Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Conspiracy, coincidence or "just one of those things"?

The trials (literally) and tribulations of Roy West have been the source of much comment over the last two years or so. There has been much talk of "conspiracy" and collusion. But there has been little produced in the form of evidence or hard facts. There have been a number of articles on this blog site which have indicated to the regular and thoughtful reader what is happening but no article which gives plain unvarnished facts. Until now.

What follows are  FACTS. Conclusions, theories, ideas or suppositions we leave to you, the reader. All the following statements are backed up by documentary evidence.

Roy West was taken to court for alleged harassment of his two next-door neighbours, Mr Bernd Kugow, a photographer and author, and Mr Kugow's partner a Mrs Susan (Sue) Holt, Deputy Chief Executive of Tameside Education Business Partnership. Mr West was also ordered by the court to stay away from Councillor John Charles Taylor, the local Labour Councillor. In addition his partner, Ms Pauline Branson, faced eviction by their landlord. It is unclear who their landlord is, New Charter Homes ltd (a registered charity) or New Charter Housing Trust ltd but enquires at land registry indicates that the owners are New Charter Homes ltd.

Sue Holt ran her business from an office in The Old Courthouse Dukinfield. At the same time Tameside Sports Trust had their registered office in the same building. They also had Cllr John Taylor as a director. Another director at the time was Ian Hamilton Munro, Chief Executive of New Charter Group.

As well as advertising her offices in the Old Courthouse Mrs Holt also advertised her home address on the internet site . The registrant for this site is Tameside council's corporate services. For someone allegedly intimidated by being mentioned on the internet she was very prolific in publicising her own details.

In July 2010 Greswell School in Denton was awarded the Gold Plaque for reaching the Investors in People Gold Standard. The Assessor was one Mr Bill Twiss, Chief Executive of Tameside Education Business Partnership. (See above.)

I have not even mentioned the police role in this sorry affair. The raids on Roy's home, the donation of £36,000 worth of motor vehicles and accessories to GMP from New Charter and New Charter getting the police contract for emergency boarding up of property raided by the police.

So there we have it.....conspiracy or coincidence? You decide.


Tameside Resident said...

Thankyou TC. I never realised there was so much to it. I always thought he was just an annoying plank, but now you have got thinking that he really is being unfairly persecuted.

Maine Coon said...

Roy West has a new cat called a Maine Coon.

Nature Lover said...

There are few animals on Gods earth that I dislike as much as I dislike cats. They stink, they're conniving and they kill mice and birds for fun.

Anonymous said...

Hardly the kind of thing to bring Roger Cook out of retirement is it? West is a trouble magnet. Sorry, but it's true, whether the RW Appreciation Society likes it or not. If the man kept his own counsel and didn't engage in obsessive petty vendettas then I'm sure like most people he wouldn't generate headlines.

tonydj said...


You are quite right. "If he kept his own counsel..." ie said nothing, kept quiet, went along with...etc, etc,

If there is nothing significant about what TC has said then it will be dead within the week. But if there is. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Never mind being Anonymous Anonymous its yet another posting by a Tameside Councillor whose cage is rattling loudly.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hardly the kind of thing to bring Roger Cook out of retirement is it? West is a trouble magnet. Sorry, but it's true, whether the RW Appreciation Society likes it or not. If the man kept his own counsel and didn't engage in obsessive petty vendettas then I'm sure like most people he wouldn't generate headlines.

Onlooker said...

It is selfless campaigners such as Roy who suffer so we can all be fee.

Good article TC.

Anonymous said...

@21:28 is it a petty vendetta to oppose cruel blood sports?

Anonymous said...

You mentioned the alleged harassment, yet I believe it's been happening on a daily basis according to new charter.
There's no CCTV evidence to substantiate these allegations of daily harassment, so Ive heard.
I believe that new charter DID produce one single piece footage of CCTV evidence OF Roy West in his front garden.
This could hardly substantiate allegations of daily harassment.
With all that CCTV protection, you would have thought that new charter would have stacks of CCTV evidence against Roy West.
Is it not curious to people, that Roy West THE neighbour from HELL doing all this terrible daily harassment, yet nothing on CCTV to substantiate it all?

Silent said...

Did you know that new charter have accused Mr Roy West of "silent harassment"?

Anonymous said...

Influence is the word you are looking for I would say.

Anonymous said...

Roy West is his own worst enemy and he's done an extremely foolish thing in making an enemy of the police. He needs to get it through his head that GMP is NOT our enemy.

I recently discovered just how disturbed he is. He sent me dozens of emails over the course of a few days - all of them accusing me of the most outrageous crimes. Of course he didn't provide a scrap of evidence to back up his allegations. He does this kind of thing with people in authority, how stupid is that?

The above poster hit the nail on the head regarding 'petty obsessive vendettas'.

Anonymous said...

There are certain people who would cause trouble in an empty room. Obsessive’s never know when to stop until it's too late and then they end up neck deep in the sh*t.

tonydj said...

very true. But there are obsessives on all sides. Check the next item on the blog. Control freakery or what?

Anonymous said...

there's two sides to every story some people say. some dont like to hear the other side of it.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:08 the daily fail said, that West launched a five year hate campaign how did he do this?
There's no CCTV footage of him doing anything other than the CCTV footage of him in his front garden.
Did he have an invisible cloak AROUND him to protect him from the CCTV cameras?
How did he launched this hate campaign, through telepathic means?

Anonymous said...

Another posting by a cowardly Tameside Councillor who prefers to destroy democracy by anonymously hiding behind a barricade sniping.
Only 2 weeks ago in the Ukraine such snipers shot those who sought their democracy.
Tameside has a despotic controlling cartel who will hold power using every conceivable method which deserves to be overrun a.s.a.p.

"Anonymous Councillor" said...
There are certain people who would cause trouble in an empty room. Obsessive’s never know when to stop until it's too late and then they end up neck deep in the sh*t.

Anonymous said...

A simple search for the TRUTH and that's what they don't like.

Anonymous said...

One thing to bare in mind all those that believe in JUSTICE.
During this five year hate campaign West HAS supposed have done.
The police have not taken a single piece of CCTV footage from these cameras.
Why not? because the simple fact is, there's nothing on these CCTV cameras to SHOW that Roy West did anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

Personality disputes whilst Britain is being destroyed from without and within, are as pointless as they are destructive and trivial.
Stick to the ISSUE: our people's survival.

Classic Griffin European Parliament March 2014 said...

He might have destroyed the BNP and he might about to lose his MEP status, but nobody could disagree with what he says here

Couple Jailed For Lee Rigby YouTube Videos said...


Anonymous said...

Stick to the ISSUE: our people's survival.

Hang on pal
We deserve our survival where honesty,the truth,and real democracy takes place,that`s THE ISSUE
and were fighting for that against the TMBC despotic dictatorship

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Pauline Branson's solicitor in the eviction case has made a number of remarkable moves, that have stopped new charter in their tracks and given them something to think about.
He's brought in discrimination issues, mental heath issues.
Before she got this solicitor, new charter must have thought it was an easy gig.
New charter believe that everywhere is like Tameside, where they are free to run over people's human rights.
Well not in this case, they won't be FREE to do that.
You are talking about a woman's life here, someone that has do nothing wrong to new charter or to anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Re The Eviction of Pauline Branson.
No matter how, all concurring new charter may see themselves.
They have set themselves this enormous task.
First of all Pauline Branson is completely innocent of any wrong doing (admitted by new charter)
New charter face a stack of discrimination laws to contend with.
Laws brought in by THE Liberal elite.
Before, new charter were walking through this eviction attempt with an all concurring attitude.
Now suddenly, these issues have been put in front of them.
Reading charter's response to the Equality act 2010 in relation to discrimination against the mentally ill, is a fine example of charter's arrogance.
It also shows just how far new charter housing are prepared to go, in pushing their luck.
In the event of all this, the all concurring new charter deem themselves so powerful,that they are now prepared to challenge the very laws that have been put there to protect the vulnerable in our society.

A simple word called Justice said...

TC leaving the personal 'petty obsessive vendettas' aside for a minute.
Consentrate on this fundamental truth of the whole issue involving Roy West.
The police raid his home take his laptop and camcorders.
They want to see what's on them, right, at the same time his nieghbours CCTV cameras are left unchecked, why?
TC I think we have a REAL miscarriage of JUSTICE on our hands here.
These CCTV cameras must and have incidents of Roy West's alleged abuse and harassment, and dated?
Why have the police not investigated these CCTV cameras?

Juggernaut said...

@ Classic Griffin European Parliament March 2014, Whatever else Nick Griffin's done wrong, that short speech was right on the money. Well said.
Anyone in doubt about what he said should go to one of our (or should that be, on course to be theirs) major cities, the evidence is everywhere and incontrovertible.

Anonymous said...

Is a coincident that they always arrays West around April may time

Anonymous said...

no it's just a case of ringing up the police "Roy Wests done this, said that" no need for CCTV evidence.
Just hearsay will do no need for any evidence.