Monday, 30 June 2014

And now, something you WON'T have seen on the BBC.

On Saturday 21st June 50.000 people marched through Central London to protest against the austerity policies and the cuts. The BBC, who have the cheek to rip off the public with their astronomical TV licence, did not show one second of the march. This of course is nothing to do with the upcoming renewal of the BBC charter. It's just the Government funded TV channel being even handed and fair.

                                    THE ANTI-CUTS MARCH AS NOT SEEN ON BBC

Even more astonishing is the press  blackout surrounding the proposed plan by the government to sell off the Land Registry and the two day strike by CPS union members in protest. The proposal has now been ditched by the Government in the face of union AND senior management opposition. And the BBC report? Not a whisper.

Two major stories spiked by the BBC. Support your local Blogs, fast becoming your only independent news  sources.


Anonymous said...

The BBC Ukraine coverage - Ignore the facts and whatever you do, no professional journalism or impartial analysis: i.e. "Ukrainians - good" (even the neo Nazis), "Anything or anyone pro Russian - bad", tells you everything you need to know about this pathetic, utterly biased and unprincipled organisation

New European law says Muslims can have whole month off for Ramadan said...

A new European directive states that Muslims can have the whole month off during Ramadan on full pay.

Ramadan, for those who don’t know is the time when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Fasts this year are set last for over 19 hours. Yes, 19 hours!

From Monday any Muslim who wants to take the whole month off can apply for a special dispensation order which allows them time off for religious reasons.

One call centre worker said he was overjoyed, “This is great news for Muslims across Europe. I really can’t be bothered working during Ramadan and get headaches in the late afternoon.”