Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Meeting on benefits justice and the bedroom tax.

The following item is taken from the "Northern Voices" Blogsite. It is reproduced here as  a service to interested individuals.  This Blog wishes them well.

ANTI Bedroom tax and benefit cuts campaigners across England and Wales are meeting 7 June in Manchester to decide our next steps to beat the Bedroom Tax and benefit cuts:

Scottish Bed Tax Federation, Owen Jones and MP Linda Riordan (who voted against the Welfare cap) invited; DPAC and trade union speakers; plus legal session on how to stop evictions, and on benefit sanctions and workfare.

Make sure you're there, and your group sends people to hear what's happening across Britain and decide what we do next. We need plans to keep politicians under pressure on Bedroom Tax and benefit cuts in the election year.

What you can do now:
* Send suggestions and proposals for the event * let us know who's coming *ask unions and others to help pay for travel *bring photos and reports

Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice national meeting:
7 June 12-5pm Central Hall Oldham St Manchester M1 1JQ. 

Eileen Short
Anti Bedroom Tax and Benefit Justice Federation (England and Wales)


RIP Stephen said...

Stephen Sutton has passed away. What an inspirational young man. Rest in peace Stephen.Life is so unfair at times. Why should God take someone as good as him at such a young age yet let thieving scum politicians live to old age?

SerpentSlayer said...

Nothing happens for no reason and we must remember that life here is only temporary but our souls endure.
The gods may claim some of us before we grow old, the norns may cut a short thread for some, evil beings may endure, but after we live our honour and our deeds decide our fate in the next world and our place should we return to earth.
Those traitorous scoundrels who enable and encourage their peoples demise will find that no matter how long they evade death, their acts in this lifetime will ensure that their souls will diminish and condemn them to an existence of torture, be it in the underworld or as a ruinous spirit doomed to further evils cause and be strafed by the forces of light for eternity.

Anonymous said...

Spoke to my neighbour today, a retired professional gentlemen. He's very well travelled and intelligent though fairly apolitical, but like many of his generation he had an inherent faith in the authorities and establishment in general, to play fair and do what's in Britain's best interests.
After telling me he would be voting UKIP for the first time he professed his astonishment at: the main parties ceaseless onslaught on UKIP (as opposed to campaigning on their OWN policies,) and the blatant anti-UKIP hostility and prejudice in the media. Finally stating that the main three parties needed a 'bloody good shake up'.
If this gentleman's views are as representative of a wider public as I believe they are, Mr Farage might be right and the absolutely necessary 'political earthquake' might be about to start.

Woman sentenced to death for converting to Christianity said...

Repeat after me: Islam is a religion of peace and tolerence. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerence. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerence. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerence.
The Labour Party are the party best suited to defend the interests of the working class. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerence. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerence. Islam is a religion of peace and tolerence.


Ukip are the new Nazis said...

This is the same treatment meted out to the BNP. People tried to warn Ukip on this blog and were abused and insulted. Enjoy your future new "Nazi" boys.


Immigration - The EU's Dirtiest Secret said...


Anonymous said...

Presumably whoever invited one of the speakers, Linda Riordan, must have overlooked her own track record in the Parliamentary expenses scandal. Caught with her hands in the till.

And don't start me on that Owen Jones. Professional gobshite with nothing of value to add to anything. The socialist ship sails under the flag of convenence for him. It's nothing but a means to further his media aspirations.

All in all, two individuals who leave you with good cause to give this meeting a wide berth

Jobcentre Plus said...

On the subject of benefits, check out this star giving the upstart Jobcentre staff what for and getting sympathy from the police. In the next video he tells her he's not happy with the video she's put on yt.

Anonymous said...

Tories and Ukip neck and neck in Dukinfield local elections.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't UKIP now being accused of scaremongering after the predicted immigration deluge from Romania and Bulgaria failed to materialise? As Griffo correctly pointed out, UKIP are an anti-white civic nationalist outfit who single white migrants out as a soft target.

In his debate with Clegg, I recall Farage complaining that unrestricted immigration from Europe unfairly discriminates against immigration from former non-white commonwealth countries. Yes frog face, Britain does have a shortage of immigrants from those wonderful far off lands. doesn't it??

LBC said...

Watch Farage squirm in this 20 minute interview this morning with James O'Brien - especially when pressed on the fact that his own wife and kids are foreign.

Friend of George Galloway standing as Tory candidate said...

Islamist leader of Mega Mosque bid and ally of George Galloway picked as TORY candidate!

An Islamist leader of the campaign to build a “mega mosque” near Britain’s Olympic Stadium is standing as a Tory in this month’s council elections, raising concerns about the party’s vetting procedures.


Conservative candidate Michael Fadaka guilty of cheating council in £30,000 benefits scam said...

A second Tory candidate was also released on police bail in connection with a separate investigation into an alleged election offence in Tower Hamlets. Jewel Islam, 38, of Southern Grove in Mile End, blamed the council for “not providing sufficient guidelines” and denied making a mistake.

He has been suspended from the local Tory party though the party stressed it is not yet clear whether he has committed any offence.


Anonymous said...

New charter know they've targeted a vulnerable woman for eviction, the worse part is, they've read all the background reports on her.
They've admitted she is vulnerable and that she's done nothing wrong, on that basis they expect to evict her?
It's going to be a major challenge for charter not to mention the bad publiticty for them.
I think they've become so used to saying we're new charter we can do what we want.

Defending the indifensible said...

The liberal, almost universally White dhimmis queuing up to defend Islam in the UK over the last few years have been increasingly conspicuous by their silence and absence more recently, as the true and full nature of 'British' Islam becomes absolutely apparent.

Anonymous said...

Nigel Farage has just appeared on the James O’Brien show, and it’s one of the most amazing radio interviews I’ve ever heard.

It started with the Ukip leader attempting to defend his party over charges of racism. It ended with his Communications Director Patrick O’Flynn interrupting the interview live on air and then, according to LBC staff, physically dragging him out of the studio off camera.

What happened in between has effectively finished Nigel Farage’s political career. To understand why, you have to listen to the interview in its entirety. In particular, the moment when O’Brien pulls the Ukip leader into another attempt to defend his statement that people would rightly be alarmed if a group of Romanians moved next door.

First Farage denies he said it. Then he repeats it. Then he implies Romanians are criminals. Then he claims they’re people traffickers. The killer moment comes when O’Brien asks him what would be the difference between Romanians moving next door and Germans, citing Nigel Farage’s own German wife and children. Farage responds: “You know the difference”.

Nigel Farage’s intention was to destroy the perception that Ukip has crossed a line with its anti-immigration euro election campaign. Instead, he has cast that perception in stone.

It reminded me of the moment Nick Griffin went on Question Time. The mask slipped, and Griffin and the BNP never recovered.

“You know the difference”. The mask has slipped for Nigel Farage. There is no way back now.

tonydj said...

anonymous @ 12:51
I must have listened to / viewed a different O'Brien programme than you.

First off, O'Brien seemed to have a problem with Farage having a German wife and children prompting O'Brien to ask "What's the difference between a group of young Romanian men moving in next door and a group of German children" errr...if O'Brien can't see the difference he shouldn't be a journalist!

"Crossing the line on anti-immigration" It's time someone did! And Nick Griffin's showing on question time was a deliberate spoiling job. The alleged scuffle involving Farage is barely audible and not visible so how you can draw the conclusion you have is beyond me.

SerpentSlayer said...

Well if a load of German children moved in next door I would be worried. Where are there parents?!
Still better than a load of men turning up, hearing techno music and shots of "Dmitri give it me harder" would spoil anyone's night.

Anonymous said...


I think for most people a "group of men" of any nationality moving into a house next door might provoke a certain amount of curiosity and unease, more so than it would a couple with kids. The question we should ask ourselves is whether Nige would in any circumstances speak of Germans in the same tones as he does Romanians and Poles etc.... Quite clearly he's in favour of a bit white internationalism himself.

Anonymous said...

Don't mention German's for God's sake someone will play the RACE card because he/she takes offence.

Anonymous said...

Mind eh...... Why is a mental health charity getting involved, is it because it may have access to tenants medical records perchance? Phone up(name redacted)at Ashton Mind , I am sure they will be more than happy to tell you!

Anonymous said...

@ 20:13 great post

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 12:41, you're even more out of touch with public opinion than David Cameron. Both of you are in for a rude awakening on May 23rd.

Anonymous said...

James O'Brien's really got the pulse of the British people hasn't he, not.
Well done Farage for standing up so well to such a constant onslaught from a patently hostile, biased media which is now firmly in the back pocket of the stagnant, corrupt, traitorous public elite, all of whom are in for the mother of all kickings on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Instead of spouting platitudes, could you explain why Farage should not be regarded as anything other than a hypocrite when his own wife is German?

When the leader of a political party singles out immigration from Europe as the greatest calamity to beset our nation since WW2, he might lead by example by not importing foreigners from Europe himself in the dubious name of 'love', unless it is that he regards British women as not being good enough. If a man whinged endlessly about the awfulness of immigration to Britain from the oriental far east whilst also being married to a Korean woman, some people might find the two positions irreconcilable.

Unless I'm missing something here, Farage really ought to have the good grace to remain somewhat mute in any such discussion, which perhaps might also include not being leader of a party like UKIP! Otherwise you end up looking a bit silly when confronted with simple raw logic which men like O'Brien have an extremely good grasp of.

tonydj said...

The following is a cut and paste of the result of a google search on "90% of ATM crime"

Cashpoint card snatches treble: Romanian crime gangs ...

6 Jun 2013 - Over the past year the number of thefts related to ATMs has trebled and police intelligence suggests more than 90 per cent are linked to ...

Romanian gangs behind nine in ten cashpoint robberies ...


25 Mar 2012 - This picture of a baby rolling in money plundered from British bank accounts was just one image found by police when they raided a safe house ...

92% Of ATM Crime In London Last Year Committed By Romanians

Do you get the drift anon@16:17? Not Germans, Romanians, who are flooding into the UK because of their love of Cricket, warm beer and the hope of a job.

Genuine Pro-White said...

Sorry Tony, Romanians are not responsible for all the crime the likes of you and Farage attempt to pin on them, Roma Gypsies are.

You may be pro British Tony, but you're also a divisive jingoistic anti-white national chauvinist of the very worst kind.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 16:17, if you like 'raw logic': Farage, has married ONE German, so what.
Britain, is being deluged by uncontrolled, mass immigration.
Sensible, necessary, controlled immigration is good.
Lunatic, unnecessary, uncontrolled, mass immigration is bad.

Anonymous said...


In case you weren't aware, Farage and UKIP campaign on the basis that we have an open door to HALF A BILLION from Europe. One would presume that figure includes the population of Germany and not just Romania.

One would also presume that Farage and his German wife have themselves taken advantage of one such 'open door' to this country. And presumably, his wife has in her time taken jobs and local resources in this country which could've gone to a native British lady had Nigel been nationalist minded enough to find and marry her.

Farage chooses divisive rhetoric against Europeans in Britain, and as such he should expect to get mud slung back.

tonydj said...

@genuine pro-white
You concede that there is a problem with "people from Romania" then. You prefer to be more discerning in your description of them than I am. Non-the-less the police figures are quite specific. If you wish to doubt those figures that is your choice.

Anon @01:03
In 1948 when the British Nationality Act became law only a few far-sighted people realised that it would mean mass non-white immigration into Britain. And these were dismissed as scare-mongers and cranks.

I am no friend of Farage but he has often said he is not against immigration so his German wife is not an hypocrisy.

To sum up. The crimes discussed above are committed by Romanian Citizens. If YOU want to differentiate between innocent "normal" Romanians and Roma Gypsies then that is ok with me....but it's a bit "Racist" isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Look around our towns and cities, and you certainly do get the feeling that immigration from Europe *sarcasm* is our biggest problem. 40 years ago one could understand such concerns, but in 'modern Britain' you might expect people to reassess priorities.

Roma aside, when good old British nationalists jump on the kosher Daily Mail civic nationalist UKIP bandwagon in fretting over too many white people coming into the country, then you know we've lost the plot. Jobs and local resources are one thing, grooming gangs and fast changing demographics are another matter entirely....

Anonymous said...

UKIP is currently the least worst option for British voters.
A party of this membership size and mass popularity genuinely frightens the establishment parties.