Saturday, 15 March 2014

Restricted Document related to "National Security" put on internet by Tameside school.

The form shown above was discovered on the internet HERE . It varies slightly from the version which appeared on the internet a few weeks ago and which is reproduced later in this posting.

We thought long and hard before we decided to blow the whistle on this apparent faux pas. What convinced us to expose this error was the fact that Droylsden Academy was the source of the leak. An establishment which is a limited company and chooses not to reveal it is so should be careful. The academy was built by Inspired Spaces, a combination of Carillion and other companies, as part of the building schools for the future (BSF) programme. So was New Charter Academy, and there the similarity ended. It is regrettable that Droylsden seem to now be playing the "Spies r Us " game. We hope this is an aberration.

"Restricted - National Security" Walter Mitty or George Smiley?


Tamesider said...

This blog is becoming addictive viewing. Great article TC make sure you send this article to the Advertiser so it can reach a wider audience.

Anonymous said...

You would need to break the barriers down erected between the Advertiser Editor,the Advertiser top Executives
and TMBC Politicians including the TMBC Executives including the TMBC Legal Officers.
That`s the only way 220,000 Tamesiders will ever be permitted the truth.
This bonding situation has been operating for many years proving the Advertiser and Reporter has acted in a detrimental manner towards democracy in Tameside.
The cartels now created by TMBC are self serving towards power not democracy.

Anonymous said...

Well if TC feels obliged to bring things to the public's attention then it / he / she might do well to do some proper research. So just to put things right Droylsden Academy is NOT connected to New Charter in any way.

Your readers will look forwsrd to your correction, if not an apology

Tameside Citizen said...

A slip of the pen/finger. Sorry for that. There was confusion due to both institutions being built by Carillion / Inspired Spaces.

Anonymous said...

It says both schools were built by Inspired Spaces. It doesn't say Droylsden Academy is connected to New Charter.

Tameside Citizen said...

It is accepted that the Droylsden Academy is an independent institution. That was stated above at 21:26.

But that does not answer the question of why a document such as this was published on the internet and what is it's purpose?

Anonymous said...

This document is not something the Academy would ever use anyway and so it serves no purpose to be on there. It is not for external use.

It will be interesting to see how quickly it is removed.