Monday, 12 May 2014

Potential tenants undergo training to be "responsible tenant and neighbour." Sounds familiar?

According to a news story on (communities section) a recently held "Activities week"involving Tameside charities will help participants to find a home to live in.

Two participants "look set" to move into their own accommodation while two others are to be interviewed by prospective landlords after participating in a "skill share" week organised by "Great Lives", described as an "Activity service" funded by TMBC and run by Threshold with support from Foundation UK, Tameside,Oldham and Glossop MIND, St Peter's Partnership.....and New Charter.

Ten people took part in activities aimed at "boosting lifestyles", "sewing and cooking" being a "responsible tenant and neighbour", and "skills for the workplace".

A Mr Andrew Atherton of Threshold said that "both social landlords and private landlords are increasingly concerned that tenants have the broad range of life skills needed to live successfully in their homes before handing over the keys." The week was organised by Great Lives, funded by TMBC and run by Threshold.

Threshold is in fact Threshold Housing Project ltd. Its registered office is New Charter's HQ at Cavendish 249. Great Lives is also TMBC funded and is described as the "Activity Service" of Threshold/

So there it is. prospective tenants have to earn their tenancy now. It is not enough to merely pay the rent on time, you must be a good citizen and have the correct attitude. Mmmmmm sounds familiar.

But this is not the only joint effort by New Charter and Threshold.  They have produced a "Mockumentary" film about the problems of homeless and vulnerable people. (wonder if it covers eviction?)

I wonder what is the point of this film? More to the point, did TMBC in these straightened times spend any of OUR cash on it? We don't need films to tell us about the problems of homelessness or poverty or benefits cuts. Many (most?) of us know from our own experience. We want solutions. Funding a film is a good cop out. A piece of masterly inactivity. Doing nothing while appearing to do something.


Anonymous said...

Undergo is one word.

Tameside Citizen said...

Oooops, that's what comes of working too late! Well spotted.