Sunday, 16 March 2014

Belgian Government votes to murder their own children.

On Sunday 2nd March the Belgian King Philippe signed into law legislation which will permit the euthanasia (killing, murder) of sick children.

The first thing that I think most people will say is "What!? I didn't hear of this!"

I will reply "Exactly. Neither did I".

Imagine if the pre-Nelson Mandela South Africa had done this?  we would not have heard the last of it. We all know that The Third Reich are heartily condemned for their Euthanasia policies, but I have often thought that it was euthanasia that was smeared by association with Hitler and not Hitler that was condemned for introducing euthanasia.

It is the silence from our leaders which I find repugnant. If Belgium were to refuse to treat HIV sufferers the outcry can be imagined. We have seen the outrage (sic) against Vladimir Putin because of his policies on Homosexuals (none actually killed). But Belgium prepares to kill it's own children and we hear nothing.

Who next? The incurable sick? The pensioners who don't work? Me?.......



preserve the sanctity of human life said...

Thought provoking words TC. The slippery slope to legalised murder. The social engineers and thought manipulators have been pushing the euthanasia agenda for a few years now. Often it seems so humane, when in reality it is evil beyond imagination.

Anonymous said...

Its already happening in the Womb as everyone knows,
The numbers of aborted healthy Fetus members of the human species are dragged out daily in their thousands
to be treated like waste matter.
The tipping point for civilization
was passed years ago and people must be bloody thick if they cannot get what Politicians,Dictators,Church Leaders,and those in the Medical profession and media have created
for a non sustainable existence of the human race.
Today on TV I heard the comment from the Bulgarian Prime Minister that the world in its entirety (all nations) is at its most corrupt position "ever in the history of the world"
What and who has corrupted the world ?? just re-read the groups already denoted above.
The world is a terminal sick state and its not the kids who should be culled but those sat administrating our lives in the groups mentioned because they are the sick unfit for purpose now in charge.

East Belfast said...

Stop the killing of children.

Islamic Network of Mosques said...

The take over.

Anonymous said...

The focus should be on improving foetal scanning to identify and destroy seriously defective foetuses as early as possible.
Those aborting healthy foetuses should themselves be exterminated.

Anonymous said...

And what about pregnancy in the event of rape? Doesn't that justify abortion? There are a few too many milksops for my liking seemingly unable to handle the rougher edges of life. There may be an issue relating to time limits but an outright ban on abortion is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Its the automatic abortion which happens which is happening with excuses like
I can`t afford it
I am stressed out
I cannot look after it
I might kill myself
The condom was faulty
and the dozens of other bleats after the women/girls have had a good time
Not enough real scrutiny of the excuses are occurring and the living healthy fetus then gets murdered.
When they get pi==== up on a friday night why should something alive DIE

tonydj said...

Pregnancy in the event of rape? This is an emotional one. Very often used against pro-lifers. Perhaps the punishment for rape should be made stronger?

The fact remains that at Nuremburg German doctors were found guilty of "Crimes against Humanity" for practising "euthanasia". Now we must ask ourselves why we are bringing it back.

Oh yes, if you think it has not / was not introduced in the UK try learning about the "Liverpool Care Pathway".

Anonymous said...

An outright ban IS ludicrous.

Abortion in the event of rape should be left to doctors and GENUINELY skilled and IMPARTIAL (i.e no religious or women's rights types etc) counsellors to advise the victim rationally and sensitively on the available options and potential emotional etc repurcussions.

SerpentSlayer said...

Killing a child is far worse than raping a woman in my book, feminists can scream at me for that all they like but it doesn't make it untrue.

Anonymous said...

Some years ago I listened to a Manchester University Professor on Radio Manchester stating the world was not sustainable and that a third of the population reduction would alleviate the forthcoming problems.
These people usually get involved in think tanks and progress their findings to those who decide who lives.
The toll from Wars were not sufficient to reduce the population apparently so is anyone betting on more subtle methods of
controlling populations.
Could Aids or Do Not Resuscitate ,
or Aborting fetus,or poor Health services,or Euthanasia or Air Pollution,or the withholding of drug benefits are subtle methods enough to solve sustainability problems.
If culling is the answer then that method should start at those who daily administrate our lives,because their standards,morality,greed,and deceptions add up to them being unfit for purpose.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the term 'pro-lifers', as if to imply that supporting abortion turns you into some sort of creepy grim reaper character. I might well call anti abortionists anti choicers.

There are far too many humans on this planet as it is. We should be about the quality not quantity of life like backward religious zealots.

Whilst strict time limits should be imposed on the practice, abortion in itself is a perfectly sensible and morally legitimate measure when necessary. We kill many intelligent animals with impunity and think nothing of it, and we really shouldn't get too sentimental over our own species.

Anonymous said...

The culling should start with criminals, with serious, and multiple repeat offenders, first on the long list.

Any person of sound mind who wants to die, or anyone who has signed a pre-agreement in the event of dementia, terminal illness etc, who wants euthansaia should be entitled to it. We have no more right to murder (i.e. take someone's life against their will) than we have to force them by law, or lack of law, to keep living when they no longer want to. Anyone found to be encouraging, for gain or otherwise, the death of another should be executed.

Anyone obviously subnormal or genetically inferior/defective etc (simple tests could be devised) should be sterilised.

We should be aiming to improve our species, not wilfully perpetuating and increasing the numbers of the manifestly inferior due to squeamishness, irrationality and apathy.

Tameside Citizen said...

Anonymous @ 12:56
Pro-life is how they describe themselves and so I will use their own description.

Too many humans? By what criteria do you come to this conclusion? And if we are being brutally honest it is the parts of the world with the highest quality of life which abort the most.

The wealthy West aborts more than the poor parts of the "third world".

Anonymous said...

Tamesidecitizen, would you still be demanding criteria if the world population was to double triple or quadruple? Care to tell us what your own criteria is for maximum human numbers on planet Earth?

Britain is overpopulated and the world is overpopulated, esp. Africa. A world with finite space and finite resources cannot accommodate animal species which reproduce exponentially on an indefinite basis.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 21:51

Spot On

Tameside Citizen said...

If it is over population which is the problem then the solution is birth control. I have no problem with birth control. It is cheaper and faster than abortion and to me is less problematic than abortion.

Anonymous said...

Quality in the correct quantity is what's needed. That means selective breeding, sterilisation and where necessary extermination.