Monday, 12 May 2014

E.U. set to bug every new car....but only the guilty need worry...ha ha ha!

For once a truly disturbing story, remember this when it comes to voting for your MEP later this month.

Under EU plans, every new car sold in UK will have a 'black box' device.Gadget contains a phone-like SIM card which tracks drivers' movements. Designed to help emergency services find vehicles in the event of crash. Government believes the device will add at least £100 to the cost of cars. It is  feared it could be used by police to monitor motorists' moves.
Government ministers admit they are powerless to stop Big Brother technology.All new car models will have to include 'eCall' device from October 2015.

So here we are then. The EU.S.S.R. is here. 1984 is just 30 years late. Anyone travelling to a demonstration, meeting or unapproved of activity will be easily targeted by the state, who will undoubtedly be unable to use the technology to monitor crooks, sex-groomers or terrorists in case it interferers with their human rights..

More details here Car bug


Anonymous said...

Another disturbing trend similar to the biometric chip now present in all new passports.

Of course we are told that these measures are to tackle crime and terrorism, but you do wonder if the real reason is to keep us under even more surveillance.

Baa Baa White Sheep said...

The sheeple of the west aren't interested or bothered and the shepherds know it.

Anonymous said...

It's so frustrating when you know the TRUTH and things have been fabricated.
But TRUTH does have an habbit of coming out in the end.