Friday, 23 January 2015

"Biggest Gang in Britain"

We rarely give a mention for a business or book but we make an exception for the works of Mr Stephen Hayes, a retired GMP detective who has now completed a trilogy of books on his life and experiences in the Manchester Police. ("Biggest gang in Britain"  "50 shades of Black and Blue" "Top Secret")

Anyone who has harboured suspicions about the GMP will find their opinions justified by Mr Hayes' revelations. But we won't spoil it for you. Go to his website, the link has been added to our list of 'approved' web-sites and see for yourself.


Reimer said...

Picture here seems to show a lovely lass but her getting so involved with a career-savage says rather a lot -

Anonymous said...

The police are by far the biggest criminals in the country, protected by the 'police federation, who's influence and power seems is as absolute and pervasive as the very worst of the 1970's trade unions.

Case after case of police brutality, corruption and in some cases murder , are swept under the carpet by weak and equally as corrupt judiciary, who know for well ,that the bully boys and girls in blue prop up a rotten establishment.

Only today a police officer who kicked a woman in the face as she was sat by her ill child bedside was acquitted of assault

Even his colleagues who witnessed the attack were applaud at his behaviour ( some gave evidence for the prosecution ),yet still he walked free from court.

As for the author of this book ,safe one presumes with a police pension , has the cheek to expose corruption in a police force he was serving in now he has retired just beggars belief.

Why did he not speak up sooner ?

Mr Chips

Anonymous said...

The whole criminal justice system was deliberately and fatally undermined when the death penalty was removed. Since it ceased to be a punishment based system the fear element, essential to maintaining order in a civilised society, has gone and leniency and all its destructive consequences has become endemic.