Saturday, 17 May 2014

The odd and sinister world of AGENDA 21

Agenda 21 was adopted by the UN at the 1992 Rio Summit. Almost immeadiately Tameside jumped on board and used, if not overused, the Agenda 21 buzz word "Sustainable" Check the council response in 2001.

Check the UN original planAgenda 21

Agenda 21 is the UN Agenda for the 21st century.It is symbolized  by a logo representing 3 'E's. These stand for Equity, Economy and Environmental

Equity stresses the precautionary principle. No one is to be hurt or punished in case they are innocent.
Economy sees the abolition of private venture and more public-private links. Something Tamesiders are used to! Finally Environmental places nature above man. Need we be reminded of the flooding earlier this year? Where it was learned that EU directives had been  invoked preventing anti-flooding measures. Nature before man.

And finally population control. Agenda21 sees a world population of 500million. We are not told how this s to be achieved, And if you think this is made up remember that in 1989 there was a serious suggestion from the Green Party that the UK population should somehow be reduced to 30 or 40 million. And this Blog has already commented on the eagerness to stop teenage pregnancies.

This is a long and complex subject. Readers are advised to Google "Local Agenda21" and "Tameside" for a few good reads.


More than just an agenda said...

"significant breach of the freedom of speech"

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article, and considering that new charter solicitors have offically confirmed that they monitor the Citizen, I say this gives all the more power to this article.

Anonymous said...

I find that interseting - Equity stresses the precautionary principle. No one is to be hurt or punished in case they are innocent.

Controlled Media Reporting said...

18:23 Highly significant thing for a judge to say in this day and age. So significant for the qoute, that Cllr John Taylor needed to grow a thicker skin.
Not reported in the local media, of course it would have show the general public that there is two sides to this story, or should I say persecution?

Anonymous said...

Readers of this blog must understand, that new charter housing is a threat to anyone that they see as a challenger to their growing power base.
They will target vulnerable people in order to get to their opponents.
New charter housing see this blog as a threat to their growing power base in Tameside.
People may say that there's too many articles on here about new charter.
No, in future people will look back on these articles with amazement "what did you do daddy to fight this evil"
It's coming to anyone they see as a threat.
The vulnerable in our society will become objects for new charter to play with.

Anonymous said...

I would say to TC, that, being too over cautious could prevent the blog and posters from getting stuck in to matters and debate.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin is right when he talks about the internet, the powers that be can't controll it.
Griffin knows the power of the internet, the ability to get the message out is immense.
The BNP youth video
now reached 405,206 views in a week.

(I Vow To Thee) said...

We have lost the Great Man said in 1955 "keep Britain white" would be a good slogan to use.

Christian said...

All contributors to the Tameside Citizen and other blogs/forums should read this article.

Anonymous said...

The problem with your link Christian is that the organisation known as 'western spring' is nothing more than a well oiled money making machine, who ask people to stump up as soon as they make contact.

They also make promises they cannot hope to keep, chiefly their laughable claim that they will take the country back within a decade or so and return it back to its old all-white self. It would seem that anyone who dares question this grand masterplan and its chances of success is to be labelled a troll, an MI5 operative or a leftist.

I know because I debated with WS members on other forums, and like virtually all traditional British Nationalists they have yet to grasp the meaning of 'cloud cuckoo land' and 'when hell freezes over' etc. The people you should avoid like the plague are people like Max Musson.

Anonymous said...

Will you join us "did you think I would leave you dying when there's room on my horse for two!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11:10, the criminal justice system used to be based on punishment. In 1965 the death penalty was suspended. From that date the planned destruction of a punishment based criminal justice system has continued apace.
It is now based on non-existent 'concepts' like rehabilitation and reform that were specifically invented to create disorder and confusion and instil the insanity of 'collective responsibility'. Once PERSONAL responsibility is removed, civilisation's are doomed.

SerpentSlayer said...

I dont think that applies too much to here Christian.
It makes a good point though and I read Western Spring regularly. Stormfront is a nest of JIDF trolls and the like, I gave up on it as soon as I grew out of it.
You should always be wary of trolls and troublemakers anyway, dont let them get you down.

The Last of the British said...

A very well put together and simple to understand article on exponential growth. If you do not have this basic knowledge of why the ongoing invasion of our land will lead to total catastrophe you should do yourself a favour and read the article.

sevanskotz oy vey said...

Illegal BNP leaflet reported to the police. Was the leaflet reported by an eagle eyed member of the public or by a Gravy Train riding Labourite traitor?