Thursday, 26 June 2014

Tameside MBC subject of complaint to Office of the Information Commissioner.

Regular contributor to this blog and frequent election candidate Anthony David Jones has reported Tameside MBC to the office of the Information Commissioner. He is complaining that he received an inadequate response to his Freedom of Information request and that the council have not replied to his request for an internal review of their handling of the case.

This is not the first complaint against TMBC for their handling of an FoI request. We urge our readers to visit the "What do they know" site. It is a very interesting site and well repays study.



Anonymous said...

me thinks a mighty Conflict of Interest case might ensue opening up the can of worms or the proverbial Pandora's Box.
prime case of kick the can and it might get lost.

Anonymous said...

“representative” democracy is a veil. Our acquiescence, compliance and conformity to this system achieved nothing.

2 year old toddler tries to save mother who is savagely attacked by negress in park said...

Published on 26 Jun 2014

Police are searching for a woman seen on an amateur video savagely beating another woman as the victim's 2-year-old son watched and pleaded for the violence to stop. Link No accusations of racism in this instance.

Sardine says: Wake up whitey because if you don't you will become despised minority on a crowded crime ridden jungle said...

The population of the UK grew by more than 400,000 last year, according to the latest official figures.

The Office for National Statistics estimated there were 64.1 million people in the UK in June 2013, a rise of 0.63% on the previous year.

Just over half of the growth was accounted for by natural change - births minus deaths - while net migration represented 46% of the rise.

Anonymous said...

Repeatedly ignoring it is very strange as it takes no time at all to send a stalling reply while they sort it out.

Anonymous said...

The reason why an English man will find himself a slave in his our land, a foreigner can always play the race card in any situation and the English man's account of what took place will not be believed.
That's the reality, no matter how many times you put your side of the story the cards are stacked against the English man or woman.

Anonymous said...

The population of the UK grew by 400,000 IN ONE YEAR.
That's on top of the massive increases of the last fifteen years, and on top of the fact that England (where the vast majority of them will go) was ALREADY virtually the most densely populated country in the world. Christ knows what the real population density is now.
Someone tell 'Browntrousers' Cameron. We know he doesn't give a toss about Britain or its ongoing destruction, but when he realises this issue might cost him his job as PM, the one thing he REALLY cares about, he might wake up.

Anonymous said...

@10:52 I AGREE!

Anonymous said...

What employer in his right mind would hire any of these people.
I suspect none.The only thing open to them seems to be self employed.
That said,how many taxis,cheap rags,cellphone cases etc. and bazaar stores are necessary.
Ashton Market seems to be prime example of misplaced entrepreneurship.