Sunday, 4 May 2014

At least Jeremy Clarkson didn't praise a mass murderer.

If we are to believe the media this is the face of the most hated man in Britain. All because he repeated "The N word". That's all he did. In fact it was so terrible a crime that no one bothered to see what happened in London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday. Just study the following photos to see what I mean.
Yes! That's "Uncle Joe" Stalin. Mass murderer of 30 million? 40 ? Who knows. And on the smaller banner old Karl himself with V I Ulanov (aka Lenin) and local Stalybridge mill owner and master of the Cheshire hunt Frederich Engels.
Now imagine if these were pictures of Hitler, Mussolini or Franco? Or even Jeremy Clarkson! The great unwashed would have turned up en masse to protest, disrupt or riot . Assuming the march had not been banned, largely thanks to a media press campaign. The sort of thing the media are good at when it's Jeremy or UKIP they are going against. But not Marxist mass murderers.


Freedom of Speech said...

Correct, it is pure hypocrisy to allow parades praising the biggest state murder project in history. Yet anything even mildly so-called 'Right Wing' - like questioning mass, uncontrolled immigration into what is virtually the most overcrowded country in the world, England - is portrayed as 'racist' and demonised as being akin to child murder.
AS for Clarkson and his alleged use of the word nigger, it's an unpleasant epithet but it isn't a criminal offence to say it, unless it's used in a specific context.

Tick,tick,tick... said...

There is far too much state encouraged fake 'outrage' about the use of such terms. If someone called someone a 'fat b*****d' or a 'bald c**t' during an argument there would be no question of a police response, even in the extremely unlikely event they were called. If a fat or bald person were insulted they'd simply take it on the chin.
But if a supposed racial element was involved in the insult it would now be treated as some sort of major crime, regardless of the fact that a brief, minor slanging match is no business of anyone but those concerned.
The race issue in general has been blown up out of all proportion by a state petrified that one tiny spark might ignite the massive keg of social gunpowder that is the inevitable result of their planned, uncontrolled mass immigration policy.

Anonymous said...

THE WORLD WIDE WEB IS A THREAT TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER. It reaches out of the local area to the far reaches of the corner of the EARTH.
It really is a remarkable thing.

Anonymous said...

The likes of John Taylor can't control the internet/world wide web it must be frustrating for him, because he is an authoritarian.
He's not Socialist in any way shape or form.
He lives a RICH life with regular holidays in the SUN, that's not for most people is it? people just struggle to pay bills, food for their kids.

Reimer said...

Got little pity for Clarkson given his abject grovelling to the Twitter-account-holding activists over an apparent slip of the tongue.

Yes, the lop-sided distribution in veneration of the various totalitarian regimes is a remarkable feature of our times. Still, I don't suppose Uncle Joe ever dissed Doreen Lawrence, so we should all strive to see the good in him.

Cockit watched It made it said...

Spread links to this blog far and wide, to every corner of the world to every website, promote, promote, promote it EVERYWHERE!

Anonymous said...

@ Reimer, St Doreen to you.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Joe, the pipe smoking psycho.

wasted opportunity said...

Just watched the Ukip ppb, what a diabolical effort.

Anonymous said...

Mr John Cooke you must be prepared being branded a racist for standing for UKIP.
I have to admit, that you stand a fair chance of unseating Jackie Lane in Dukinfield.
People are desperate for change in Duki.
What you need is a good campaign to get the fed up vote out.
Judging from what people are saying, expectations are high for a UKIP win in Dukinfield or push Labour to having palpitations.

British/English said...

Best of luck to UKIP.