Monday, 10 February 2014

"Now is not the time to apportion blame for the flooding"

Somerset is a long way from Tameside but our thoughts go out to those suffering in the "Somerset Levels".  Belated help is being given to the area and I doubt if any decent person begrudges it. But there are some who will be opposed to this help, namely EU officials and their Quislings in Britain.

The simple truth is that the Environment Agency planned for the Somerset Levels to be flooded as part of a deliberate policy to encourage animal habitats, "biodiversity" and "sustainability".

In 2008 the EA divided areas threated by flooding into 6 categories, from "Policy Option One" where flood prevention was to be a priority to "Policy option six" where flooding was to be encouraged.  See here for further details.

The Somerset Levels were in group Six. Now, if the government wises to prevent flooding in the UK it has to gain EU approval to do so.

This revelation could, should, hand a massive vote to UKIP in any election. Instead their councillor in Oxfordshire blames gay marriages! Nigel Farage's handling of the flooding issue should tell us a lot about his real role in politics. A genuine patriot or the leader of yet another state sponsored safety-valve.


Anonymous said...

Don't mention the Dam-busters that's a war crime.

Alf Garnett said...

This country water ways were built to cope with the water off 40.000.000 and the homes that go with this amount of people and not 70.000.000 ? thing like there doing building on audenshaw resivoirs cause the flooding when they build on all that grass so the water from this place can no longer soak in to the ground but insted gos down the drains and in to the rivers that just cant cope with this extra amount ? and all the extra tap and baths and extra car washes and so on ? also they build all these new home but were are all the new resevoirs to feed them ? waters just like anything els ? if it gos up it got to go down and with water its down to the sea

SerpentSlayer said...

The UKIP councillor isn't a million miles off, after all the homosexual marriage laws were a result of bizarre ideological objectives kept hidden from the public and covered with sickeningly incessant propaganda.
So in actuality, while gay marriage didn't cause some wrathful desert god to smite us, but it us born from the same malice and will to destroy as gay marriage, service cuts, privatisation, race laws etc.

Primate Change said...

£11,000 million spent on foreign aid. Cut that to £500 million (massively generous) and spend the remaining £10,500 million on OUR INFRASTRUCTURE. Flood defences nationally; sea defences (copying Holland's phenomenal achievements in this area); and the road network should be prioritised as all are in an appalling state and essential to the efficient running of our country.

Ukip Song Very Good said...

Can't argue with what he sings about. He may not be Frank Sinatra but at last he's having a go.

Anonymous said...

Is this direct E.Mail still address active ??
Its important that a link is maintained from regular posters to the TC Editor when seeking information related to the site.

Tameside Citizen said...


Yes, it is still active.

Shut the doors, WE'RE FULL. said...

Funny how the only subject off limits regarding over building (particularly on flood plains) is mass, uncontrolled immigration, which is the cause of England's enormous and exponentially growing population density.

tonydj said...

If this is true, and I have no reason to think it is not too, then we have a serious legal situation.

The seriousness of the flooding is not due just to "an act of nature" or even incompetence on the part of the authorities but to deliberate actions or inactivity. Deliberate. Thus the victims could have a strong case for compensation if not actual criminal damages. Not to mention the ramifications if any deaths occur.

People in authority have a duty of care. This story indicates they have not exercised it.

Bill said...

A good article on the incompetence of politicians.

Alf Garnett said...

your all reading this rong ? It dont say the flooding is being cause deliberate ? There on about best ways to manage them ? and in my view the best way to do this is to stop builying inland or build more rivers coz the ones we have just cant cope with all the extra water off all these new homes bein build for all these new people on grass land to accomodate them and all the trees they have to cut down when building all these new home dont help either coz the trees suck the water from the land

Anonymous said...

Using a picture of a Lancaster bomber, could be seen as anti German.

What flood? said...

Its just a big puddle. Blame the planners that allow homes to be built on unsuitable land.

Anonymous said...

I have been privileged to visit the EU parliament 3 times as part of delegations that were invited to Brussels by Andrew Brons MEP.

Andrew is a gentleman and a true Statesman. He kindly showed us around the parliament, which you have to admit is impressive, and gave us all various talks in a committee room about how the parliament works and, also, how mind-bogglingly corrupt the EU really is.

UKIP will probably do very well in the EU elections this year, but we shouldn't kid ourselves, these elections are largely irrelevant. The parliament to which the MEPs are elected is nothing more than a rubber stamp - the real power is within the unelected commission. The commission decides which laws are to be brought forward for the MEPs to rubber stamp. And when you consider that more than 75% of our laws are made by these unelected foreign quislings, you begin to realise just how bent the whole system is.

Soft as scheisse said...

Nobody say they're all Fokkers or 20 police vans will be outside your house in 5 minutes.

SerpentSlayer said...

The Commission has been given power to ignore parliament, or so I have heard.
At the very least UKIP would give the Tories a fright and makes denying us a referendum a foolish thing to do.
Leaving the EU won't fix this country but it will spare it a lot of nonsense currently imposed on us.

Vox Populi said...

@ Christian, on the contrary the forthcoming EU elections are amongst the most crucial ballot in our history.
If UKIP get a massive vote in May it will shift the momentum, particularly re our EU membership and immigration, UKIP's key focus points. If we weren't in the EU we wouldn't be bound by their laws and 'rubber stamp'.
The message sent out to Britain's politicians would be clear: People want something done, now.
The potential threat to the Conservatives in next year's general election could force them to act drastically, perhaps doing a deal with UKIP that might bring forward an in/out referendum, leaving it to the British people to decide.
The 'system' would indeed interfere to try and coerce and persuade those in the corridors of power and the public, and bend events to suit the EU/internationalist agenda.
A poor/moderate UKIP vote would have the exact converse effect and give massive encouragement to these enemies of our nation.
Democratic electoral force is what they detest and also what they're scared of.

Anonymous said...

Lancaster bomber crews lost 50,000 men during the second world war.
But don't mention that, or the police will send the whole GMP force round to your house.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne: The Deputy Prime Minister's rhetoric on electoral
registration might carry a bit more weight if his own local council
followed his advice. Is he aware that in Stockport, in the wards that I
represent, electoral registration is 20% below the level in the Tameside
Now this can be linked to TC posters and their references of the brain dead who continue to vote Labour
Simply because of the obvious deep concerns of Gwynne MP not from a democracy angle but the obvious fear of people "not voting" which is seriously rattling the Tameside and Stockport cages filled with
unfit for purpose Labour Mafia Cartels

Anonymous said...
Andrew Gwynne: The Deputy Prime Minister's rhetoric on electoral
registration might carry a bit more weight if his own local council
followed his advice. Is he aware that in Stockport, in the wards that I
represent, electoral registration is 20% below the level in the Tameside

Gwynne squealing again why people detest politicians big time

2015 - 1992 or '97? said...

Very interesting analysis of the polling trends over the last four years. Note how rock solid Labour's support has been compared to the others. No doubt Tameside Labour's unassailable support is merely reflective of what is going on around the country.

Note also how the Libdems have virtually flat-lined since their marriage of CONvenience. Also note how UKIP's steady incline on the graph mirrors the Tory decline. Cameron's ultra pc centre right conservatism may have caused a permanent unbridgeable divide in traditional Tory heartlands which will see Labour in power for a generation.

I'd say UKIP has definite potential in Tameside too. The local Conservative count on TMBC is down to just SIX, a figure which must be odds-on to decline down to what can be counted on one hand. And with the moronic hapless BNP effectively consigned to the history books, the climate is just right for an alternative political landscape.

Anonymous said...

The state of Tameside Political party`s proves a total contempt for the electorate over at least 25 years.
We have sleaze liars and despots with Labour,and we have Tories in the back pocket of the Labour Mafia.
The Liberals have been almost extinct,and the fringe parties.
Regardless of the spurious rhetoric published and the lies offered as supporting the people,be assured that the objectives of all local politicians ?? over the past 30 years has been to extract as much out of the Council coffers and funds to feather their own nests and their family members and friends.
Its been and remains what could be described as the pillaging of over 200,000 folk and those in opposition to this blatant act continue to rant and rant from their keyboards instead of blending together and for instance
marching to Ashton Council Offices with banners whilst distributing leaflets.
Such action would cause a problem for TMBC outside its region and such action could well grow in significance.
Anyone else with bottle or are keyboards preferred in warm surroundings,unlike the actions of multi millions of folk in countries across the globe willing to establish peaceful but effective opposition to the despots we have allowed to rule.
Invite "all" and sundry to march including local churches of all denominations or keep quiet and submit.

Anonymous said...

Vox Populi said...
"on the contrary the forthcoming EU elections are amongst the most crucial ballot in our history." LOL

Vox Populi, I know you're only playing the Devil's advocate but at your age there really is no excuse for such naivety.

"The naïve man is a fool."
Anton Chekhov

tonydj said...

Anonymous @ 19:14

I like the sound of this, it could catch on.

A start would be to attend council meetings and district assembly meetings to see what issues excite the local community.

But beware of hierarchical organisations which can be infiltrated and wrecked. Keep it to ward level.

And don't be too structured. You will need informers and sources more than a list of names.

Vox Populi said...

@ Christian, I wasn't playing anything but putting forward a reasoned argument in response to your post, for why the next EU elections are amongst the most crucial in our history.
Some would say it's 'naive' to worship someone executed at the whim of a Roman governor millennia ago.

The enemy within said...

@ 2015 -92 or '97, an 'alternative' political landscape.
What, more Labour chronic incompetence/financial chaos/uncontrolled mass immigration?

Vote UKIP.

Anonymous said...

Hello is there anybody out there?

Anonymous said...

seems like anon 12-2-2014 has hit the nail and no-one wants to join together against tmbc so stop bloody
carping and just sit with your pc`s

Postal Voting = scammers paradise said...

Shockingly low turnout for the Wythenshawe parliamentary by-election. No surprise that the Labour scammers triumphed, after all they have perfected the method of stealing elections via this easily corrupted form of democracy. Interesting to see Ukip beat the Tories. Ukip will beat everyone in the forthcoming European elections.

Anonymous said...

The vast numbers of TC posters have valid concerns,and detest the activities of TMBC over many years.
They unfortunately do not have any bottle whatsoever when it comes down
to taking this vile administration on in public with demonstrations as mentioned by Anon 12-2-2014.
My Army years taught me that when in the sh-- you could bank on total support from your in action mates,but now its easy to post complaints and get back in your bunkers

Anonymous said...

Forget about Labour's victories, it's giving the Tories a bloody nose that should be our priority. Cammy & Co. are the worst of both worlds - all the anti-white pc credentials of the left with some of the nasty old Tory traits thrown in for good measure. UKIP may not be to everyone's liking, but dividing the Tory vote is one step to changing our rotten political landscape.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to put an other article up.

Anonymous said...

Roy, take a look at the website of the 'League Against Cruel Sports'.

Their stance on hunting with dogs is interesting!!!

Apathy birthday to you said...

85,000 people in the Wythenshawe and Sale East constituency and Labour won despite the fact 85% of the electorate DIDN'T vote for them. A textbook example of the parlous state of modern democracy as 61,100 of those eligible (72%, didn't bother to vote).
A turnout of 28% is entirely unacceptable, any turnout lower than 75% should result in the election being null and void, this woud FORCE parties to have policies that engage with the public and relate a lot more closely to what voters are concerned about and interested in. Having said that anyone who didn't vote deserves to have their franchise removed as no vote sends out no message, just maintains the utterly stagnant and complacent status quo on a lower turnout.
A protest vote, such as UKIP's magnificent effort - up from 3.4 to 18% and 1400 to 4300 votes despite 17,000 LESS votes being cast overall is a tremendous result and will definitely have been noted in the corridors of power.
Imagine though the message sent to the establishment if even a quarter of the 61,000 who couldn't be bothered to vote, amongst whom the issues of immigration and the EU would undoubtedly have been major concerns, had taken the opportunity offered and also voted for UKIP who are the ideal protest vote on these issues. Unfortunately the real winner, as is increasingly the case in our democracy, was apathy.

Tameside one of UK's fat capitals said...

Tameside is full of fatties.