Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Has your landlord nicked your goods by kicking you out sooner than you were originally told you would be?

TC has come across a number of incidents which are disturbing and require some investigating. If you can provide the information please send an e-mail to the whistle-blower e-address to the right of the screen.

It appears that tenants leaving their houses or flats are initially given a leaving date some time in the future. Or if not a leaving date then a date by which the premises must be emptied. The thing is that the tenant leaves with the belief that there is plenty of time to collect the furnishings etc before the deadline.

Then enters the landlord's representative / employee who gives them 24....48 hours to shift the gear...or else! More rent or losing the property. Or pay extra to have the premises emptied. And the landlord has access to a second hand shop.

Sound familiar? Let us know. Please keep the replies to this posting on topic. Facts please, not rumour or guess work.


Anonymous said...

If your landlord is going to try and evict you, then don't leave voluntary let them force you out.

Tameside Citizen said...

No anonymous'16;40. This is not happening to people being evicted but to families of dead tenants or to tenants voluntarily leaving.

Power To The People said...

@16:40 it is very important that you never give in. Even if you are in the wrong, a home is a home let them take you to court and force you out.

Anonymous said...

@17:12 even worse.

Anonymous said...

Is that not a Roman salute.?

SerpentSlayer said...

The salute predates the Romans. It was the common greeting across all the Aryan world until the decline.
Everyone from Hittites to the Viking Scandinavians used it.