onto our shores, Diana and Middleton are both of the Goldsmith banking dynasty on their mother's sides and closely related. The Queen is a part of the conspiracy to destroy Britain, a crucial part even. With the Monarch emblazoned on the money issued by "the bank of England", the illusion of business as usual is given.
Elizabeth Windsor is no failed monarch, not even a traitor, but an enemy masquerading as our Queen.
Her Uncle was the last hope we had of a monarch who could turn Britain into a nation worthy of it's "Great" prefix, even if he was the heir to a false line (see 1688)
The false monarchy and it's houses of oligarchy are obsolete, it's standing armed forces mere mercenaries of the financial houses the false monarchy serves.
If our nation is to be revived, it can only be revived through the implementation of the people's will and no other way.
The people's growing unrest may further this possibility, especially as the quality of the tv is declining and more and more grow hungry.

Alf Garnett said...
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Anonymous said...

Alf, not voting equals low turnout, that will help the traitorous main parties. Voting UKIP is the least worst option and is the one thing the Lib/Lab/Con are scared of.

benefits of multiculturalism said...

On your knees whitey

Anonymous said...

The general election campaigns have started with the Conservatives parroting their usual line - the economy, and Labour spouting theirs - the NHS.
The main party stitch-up is to downplay immigration and the EU as much as possible.
Any thinking British person who doesn't vote UKIP in May is in reality voting for the destruction of their people, country and identity.

Pegida said...

Germany calling

18,000 white patriots rally against Islam in Dresden said...

Germans (most of whom are Christian) are protesting the rise of Islam and whom does the church side with? Islam, of course. I can't say I am surprised.

Anonymous said...

Good points Alf. Keep the quality posts coming.