Friday, 21 November 2014

Abusive male banned from Rotherham, Rochdale, Dewsbury and other major British towns.

It would appear that it IS possible to protect women from abusive males! An American "chat-up artist" has been banned by the Home Office from entering Britain. A man called Julien Blanc  is regarded as holding views on women so offensive that he is too dangerous to be allowed in the country.

One would have thought that with the large number of people other than Blanc who have done much worse than just express unfashionable views on women, the authorities would have more dangerous people to ban from the UK. But evidently not. So one American Blanc is considered more dangerous than dozens of non-Blancs in Dewsbury, Rochdale and Rotherham..

When they want to, the government can act, never forget!


SerpentSlayer said...

How the buggery do our government pretend to be powerless to exclude foreign criminals, potentially infected people from western Africa, jihadists etc. when they can exclude people they disagree with?
It is clear to me now that our government is currently acting out the orders of a despotic and foreign elite who are dead set on reviving the worst excesses of previous Marxist states, bit by bit.
Classifying dissenting opinion as "hate speech" is the tip of the ice berg. Already we are subsumed into the EU, an entity headed by "former" communists who are now morphing the EU into a more and more convincing replica of the Soviet Union.
The eventual plan is to create a world without nation states, bar Israel perhaps, where a mongrelised mass of people are kept as an enormous underclass to work wherever needed in the world for little to no pay. As in the soviet union, any sign of competency and intelligency will be treated with murder and imprisonment as a mark of an "emergent bourgeoisie".
This is only the start, anyone with divergent opinions will be persecuted given time. Mark my words, and lets hope the support UKIP is the start of a shift in peoples behaviour.
Unless our people rebel soon, either by voting for a fully National Socialist party (or Social Nationalist, all semantics) or by open rebellion, we are finished as a people.

Anonymous said...

People like Mr Blanc are easy targets. Whereas endemic violence and oppression of women and atrocities like FGM are to be handled with kid gloves. In these cases sensitivity to the 'community' takes precedence over crime and brutality.
How do these senior coppers sleep at night.

SerpentSlayer said...

I imagine with other senior coppers, knowing a promotion will come before either of them do.

Train To Romiley said...

TC, have you heard about the case of a Stalybridge man at risk of bankruptcy due to excessive and prolonged hiring of private detectives?

Tameside Citizen said...

@ Train to Romiley
No. New news to me. Care to elaborate?

White British said...

583,000 immigrants came to Britain last year. The vast majority came to England, virtually the most overcrowded country in the world ALREADY.
But remember, vote main party next May, you don't want to be called a 'rayycisst' whilst your country is destroyed, by voting UKIP.

40% of all humans will be African by end of century said...

The future maybe nearer to the script from a Hollywood blockbuster than we ever imagined.

Hell. On Earth. said...

Imagine Nigeria or Detroit, or Haiti or Ferguson Missouri, but on a global scale...
Something to look forward to.