Thursday, 3 July 2014

Home Affairs Committee calls for ending of Female Genital Mutilation. Possible 170,000 UK victims

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM, "Female Circumcision") has been condemned by a report from the home affairs committee. Describing the situation as a "national scandal" and due to undue "cultural sensitivity" the committee, chaired by Keith Vaz MP, has called for tougher measures to be taken against those who carry out the practice on young girls. These tougher measures include the usual liberal knee jerk responses of educating the community, prosecution of those who don't report child abuse and more training for headmasters and teachers to recognise the signs of those in danger. Surprisingly there is a deafening silence from the 'Wimmin's ' movement on this issue. Even arch-feminist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown has been critical of the lack of interest shown by the feminist lobby in the issue.

The simple fact is that the liberal establishment is so far up it's collective a*** that it is frightened of doing anything that could upset the ethnic communities which engage in this revolting practice. The growing size of the ethnic voting population means that they can influence policy while the indigenous population can be relied upon to vote for their same old parties.

Meanwhile the ritual mutilation of children in the name of some primitive 'culture' goes on.


Anonymous said...

Backward, deluded people. Religion is a cancer on humanity.

Traitors Justice said...

FGM is just another one of the 'joys' of multicultural diversity. The political criminals and traitors who have willfully flooded our once green and pleasant land with primitive peoples will one day soon, I pray, have to answer to the people for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 15:47, one religion in particular certainly is.
As for the feminists, their total lack of meaningful action on this horrific, brutal indignity is an utter betrayal of the victims and absolute, craven hypocrisy.

a shocking new practice has come to the UK said...

More interesting aspects of enforced diversity:

IN April this year, two men appeared in court for the first female genital mutilation (FGM) prosecution in the UK. The charges – brought under the Female Genital Mutilation Act (2003) – had been hailed as a great leap forward in the fight against the 'barbaric' practice which has featured heavily in the media over the past year.

From one brutal procedure to another, it has now emerged a new practice from Africa – this time from the country of Cameroon – has infiltrated the UK and this one goes by the name of breast ironing. Breast ironing involves girls as young as eight having their chests punched and pounded with hot objects in order to make them disappear. In most parts of Cameroon, boys and men think that girls whose breasts have begun to grow are ready for sex so families move to delay the onset of breasts in order to ward off male attention, the chance of sexual harassment, and rape, but also to spare the family name by preventing the girl from becoming pregnant at a young age.

The UN last year identified breast ironing as one of five forgotten crimes against women and estimated that some 3.8 million Cameroonian teenagers were affected. As well as being extremely painful, it exposes girls to health problems including abscesses, cysts, infection, tissue damage, and even the disappearance of one or both breasts.

Defend the Race said...

Remember, if you DON'T want Britain filling up with alien savages, you're 'rayycisst'.