Friday, 14 March 2014

Social Landlord stakes claim to control of private houses. Read this if you live on Crowhill.

T.C. recently received a document from an anonymous source. It seems genuine and a quick check showed it was indeed on the web, here Crowhill .

This blog recommends that anyone who lives on Crowhill pays particular attention to this document since it clearly indicates that New Charter has a policy of extending it's control of it's own homes to those private homes which exist on Crowhill estate. Pages 13 and 17 deal with caravans on private property while pages 9, 13 and 20 deal with fencing, including private fencing. It appears that a posse of Charteristas visited Crowhill and did a secret inspection.  Further investigating has discovered that last June letters were sent to private residencies demanding that their fences be improved, some to homes which were purchased off the council in the 1980's.

This is control freakery gone too far.


Anonymous said...

Many people have a great concern about new charter's growing power over people.
They actually want to control people's opinions and thoughts.
They believe that all criticism should stop, and class legitimate criticism to be incitement.
Newspapers, radio, schools, sponsors of the police, registered charity, ex police enforcers.

Anonymous said...

Another posting by a cowardly Tameside Councillor who prefers to destroy democracy by anonymously hiding behind a barricade sniping.
Only 2 weeks ago in the Ukraine such snipers shot those who sought their democracy.
Tameside has a despotic controlling cartel who will hold power using every conceivable method which deserves to be overrun a.s.a.p.

"Anonymous Councillor" said...
There are certain people who would cause trouble in an empty room. Obsessive’s never know when to stop until it's too late and then they end up neck deep in the sh*t.

tonydj said...

Quote" Develop guidelines for storage of
caravans in the area for all residents
linked to enforcement action if guidelines
are breached."

Seems pretty straightforward to me. New Charter assuming control of all property. Shades of Heyrod village green!

Anonymous said...

Who lives in the Heyrod area and has a controlling interest in that location and elsewhere.
Surely not the New Charter enforcer,ex Police,with remaining contacts with special investigative individuals.
He should implement investigations into the known sleazy TMBC individuals or is that a no no
for the types he is involved with.
All the facts will become open knowledge when the diggers reach all their objectives.

Anonymous said...

Scores of officials from at least 68 British councils and quangos (pictured) were in the French resort for an international property conference – or ‘taxpayer-funded jolly’, in the words of critics

Worth a FOI punt to check on TMBC