Friday, 25 April 2014

Roy West to appear in Crown Court next month

Appearing at Tameside Magistrates Court on Wednesday 23 rd April Roy West elected for trial by jury. He is accused of breaching a restraining order by allegedly publishing an internet link from a blog site to another site which featured one of his neighbours. Mr West will appear in Crown Court .


Anonymous said...

The true scale of Britain’s “open door” policy is laid bare in official figures showing how 16 individuals have fought deportation for so long their bed and board alone has cost £1.5million.

Anonymous said...

There's been a high level conspiracy against Roy West and the evidence is there to be seen.
The trial by jury would most certainly reveal the high stakes for those involved, thus I suspect they will try to block it.

Liam said...

It is highly unfortunate that Roy isn't standing in Dukinfield in the local elections. He should tell the public of his persecution just because he tells the truth over greedy Labour councillors.

In the dock said...

Jury trials generally tend to get ALL the truth out.

Anonymous said...

What do these neighbours want to do with this man.

Anonymous said...

@11:30 Roy West recognises the quality of the person that made that comment. And thanks him very much.

SerpentSlayer said...

We know who is being harassed and it isn't some sick sadist and his gravy train riding wife.

Anonymous said...

Now I sit by my window
And I watch the cars go by
I fear I'll do some damage
One fine day
But I would not be convicted
By a jury of my peers

We Have All Been Conned said...

We are constantly being told, via. the controlled media, that mass immigration is good for Britain both culturally and economically.

I remain unclear however, as to how importing paedophiles, criminal gangs and religious fanatics benefits us in any cultural way whatsoever. This being so, I will set that issue aside for discussion by wiser observers than myself and I shall look instead for evidence of the so-called economic benefits immigration supposedly brings.

Historians tell us that ‘Peak Britain’ viz. the time when Britain reached the height of its powers, was in 1912.

Whist there existed both poverty and hardship here at home at that time, we nonetheless had a firm and prosperous manufacturing base along with the largest and best equipped army and navy in the world. We had global reach and global influence. We were, in 1912, perhaps the most powerful nation the world had ever seen.

Of significance, we somehow managed to achieved this position of world domination and greatness all by ourselves and without the help of millions of third world immigrants.

Looking at Britain today, a hundred years later, we see a very different picture indeed - for in my own lifetime, I have seen Britain spiral downwards in every sense of the word.

Since the imposition of mass immigration, which began in 1948 we now see, not a great and powerful nation, but instead an impoverished nation our worldwide influence gone forever and with our armed forces reduced to a fraction of their former numbers.

Our manufacturing base has been exported to cheap labour, third world countries whilst we, in turn, import unskilled people from those self-same countries.

Our once proud working people are now demoralised, down trodden and forced, because of enforced unemployment and benefit cuts - and to our nation’s shame - to beg for food at food banks.

Despite this appalling situation the government are nonetheless intent upon cutting benefits even more and in any shame less way they can - what sort of mind thought up the ‘bedroom tax’ for God’s sake and what will they think of next I wonder in order to impoverish our people even more?

Indeed, cuts of any and all descriptions, and from all providers, is now the norm. Not just at a national level but also those services provided by local councils - such as road repairs.

It is said that the wellbeing of any nation can be judged by the state of its bank notes and the condition of its road. I have not seen a five pound note for sometime that has not been falling to bits and as for the state of our roads - I need say no more.

We see our National Dept at an eye watering £1.5 trillion…and rising by the day.

We see our National Health Service tittering on the edge of financial collapse.

We see our schools bursting at the seams and unable to cope with the high number of immigrant children.

We see our maternity hospitals flooded with third world mothers pushing the system to its very limits.

I read, just the other day, that many people have now given up all hope of one day owning a home of their own and have resigned themselves to renting forever more. So much for Thatcher’s, home owning, Britain.

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, we are nonetheless still told, ad nauseam, that immigration creates wealth and, if this is indeed the case, then my only question is - where is it?

Where is all the wealth supposedly created by immigrants over the past sixty years?

Given that immigration does indeed create wealth and given the high level of immigration into our country, why is Britain not the wealthiest nation on the planet? Why all the cuts? Why all the austerity measures?

Indeed, I would ask yet again - where is the evidence to support the claim that immigration creates wealth?

Anonymous said...

Roy West the Pest is his own worst enemy. I know he's not Public Enemy No.1 but he does have a habit of attracting bother.

Not one of his little BNP clique on this blog have specified exactly what this 'conspiracy' is. They go all around the houses and through the woods with vague and nebulous tales about supposed persecution that leaves any outsider none the wiser.

He was told to leave his neighbours alone, is that asking too much? Who keeps obsessively posting about blood sports on here? Why don't his friends tell him to calm down and just back off from his perceived enemies and persecutors?

So people, what is this high-up grand conspiracy against West? There must be some raw facts we curious fence sitters can sink our teeth into. I admit I'm slow on the up-take, but I'm sure with a bit of perseverance I'll cotton on to this cryptic Orwellian conspiracy of sorts lurking in the shadows.

Those on here who champion West's cause can champion it in a more logical and factual way if they want their purpose to be taken seriously.

Christian said...

"Not one of his little BNP clique on this blog have specified exactly what this 'conspiracy' is."

The vast majority of BNP members, past and present, including myself, saw Roy West as a total embarrassment, and some of us actually voted to get rid of him.

There may be one or two cranks who still support him, but they are massively outnumbered by those who see him for what he really is; namely, a troublemaker.
Nigel Byrne

Anonymous said...

@25/04/2014 21:40 very interesting you mention blood sports this point
"Who keeps obsessively posting about blood sports"
So what you are saying is, that Roy West's opposition to blood sports is harassment against his neighbours? very interesting concept this one.
I seem to remember John Taylor being fiercely opposed to hunting with dogs but for some reason he's been turned away from the cause?

Anonymous said...

@21:40 Anonymous you must be one of the few that doesn't know what's been going on. You obviously don't want to see any conspiracy, although it's staring you in the FACE.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 21:40, if you'd ever stood, leafleted or canvassed for an 'unacceptable' party you'd have seen the true face of mainstream local politics. West's judgement is sometimes poor but his trivial 'offences' got him a grossly disproportionate amount of police attention and eventually sent to prison.
There is no Tameside BNP anymore, and West hasn't got any 'supporters' just people who know from experience that the borough is a rotten, stagnant pseudo-democracy with many self-seekers and bully boys in power who will descend to the gutter against particular opponents.
Some of the material put out in the past against West are infinitely worse and more vile than anything he's ever done.

Anonymous said...

@21:40 so all opposition to blood sports is a Roy West phenomenon then?
Wow! The books need to be looked at again and rewritten.
All anti blood sports, groups and organisations must adhere to the restrictions place on Roy West.

Anonymous said...

Put your hand on the Bible and tell the truth and the whole truth....not half truths and lies.

Alf Garnett said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

If you publish graphic pictures of dogs hunting and going down fox holes on the world wide web, then why single out Roy West if people take them out of context.?
The anti blood sports is a big movement ranging from little old ladies to hard core activists.
Why is Roy West held responsible for all opposition to blood sports.?
During one of Roy West's many court appearances the judge was told that he was staring at his neighbours, the judge said that something like that could never be policed.
Did you that Roy West has been reported for whistling in his garden.
If that is not persecution then what is.?

Anonymous said...

Dr David Kelly, Princess Diana, JFK perhaps. But Royston West....

Either put up or shut up. It may well be the case that Roy gets up the nose of the local police for a number of reasons, making them a touch over-zealous when the latest allegation comes through.

I simply don't believe that West is that important a figure to warrant any kind of 'conspiracy'. As I recall on his first conviction in 2008 he was allowed to remain in his home, which undermines any claim that dark forces are out to get him. The man would've been toast one or another long before now if such were the case. I'm sure the police etc have much better things to do with their time.

All this talk of conspiracy does is boost the man's ego and sense of victimhood status even more. Generally speaking, conspiracies against people normally take the form of something a bit more substantial than tit-for-tat neighbour disputes. For West, the local police station is a revolving door phenomenon for utterly petty transgressions that probably do nothing but waste police time much to their continual annoyance.

Anonymous said...

I mean, who would report someone for whistling? He's been reported for staring, looking out of his window, cutting holes in a private fence so his nieghbours could see flags.
Hiding behind the fence in his own garden. The man is persecuted to death. If Roy West shows any sighs of patriotism he gets arrested and harassed by the police.
He gets called vile names while his grandchild is playing in the garden.

Anonymous said...

People need to know what Roy West is being reported for and why it takes six police officers to arrest him at a time.
I believe that if people understand what Roy West is actually being reported for, then people will see that Roy West is the victim of malicious reporting.
OK Roy West is not perfect but getting reported for whistling in his own garden. Not just that, there's a whole series of malicious reports just like that one.

Anonymous said...

You can be a 'troublemaker' AND be persecuted and punished grossly beyond 'offences' committed.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just hang this man and have done with it instead of doing it slowly.
@11:30 not only that, they want to destroy is vulnerable partner whose done nothing wrong.
You must understand that Roy West's accusers have lost vasts amounts of weight because he's looked out of his window at them, and had the front to whistle while in his garden.
Why would you ever report someone for things like that.? People can say want you want about Roy West but just look at the petty things he's being reported for.
Silent harassment, what's that.?
That's why the judge at the injunction looked upon all this with contempt. If Roy West puts a flag out it becomes a police matter and needs six police officers to arrest him. People really do need to look at this with a sense of JUSTICE! The man is being persecuted.

Tameside Citizen said...

Ladies, Gentlemen, please refrain from personal attacks against named individuals .

Anonymous said...

Unless West's defenders live by his side 24/7, they're no better placed than anyone else to judge since all they have to go off is his word on things.

The point about blood sports was that West obsessively posts on the issue in some sort of attempt to get at his neighbours. That alone informs us of the man's mentality and behaviour, and one can only guess what life must be like living next door to the man. That doesn't mean it isn't a case of six of one and half a dozen of the other, far from it. But observing the man's online activity alone, 'restraining orders' come as little surprise.

Case in point - a video camera from next door. Why didn't West just set up his own rival filming scheme directed likewise back at his neighbours? Infantile tit for tat nonsense can work both ways if one is up for it. But no, instead he landed himself back in front of the courts for shouting his mouth off.

Anonymous said...

@19:31 I think he feels persecuted because he's had to sit in front of a judge, accused of silent harassment, listening to people's conversations while in his own garden, looking out of his window laughing, the terrible crime of whistling, staring out of his window at people, hiding behind the fence in his own garden, don't forget that terrible crime of showing patriotism by using flags and poppies, this stuff just goes on and on.
He will get reported just for breathing next. If you can't see it then no amount of information will make you see, that there's two sides of the story.

The above is an example of Roy West's long reign of terror in his neighbourhood.

Anonymous said...

@19:31 he remained in his home because new charter housing backed away from the bad publicity it would have created for them.

Anonymous said...

That's why Roy West's accusers dislike this blog so much, they don't want people to know they've reported him for things like whistling while in his own garden.
So if the postman comes up to the front door whistling and sets the dogs off barking do they report him for harassment? of course they don't.
Since when has it become a crime to whistle? Oh yes when Roy West does it. It's things like this that people should beware of, there is two sides to this Roy West story.
The fact is, that he has been reported for whistling and setting dogs of barking.

Anonymous said...

I voted for this man twice but I believed what the papers had to say about him. On reflection I think he's been set up by his nieghbours and their friends in the council.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 09:44, you're posting obsessively on West. If he's so unimportant why bother.

tonydj said...

I believe blogger and local activist Steve Starlord was once warned by his landlord New Charter for "Looking out of the window". so it's not just Roy.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember when West used to bombard John Taylor's blog with constant spam all day every day? And apparently there was more besides, which resulted in another restraining order being issued. Apparently the only reason Taylor allowed him to do it was so he could build up a case against him.

But of course, all Roy's guilty of is whistling and stealing oxygen if you listen to his ever loyal fan club on here.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree said...

Message for Roy West.

I observed your short film on YouTube recently that resulted in your imprisonment for breaching a restraining order, and one thing struck me very clearly: The DVD that you held in front of the camera (which you claimed contained evidence of your neighbour filming you) was contained within a highly unusual sleeve - the type of sleeve that BNP officials used to receive with their monthly officials' update DVD.

Now you claimed in the film that the said DVD was pushed through your letterbox anonymously. So have another think about who pushed it through?

Grandiose delusions said...

With friends like Christian you hardly need enemies.

Fools are blind said...

00:48 He never said the DVD was pushed through HIS door anonymously.

Peeping Tom said...

@ 22:46 well does it not strike you as BEING rather odd that Roy's reign of supposed terror against his neighbours has NEVER been captured on 24 hour CCTV? bare in mind, FACT! Roy has been filmed in his own front garden.

Anonymous said...

@ 22:46 I do remember the JUDGE saying, during the new charter injunction case against Roy West Quote: "I think Councillor Taylor needs to grow a thicker skin."
Not to mention this Quote: "This injunction is a significant breach of the freedom of speech."

Anonymous said...

Vote ukip

Anonymous said...

Watched the video not one time does he mention the DVD being pushed through his door

Anonymous said...

anon 2214:

Since you obviously didn't notice, this is a thread about Roy West. Therefore, one would expect posts on Roy West. If you don't like that perhaps you might want to go elsewhere.

You're the same sad individual who's been parroting that accusation for the last five years or so at anyone who criticises the man. If you're not one of his loyal fanclub groupies and you dare contradict anything they say, then you are(apparently) 'obsessed'. And considering the number of posts on West on this blog in recent years, perhaps you'd care to lecture the blog author about his 'obsession' too.

And I hate to disappoint you, but far from being 'obsessed' it's more a question of laughs. The man provides good light entertainment, and like all fine comedy it's good while it lasts. Unlike your hero's schemes and vendettas, life carries on for the rest of us as normal once the chuckling's over. The only thing I find odd is how the likes of Taylor took the man so seriously.

Spending 90 minutes watching the Three Stooges doesn't make one 'obsessed'. I could easily digest a good 90 minute film on West if made from the perspective of someone sane.

Anonymous said...

I believe this blog is shortly being renamed the Roy West Archives.

Banned BNP 2014 Broadcast said...

Full unedited, UNCENSORED 2014 BNP Election Broadcast. This broadcast was banned from TV by the BBC and other controlled media TV stations -- another example of how they deny the British people a voice. Only the BNP is censored by the corrupt political Establishment, because they tell the truth.

Christian said...

This blog has been saturated with coverage of the trials and tribulations of Roy West since its inception in 2007 thanks to the activities of the blog's original administrator, who stepped down in January of this year due to outside pressure.

The previous administrator encouraged Roy West by inflating his ego and endlessly setting him up against John Taylor - mainly on this blog.

Mr West could do himself a huge favour by looking much more closely at the aforementioned administrator to see if there is anything amiss. In my view there is plenty.

Beware Of The Boobah said...

Roy West is a true champion of the people. He is respected by many and he has paid a heavy toll for being right when the ruling cabal is wrong. One day they will build statues to people such as Roy West.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 12:35, you really are obsessed. If he's such a boring non-entity ignore him.
Whatever West's flaws, he has on numerous occasions in the past put head and shoulders above the parapet to stand up for what he believes in (like many others who post on here) and paid the price.

Anonymous said...

Another botched execution in Oklahoma. It's about time America scrapped the death penalty

Polish Defence League - A Warning To Muslims said...

See how these people view whats happened in England, France, Italy ect.....

Anonymous said...

Thinking about it, I suppose I am obsessed with Roy West. The man is the source of fine comedy, and how anyone be it his friends or enemies can take him seriously is beyond me.

My only obsession with West is that I enjoy the man's Calamity James antics and Inspector Clouseau adventurisms, in much the same way I enjoy Laurel & Hardy and Mr Bean. In an age devoid of quality entertainment of the humorous variety, the man is an absolute treasure.

SerpentSlayer said...

I think the idea of scrapping the death penalty is ludicrous. Especially based on the suffering of people who kill or the unreliability of drugs used to kill them. Bullets are cheap, ropes are cheap, if the executioners weren't so worried about appearing to be humane towards the least humane of humanity, they could be far more efficient in sending evil to the dirtiest regions of the underworld as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Nigel you've not mentioned the time you went round to Roy's house to tell him that Taylor was posting smear leaflets about him.

Anonymous said...

The reason they've got this bug about Roy West, it's his activism they FEAR.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 10:16, What do you think about West's repeatedly standing for election on patriotic principle for 'unacceptable' parties and having the courage to take the flak and abuse for it?

Suffer. Die. said...

Carey Lockett got off extremely lightly during his botched execution.
He was convicted of shooting 19 year old Stephanie Neiman and watching as two accomplices buried her alive in 1999. Neiman and a friend had interrupted them as they robbed a home.
Charles Warner who was scheduled to be executed just after Lockett was convicted of of raping and killing his roommate's 11 month old daughter. His execution has unfortunately been temporarily suspended.
Think very carefully before upholding the right to live, or right not to undergo extreme suffering of beasts like these who rape babies and brutally murder young women.
The only rights that matter in cases like this are the posthumous rights of the victims, and society's right to appropriately punish acts of such appalling degradation, savagery and evil.

Philadelphia Blogspot said...

The thing that you people don't understand about the death penalty is -- it just feels so good. It feels so right. It was better in the old days, of course; like when a sniveling 12 year old brat could be hung for stealing. And sometimes four or five people might get hanged on the same day -- one after another.

Those were the days! A whole crowd of folks could have a picnic while waiting and then.....thwak! The bad guy would drop and somebody's neck would get stretched good. A real good moral lesson for everybody and fine entertainment rolled into one.

Nowadays they try to keep the public out. Why? I don't know. People are so soft these days. Nowadays you just get a vicarious thrill reading about an execution......and to be honest......that's not much. A giddy little moment of satisfaction and that's all.

Nowadays they try to make it all clinical and painless and then somebody's vein collapses and it takes a little longer to die. People get all emotional about it. I'll tell you what would get people's blood pumping.....bring back burning at the stake, drawing and quartering and crucifixion. Maybe feed a few really bad people to the lions. You'd sure get some ratings if you put that on pay-per-view. It would definitely beat watching Pop Idol or even Cops.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1825:

West is a trouble magnet, and it's the trouble he attracts that gives him his sense of purpose in life. That's what the likes of Taylor and Kruger don't appreciate, he's one best avoided.

I saw the way West obsessively stalked Taylor all day every day on his blog. So perhaps you'd care to explain why an earth the local BNP put someone like that forward as a suitable candidate to represent the people of Dukinfield in local government.

Perhaps you'd care to give us your assessment of how West would've performed as a local politician. And do please provide an answer that takes full account of his subsequent behaviour, you know, harassment and restraining orders etc.

SerpentSlayer said...

Philadelphia Blogspot, I agree with almost everything you have just said and with absolutely nothing of what you meant.
Evil is evil and we are far from the days of summary execution of the poor for minor crimes, a man who is known to have slain a female in cold blood, or someone have severely disable, killed or raped a child or anybody who commits atrocities against the unarmed or the weak should be hanged, burned, quartered, beheaded, flayed and dragged through the streets or in other ways be properly destroyed and to be seem to be destroyed. Good people should have no reason to fear the presence of such monstrosities in our midst.
When the people of this country have the power to bring back real justice, I would like to see you speak up for the men who rape children and the people who steal from the poor to feather their own nests, I really would. Living in a society such as ours I have gotten rather used to the taste of fear and I imagine it would ooze from you for several miles in radius.

Anonymous said...

@20:20 Stalking that's a bit strong is it something like you are doing now obsessively posting about West?

Anonymous said...

@30/04/2014 20:20 I think that you are doing a good job of obsessively stalking Mr West at this point.
And no wonder you stay Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I am posting ABOUT him, not AT HIM. Since you clearly don't even understand such basic concepts as stalking there was obviously more than one half-wit in the local BNP.

Also - I'm no more obsessed with posting about West than you clearly are in perpetually defending him, so button it.

Anonymous said...

One outstanding point in this RECENT Roy West saga. Pointing out that Councillor Brian Wild supported Mr West's neighbours in Court.
Must remind people that Mr Brian Wild is a sitting magistrate.
As you can see there's no cause to believe in conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

@ Philadelphia Blogspot, What do you think is an appropriate punishment for the rape and murder of an 11 month old baby?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 20:20, West's mistakes aren't in dispute, the question was what do you make of his long term political commitment and patriotism in the face of persistent abuse, demonisation etc, the same as many other Nationalist candidates received.
I don't speak for the BNP but perhaps he was one of the miniscule minority actually PREPARED to stand (the BNP got a million votes in 2009 and 2010 and many others supported their policies and views but were dissuaded from voting - let alone standing - out of fear of being 'tainted' by association with a party deemed 'unacceptable by the mainstream media onslaught).
It takes conviction and courage to stand up openly for your country, principles and beliefs in times like these.

Christian said...

Thanks for the comment at 14:31 anon, really inspiring stuff.

Anonymous said...

@10:16 doesn't come across like you say.

Monsters Under The Bed said...

@01/05/2014 10:16 what are we defending him about? what has he actually done that's so bad?
Roy's neighbours have concocted a story to fit the media reporting on him.
They've had the support of the three Labour Councillors in Dukinfield.
All three of them were in court to support them.
Roy's nieghbours claim that they have lived in FEAR from daily harassment on a scale that branded Roy the neighbour from HELL.
They claim that the harassment has been that bad, that they can't sleep, lost stones in weight, yet being protected from 24 hour CCTV system, they can't provide one single piece of CCTV footage/ evidence to substantiate anything what they say.
Yet they are afraid that Roy has an opinion on blood sports, yet in the same term, they publish some of the most graphic pictures of blood sports on the world wide web.

Anonymous said...

Christian you've not replied to the comment about the day you went round to Roy's house, to tell him about Taylor's smear leaflet about him?

Anonymous said...

So the local BNP cannot (will not?) answer my question.

Why did they regard someone with deranged obsessive compulsive traits like West as a suitable candidate for political office? Either they exercised a terrible judgement of character, or they are themselves of a similar nature. You owe it to the voters of Tameside to explain yourselves.

West laid it bare for all to see when he publicly stalked and harassed Taylor online 24/7 365 a year. Now all he and his ever loyal fan club can do is give us a load of flannel about his on going saintly crucified status, and make laughable attempts to turn the obsessed accusation on its head against anyone who dares criticise him.

Sorry, but as much as you'd like it to be, this isn't simply about Roy West and his alleged demonic persecutors. It's about the BNP, in particular the local BNP. With hindsight, was Roy West a good choice of candidate to stand in elections? Either step up to the mark and answer that question, or I'll view you lot as nothing other than a load of comedians one & all.

tonydj said...

Anonymous @13:39.
To answer your questions.
1) You are anonymous. Your choice. I have never been one of those pompous buffoons who rambles on about "IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE GUTS TO USE YOUR OWN NAME..."mainly because I appreciate the tactical situation which may be best served by anonymity .
2)"Why did they regard someone with deranged obsessive compulsive traits like West as a suitable candidate for political office? Either they exercised a terrible judgement of character, or they are themselves of a similar nature. You owe it to the voters of Tameside to explain yourselves."
So now you're a shrink, a psychiatrist. by what criteria do you condemn Roy? You use jargon to describe Roy without proving it. You remind me of the middle class scum who steal kids from working class parents in the guise of "Social workers" for spurious reasons such as not having enough diversity in their lives."We owe it to the voters of Tameside"....that crew of semi literates who persistently vote Labour..I think not! The majority of the electorate show what they think by NOT voting!
3)"Stalked and harassed Taylor" This is "Should grow a thicker skin Taylor" I take it? Claims how much in expenses? Is a director of "Elsabeth House General Partner ltd" which is not reported on his list of interests on TMBC website.
4) It's not just the BNP who thought he was a suitable candidate, his voters did too.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 02/05/2014 13:39, Your question was answered by Anonymous 01/05/2014 14:31.
What's your answer to the question posed by Anonymous 30/04/2014 18:25?

Anonymous said...

13:39 Sounds like you are the one obsessive about West (give it a rest)

Anonymous said...


So the local BNP would regard Roy West as a suitable politician in local government. Thanks for answering my question.

What are his educational / vocational qualifications, what is his work history, and what are his interests other than stalking a man online round the clock every day of the year and obsessively filming mundane things in and around the local area. I saw his posts with my own eyes, since Taylor made a point of not deleting them. His blog was saturated with West's daily outpourings, and no right thinking person could regard that as anything other than tapped.

You put yourself up for it by doggedly standing by the man, so you can champion his cause with something a bit more substantive than national flags, litter and dubious claims of 'corruption'.

As for anonymity, if that is some sort of challenge I'm pretty unperturbed. From what I've seen of you lot, you're all pretty unremarkable in the flesh. I'm not the one asking for people's votes, and on a faceless forum like this I'll gladly stay anonymous, not least because I've nothing to prove to myself where the likes of you are concerned.

As for stealing kids etc, I'm not going to be lectured to on such moral issues by a load of Hitler worshippers. You don't have to dig very deep to discover just how universally admired a mass murderer is by those in your 'movement'. If General Plan Ost would instead have been General Plan West I suppose that would be different. Come to think of it Tony, you and your mates fall a bit short of the mark where the Aryan ideal is concerned. Good job Operation Sea Lion never came to fruition.

Anonymous said...

This blog is FAST becoming a media outlet NOT JUST LOCAL BUT NATION WIDE.
You can't over look it anymore, they know it, that's why they post on it, view it, search for it.
It's there producing articles the local MAFIA media won't touch!

Anonymous said...

Roy West took up the great challenge of the Saxon people, although he's Greek. He's Yorkshire that makes it worse.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11:31, If you'd had thousands of vile, lying smear leaflets put out about you, then maybe you'd become 'obsessive'. But that's never going to happen because unlike Mr West you haven't got the belief, conviction or guts to stand for office for any democratic party, let alone one that will result in such flak and bile being directed towards you from verminous, fascistic back-shooters, people who believe democracy is good, as long as you stand for parties they agree with. If you don't they'll pursue any method, and spread any lies no matter how despicable and base. The only wonder is West isn't MORE bitter.

There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about said...

@11:31 keep posting about him if anyone is making him more important than he is, it's certainly you.

Anonymous said...

@03/05/2014 11:31 why did the JUDGE tell John Taylor to grow a thicker skin? answer that question.

Anonymous said...

@03/05/2014 11:31 one could hardly proclaim John Taylor as man of principle and a man to count on.
He was a GREAT opponent of BLOOD SPORTS, but now seems to have left that deeply held principle behind.

Anonymous said...

@ 23:58 very good point on the bitter issue, but you know, you can push a person to a point where they say f*** it, enough is enough.
If there going to destroy family members as well.

Anonymous said...

@ 23:58 you push a person to have violent thoughts in the mind, that's when the tipping process becomes a possibility.

tonydj said...

Ah, the monotone rant of the self righteous. The bogus argument of "You are all Hitler worshippers". Imagine if there were a march through London with banners praising Hitler. I presume you would have something to say about it. "Praising a mass murderer is not to be done".

So what abut this item? Did you protest about the glorification of this mass murderer? If not, why not?

Perhaps you did not know it was taking place. If so why didn't you? I would have thought such an event would have raised the hackles of peace loving people everywhere. Could it be that the media DID NOT REPORT IT? Could it be that the media finds Roy West, UKIP and the BNP more worthy of criticism than those who worship a Communist Mass Killer?

Justice for Animals: a film to inspire said...

Published on 19 Mar 2013

Historical footage of hunt saboteurs in Sussex England and front line footage of attempt's to free cats from experimentation at Oxford

Anonymous said...

The point is Tony, that the vast majority in the so called 'nationalist' movement you have been a member of for decades speak of Hitler in reverential tones. Not at an official level perhaps, but pry and the truth is plain for all to see. I'm not aware that the majority of Tory / Labour / LD / UKIP members harbour similar sentiments about Josef Stalin, but by all means correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

@06/05/2014 01:34 unlike you we don't want our nation overrun with immigrants swamping our NHS, PUSHING EVER further to the point of being a pile of shite.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 08:18, HEAR HEAR!

While Englishmen sleep said...

East European Vice Gangs
Cover Whole Of UK