Thursday, 23 January 2014

New Homes by New Charter. But loss of parking spaces a side effect.

The building of new homes has started on the former site of Katherine house on Burlington Street / Cavendish Street in Ashton. When finished there will be nine 2-storey 3 bedroom houses (or is that "Homes"?) and twenty two 1-bedroom flats in a 3-storey building.

This work is part of a joint TMBC / New Charter venture which aims to provide one affordable home per week over the next three years. Besides this site six other sites in Tameside are to be or have already been  transferred to New Charter by Tameside. These are: Burlington Street car park Ashton (eleven houses and eleven apartments).
Land off Buttermere Road, Ashton. Cotton Street East (aka Moss Street East) car park, Ashton (ten houses eleven apartments). Kynder Street Car Park, Denton.(Three houses and six apartments) Grosvenor Street, Stalybridge. Site of Hawthorns Special School, Corporation Road, Audenshaw. (fifty-four 2/3/4 Bedroom houses and thirty-six 1 bed apartments).

Good homes are always to be welcomed. But the use of car parks as a source of land could lead to severe problems of parking for visitors to Ashton when / if the economic situation improves. It also appears that the former Katherine House site has no dedicated parking spaces.  How much New Charter paid for the land is not known. In a press release last year Cllr Peter Robinson said "In this instance New Charter Housing is the appropriate partner for us to work with as they have been appointed by the Homes and Communities Agency as the delivery partner for Tameside, plus the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has issued a general consent allowing local authorities to dispose of land in this way."

I make no comment on the appropriateness of any partnership but there should be no problems of not knowing each other in the partnership. In June of last year a former senior officer in the Housing and Planning Department was co-opted as a Director of New Charter Homes Ltd


Anonymous said...

Oh don't upset the Mafia

Too many, Too alien, Too fast, Too fertile. said...

Immigrants, immigrants to come and the vast number of offspring of certain immigrant groups, have all got to live somewhere.
Hence the rapidly increasing spread and sprawl of "homes", and certainly not just in Tameside.
All this in England, which ALREADY had virtually the highest poulation density of any country in the world, further emphasising the insanity of the EU policy of free movement, i.e. one immigration policy suits every member state no matter what their wealth, overcrwoding, socio-economic problems may be.
The sooner we get out of this socialist madhouse organisation the better.

Anonymous said...

Anyone noticed that Africais ckming to the north west Ed need all these new houses.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps for once someone on this blog someone ought to mention the one million Brits resident in Spain. The native population in Spain is smaller than that for Britain, youth unemployment is high and opportunistic foreign property buyers have helped push up house prices. And that's saying nothing of France, Ireland, Cyprus and others.

Exactly why 800,000 Poles in Britain is soooo fundamentally different to aa many as a million of us in Spain would be anyone's guess. You might well argue that those migrants coming from elsewhere in Europe are here in place of our lot who themselves have settled elsewhere in Europe. That is unless jingoistic British national chauvinism decrees the double standard of one rule for the white British and another for everyone else!

Sacked over a golly keyring said...

The grounds for dismissal involve breaches of the Diversity Policy

SerpentSlayer said...

The Brits in Spain are undoubtedly a blight on the place. I imagine few speak English, they set up English shops and pubs and they annex the place.
But why do they go there? Because they feel like there is no longer an England here worth living in. Ironically they have a similar effect on Spain as eastern European Immigrants have here. Though I doubt British workers expect lower wages than the Spaniards, or that their numbers overwhelm Spanish public services so much.
For that matter I imagine the holiday makers are a worse plague, the young ones mainly.

But of course European Immigration, a foolish policy as it is, and an attempt at ruining the character of nation states, is not the worst kind of immigration.
The constant flow of immigrants from Africa, India and Islamic countries, bringing people with values and cultures far different from ours are, who have more children than us, who hole themselves up in enclaves the police daren't enter and who commit statistically more crimes than anyone is far worse, and most parts of Europe are experiencing it.
Even that is merely a symptom and not some organically occuring problem but I've rambled too long.
In terms of immigration to Britain, always ask that beautiful and always useful question, Qui Bono?

Anonymous said...

Most Brits moving to Spain have plenty of money to support themselves and are there to retire or semi-retire. Their impact on unemployment is minimal if at all. They don't live off Spanish benefit handouts.

Anonymous said...

New charter housing charitable status ha ha........

Anonymous said...

Giving vote to 16-year-olds is a top priority for a Labour government, says Sadiq Khan

Just imagine in Tameside the present semi literate 16 year olds joining with the over 18`s plus semi literate Labour voters.

The answer obviously for Labour to get more votes.

Anonymous said...

Actually out of as many as a million Brits in Spain (estimated at 750k - 1 million in total), only 165,000 of them are pensioners. And exactly why it should be preferable to have another nation's elderly land on your doorstep however much money they've got is anyone's guess.
Having money would also mean they can push up the Spanish property market freezing out many natives.

As for the rest who are of working age.... do they not take housing and Spanish living space, do they not put pressure on local infrastructure? Are they all millionaire businessmen who provide a wealth of employment and opportunities for the Spanish? Even if they're self employed, they still represent competition for trade for local workers. On a blog saturated with 'British nationalists', notice how little time it takes for one to come trundling demanding one rule for his countrymen and another for everyone else.

Immigrants Come To Britain To Do The Jobs We Are Too Lazy To Do said...

British expats in Spain are just as much of a drain on that country's economy as Somalis and Roma's are to ours

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone British move to a country where there is serious lack of employment if they wanted to find a job. Lets not forget also the land mass of Spain is way more than - lets forget Britain for a moment - because its England the vast majority are coming to they are coming to. And you don't have to be a billionaire to support yourself. Not that I care about problems in Spain that's for them to argue about. Its not me living there. I can say I do know a few people from Portugal working same place as me. They aren't offering skills to our economy.

SerpentSlayer said...

That is only your I distance nobody on here ever said that they supported the idea of Brits moving abroad you sanctimonious inbred.

Anonymous said...

If there are too many Brits in Spain then that's for the Spanish to deal with.
Spain's population density is 240 per square mile, England's (that's where virtually all immigrants are headed) is 1054 per square mile, i.e. 440% higher than Spain.
Also Brits in Spain aren't in self-imposed massively fertile ghettos with exploding populations and vastly higher birth rates, or asking for their own banking, financial, education systems etc. They aren't forming gangs to rape Spanish indigenous children en masse or trying to impose barbaric, alien methods of animal husbandry. They aren't massively more likely to be involved in violent street crime as certain immigrant groups in the UK are.
Don't worry about Spain though, concern yourself with your own country and the multicultural Third World hellhole it's turning into right before your averted eyes.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about Spain, they can look after their own immigration problems with Brits, North Africans, Romas or whoever. Any foreigners going poncing off the Spanish and lounging in the sun should be given nothing and deported.
We should do the same. However I'd rather have selected European immigrants than hordes of some of the backwards, savage, uncivilised ones from the Third World.

Alf Garnett said...

iv always said that whats happened to our country is the fault of the scum thats gone to live abroad ? lets hope they fall on hard times now things are getin bad and when they try and come back home we should f-ck them off

Just a thought said...

Heres a funny little observation, has anybody noticed how nobody says "I can say what I want, its a free country" anymore?

Demographic decline of Britian said...

Very sad:

Vote first. Don't ask questions later said...

If the Cowdenbeath by-election on Thursday was anything to go by, with an 11.25% swing to Labour, then Tameside Labour will walk it again in May's council elections on another appallingly low turnout.
The combination of diehards and slopeheads voting Labour, and much more importantly the apathetic 75% of voters not even bothering to turn out, keeps the chancers, self-seekers and incompetents in power.
The British electorate (in Scotland they're even worse: 'Ah vote Labour me Jimmy.') should be utterly ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Well that didn't take long, The Tameside Grumblers Association are back in force once again. Either it's immigrant this immigrant that or they're spitting their dummy out 'cos they can't have their way at the ballot box. I think the new blog author underestimated their determination to keep their little strop outlet in operation. Give up the ghost, I'd rather just the odd comment or two than the continual wailing over things we're powerless to effect.

Anonymous said...

First cracks appear in New Charter's charitable status.
Civic Justice courts in Manchester, when JUDGE asks them "why are you taking action against a poorly, innocent woman"

Anonymous said...

Please update the blog on a regular basis, it seems to have slowed down a great deal.

Anonymous said...

Immigration is the biggest problem Tameside has. If someone mentions it people will have a lot to say about it. You might wish to ignore the facts but actually you walk in any pub, workplace or whatever and that's probably the most talked about topic besides the weather. Its a reflection of what Tamesiders in general agree needs to change. It does get a bit tiring sometimes but it shouldn't be silenced. For too long this borough has been used as a dumping ground.

Anonymous said...

@25/01/2014 12:56 actually, new charter housing have put their charitable status reputation firmly on the line.
Two very important points to consider, in the new charter eviction case against Roy West's partner.
What the judge said two weeks ago in Manchester, and second, that new charter sponsor the police.
Evan before the eviction case comes to court in June July, the court is asking questions about charter's charitable status.
This is going to be a major case in which, new charter will have to defend their charitable status position.

Anonymous said...

" you walk in any pub, workplace or whatever and that's probably the most talked about topic besides the weather. Its a reflection of what Tamesiders in general agree needs to change."

Really?? Could've fooled me. The only immigration I hear being discussed is the usual old soft target of white immigration from Europe whilst cheering on their kickyball teams saturated with a different type of immigration. Anti-white Daily Mail kosher civic nationalism is the new cool amongst the British working class.

At the other end of Greater Manchester you could well be in the third world, yet all that's on the wagging tongues of the lemming masses is Romania / Poland etc. The eastern Europeans in Tameside have helped forestall the encroaching overspill from the likes of Gorton and Openshaw.

My mother works in an estate agents, and knows from experience how local property prices plummet
when third world immigration makes its presence felt. No evidence that happens with immigration from Europe.

And back on-topic.... "good homes are always to be welcomed", well not by some of us. And so as to not attract Police attention I won't mention why, like any wise person I choose my words very carefully these days. All I will say is that Tameside's not that badly off yet.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 00:46, YOU'RE certainly powerless to affect it because you've given up.

Union said...

I'd be interested to hear more about this judge's comments about New Charter's actions.

Death to Traitors said...

Labour do well in immigrant and/or scum areas.
Now they want the voting age lowered to 16 which will bring in a massive (and I mean massive) number of immigrants with their vastly greater number of children.
This party will do anything to try and regain power, including treason and destroying Britain. They are vermin and should be dealt with as such.
Remember if they get back in next time it will be solely because of the core Labour support in Wales and Scotland. Then policies that are extremely harmful to England will be implemented re immigration etc, despite Labour having no true democratic mandate in England.

Which one of these statements is wrong? said...

Britain has always been a land of immigrants. We are a lazy and decrepit people and immigrants come to do the jobs we won't. The NHS would collapse without immigrants. Diversity makes us stronger. Immigrants care about us and want to look after us when we are old. Islam is a religion of peace. Britain has a competitive edge in business thanks to immigrants. Immigration has been good for Britain. Immigrants put far more into the economy than they take out. Multicultural societies are peaceful and happy. Britain was culturally impoverished before immigrants came and enriched us. Britain cannot survive without immigration. The British people were consulted at every level when mass immigration was being planned and implemented. If given the choice the British people would have voted overwhelmingly in favour of unlimited third world mass immigration. People who oppose immigration do so only because they hate people with non-white skin. A population of 100 million is not excessive for a country the size of England. Manchester United will retain the Premiership this season.

Anonymous said...

Why should Labour give a toss about a democratic mandate in England? We're part of a union, that thing those idiotic 'British nationalists' are so in love with. In any union you take the rough with the smooth, the way Scotland and Wales had to when Thatcher ruled the roost.

From a Tameside perspective anyway Labour are king, so locals have no reason to moan. The Tories had a half decent presence in the borough in the '70s until Thatcher decimated support for them in the north. According to wiki the Cons controlled Tameside Council between 76-79.

Now you can (probably) count them on one hand, and those inbreds the BNP are dead in the water. Time for someone more credible like UKIP to make its presence felt locally I say. They certainly seem to get up Jonnyboy Taylor's nose and that's more than good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

@Union 22:44
At the last eviction hearing in Manchester, the judge was very sympathetic towards Roy West's partner.
The question was clearly put to new charter "why are you taking action against a poorly, innocent woman"?
New charter opted to have the eviction case moved to Manchester's JUSTICE courts, because of human rights and free speech issues that they feel needed to be dealt with.
The case is set for June or July this year.
This may depend on some ongoing medical treatment for Roy West's partner.
Of course, a detailed professional report into her illness as been presented to the court and new charter.
Charter's charitable status is now under the microscope.
I simply can't see how it could ever stand up next to that report on Roy West's partner's illness.
I don't think, that new charter fully understood the depths of her illness and her vulnerability.
For a charitable, status, landlord to be taking action against such a poorly vulnerable woman, is public relations suicide.
New charter housing will re-invent the meaning "charitable status"
This is a case that will surly make history, for new charter's "charitable status" to survive through this eviction case.

Anonymous said...

The brain dead have wrecked the TC site with their immigration obsessive perpetual rhetoric.
As we approach May Elections Tameside Council are rubbing their greedy grasping hands knowing they have escaped the wrath of several top bloggers who had them pinned on the ropes.
Fancy anyone contributing to another Tameside Council victory by being unable to close your gobs
about immigration you cannot alter.
We knew the Labourite dross vote Labour in but now we have a new enemy the anti immigrant mob unable to see their constant stupidity
Well done you idiots

Anonymous said...

"Britain has always been a land of immigrants. We are a lazy and decrepit people and immigrants come to do the jobs we won't."

Speak for yourself pal. I work in a place has a high proportion of immigrants I am on much lower pay than most of them, a zero hours contract work harder and never ducked a day. Many of them I admit have uni educations but their English isn't good enough to get the job they are qualified to do so they taking jobs that struggling people find hard to get. Also because they have children they receive rather healthy handouts more than most Brits because they know how to play the system. Not to mention they inviting all the family over and a lot of them are living off handouts. You think us English are lazy then your delusional or read to much trash in certain tabloids.

tonydj said...

@26/01/2014 11:13
You make a valid point. some people have an obsession with immigration which blinds them to other issues. Accordingly I have decided to raise an issue in public.

I have today made a Freedom of Information request of Tameside MDC. I have asked how much they received from New Charter for the 7 plots of land mentioned in this posting. Also who else showed interest in the plots, what tendering process was used, how and where was the tendering process advertised, how many other organisations made bids and who were they?

Anonymous said...

Well done tonydj you are an inspiration to us all on that long search for openness and social justice.

Rabbi Baruch Efrati: Jews Should "Rejoice" That Europe is Losing Its Identity said...

'Islamization of Europe a good thing'

Rabbi Baruch Efrati believes Jews should 'rejoice at the fact that Europe is paying for what it did to us for hundreds of years by losing its identity.' He praises Islam for promoting modesty, respect for God
Efrati wrote in response that the Islamization of Europe was better than a Christian Europe for ethical and theological reasons – as a punishment against Christians for persecuting the Jews and the fact that Christianity, as opposed to Islam, is considered "idolatry" from a halachic point of view.

"Jews should rejoice at the fact that Christian Europe is losing its identity as a punishment for what it did to us for the hundreds of years were in exile there," the rabbi explained as the ethical reason for favoring Muslims, quoting shocking descriptions from the Rishonim literature (written by leading rabbis who lived during the 11th to 15th centuries) about pogroms and mass murders committed by Christians against Jews.

"We will never forgive Europe's Christians for slaughtering millions of our children, women and elderly… Not just in the recent Holocaust, but throughout the generations, in a consistent manner which characterizes all factions of hypocritical Christianity…

"A now, Europe is losing its identity in favor of another people and another religion, and there will be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity, which shed a lot of blood it won't be able to atone for."

Anonymous said...

You see, because new charter rely on the bully boy tactics of some of their tenancy enforcers, they think it won't be noticed else where.
New charter have become to big for their boots. And because they sponsor the police, they think that they are untouchable in the courts.

Alf Garnett said...


Anonymous said...

@26/01/2014 18:04 yes but do they like JEWS? search for Palestine for Jewish murder.

Anonymous said...

Keep telling the truth and posting on immigration.
This blog has a proud tradition of free speech on the most vital issue facing our country (and our borough) and its continued existence.
It isn't called the Tameside Citizen simply because it deals with local issues, it's because it's based here and greater national/international issues that directly affect us like immigration are extremely relevant.
Those who don't like it should go elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Tendering process? Don't make me laugh. Far too much mutual m*sturb*tion amongst those with leather chairs and views of Ikea's roof. Who are the winners here? A handful of 'social concerns' that I guarantee will get these shiny new homes, and those at the top who get a pat on the back & a step closer to the next ladder rung for meeting Government targets. The losers - the thousands of residents who have nowhere to park, but let's all just keep schtum and continue paying our lebally enforced taxes and parking tickets.

Anonymous said...

Two things I would like to say.

The first is that the few green spaces that were remaining in Tameside are now being exhausted into oblivion by over conscientious planning initiatives.

The second is that my own children, who are qualified to degree level are unable to find even a part-time job in the area that has been their home and are consequently not likely in the foreseeable future to ever be inhabiting those green spaces in their locality.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment about "Immigrants come to Britain to do the jobs we are too lazy to do," my own kids don't even get the chance to prove their work ethic, because no-one will give them a chance to work, not even when they offer their services for free on work-experience projects.