Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Cherie Blair's half-sister and step-mum stand in Tameside for the greens. One of them was a client of Max Clifford.

Audenshaw Green Candidate Nancy Jaeger is a long way from home. She has been described as a Swiss born daughter of an American Diplomat but in 1998 the Daily Mirror claimed she was  Canadian born.

In 1988 she married actor Tony Booth of "til death us do part 'Scouse git' " fame. this would make her Cherie Blair's step-mother and Tony Blair's step-mother in-law. (Phew).

They had an acrimonious post divorce period. Claiming he was on benefits Tony Booth refused to pay maintenance   to Nancy for their daughter Joanna (Jo). Nancy retaliated by informing the authorities that he had £9000 salted away in a Swiss bank account.  Nancy claims that she was told her case was 'sensitive' due to the Downing Street connection.  The Daily Mirror reported (17th August 1998) that calls to Ms Jaeger were being handled by Max Clifford, the recently disgraced PR man. In 1998 her house was reported to be worth £100k

Joanna (Jo) is the Green candidate for Droylsden West. She is thus Cherie Blair's half Sister.

Max Clifford, related to Labour's elite, Swiss bank accounts, and the Greens dare lecture US!


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Anonymous said...

Vote Conservative in Dukinfield, not SHEEP in Wolves clothing (ukip)

Red Horizon said...

The Lib/Lab/Con have agreed a cross party deal to try and brand UKIP as racist in the run up to the May 22nd council and European elections.
The main parties' total and now absolutely manifest failure to even mention, let alone address, the most crucial issues in our nation's history: the immigration and EU issues, should be their death knell. That of course is up to the British people to decide. The evidence on mass immigration and its utterly destructive effects on our nation's: identity, survival, social cohesion, infrastructure, overcrowding and our civilised values is irrefutable, unavoidable and mountainous. That and the patently obvious fact that the Lib/Lab/Con will not do, and have no intention of doing, anything about it means that anyone voting for them is either: a traitor, extremely stupid, deluded, utterly selfish (don't rock the boat I've got a comfy seat), or actively WANTS the destruction of our country.

Reimer said...

looks like Eddie Izzard, that other bien-pensant advocate of monied borderless internationalism as "tolerance".

Carl Rogers said...

To state that she Cherie Blair's half sister and step mum is pushing it a bit!

She was married to Tony Booth for a while at the time when Cherie booth must have been 45 years old - so hardly a child.

Although I have not spoken to or seen Nancy in over a decade, I thought she was a good Mum and a totally nice person - bright to boot.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of relatives I see the NEW Ballagher candidate for Duki/Staly is the daughter of the one the electorate got rid of a few years ago.