Sunday, 26 January 2014

Just how much did the council get for it's land?

It has already been reported how seven pieces of land have been transferred to New Charter by Tameside council with a view to using them to build homes in an area where affordable homes are required. Very laudable. But there is an obvious question which must be asked, and Tameside resident and long serving political activist Anthony David Jones has asked it.

How much did Tameside Council get for the land? What form did the tendering process take?

A Freedom of Information request  has been made via the "What do they know" website and we eagerly await a response. See here  for further details.

This is an important issue of openness and accountability. We eagerly await the response to the enquiry.


Anonymous said...

Mr Anthony David Jones is an inspiration to us all in these matters.
These issues are very important in a growing new charter borough.
Their grip on our daily lives is becoming UN-checked.

Anonymous said...

New charter are tied up with the Masonic order, the police, and Labour Cllrs, Tameside MBC.

And a big helping of significant breach of the freedom of speech.

Curmudgeon said...

Interesting article, but it is not new. see my take on this practice, twelve months ago.

Anonymous said...

When the police arrived at Roy West's house (sponsored by new charter) They said they'd kick the front door in if he did not open it.

Tameside Citizen said...

Thanks for the reminder Curmudgeon. These issues need repeating and the public need reminding of the situation.

It's now a waiting game to see what the FoI request reveals. In the meantime may I remind viewers of the Whistleblower contact address on the front of this blog.

Anonymous said...

There is more than enough evidence to show a conspiracy between the police and new charter housing, in their bid to persecute Roy West and his vulnerable partner.
While the police concentrate on Roy West, new charter focus on his vulnerable partner.
47 police officers at his house since 2008 with six arrests and 1 prison sentence.
New charter's focus on Roy West's partner, is one that should shock any decent person.
New charter housing now have a report on the vulnerability and mental health of Roy West's partner of such magnitude, that any court action to evict her would utterly destroy their charitable status credibility.
One recent statement from new charter could hardly be believed.
"we won't give her a transfer because where she goes Roy West goes"
I urge decent, good people to look closely at the events surrounding Roy West since 2008.
Why has this man been persecuted so much by the police boot boys, who is behind this never ending persecution?

Anonymous said...

Enoch Powell Was Right, and our FATHERS demand that we stay true and strong.

Anonymous said...

What is death but a mere passing, but if you die with faith and courage, then who can persecute you?

Anonymous said...

If Enoch Powell was right, then why didn't he join the NF? He was a Tory cabinet minister who personally oversaw that which he later claimed to oppose purely as a matter of political convenience.

Anonymous said...

Well it don't matter now, the traitors have nearly completed their work.

Anonymous said...

If you are an English/British nationalists, then the police will frame you.
The police are oppressive persecutors of Englishmen and women.
Their job is not to FRIGHT crime, but to harass British patriots.

Anonymous said...

The police are bully boys look at this video, they are just harassing them.
The police admit it's not a police matter yet they harass them.

"Judas was paid. I have made a sacrifice." said...

Powell sacrificed his career to commit the ultimate modern political sin, he told the truth. Maybe he was tired of holding his tongue and had finally realised the political mainstream was going to do nothing, on what he KNEW was becoming the most critical subject in our history, and future, as a nation.
The fact is he DID speak out, resoundingly and devastatingly, in such a way that his speeches and stance are still quoted today and are seen to be increasingly prophetic, wise and accurate with every passing day.

Anonymous said...

Re trying to evict Roy West's partner.
I very much notice, that the high ranking charter enforcer leading this eviction seems to have backed off completely.
His keenness in leading the push to evict her, was causing Roy West's partner great distress.
The charter enforcer just could not leave it alone, turning up at the house every two minutes with letters, and another charter enforcer
Letters that could have been posted rather than turning up at the house to put pressure on her.
It was so obvious what this enforcer was trying to do to her.

Anonymous said...

47 police officers at Roy West's housing since 2008.
Safest borough in the north west.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently a resident of Kynder Street, Denton, opposite the car park the Council have sold to New Charter and I for one am not impressed! The car park was used heavily by the school, church, shoppers and residents heavily before becoming an horrendous construction site. There was already minimal parking available in Denton beforehand, and now it is just a nightmare! Parents collecting kids from the school literally have to queue in their cars to get access, residents have nowhere to park. Churchgoers parking on pavements, and traffic wardens constantly up and down looking for victims. Denton had the lowest number of council provided parking spaces before this sell-off, and considerable congestion, so I fail to see the logic, should'nt they be providing more parking? Why not build on the outskirts of the borough instead of squeezing more houses a stones throw away from the town centre. Not to mention the construction noise which commences at 7am in the morning and the state of the roads - mud & traffic cones thrown whereever it suits them. Another point i'd like to make, we received no notice in the mail so no opportunity to object before construction commenced. I'm no lawyer, but i'm sure this should have been a requirement of the planning process? What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Not only that, plainclothes police officers were waiting in an UN-marked care, near Roy West's house, to assist the six police going into the house if there was any trouble arresting Roy West.

That is absolutely true.

Tameside Citizen said...

anonymous @ 07:54
The planning Permission can be seen here:-‎

(You may have to cut and paste this address into GOOGLE to get it to work)

It states quite clearly that hours of work are to be 7.30 to 18.00 Mon to Fri. 8.00 to 13.00 Sat and no work on Sunday and Bank Holidays.

It also states that there must be approved wheel cleaning facilities

Family Friend said...

How many police officers will it take to force Roy West's partner out? Don't forget, that new charter sponsor the police.
Will the BBC turn up to film the eviction? Will the charter enforcers turn up in force?
Eviction case listed for this year June Or July, again this may depend on the ongoing medical treatment for Roy's partner.
Remember the court costs in this case currently stand at £6,000 by July what will it be?
New charter are going all out on this one, but they've come up against some real difficulties.

Anonymous said...

Roy West has been advised to lodge a complaint, about the visits from the police.
When he received a visit after filming in Ashton, the visit for the "just of the boat" comments.
The two inspectors on election night. This is police harassment.

Syphilis in Blue said...

The modern police in our country don't give a toss about the long term implications for Britain of the politically driven laws they are PAID to enforce. Like whores, with no standards or values of any kind, they just lie back, do what they're paid for and take the money.

No Surrender said...

Try saying, 'I don't want any more ******** or ******* in my country.' A perfectly reasonable, eminently sensible and rational view bearing in mind the demographic annihilation we are undergoing. Do it and you'll find yourself arrested in short order, and for what. Expressing an opinion that some people might find offensive.
In other words sit back quietly like a good cabbage and watch your country destroyed, because the right to state the truth as a patriot is obviously infinitely less important than possibly offending a traitor, a coward or a cretin.

Anonymous said...

"we received no notice in the mail so no opportunity to object before construction commenced. I'm no lawyer, but i'm sure this should have been a requirement of the planning process? What a joke!"

Do understand that in the local government lexicon so-called 'consultation' means roughly one in three properties. I know from personal experience.

It's rather like sending out election cards to one in three eligible voters and then boldly declaring that the people have spoken. 'Truth' takes on a rather surreal form in liblabcon-man world.

But then again who can blame them? The biggest part of the population generally do the decent thing and keep their mouths shut when anyone decides to take liberties.

Police Harassment said...

When the police raided Roy West's house, they told His partner and her son "we could take you're phones if we want but we won't do so"

Tameside Citizen said...

Would the person who made a comment concerning a meeting in Ashton on 6th March 2014 please provide a link or some other documentary verification of the information imparted. Thank you. T.C.