Friday, 4 July 2014

"They won't be satisfied 'till I've beaten them in the open!"

                                                         17th Lancer at the battle of Ulundi.

Today sees the anniversary of the Battle of Ulundi, 4th July 1879. it was the last battle of the Zulu War. A British all arms division crossed the Umfolozi river in one large square, four sides composed of British Red Coats, the artillery and gatling machine guns at the corners and the cavalry, 17th lancers with 1 troop of 1st (King's) Dragoon Guards in the middle of the square.

As soon as the square crossed the river the zulus struck! A series of immensely brave but finally futile attacks were made against the square only to be cut down by rifle and machine guns, with the cannons joining in. Eventually the zulu morale broke and they retreated. At this Lord Chelmsford, the British commander, ordered one side of the square to march aside to  allow the 17th Lancers out! They charged and scattered the Zulus.The regiment had last charged  at Balaclava and had justified it's existence for another 20 years.

The heading quote is by Chelmsford and referred to both the Zulus and the critics of Chelmsford at home. They felt the tactic of forming laagers of wagons  (defensive circles, often with trenches and barricades) was cowardly and not respected by the Zulus and they needed to be "beaten in the open".
The men who challenged rifles and machine guns with spears and shields in defence of their homeland.

A better topic of note than US "Independence Day".


White Trash Brit performs sex act on 20 men in Magaluf for free drink said...

They took away traditional values

They promoted morality as relative

They 'empowered' women by encouraging them to behave like dogs in heat

They discouraged shaming, they made judgement a dirty word

They promoted shamelessness with their puppet celebrities

They bred a generation of lazy, incompetent entitled cretins

And now we are sitting in the stink of it.

Is immigration a social conversation stopper? said...

Recently on Facebook I contacted two friends (who in real life are ex-colleagues from separate companies). Both are middle class English, one female and the other a male of similar age. With the male acquaintance I found that when I mentioned that I objected to a lot of overseas workers taking positions at the firm I work at, he abruptly never sent any further message or comment. Then today I exchanged several messages with the female, whom I have not contacted directly for over a year. Again, when I said I was concerned about my future due to the influx of foreign workers, she took a long time to reply compared to her previous messages (which were a few minutes apart) and in the last message just wished me good luck, but without any comment on a subject which was quite apparent.

This could be coincidence but I often suspect that even expressing the mildest of nationalist sentiments seems to cause many people to avoid revealing their own opinions or even turn them off. It really depresses me because you think it's only possible to be open about your beliefs on blogs such as this, or you get the feeling that acquaintances you've known in real life don't want to concern themselves with the problems of immigration or erosion of national identity. I think this attitude explains why Britain has got itself into the mess it has progressively over the years. Mr and Mrs Average didn't want to accept any responsibility in trying to change things, and perhaps just wanted to conform to the prevailing mindset they saw around them. What's baffling though is that I don't think I've said anything really radical at all.

SerpentSlayer said...

Despite being alien, we can learn something from the Zulus, which I believe was the intention of the article.
Our ancestors warred with the military machine of the degenerate and civilised Roman Army, usually with no armour and often without clothes at all.
Even those with nought but a sling and a dagger took to war to fight against well armed and organised murderers.
I see no difference with todays situation, they have guns, we have crossbows, slings, breadknives, the only difference is that we have no courage. 1400 years of Christianity and veneration of the subhuman has made us weak, merciful and spineless. We turn the other cheek while we should be smashing theirs!

Whitey being primed for racial extinction said...

BBC4 now, a program called Sounds of the Eighties. Guess what, not a single White act, not even a token whitey thrown in for good measure.

SerpentSlayer said...

You can see why there were no white acts, there were few worth listening to off hand all I can list are Duran Duran, Human League, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Happy Mondays, The Pet Shop Boys, Soft Cell, Iron Maiden, Venom, Bathory, Erasure, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Saxon, Motorhead, All About Eve, The Charlatans, Inspiral Carpets, hardly any really...

Watch where they flee to said...

A veteran former Conservative minister who served in the cabinet with Lord Brittan has said there “may well” have been an establishment cover-up of child abuse

The establishment, politicians, celebrities, the entire crew of filth are up to their necks in deviancy and perversion, where that is involving children then I believe we need to hang them.

Same tribe, different country, different era. Lavrenti Beria's flower game was part of the show. Poor, desperate and vulnerable kids from institutions were the play things of these vile perverted monsters.

A courageous lady from the Birmingham area who was once a leading light in the BNP tried to the blow the whistle on the practices of these abominable creatures, but just as when people were trying to expose the Muslim Grooming Gangs scandal, nobody would listen until thousands of innocents were defiled and the damage had been done.

Believe me, this is the one to watch. This persecuter of elderly Axis veterans may yet be exposed to the world for what he really is.

Anonymous said...

Great warriors were the Zulus. I once watched a film with Michael Caine about Zulus and they were very brave.

Pray For Blood said...

@ Is immigration a social conversation stopper? Yes, the pair you conversed with are absolutely typical of the selfish, gutless, dross that pass for many of the modern British folk. Trivial minded, self-seeking, spineless non-entities who believe in NOTHING and don't even know who or what they are.

Pear Tree Drive Resident said...

Excellent point @ 06/07/2014 18:48

I read a book on Beria earlier this year which highlighted his rounding up of vulnerable children off the streets of Moscow for his vile child sex parties. Sickening!

Reimer said...

Investigative journo from Exaro News talking on BBC news this evening re the Leon/Cyril/Rochdale/Elm Lodge/missing docs affair, and the newly announced inquiries -

"I've been working on this for two years...this is THE biggest political scandal since 1945".

One suspects, that like Chilcot, no stones will be turned over before the guilty have got clean away.

Anonymous said...

The New Holocaust

Bakery to be taken to court using taxpayers money to order them to bake a Bert and Ernie homosexual cake said...

You'll find a lot more cases like this, where same-sex couples who will be looking for opportunities to clamour and stamp their feet over being discriminated against. It's all about the principle - and nothing to financial compensation to soothe their damaged feelings.....

Second Class Citizen said...

While reading up on the Tour de France I stumbled upon this article regarding a brutal unprovoked gang attack on a man by an iron bar wielding gang. The victim is hospitalised with serious, probably life changing, head injuries. I immediately thought this will be yet another immigrant gang on lone White male race attack, guess what? I was correct, but as ever the description of the attack given was: nasty/senseless/unprovoked/mindless/brutal/vicious/motiveless (any word can be used at random when the victim is a native Brit).

They admit the gang who carried attack was Asian and that the victim was white, but had the tables been turned and a gang of white males attacked a lone Asian and left him with life threatening injuries do you think the words ‘nasty/senseless/unprovoked/mindless/brutal/vicious/motiveless’ would have been used or would those words all be trumped by the Big ‘R’ word? I suspect, no, in fact I know, had the tables been turned this would undoubtedly would have been classed as race attack and given national coverage but when poor old whitey is the victim he gets only local coverage only and rather than become a cause célèbre he becomes just another hidden statistic.

tonydj said...

@9:51 Bakery....
This could be an interesting case. the bakery is apparently acting this way because the baker says homosexuality is an affront to his religion.

A few years ago a muslim pharmacist at Sainsbury's refused to prescribe the 'morning after' pill because it was an affront to his religion. He won.

Interesting to see what happens here.

Curmudgeon said...

Good point, well made!

Anonymous said...

The thing to be conscious of here though is not that there was a cover-up of an elite paedophile ring at Westminster, but that our eternal enemies have deliberately selected individuals with a predilection for sexual perversions (paedophilia being one of them) for promotion into high places, because such people can be blackmailed and thereby reliably controlled.

Paedophilia (disgusting though it is) is not the central issue here, it is the systematic use of paedophilia as a means of perverting the course of politics.

We wonder why there are so many people in influential positions within our political establishment that are paedophiles, and why so many people in such positions never speak out against the genocide of our people. The reason is that people with a susceptibility to sexual perversion have been selected because of the ease with which they can be blackmailed into silence.

Thought Crime Number 3 said...

If you don't want to provide a service for someone because you think their lifestyle is deviant, degenerate etc, and helping to promote said lifestyle is likely to have a harmful effect then you shouldn't have to. Religious objections are irrelevant and shouldn't come into it.
Fascistic, state backed social engineering agenda disguised as law has no place in civilized countries.