Monday, 23 December 2013

TMS Autoparts, Hyde - a great place to get headlight bulbs fitted

Back in April 2012 I was saddened to see that my favourite car spares shop; K&C Autofactors of Hyde had closed down. However I am now pleased to report that just like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, K&C is reborn and is now called TMS Autoparts.

In the front window of TMS Autoparts you will see a large poster emblazoned with the message 'we fit bulbs'. That sign was like a magnet to me when a headlight bulb recently went on my car. I say that because last time I had a headlight bulb go I attempted to change it myself and nearly drove myself insane in the failed attempt.

I don't know, but I do strongly suspect that car manufacturers make it intentionally difficult to access bulbs in an effort to make what should be the simple task of replacing a bulb into a major operation. Last time I tried my hands were just too big to fit into the tiny gap given to access the headlight cluster so with that in mind I set off to TMS to see if they could do it quicker than the two days it took me before conceding defeat last time I tried.

I walked in and said I need a bulb fitting, how much will it cost. One of the guys serving said it depends on which type of car it is and which bulb needs replacing. The other assistant who was on the phone as I asked said there are certain bulbs which they don't fit. With that I thought damn, I bet mine falls into that niche but thankfully it didn't and I was told it would cost £6.99 including fitting and I thought what an amazing bargain. With that work commenced and the bulb was installed and working within five minutes.

Next time you find yourself struggling with a fiddly headlight bulb remember TMS Autoparts in Hyde as they are expert bulb fitters it also a great car accessories shop too.


Stoker said...

As a former chauffeur I can confirm that replacing bulbs on some cars (and I drove a lot of different makes and models) can now be a real pain in the backside.
The worst I ever came across was repalcing a headlight bulb in a Volvo V70. The clip was asymmetrical and access and fitting the clip was extremely difficult, some drivers simply gave up.
If manufacturers aren't doing it on purpose they must be grossly incompetent.

Anonymous said...

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Albert Peter said...

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