Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Playing the Race Card

As polling day gets closer and the election....or should that be elections...get rougher....we can expect the usual tried and tested dirty tricks to be trotted out by Labour and , to a lesser extent, the other parties. T.C. wonders how long it will be before our friend pictured above joins the fray? Yes, its Mr Race Card.

Undoubtedly it will be played against the couple of BNP council candidates. It would be news if it was not! But expect UKIP to have it used against them. Several posters on other threads have already suggested this will happen. Perhaps a small discussion on this topic is called for?

This blog accuses no one of racism. We may guess or suggest who may be ACCUSED but this blog accuses no one. 

So why is our little friend so busy? My suggestion is simple. With all the facts available to it, the STATE is the best  informed body in the UK. What it does with the information is another matter but it is the best informed. And it knows that whatever word you choose to use....racism.... nationalism... extreme right wing....xenophobia......the feelings described by that word are more widespread and held by more people than is realised by the population as a whole. The state knows this and is terrified. Hence the sometimes apparently irrational behaviour of state authorities. Far from irrational they are logical. Take for example the draconian treatment of people making "racist remarks" on twitter or facebook. Has anyone actually been incited to break the law? No. But the state can not take any chances because it knows how fragile the situation is. 

Our own TMBC has admitted in print that it "suppresses sensationalist reporting" in the cause of  "community cohesion". that's "censorship" in "oldspeak" Going back to the Notting Hill Riots of the 1950's the state has always harshly treated "extreme" outpourings by the majority white population. Because they are more widely held than they dare  admit. Consider the speed with which "racists" are prosecuted compared to Jimmy Saville, Stewart Hall or Cyril Smith. Compare the rough treatment on "Question Time" doled out to Nick Griffin with the kid glove treatment of Gerry Adams recently. 

One last fact. In the 2001 Census the number of people in London describing themselves as "White British" was 4,287,861 (59.79%).  In 2011 it was 3,669,284 (44.89%)

That is a total loss of  just over 618000. Why did they leave? Careful, our little friend at the top is getting restless!


Save our people said...

The number of 'Race' related stories has significantly increased in the media recently and guess what, there's an election due.
The reason is that the demonisation of UKIP has failed because the reality of what's being done to our country is now so totally obvious. So as an alternative, the media/establishment's next 'card' is the 'White guilt' one.
Let's hope the British people see this hatred of the indigenous population, card for the evil, traitorous lie it is and finally wake up and vote for their own salvation.

Reimer said...

Yes, the media arm of the liberal establishment is in full cry lately. Anti-UKIP smears seem to have diminished in past few days, their place taken by stuff intended to demoralise us over the supposed inevitability of mulatto sectarian Britain, and the elite's need to tack with it.

Labour's vote base will not be touched by anything short of their physical extermination.

What's White and yellow? Time will tell. said...

The media race stories and emphasis onslaught is designed to engender hopelessness amongst the British people.
Someone's got it in for the White Race as it's only White western countries who are having wholesale, constant anti-'racist' propaganda AND mass immigration foisted upon them.