Sunday, 25 January 2015

Unpaid bill? No holiday for you mate! Government plan to prevent people with unpaid bills from leaving the country.

"If you are innocent you have nothing to fear". How many times have we heard this mantra, this un thinking chant, every time the Government introduces some new law against "Terrorism" or what ever happens to be the fashionable fear of the moment.

When the Government introduced it's E-Borders initiative we were told it was just to track terrorists."If you are innocent you have nothing to fear". So what has happened? Detective Superintendent Alan Crawford , head of Border Policing Command has stated that people with outstanding Warrants and fines are already subject to being stopped at the Border, but this Government has introduced a pilot scheme in Scotland which goes further.

If you owe Council Tax or TV licence you will be subjected  to the kind of control we were told was to be used for anti-terrorism. Yes, thats right, anti-terrorism legislation if you don't pay your TV licence......and you think  that the innocent have nothing to fear?

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More From The Religion of Peace said...

Click to watch these savages abusing sheep before hacking them to death. Watch and remember the suffering ofr these poor defenceless animals before you ever consider entering an establishment which sells Halal meat: Inside the halal house of horrors: Sickening footage shows 'evil' abattoir staff 'taunting sheep before hacking them to pieces'

Racist (against Whites), sexist and in Denial said...

Hopefully Marlene Guest is looking down in delight as the Labour Party paedophile colluders with Rotherham council and social services now face the threat of criminal prosecution.

More info on Labour monsters here

Anonymous said...

Any British person voting Labour must be a cretin, a lunatic or a traitor.

Anonymous said...

Well if you cannot pay your bills , how come you can afford a holiday them ?

I personally would stop them using the health service as well.

Mr Chips

Anonymous said...


Debtors prisons are an excellent idea, they could be bought back for those people who get in to debt while on benefits (hard to believe that could happen, given the generosity of allowances the unemployed get .

One 'inside' a thorough education program should be enforced with a focus on leaving within ones means as well as not getting side tracked by 'trinkets' such as mobile phones, lottery cards or sky television.

Those who complete the course should be released in to the community and paid in non transferable voucher redeemable at the food bank.

It is about time the undeserving poor were made to take responsibility for their feckless ways.

Yours sincerely

The New Statesman