Tuesday, 17 June 2014

"White Working Class are discriminated against." Official. But who is saying so?

The Open Society Foundation has conducted a year long survey of the Blackley area of Manchester, check here for more details.Here
The survey has caused much heated debate and comment, showing how the "White working class" feels cut off from society and unrepresented.

The Open Society Foundation is a registered charity whose address is 2nd floor Millbank Towers in London.The building was once Labour Party HQ. It Still has amongst it's residents the Justice Ministry and the World Bank's London office.

The Open Society Foundation was founded by George Soros, an Hungarian Jew and international Financier. On "Black Wednesday" (16th September 1992) his currency speculating made him $1bn, and cost the Bank of England £3.4bn. During the German occupation of Hungary he worked for the German formed "Jewish Council" handing out deportation notices. Nazi deportation . Though his father told him to warn those receiving the notices.

So the much publicised survey was conducted by a charitable trust founded by an international financier with a shady past. it makes one wonder whether the purpose of the report was really to warn the British end of the New World Order to take care it does not lose the support of the white working class to a radical political force and to keep the already established "safety valves" still going.


Get the truth out there said...

Very, very, good article

The Labour Party sold us down the river said...

Interesting piece TC. The shafting of the working class of by the party set up to fight their corner - the Labour Party will surely go down in history as one of the greatest betrayals of all time. Hopefully one day the guilty will swing for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

Enoch Powell Was Right "just off the boat"
Rape gangs, benefits scams, nhs f*****, public transport taken over by Africans 219, 201, anymore offers?

Zulu - Final Attack said...

England needs these men now!

Money = The New YHVH said...

Absolutely correct TC, witness the deluge of anti-Muslim stories (Trojan Horse Schools, Forced Marriage Laws, every Muslim terror story globally etc being given a very high profile - as opposed to previously when they were played down) transmitted on the leftie media (especially the BBC) since the disastrous (for the establishment parties) EU and council elections last month.
The idea, as with this Open Society foundation survey, is to reassure the indigenous population that 'something is being done'. Meanwhile our 'replacements' are shipped in at an ever faster rate so the money worshipping tribe of Internationalist parasites can add to their bank balance and thereby add to their control.

Reimer said...

Graham Stringer (who looks like a cheaply-made frozen lasagne that has thawed out) reproaches (New) Labour for its open-borders schtick.

Are his own hands so clean, I wonder?

Nothing racially aggravated there then... said...

Old Bailey court hears how Luton Muslim preachers left football fan covered in blood after attacking him in London

A FOOTBALL fan was left covered in blood and cowering on the floor after he was attacked by a ten-strong gang of Luton Muslim preachers, a court heard today (June 17).

Andrew White was set upon as he walked along Oxford Street in London’s West End, the Old Bailey was told.

The thugs ‘rained down blows’ on Mr White, who was punched in the back of the head, kicked and struck with a crutch, jurors were told.

Qadeer Ahmed, 29, of Althorp Road, Luton; Naseer Khan, 31, of Milfield Road, Luton; Munim Abdul, 33, of Hampton Road, Luton; Jalal Ahmed, 26, of Cavendish Road, Luton; Yousef Bashir, 34 of Dane Road, Luton; Rajib Khan, 36, of Vestry Close, Luton; Moshiur Rahman, 32, of Dane Road, Luton; Mohan Uddin, 36, of Trinity Road, Luton, and Kamran Khan, 29, of Wodecroft Road, Luton, have all admitted affray.

Alleged ringleader Abu Rahin Aziz, 32, of Hazelbury Crescent, Luton, denies affray.

He is being tried in his absence.

Opening the case, prosecutor Will Hays said: ‘This is a case about group violence, which took place in on one of the busiest streets in London.

‘It was on the 18 May, 2013 and there was before this incident a demonstration which was taking place outside the US embassy in Grosvenor Square.’

Aziz was one of those railing against US foreign policy that day, the court heard.

‘Meanwhile, while that demonstration was going on, a Dawah stall was preaching on Oxford Street on the junction with Old Quebec Street.’

‘Dawah’ means evangelising or proselytising for the Muslim faith, Mr Hays added.

‘There was some preaching going on in relation to the Muslim faith.’

Mr White had been to the Northampton Town FC and Bradford City FC match before making his way with some friends to the City of Quebec pub in Old Quebec Street, the court heard.

Shortly after 5.15pm, Mr White walked away from the pub towards the junction with Oxford Street with his hands in his pockets.

As he reached Oxford Street he was punched to the head from behind before being set upon by the large group.

He fell to the ground where he was punched and kicked repeatedly, as well as being hit with a hospital crutch, in plain view of the ‘Dawah’ stall.

‘Mr Bashir passes his crutch to another member [of the gang] who pleaded guilty…and rains down blows on Mr Andrew White, as he falls towards the floor,’ said Mr Hays.

‘Eventually the victim was able to roll out of the group, but remained on the ground, abandoned by the group and bleeding from his head and his mouth.’

Members of the public administered first aid before an ambulance crew arrived.

The prosecutor added that pub manager Christopher Smith, who had served the soccer fans, said their behaviour in the pub had been good.

Aziz is said to have triggered the violence by punching Mr White to the back of the head.

Qadeer Ahmed allegedly launched himself at Mr White, battering him on the ground using his hands and feet.

Kamran Khan also took part in the fight before harassing a group of horrified passers-by outside Top Shop.

Mohammed Khan ran into the melee and kicked and stamped on Mr White as he lay helpless on the ground, it is claimed.

Uddin allegedly armed himself with Bashir’s crutch and used it to strike the victim when he was on the floor.

Abdul, Rahman and Jalal Ahmed all took part in the fighting as well.

Jalal Ahmed is said to have ushered Asian women and children away from the area seconds before the attack was launched.

Bashir allowed his crutch to be used as a weapon and handed out leaflets during the incident, the court heard.


Matthew Wright said...

*yawn* Was it not the white British working class who voted for a Labour Party which systematically stripped them of any and all identity as an ethno-tribal group? Is it not the same white British working class who look on in almost complete indifference as their country is offered up on a plate for colonisation to the world and his wife? The answer is guilty as charged.

Traitors like the one linked are where they are because bone idle apathy or just plain bone headed stupidity prevailed the length and breadth of the land when the chips were down. When for decades you vote for a second to none anti-white establishment, don't start whining when chickens come home to roost. They deserve Matty Wright style contempt and their demise shouldn't be mourned by anyone, and that applies even more to the Tory voting white British middle class.

Any race that will not fight for its existence by the very law nature does not deserve to be in existence. And no national flag or WW2 nostalgia is going to abrogate the fact.

Anonymous said...

@01:53 yes and they deserve what they've got.

Alf Garnett said...

Matthew wright what a bag of crap you speak ? There's meny meny people that didn't vote for the crooks that's done this to our country and the same crooks these same spuds voted for has always put mine and people like me votes in the bin ? ALl this has been done and much much more by the spuds that have voted lib_lab_con for the last 40 years or so ? So pls give your head a wobble and don't say all people pls