Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"Major success" in reducing teenage pregnancies in Tameside.

It has been announced by Tameside MBC that teenage pregnancies are the lowest since records started being collected in 1998. Conception rates for girls aged 15 to 17 dropped from  45.2 per thousand  to  32.7 per thousand.

Everyone concerned with the reduction seem very happy with it. But we ask....Why? What IS so wrong with teenage pregnancy per se . Every health professional interviewed over this matter is besides themselves with joy, why?

Let us ask a few rhetorical questions, make a few non-PC observations, about teenage pregnancy.

First off, sex under the age of 15 is illegal. So a pregnant 15 yr old or under means a crime has been committed. Not to be encouraged. But 16+ is legal. So why the fuss, the objection?

I am talking now of the objections of the state authorities, the health bodies, councils, the medical profession etc. Parents of the young parents can be forgiven, can be excused, for their lack of enthusiasm regarding their 16 year old's pregnancy. They know the work and problems involved in parenthood. But why the concern of the state? Don't tell me it's concern for the welfare of either set of kids! THIS shower of Tory in-breds currently in power CARING?

No. Behind the mask of concern is the simple answer of Eugenics, of population manipulation. There is no need for a large urban workforce of  native Brits. Poles are cheaper and overseas producers less troublesome and less likely to strike. "We" are no longer needed by "Them" so we are to be subjected to a bloodless genocide. Read the reports in the local press this week or here . Observe that condoms are advocated. There is no talk of morality, no urging of sexual restraint or decent behaviour. Just an avoidance of pregnancy.

So there you have it. The propagation of the native British is to be discouraged. I may be wrong but until someone comes along with a better answer to the question "What IS wrong with teenage pregnancy?" I will stick with it.


Anonymous said...

The idea behind promoting contraception is to simultaneously INCREASE promiscuity and all its destructive effects on the character and personality of the participants (especially the young) and society at large, whilst DECREASING British population numbers.
Age, whilst a factor, isn't the essence of the plan. The destruction of decency and restraint IS.

SerpentSlayer said...

Girls are at the best of their physical ability to bear children in their teens. Economic and social pressures urge women to wait until later in life and to have fewer children and it is only aimed at our girls, it is genocide.
Forcing a people to have fewer children by any means is recognised by even the most blackhearted of governments as genocide and that is what this is all about.
To those who can I say multiply, our unwelcome guests have no such qualms.

tonydj said...

There is a lot of truth in the two postings @21;54 @21:38

Gerry Adams questioned by police said...

Gerry Adams arrested for questioning over 1972 IRA slaying

Unfinished Business said...

Adams is a major figure, the speculation will be either: there's some new information worth asking him about, or it's a 'reminder'. 'They' have got a habit of finding out if someone's not been sticking to the plan.

Anonymous said...

For those who have nothing much to restrain, contraception may seem offensive. But for those of us not hung up on 19th century religious dogma, contraception represents an intelligent way of putting nature under the control of man.

SerpentSlayer said...

Since when is it profitable for man to hold nature in his thrall. Wherever man manipulates nature, nature is harmed by man.
Where man farms animals, man mutates that animal by breeding into an unhealthy beast who needs man to live and puts other less profitable species to death.
Where man burns forests and covers earth to build cities, he slays that once living place to fill it with more dead things he has gathered and assembled.
Where man covers his nature with chemical scent and paint, he deceives his own senses as to which of his components should pair and thus weakens his race.
Where sex becomes pleasure free of the possibility of child birth men mate with women they would never breed with and foster relations that bind them to that mate and not only is the act cheapened and practised by those unmarried and unable to properly raise offspring as man and wife but by those who have made bad pairings and fostered love through the imitation of mating and thus weakening the race.
Nature should control man, man has no right to try and control nature. Nature can not be controlled, it is a fine balance that once messed with brings whole species and ecosystems to their deaths and replaces them.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 16:27, the post isn't about individual use of contraceptives but about one aspect of the planned genocide of an ethnic group.

Anonymous said...

In that case ss throw away your toothbrush and allow nature to take its course. In fact apply that thinking to every aspect of your life and see what happens.

I see that channel 5 want to use Roy Wests videos now said...


I hope you're well and sorry to contact you randomly through YouTube.

I'm working on a new series for Channel 5 called 'Angry Britain' which is produced by Mentorn Media ( We want to explore what makes us angry and do this by looking at various topical issues. Each programme will feature a number of different issues with various clips, contributors and interviews.

One of the subjects we would like to cover is Fly Tipping/graffiti/dog fowling. As you probably know, Fly tipping is a subject close to many peoples heart and we would like to hear from people who have personal experience and would like to share their story coupled with self shot footage. I saw your videos and wanted to ask you a few questions about it .

Please do let me know if this is something you would like to talk to us about it.

Angry Man! Kept A Lid On It said...

Being snatched from one's family can make you VERY angry, and bitter, and can most certainly leave a lasting bitterness.

It's not just drink talking said...

And so my king died, and my brothers died, barely a year ago. Long I pondered my king's cryptic talk of victory. Time has proven him wise, for from free Greek to free Greek, the word was spread that bold Leonidas and his three hundred, so far from home, laid down their lives. Not just for Sparta, but for all Greece and the promise this country holds.

SerpentSlayer said...

I'm sure most humans could live perfectly well without any modern conveniences, providing we make efforts to restore the country back to how it was before industrialisation.
And I'm fairly sure we could go without toothbrushes, if we did not eat food stuffed with sugar and all sorts of other rubbish.

Anonymous said...


Well no-one's forcing you to live with anaesthetics, cosmetics, motor vehicles, electricity and the rest. There's plenty of spare public land where you can return to 10,000 BC and live off stream water and nettle pudding.

Anonymous said...

We can reveal that high level police did visit Roy West last night at his home.
There has been a conspiracy to bring violence to Roy West and his family.

How GREAT is God? said...

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Old English (Ireland) said...

The Old English (Irish: Seanghaill, meaning "old foreigners") were the descendants of the settlers who came to Ireland from Wales, Normandy, and England after the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169–71. The term is generally used by scholars for residents of The Pale and Irish towns after the mid-16th century, who became increasingly opposed to the Protestant New English who arrived in Ireland after the Tudor conquest of Ireland in the 16th and 17th centuries. Many of the Old English were dispossessed in the political and religious conflicts of the 16th and 17th centuries, largely due to their continued adherence to the Roman Catholic religion. As a result the distinction between Old English and Native Irish largely disappeared by 1700, as they were both equally barred from positions of wealth and power by the so-called New English settlers, who became known as the Protestant Ascendancy.

The earliest known reference to the term 'Old English' is in the 1580s[2] The community of Norman descent prior to then used numerous epithets to describe themselves (such as "Englishmen born in Ireland" or "English-Irish"), but it was only as a result of the political cess crisis of the 1580s that a group identifying itself as the Old English community actually emerged.

Der F├╝hrer spricht im Berliner Sportpalast said...

The White Race Had It's Chance.

Relativity said...

Hitler, a 'horrible' man who stood up for the White race.

Richard Delleman said...

It is a U.N. Agenda for all their Chartered nations to depopulate. The U.N.'s World Education Organization and their World Health Organization has authority to initiate their "Alternat Sex" programs in schools, TV programs, and USA government's will into our culture!