Wednesday, 10 December 2014

One law for them, one law for us; New Charter flout planning rules.

New Charter's ruthlessness in dealing with tenants who are "anti-social" is well known. They were even cocky enough to appear on BBC TV in the series "Neighbourhood watched."

They are not so keen on obeying regulations.

A few weeks ago the building site on Cavendish Street, the former Katherine House, was working away on a Sunday, in breach of the planning permission granted. Tameside Citizen has been reliably informed that a complaint WAS made to the planning department. What came of it is not yet known. But what IS known is that on Sunday 30th November and last Sunday (7th December) the site was again working away!

This Blog hopes that New Charter's cavalier approach to planning regulations receives the same treatment as it would receive if it were you or I doing it....but we are not holding our breath!!


Tameside 1983 said...

very interesting 2hr vid I just found on youtube filmed around Tameside over 30 years ago. runners tour the area incl. Hyde and Ashton town centres and Wild Bank Hill. Hyde market looked a sight better even then than it does now since the council turned it into one big empty lifeless grey void bereft of character. It'll be interesting to see what treatment Ashton (the new London of Tameside) receives in comparison. In Hyde they've all but destroyed the centre of the town, gifted us with a KFC and are putting one of our finest public buildings up for sale... said...

You should have done an article on this how have you let this slip by you?