Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Council leader says the council will dispose of their land as they see fit

Addressing the council meeting on Tuesday night (2nd December) Councillor K Quinn said that the council is dedicated to building affordable homes which will be "100%" for Tamesiders. In an obvious reference to comments made on local Blogs the council leader, in his keynote address, said they would continue to dispose of "their" land as they saw fit in pursuit of this aim. Presumably this means more free land for local social housing companies.

We wonder what "100%" for Tamesiders means? It is the landlord who lets the property. Is he admitting that he has control or influence over local landlords. Some local social landlords have close links with housing in Oldham. Can he guarantee a "Tameside for Tamesiders" policy will be enforceable?

Talking of local social landlords,  a motion was considered in the name of Cllr J Fitzpatrick regarding tax avoidance by major companies, listing Google, Starbucks and Vodaphone. No mention of local housing company and registered charity New Charter Homes which is able to avoid paying council tax on it's vacant property for a period of time by virtue of being a charity. Odd omission!


Alf Garnett said...
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Anonymous said...

One thing readers of this blog should understand, new charter should spend this Christmas looking back on the pain and suffering they caused Roy West's vulnerable partner.

Anonymous said...

I read that, on average, a third of council tax is spent on local government pensions.

Reimer said...

The Red Monarch speaks on behalf of his bureaucratic/ideological dynasty -

"Gaze upon my works, ye council-tax payers, and (via anonymised-IP-no.s) noisily despair".

Around 'Call The Council's place in the TV schedules, the borough stretches grubby, tatty and with buttocks bare.

Alf Garnett said...
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Anonymous said...

TC When does the next stage of the witch hunt against Roy West begin.?

Roy West's step daughter was brutally assaulted captured on CCTV months ago, and the police are still f****** about letting it run out of time so they can dismiss the assault on her.

Anonymous said...

@ 09:57 what they did was pure evil, they knew her vulnerability right from the very start of the eviction attempts.
She was diagnosed with hypertention since September 2014, at the same time that new charter enforcers were hammering on her front door.

Tameside Citizen said...

Anonymous @10.01. Roy West next appears at court on Tuesday 11th December at M/cr Crown Court

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @10:01 You strike a very interesting point I would Say.

Readers and TC compare the two police priorities here.
A young girl was brutally attacked, and it was a brutal assault if you saw the CCTV footage and the pictures after.
The attacker is well known to the police in Tameside.
The police take their time getting witness statements and viewing the CCTV evidence.
Eventually the police bring in her attacker three months latter.
She thinks there's not much hope he will be charged with anything because the police told her that he's a Paranoid schizophrenic.

Now Roy West is accused of the most minor alleged offence completely non violent, in fact you could say the he's the real victim in this one.
The police go to town on this searching CCTV in the Town asking people if they knew his whereabouts on a certain time and date.


Anonymous said...

@09:08 UPDATE The police have a week to charge the thug that brutally assaulted Roy West's step daughter.
The assault to place nearly six months ago in Ashton.
NOTE: The brutal attack was captured on CCTV and witnesses to the crime.

TC lets get one thing straight and up front here no messing about.

The plan was a simple one have Roy West's partner walking the streets homeless during the Christmas period, and have Roy West in prison.

Worthy Is The Lamb said...

Roy is ready for the next stage of his persecution he is strong in heart and ready.
It's fitting that he will face this ordeal at Christmas time.
They tried to destroy his vulnerable partner and they failed, why do you think they failed?
Roy thanks all his comrades for their support.

A jury took less than an hour to clear the pair, who have spent five months on remand prior to the trial. said...

A man accused of a baseball bat attack on a convicted child rapist said "justice has been done" after a jury cleared him and his best friend of all charges.

SerpentSlayer said...

If a man has a condition that causes him to attack people, then I would say that that is all the more reason to lock him up. He needs no motive and could attack any time.

Police 'hid' abuse of 60 girls said...

Police 'hid' abuse of 60 girls by Asian takeaway workers linked to murder of 14-year-old.

Anonymous said...

06/12/2014 17:04 just goes to show that you can't predict what a jury is going to do.

Wife of former Bradford councillor spared jail for her role in immigration scam said...

Wife of former Bradford councillor spared jail for her role in immigration scam

Anonymous said...

TC The police have changed the new charter message on their cars to "supported" by new charter.

Anonymous said...

This recent case against Roy West is a total and utter witch hunt.
They couldn't get to him through using his vulnerable partner.
So it's a case of trying something else.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone's got a restraining order out on a person/s, does it give them the a licence then to use it to spread malicious rumour in the area?
How can that sit right with JUSTICE.

Alf Garnett said...
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England 449 AD said...

The council need every penny they can get to safeguard and featherbed the enhanced pensions, pay and conditions etc of 'the elect', those who are exempt from most of the effects of any economic downturns - i.e the sacred public sector.
WHY are they exempt? Because they are.
Apart from the police, armed forces, justice sector - such as prisons, judges etc, EVERYTHING should be privatised and put on the same financial footing as the rest of us IN THE REAL WORLD.

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