Sunday, 26 January 2014

Smile please, and remember "If you're innocent you have nothing to fear". New cameras in Dukinfield.

Only days after the Manchester Evening News reported the destruction of the speed camera on High Street Dukinfield it was replaced by a state of the art spy camera.

The new model is a Gatso Serco Smart Pole. This camera is also capable of mass surveillance by scanning the registration of every passing vehicle (ANPR) see here for more: Here 

Evidently the council still feels the need to watch us and indirectly tax us. I'll bet that there is even a secret camera filming this camera in case someone should try to torch this camera as well.


Motorists = Cash Cows said...

They were quicke enough in getting this revenue earning machine back into action.

Anonymous said...

Next it's the local bus lane cameras. All that money pouring into state coffers, with even more to come since many people started to get a bit better off in the last twelve months, as consequently there has been a notable increase in road traffic with increased car usage/ownership.
Added to the burgeoning population, expect semi-gridlock to approach even faster in what is already virtually the most overcrowded country in the world. But don't worry because the Prime Minister has said today that Britain 'cannot' do ANYTHING about delaying the latest EU immigration onslaughts from Bulgaria/Romania. This from a man who made several speeches in the last few years enthusiastically endorsing Turkey (88 million MUsims) into the EU.
That aside, expect a lot more hand car washes, and a lot more houses, throughout the borough very soon.