Saturday, 28 June 2014

Centenary of the greatest tragedy to strike Europe since The Thirty Years War.

On this day one hundred years ago in the city of Sarajevo the heir apparent to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was assassinated.

The Arch-Duke Franz-Ferdinand and his wife Sophia were shot by a Bosnian Serb Radical, Gavrilo Princip in what was arguably the most inept political murder ever. Having failed miserably to kill his intended victims with a bomb one assassin was arrested, Another, Princip, was returning home when the car carrying the Royal couple took a wrong turning and stopped close by. He swiftly pulled out a pistol and shot dead both Franz Ferdinand and Sophie.

The rest is, literally, history. In the following six weeks the crisis escalated, armies mobilised for a war which would "be over by Christmas" but  which dragged on for four bloody years.

Eight years ago I visited Vienna and went into the military museum. There I stood next to the car, still with the bullet holes, in which the Royal pair met their deaths. I shivered. That car WAS the twentieth century. The slaughter ground of Flanders, millions dead in Africa, Europe, Asia, revolutions, Bolshevism, Fascism, Nazism, the holocaust, end of Empire, nuclear weapons, cold war, all came about as a result of what happened to that car exactly one hundred years ago today.

No more Brothers' wars.

Top of page, the Royal pair, bottom Gavrilo Princip.


The Forgotten Holocaust said...

The Secret Holocaust in Ukraine

Anonymous said...

Total tragedy which started our national downfall. With so many good men needlessly killed it opened the door to the cowards and traitors to take over.

Anonymous said...

Blame the French. It should've been a war between central and eastern Europe before those interfering idiots joined the fray. Something similar might be said of WW2 as well, although it was Britain and France combined who were sticking their nose in there where it didn't belong.

Anonymous said...

Satan lives in every man, man is never fully clean.
If Satan lives in the Zionist arm then Palestinians will be murdered in their beds.

Paul Weston Arrested for Quoting Churchill said...

Yes this is England!

Anonymous said...

@19:03 This is madhouse Britain play the RACE card everytime.
English means SLAVE!
JUST keep shopping and watching the tely you'll be just fine.

I clean my gun and dream of Galveston said...

Never Give In, even if you need to suffer to stand your ground.

Anonymous said...

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life".

Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

Well over a million British died in the two world wars combined. The question (as always) is, what for...

Anonymous said...

Next week begins the two day trial to evict Roy West's vulnerable partner from her home.
I emphases the word "trial" beacuse this word is normally used against someone that's been accused of doing something wrong.
Roy West's partner is not being accused of anything yet she's on "trial".
This is not a Roy West posting, but someone with an interest to see that JUSTICE is seen to be done.

You have to laugh or else you would cry said...

A baby boom means Salford will need to have provided the equivalent of 28 new primary schools by the end of the decade.

The council has already spent £12m in the last three years creating 1,500 new reception class spaces.

By September 2015 the borough will have created the equivalent of 14 new primary schools through massive expansion of existing buildings and sites over five years at 14 schools.

But the soaring birth rate means education bosses will need to do the same again by 2020.

City Mayor, Ian Stewart said: ”It means the city is growing fast, bringing increased prosperity, jobs and new homes.

Pray For Blood said...

@ You have to laugh or else you would cry, this insane and dangerous level of immigrant led population explosion is nationwide. Someone should ask the Salford and national authorities if they think there's such a thing as population growth that's TOO fast.
Just don't expect an honest answer.

Anonymous said...

@18:13 This is what new charter housing are saying in black and white.
Any action to remove Roy West from the property in their view, would be unsuccessful because he's her carer.
So their action is to try and evict his vulnerable partner to remove him from the property, yet they offer to re-house her but not Roy West.

Anonymous said...

TC Here's some police priorities.
Roy West's, partners, daughter seriously assaulted in Ashton on the 26/6/2014 punched in the eye three times by a man serious damage to eye, and arms due to a chair being thrown at her.
It's now the 30th and no police visit to take a statement.

BBC dumbs down WW1 with foul-mouthed rap said...

Millions of lives trivialised in this garbage. Watch here.

Anonymous said...

Salford's always been a toilet of a place anyway. Nestled by the hills here in Tameside I'm not likely to be affected by any population boom in Manchester and its overspill any time soon.