Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year To One And All


Landranger 109 said...

Best Wishes for Christmas and The New Year TC.

Curmudgeon said...


Anonymous said...

How can Jesus leave us peace, but also say he came not to bring peace? Christ did not come to bring political peace to the earth, but the Lord certainly brings peace to the heart of a believer. Presenting God's word can separate like a sword.

Bill said...

All the best TC.

Merry Christmas said...


Merry Christmas Carly And Nana 2013 said...


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Curmudgeon keep those Great articles coming.

Worthy is the Lamb said...

Remember, that you can persecute someone to death with lies.
But family and faith is like a rock.
The mighty hand, the truth, justice, brotherhood, courage.
You can never kill spirit, light, worthy is the lamb.

Not by power, let me live in the glory said...

I am here to tell you today of the Great news.
New International Reader's Version
"Suppose you are ashamed of me and my words. The Son of Man will come in his glory and in the glory of the Father and the holy angels. Then he will be ashamed of you.

No Shame, but faith. said...

I am telling you today on the Lord's birthday, you can put a man in jail and attempt to destroy his family.
But let me tell you about faith.
He gives a weak person strength if that person calls out to him in the dark.
Never be ashamed of his name, what did Jesus suffer for you?
It's a powerful message of hope and salvation.
God is a living word, a light that takes us to salvation.
It is a living message.

Passion of the Christ said...

When you've had your fill of the Christmas spirit.
I want to tell you a story about a man that was brutalised and nailed to a cross.
This is why you are probably drunk and full with Turkey.
I want to know about the man that died for you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2H7NaiZtkQ

SerpentSlayer said...

Merry Christmas TC.
I say that out of habit more than anything, there are no Galilean carpenters in my Christmas.
Yule is upon us and its tine to celebrate, for the winter will only grow darker until spring comes to refresh the world once again.

The Seven Last Words Of Jesus On The Cross said...


Anonymous said...

@SerpentSlayer no man is an island but souls are black in darkness.

Anonymous said...

@SerpentSlayer your views on-the Father deeply offend me but I've allowed you into my home.
The sign of a true Christian.

Scientists "Jesus Rose From The Dead! " Astounding Proof! said...


Worshipers Targeted at Christmas Services in Baghdad said...

BAGHDAD — At least 26 people were killed and 38 others wounded on Wednesday when a car bomb exploded in a parking lot near St. John’s Roman Catholic Church in a southern neighbourhood of Baghdad, according to police and medical officials.

The bomb detonated at the end of Christmas prayers as worshipers were leaving the church in Dora, the officials said.

The victims, most of them Christians, included women and children, as well as a number of police officers posted to guard the church.

A few minutes before the church bombing, and barely half a mile away, a series of three other explosions in a market in an Assyrian Christian neighborhood left 11 people dead and 22 wounded.

Khaled Yacoub, a parishioner at St. John’s, said he had not gone to the church for a long time out of fear, but decided to attend Christmas services with his wife and two children after hearing assurances that he would be safe. “During the Mass, we heard explosions nearby,” he said. The priest said he would shorten the liturgy so the worshipers could leave early. While taking pictures in the church garden with his children, Mr. Yacoub said, he heard a huge explosion in the parking lot as worshipers were walking to their cars.

“People were running around,” Mr. Yacoub said. “I caught my kids and entered the church. They were crying.” A woman in the church who had been wounded in her legs was asking for help, he said.

He said, weeping: “The priest was talking about peace. He told us that we have to be Iraqi before Christians, and we must love each other.”

His wife, Sahar Yousif, said: “I wasn't encouraging the Christians to leave the country, but today am rethinking. I do not know who was behind this targeting, but we will not believe the words of brotherhood and peace and coexistence in Iraq any more.”

Iraqi security forces said they were providing extra security at churches on Christmas and were searching those entering. One police officer stationed near St. John’s said he did not know how the bomb-rigged car made its way into the church parking lot.

Many Christians living in Baghdad and other provinces travelled in recent days to the Iraqi Kurdistan region to celebrate Christmas and the new year, fearing just this sort of attack.


Forgive them NOT. said...

No doubt Christian 'leaders' in the west will be condemning this attack whilst simultaneously forgiving the subhuman barbarians who did it. Why forgive, they don't deserve it, they deserve extreme, prolonged punishment to reflect the nature and gravity of the offence and to deter others. Then they should be executed.

Roy K West said...
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Anonymous said...

The Roman Census, to which the Holy Family were added, was one of Rome's main instruments of controlling Her populace (not to mention Her Senate); Her provinces and Her colonies. Every iota of information was extracted from the census respondent. Not just his name and the name of his wife and children and his occupation, but everything he owned and who he was aligned with and who he supported all his assets and income right down to his small change.

Thus dictators like Sulla and Nero could readily identify those who they wished to target and purge; seizing their assets and families and selling them off to the highest bidder (or to their cronies) having exiled or executed the unfortunate citizen or subject; whose only offence may have been who they once voted for or whose family they had married into or simply how much money they had and/or what minority group they belonged to or anything else the Oppressor fancied using of their personal data.

Anonymous said...

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Are you giving this to the glory of God, or madmen? said...

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

What do you expect to be posted on here? said...

Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Luke 5:31, 32 And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick. I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Israel Persecutes Christians - said...

Mark 10:45 For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

Anonymous said...

SerpentSlayer should I abandon my faith in Christ and follow you over the rainbow bridge?

My Christmas said...

Could the religious zealot please give it a rest? I know it's Christmas but some of us wish to keep it Christ free.

Anonymous said...

@My Christmas
The deluded hypocritical bible thumpers will be back to their old ways in a day or so. Money grabbing, selfishness, greed and back stabbing their fellow citizens.

Anonymous said...

We will just have to believe in the rainbow bridge and look forward to seeing 400,000 naked men.
Very Homo erotic stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrites all, but what harm is there to remind people the true meaning of Christmas.

Leafy gated communities for the have's, sprawling urban jungle for the sardines said...

The UK will be in a position to overtake Germany as Europe's largest economy, according to the think tank the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR).

The CEBR predicts that Germany will lose its current top spot in Europe by 2030.

It cites the UK's population growth as an aid to economic acceleration

However, as far as Germany, the group said that should the euro "break up", that "Germany's outlook would be much better."


Topless lesbian feminist activist climbs altar during Christmas mass said...

This just proves how phony the whole "feminism" movement really is! They target the Christians since they will not do anything to them while overlooking what Muslims do against their women because of, well, you know the reason why/

Anonymous said...

Funny enough she would get a lot of support, no one interested in religion anymore.

50 lashes said...

Many ARE still interested in religion in Britain, such as Muslims.
Many British people recognise the importance Christianity and its inherent values have played in the development of our civilisation. Its past support for decency, moderation, restraint, respect, self-respect, and the essential building block of true civilisations - the family, i.e. man, woman and children.
The modern church in Britain however is unfortunately obsessed with deviants, the Third World, navel gazing, feminism etc.
This woman in Cologne has no humility, decency, respect (self or otherwise) and seeks to inflict her 'values' on presumed easy targets such as Christians. I wonder if she'd dare try that in a mosque to protest at that alien creed's ACTUAL despicable attitude to and treatment of women.
If a man did that I'd say he needed a good thrashing to beat some humility into him, so if she wants equality she should get a dose of the same.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who draws a causal link between Christianity and civilisation doesn't know what they're talking about.

Ancient Egypt Rome Greece and the rest were all founded and developed by polytheistic peoples. In fact the Roman empire collapsed shortly after adopting Christianity. Interesting how Christians like to be economical with the facts.

Just because your alien non native Middle Eastern religion has exercised a strangle hold on our peoples and their culture for over a thousand years doesn't mean you have the right to lecture us on any supposed obligation of respect we must observe.

50 lashes said...

I was referring to British civilisation, the clue was the phrase: 'Many British people recognise the importance Christianity and its inherent values have played in the development of our civilisation.' Many essential Christian values are good, sound tenets for developing and creating a settled, ordered society.
I'm not religious but like anyone actually conversant with British history, am fully aware of the extremely important and significant part and contribution Christianity and its values have played in shaping our country's history and developing our heritage, culture and identity.
The only 'respect' I mentioned was the complete lack of it shown by this selfish, pathetic, vulgar exhibitionist.

Anonymous said...

Farmers say attacks on lambs have increased, and argue that limited pest control measures permitted under the 2004 Hunting Act are not working. --- If it was left up to farmers there wouldn't be any wildlife remaining in our countryside. From foxes to badgers & golden eagles to red kites they'd exterminate them all. It was once said that farmers were the keepers of the countryside, but these days their only concern is profit & to hell with anything which gets in the way of that!

"In a sport you have two sides who engage in fair competition. Give the fox a f*cking machine gun and a pack of supporters and it would be a "sport".

A crazed mob of rich rural toffs riding on horses while loudly blowing on large phalluses, the purpose of which is for a fox to be violently and painfully ripped to shreds by a pack of dogs after being chased to exhaustion.

In the event that the fox "wins" and goes to earth, the hunters, who are too f*cking posh to concede defeat, send a dog down the burrow to kill it.

The "sport" was invented by rich landowners in the Middle Ages as a way to enforce their authority over small peasant proprietors, because it provided a good excuse for showing who's boss by trespassing loudly and intrusively on small farmers' property. A significant number of country dwellers oppose the "sport" because of its intrusiveness and destructiveness towards small farmers. " [Oscar Wilde]

Anonymous said...

Whatever the rights and wrongs of hunting, it's rather telling that this particular sub set of British society has got all militant about (of all issues) killing wild animals.

I mean, you observe our country and the direction it's headed and you can see how they have their concerns and priorities right....

Priorities said...

A few verminous foxes killed every year that would be snared, shot or poisoned anyway, big deal. If it was rats no-one would bat an eye, but hey they're not cute. That's what this debate amounts to for a lot of the deadheads out there.
Meanwhile back in reality, hordes of Romanians and Bulgarians are champing at the bit to get in as part of the latest inrushing human tidal wave, and start claiming everything going, but of course that's only the destruction of our country not the ultra important issue of dogs killing a few flea ridden foxes of which there are far too many anyway.

it is now official: England is the most densely populated country in Europe said...

I hope those damn traitors pay for what they have done to this country.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps you should ask the blog author if he'd consider having his dogs euthanized by being ripped apart in an massively outnumbered contest with a load of other dogs, toasted with a glass of sherry.

Perhaps you could leave instruction to the NHS to stick you in a lion pit at the nearest zoo when your time's getting near.

Anonymous said...

Police warn people in Heywood of two Romanians stealing charity boxes.

Priorities said...

@ Anonymous 08:46, ' A massively outnumbered contest', it isn't a contest of any sort just another method of controlling vermin. Foxes, like all wild creatures, virtually always suffer an unpleasant end whether poisoned, shot, snared or ousted by their pack when old and no longer able to fight back or contribute and die of cold and/or starvation.
Equating humans with animals is infantile nonsense. If you were given a straight choice between a random fox being shot in front of you or a random human you'd pick the former, so would anyone normal. Unfortuanately the anti-hunt, animal's lib type cranks, aren't normal.
I'm against cruelty to animals where it can reasonably be avoided but the increasingly soft and self-indulgent western world's obsession with 'feelings' and emoting in general and things such as animal 'rights', whilst simultaneously ignoring the GENUINELY crucial issue of national survival regarding uncontrolled mass immigration is unique to the failing civilisations of the west.

Anonymous said...

So if pest control came round to your property wanting to turn the job of killing rodents into some sort of jolly good knees-up in the name of bloodlust, that would be fine because numbers must be controlled?

Do you actually understand the difference between necessary (and regrettable) evil and repugnant sadism?

Priorities said...

All vermin numbers, including foxes, should be controlled. No doubt love of tradition rather than gore is what motivates the vast majority of foxhunters who of course never get to see a fox being killed.
I've no strong opinions one way or the other whether it should be banned as although it may have for some, some unpleasant connotations, the foxes will almost certainly die an unpleasant death anyway, that is the law of nature.
If something is necessary it cannot by definition be evil, evil is the choice of individuals. Sadists wilfully torture and inflict pain and enjoy watching the results, most foxhunters will never get anywhere near seeing anything other than a few hounds killing the fox in the far distance, if that.
Britain and the British people have things infinitely more important to worry about than potentially unpleasant methods of dispatching one particular type of vermin, practised by a miniscule fraction of one per cent of the population. The amount of time and attention focussed on this utterly trivial issue is typical of the type of self-indulgent, soft, phoney emotionalism that now infests Britain and the west.
Meanwhile the survival of our people, nation, cuture, heritage and identity and the real threat of their total and permanent extinction because of the ongoing, out of control immigration tsunami are need urgent, drastic and immediate action. The trivia of a few dead foxes has gotten ludicrously out of proportion in relation to matters of REAL significance and importance.

Children’s tsar calls for parents to be completely banned from smacking their children said...

Another deluded liberal.

Horrific footage of various animals being killed by dogs and blood lusting toffs said...

Poor stags and foxes. The hunters can only be described as utter subhuman vermin.

Anonymous said...

"Britain and the British people have things infinitely more important to worry about than potentially unpleasant methods of dispatching one particular type of vermin, practised by a miniscule fraction of one per cent of the population. The amount of time and attention focussed on this utterly trivial issue is typical of the type of self-indulgent, soft, phoney emotionalism that now infests Britain and the west"

Do you not see the inherent contradiction in what you're saying? You do realise those words could apply to the very people you're defending. In case you haven't noticed, they're the ones making a big song and dance about hunting.

And it's one section of the British population most of us don't give a stuff about anyway. They were alright at lecturing (via the Tory party) about law breaking strikers but now frequently disrespect the law themselves for the sake of 'the kill'. Difference being of course striking workers were fighting for the livelihoods, not the right to chase a fox to its death.

And one other thing - recent polls show 80% in favour of maintaining a ban in both urban AND rural areas. Case closed.

Priorities said...

@ Anonymous 21:47, There is no contradiction in the post, unless you'd care to try and explain it using specifics and reasoned argument.
I haven't defended anyone just pointed out the dangerous and absurd situation of vast amounts of time, effort and attention, both public and media, given to a trivial issue like fox hunting. Focussing any more than passing attention on issues like this, whilst absolutely crucial issues regarding our nation and people's very survival is both typical and symptomatic of a culture currently in terminal, soft, self-indulgent deline. They and ANYONE who cares about our nation's survival and knows that time is extremely rapidly running out, should focus on the reality of issues similar and pertaining to the link, 'England is now the most densely populated country in Europe'. The saying, Nero fiddled while Rome burned, was never more apposite than now when looking at the behaviour and priorities of a very sizeable proportion of the British and western people.
I don't much 'give a stuff' about them one way or the other, or foxhunting (or badger culls apart from their potential part in spreading bovine TB, or cockroach infestations or poisoning rats) either, but I do care about public time and attention being focussed on this and similar dross when the destruction of the country is accelerating exponentially towards the most crucial time in our history.
Out of date, irrelevant, historical 'class warfare' crud about striking workers etc is currently of about the same moment, and as irrelevantly and dangerously distracting when our nation is this imperilled, as are issues like foxhunting.
As for vox pop, the party that virtually wrecked Britain and its economy through deliberate and criminal mass immigration policies and chronic financial mismanagement and incompetence only three and a half years ago, is currently scheduled for election to power according to the latest opinion polls. A lot of people supporting something, whether banning a certain type of pest control or electing a government relies on the average member of that electorate being of a certain level of intelligence, sufficiently well informed and caring about the best interests of for instance the country at large. In Britain that is increasingly not the case, as fully evidenced by the number of people intending to vote Labour (or indeed ANY of the main parties), or the number of people absorbed by and under informed about ephemeral issues like foxhunting, badger culls etc.

Evil Foxes said...

Sorry Priorities but your thinking and perspective are all arse-end up.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, those making the biggest song & dance about hunting are the pro hunting fraternity, so go and lecture them about priorities. Go and lecture them about the need to focus on more important issues like your gallant cause of saving Britain.

That argument could just as easily be levelled at the pros as well as the antis. You choose to aim it specifically at the antis because of your idiotic affinity for some antiquated middle class sadistic pursuit.

The rest of us who see the wood for the trees really don't care about wealthy tally ho toffs being deprived of their precious traditions.

The fox itself hunts for the same reason a cat goes for a mouse and a dog goes for a cat - instinct. And since foxes live continually at nature's hard edge of survival, their excesses can be forgiven by more advanced thinking beings whose lives are a sight more cushy. Hunting for the sake of raw survival is one thing, hunting for the sake of Boxing Day is something else. If numbers have to be controlled, I already satisfied myself that better means exist.

Several weeks ago along the canal I encountered a buzzard (or goshawk or something) ripping a pigeon apart. I had to do the decent thing and put the pigeon out of its misery. Needless to say, I appreciate the bigger bird's reasons when starvation of itself and its young are at stake. I wouldn't put one in an arena with ten eagles and I wouldn't put a badger up against several pit bulls either.

SerpentSlayer said...

One could point out that the original imposition was our transition into agriculture in the first place. Even ignoring the vast foreign component of our population, we have created a situation where we need to manipulate the animal population of this country to support an oversized population.
Animals such as cows, sheep and pigs live in captivity so as to keep fed a population that would likely starve rather than kill and butcher an animal themselves.
We have hacked away miles upon miles of woodland, eliminated native species that threaten our comfortable existence and continue to destroy what is left of our once wonderful island.
For tend of thousands of years we lived here, hunting in the forests, perfectly in balance with the flora and fauna.
Now we must burn, enslave, murder and destroy to keep a corpulent and hideous monster alive, the modern British.
Civilisation has always ended in failure, Sumeria, Egypt, Greece, Rome all of them.
Until man shoulders his burden and forsakes comfort for strength and fulfilment of his natural role, all the earth shall continue to suffer

Female suicide bomber kills 14 at Russian rail station in Stalingrad said...

MOSCOW — At least 14 people were killed and 43 injured in a suicide bombing Sunday afternoon at the railway station in Volgograd, an industrial city in southern Russia, officials said.

Shortly after 1 p.m. local time, a woman approached a metal detector frame at the railway station's entrance, where she stopped and detonated the explosives after a police officer started walking toward her, authorities said.

"When the suicide bomber saw the metal detector frame and saw the policemen on duty as she entered the railway station, she got nervous and her behavior seemed suspicious to the policemen," Interior Ministry spokesman Andrei Pilipchuk told Rossiya-24, a news television network. "[Officer] Dmitry Makovkin started in her direction at a fast pace and at that moment the explosion rang.”

Religion of Peace by any chance?


Anonymous said...

Sorry but Russia's guilty of the same offence as the west.... interfering in Muslim lands whilst simultaneously allowing them into your own. Simple two plus two type logic really.

Priorities said...

@ Evil Foxes, sorry but your literacy and ability to reason are arse end up as you're respnding to comments I didn't make and failing to respond to any of the reasoned arguments and specific points posted.
Those making the biggest song and dance about hunting are the pros AND antis, but the issue itself which is in reality a trivial one, commands considerable media attention and public interest whilst absolutely vital issues to the survival of our nation and people are downplayed, swept under the carpet and wilfully ignored and that is absolutely symptomatic of the prevailing mentality in Britain and the west.
I didn't aim my argument at anyone and wouldn't waste time addressing ANY particular group (especially on utter trivia such as fox extermination), as the impending destruction of our nation is an issue of the greatest import that concerns ALL British people.
I don't particularly care about foxhunting one way or the other but AM extremely concerned that in 48 hours the latest deluge of foreign parasites commences. Clearly many British people have turned the mother of all blind eyes to this and immigration and chronic and exponentially growing overpopulation as a whole, out of fear of the horrific reality of the potential near future implications, or they've allowed themselves to become more concerned about outdated class war type crap against 'wealthy tally ho toffs' and their insignificant, irrelevant leisure pursuits.

Anonymous said...

You're twisting and turning like a fish on a hook.

You downplayed the importance of hunting as it relates to the sentiments of the anti camp. The somewhat more literate amongst us do you understand the meaning of word context....

""Britain and the British people have things infinitely more important to worry about than potentially unpleasant methods of dispatching one particular type of vermin, practised by a miniscule fraction of one per cent of the population. The amount of time and attention focussed on this utterly trivial issue is typical of the type of self-indulgent, soft, phoney emotionalism that now infests Britain and the west"

And those of us not born yesterday can see right through your protestations, whether literate or not.

I do recall arguments about "better things to worry being" blah blah blah being bandied around by the pro hunt lobby. If you're going to use destruction of a country as a yardstick, then I suppose we'd all better shut up about halal, child abuse, corrupt politicians etc etc. After all, they pale into insignificance when contemplating the destruction of your country....

Anonymous said...

It's a buzz killing a fox, what's wrong with hunting down foxes?

SerpentSlayer said...

I'm sure you get a buzz from running around shooting people too, or from smashing car windows, if we are going to think like that we may as well all just go around braking things and hitting and stabbing other.

Prioroties said...

@ Anonymous 08:20, The only 'twisting and turning' is yours, my argument has been totally consistent throughout. I'm not pro or anti, just not bothered, because people horsejumping in pursuit of vermin isn't of ANY fundamental significance whatsoever.
I downplayed the importance of the hunting issue RELATIVE to its almost complete insignificance when compared with the absolutely crucial, and now time imminent, issue of the destruction of our country by ongoing, mass, uncontrolled immigration and it being emblematic of people's failure to attend to matters of genuine danger and concern to us and our nation.
No-one said anyone had to 'shut up' about anything so don't fabricate. At least those other issues have some real importance in themself and are actually worth time and attention.
The consistent, reasoned point and argument I've posted is that the focus on trivial, irrelevant, emotion based issues like foxhunting, badger culls, save the whale and all the rest of the touchy feely, femimised claptrap, whilst the country is literally in dire peril, is absolutely symptomatic of Britain and the west's misdirected, misguided and dangerously misjudged sense of priorities, and the amount of time and attention given to them is caused by the fear of facing the REAL and crucial issues confronting our people and nation.

Anonymous said...


Well if you've got better things to worry about, then shut up keep gibbering on about it and leave things be with the ban in place. The issue obviously has you in its grip as much as anyone.

Can I just remind you that you brought the issue up, you're the one finding fault and you're the one demanding that the status quo be changed. Foxes aren't going to destroy Britain whatever their numbers, so stop bellyaching and get back to your Daily Mail and glass of claret.

Cultural Mores or Crime and Punishment said...

Northumbria Police Shamed as an UN-named Offender is Given 50 Cautions for Crimes Spanning 12 Years. Their only comment – the punishments were used ‘inappropriately’. • Three Hundred were stopped at just one airport in two years trying to get into Britain. Most were admitted and allowed to give birth on the NHS • Lynne unlike most of our countrymen fails to see the difference between the Roma, prolific African rapists, greedy foreign businessman, mega rich Qataris, ambitious Chinese tong leaders, Eastern European sex traffickers, Russian gangsters, West Indian ‘gangstas’, ‘Asian’ honour killings, ‘Asian’ Grooming gangs – in short all those mentioned exhibit the mores of their cultures and not ours or those of our country.
Other Items:
• Exposed: What They Didn’t Tell You About New Wave of Migrants Heading for Booming Britain
• Turkish Government in Crisis Over Corruption Scandal
• France: Paris Mosque Sparks Fury Over Separation of Sexes
• Italy: Roma Woman Steals Church Offerings After Hypnotising Priest
• Italy: Northern League Chief Whips Up Secessionist Sentiment
• Hundreds of Teens Trash Brooklyn Mall in Wild Flash Mob
• Oil: Libyan Production less than 25% of per-revolution output
• ‘Hezbollah Paying $25k Per Dead Fighter to Keep Families Quiet’


Priorities said...

@ Anonymous 21:34, I don't particularly care if the ban is lifted or not, the issue itself is insignificant.
I didn't 'bring the matter up' I responded to the post of Anonymous 18:40.
I didn't demand that the status quo be changed, I don't care one way or the other.
I AM the one finding fault, with the amount of media and public attention such issues get, YOU find fault with that apparently, yet supply absolutely no reasoned counter argument.
The only relevance foxhunting has is, it is a typical example of modern western priroties being focussed on trivial, emotion based matters of almost complete insignificance whilst the future of our people and nation is under imminent threat of permanent destruction.
You're right foxes aren't going to destroy Britain but MASS IMMIGRATION MIGHT.

I understand that despite many extra services being laid on, every coach, aeroplane and train seat bound for Britain out of Sofia and Bucharest has been sold until mid January. That's just the start.

Muggins said...

If anyone uses Google (other search engines are available) and tries booking a flight from Sofia or Bucharest, they would see that there are plenty of places left. I'm not particularly happy with the Eu's open border policy, but scaremongering the local populace is not advancing your argument.



The Winner Takes It All said...

A Britain where the British people are put first every time

• A Britain which is fair; where regular British people don’t have to struggle to pay bills and live in fear of losing their jobs while the corrupt political class gets even fatter by fiddling expenses

• A Britain which our war heroes and veterans can finally be proud of

• A Britain which is free to govern itself without being dictated to by EU bureaucrats in Brussels

• A Britain where our young people receive a quality education, are given opportunities for apprenticeships and can aspire to a secure and decent job

• A Britain which stops throwing £Billions of taxpayers' money away in foreign aid, and provides for our pensioners to ensure they can eat and stay warm in winter

• A Britain that puts British Workers first every time instead of shipping jobs abroad to cheap labour economies

What would our war heroes think if they could see Britain today?

They fought to keep this country British. They fought to keep our nation free, sovereign and independent.

Flights and buses full as Romanians and Bulgarians head for the UK said...

One airline has even doubled number of flights to meet demand

Some one-way tickets are selling for up to £3,000 each

Buses leaving Bulgarian capital of Sofia until January 9 are fully booked

Such a shame. The UK is now swamped with immigrants with no regard for those who live there. Jobs are hard to find for UK citizens. Immigrants arrive with no means to pay for anything and provide a huge drain on the health service and other services. This will cause a massive social divide that will end in disaster. The UK is losing its heritage and will sink under the weight of those arriving thinking the streets are paved with gold.

Anonymous said...

I was doing some sums today.
The best estimates of Saxon, Jutish and Angle arrivals in Britain in the 5th and 6th C were about 200,000 against an Island population of some 4 million.
In the 9th C, some 60,000 Danes--ethnically and linguistically closely related to the Saxons, settled. The Norman invasion brought only 7,600 Normans to England, expanding to some 15,000 by the late 12thC. While small numbers of French, what are today Dutch and other Northern Europeans arrived for trade, as mercenaries or even refugees, the numbers were so insignificant as not worthy of counting. The next significant arrivals, the French and Flemish Huguenots numbered some 50,000 of which about 20,000 were "recycled" to the colonies. The number of non-whites, freed black slaves or Indian lascar sailors never numbered a permanent population of more that 15,000 from the 1500s to the 1900s. Napoleon's wars resulted in 30,000-40,000 refugees from various European countries, mainly Germans, many of whom were again recycled to the Empire or returned home after 1815. Of the 100,000 Jews, 25,000 Italians, 5000 Germans and a few thousand others who arrived in the later half of the 19thC, only J's caused social upheaval, sparking reforms of government health inspection in schools and food preparation as well as slum clearances in the East End of London and Manchester.
So from 1066 to 1900-- about 700,000 arrivals--say 700 per year.
From 1997 to 2012--FIVE AND A HALF MILLION!--366,000 per year!*

There are now more Somalis in London (102,000) that there were British soldiers in Africa between 1803 and 1901.
More people arrived to live in Britain from the Indian sub-continent in 2008-2010 that ALL THE BRITISH WHO EVER LIVED AND WORKED IN INDIA between 1740 and 1948!
More Chinese now live in Britain than the entire European population of pre-1997 Hong Kong and pre-1949 Shanghai combined.
More Pakistanis lived in Britain in 2011 than in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.

* These are the official government figures--probably underestimated by 20%

Everybody's Changing And I Don't Feel The Same said...

llviolence is the biggest racial problem in America. According to Department of Justice data, more than two million Whites are beaten, robbed, raped, killed or otherwise victimized by non-Whites every year in America.

Anonymous said...

'I'm not particularly happy with EU's open border policy...yack yack yack.' Go back to f***ing sleep.

Towton 1461 said...

@ Anonymous 19:51, One of the best and most important posts I've seen on this blog.
Only a lunatic, moron, coward or traitor could dispute the ongoing destruction of our beloved country.
If democracy doesn't save us then every true Briton should start praying for blood.

Anonymous said...

Start the New Year with Tameside`s
No 1 Zionist

"A few honest men are better than numbers." said...

We need a leader with the conviction, bravery and implacable determination of Oliver Cromwell to save our nation in its darkest hour.

Muggins said...

Anonymous 21:42.

Opinions are like nipples, everybody has one. Some have firm points, others are barely discernible through layers, and some are displayed at every opportunity regardless of whether the audience has stated "I am interested in your nipples" or not. Cats have nineteen.

Thank you for shouting at me in CAPS LOCK. I was scared.

Priorities said... (That bloke above my post)

Blah Blah Blah....

The thing is, if I can disprove someone is talking nonsense with a quick Google search, I am sure if you ever have to represent our local community,spouting easily disproved nonsense, why should Mr and Mrs average person trust you.

Muggins said...

Anonymous 21:42 said...


Cheers for geography lesson. Due to the imminent threat of rape by our new continental neighbors, myself and my longtime life partner are now sleeping in shifts.

Thankyou for the party invite.

Including me in your list of friends and family means a lot. You and I don’t tend to have long discussions when we meet in the hallway and I plan to put a stop to that. Next time we bump into each other I intend to have a very long conversation with you and I am sure you are looking forward to that as much as I am. I have told my friend Ross that you are having a party and he is as excited as I am. Do you want us to bring anything or will everything be provided?

Anonymous said...

95% of TC comment makers are WAFFLERS who repeat and repeat what we already know and have known in recent years.
Are they DOER`s ??
Definitely not.
Why ?? just ask yourself.

Anonymous said...


What does TMBC spend ???????????????????
Why not submit a FOI application and find out,and show your interested in positive action ???

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 09:49, Regarding 'doers', I know many who contribute on here who have taken and continue to take an active part in politics and events of local/national democracy for years.

Anonymous said...

The collective neurosis in nationalist and right wing circles about Romanians is another worrying sign of failing to see the wood for the trees.

For those who still haven't quite grasped the point, our MPs are committed (lock stock & barrel) to mass immigration until the seams are bursting. If in doubt, then consider the apparent controversy caused when Cameron & co. merely suggested cutting net annual in-flow to below 100k.

You don't want Romanians? Well people, let their places in this country be taken by Africans and muzzies who are forever waiting in the wings. The key underlying point being that mass immigration in itself is non negotiable in the corridors of power. Whether they come from eastern Europe or elsewhere is all pretty academic.

And slowing the pace of mass immigration may just result in slow death instead, as opposed to the big bang which may just tip the balance sooner rather than later. The Romanian pick pockets of today who choose to stay at home will have their places taken by those third world enrichers tomorrow.

Just baton down the hatches and cover your own backs while we ride the tide.

Anonymous said...

@ Muggins, it isn't nonsense just marginally inaccurate as referenced by several other posts. Try to accept the significance and massive danger of the following fact, (in the light of England being ALREADY virtually the most overcrowded country in the world) and then tell us again of your being 'not particularly happy' (steady, no scaremongering) with the EU's open border policy:

ALL Bulgarian and Romanian citizens (combined population 30 million) will be free to live and work in the UK after temporary controls in place since 2007 expired today.

This isn't a 'personal issue' to be brushed aside with pedantry and dreary witticisms about nipples, it's the SURVIVAL OF OUR COUNTRY.
Wake up for f***'s sake.

UKIP or BUST said...

Saw Keith the corkscrew Vaz at the airport on the news watching the initial ripples of the SE Europe tsunami.
One said he was coming here to start a hand car wash business (squegee at the traffic lights), thank God, we really need another one of those don't we.
But hey, Vaz and Cameron are on the job and the coalition (not Vince and Nick, they can't get enough of the 'enrichment') have decided to use draconian measures: No benefits for 12 weeks, that'll really deter them won't it.
You can't 'renegotiate' freedom of movement, it's one of the central tenets of the EU. It's not about benefits either, it's about stopping them coming in, getting back control of our borders and implementing a controlled work permit programme WHEN NECESSARY, not giving everything to hordes of parasitic alens who know nothing and care nothing about our country.
We need to get out of the EU now!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 09:49, Regarding 'doers', I know many who contribute on here who have taken and continue to take an active part in politics and events of local/national democracy for years.

They are obviously keeping their achievements very quiet any chance of anyone we know,because others could copy such tactics and put extra weight into action.
I still contend that "almost non" ever get stuck into TMBC direct,or bombard those who are the parasites with FOI requests,or copy their efforts onto TC where it might stimulate "if possible"others to show themselves
and what they intend to do ??
Apathy does not only include Voters,but those who pontificate on blogs as their only contribution to the required changes much needed.
Strange that other than the local Labourite scum no other political groups show their bottle and post in support of what facts are quoted on TC.
Its akin to blind mans buff which does nowt.

Anonymous said...

We need to be FREE, drug free, substance free. Clear mind.

Anonymous said...

You can call these Muslims but a happy person does not drink alcohol.

Anonymous said...

If you drink flat beer, boy it's a drag.
Happy new year God Save England!

Anonymous said...

So taking part in democratic politics is now a reason to be smug and holier than thou with supposed do-nothings.

In fact, it's a reason to want your head feeling. No-one but a moron would want to engage in such in an exercise of futility. Or more aptly.... an exercise in pure masochism.

Levenshulme born and bred - Levenshulme has been destroyed, don't buy the BBC propaganda said...

What happened when the Roma came to Levenshulme?

In Levenshulme, immigration is more than just a word. It is a policy that has shaped this part of south Manchester, close to the city's university district.

The High Street is dominated by independent colleges running courses in how to be British. Solicitors offer their services to help new immigrants stay in the UK.

This is the place of choice for around 500 Roma people, mainly from Romania. Ramona Constantin is one of those who now regard Manchester as their home.

When she arrived from Romania in 2009 she could not speak English and sold The Big Issue in the North to get by.

Now, she helps others settle in the city, has won awards for her voluntary work and has met the Queen.


Anonymous said...

This day in 1973-Britain became an official member of the EEC after Edward Heath (curse his name) and his treacherous Conservative party signed away the freedom of our sacred Isle for the personal financial gain for a select few!

Remember the victims of The Chenogne massacre this day in 1945 said...

In the village of Chenogne, a unit of the US 11th Armoured Division had captured around sixty German soldiers. Marched to behind a small hill, out of sight of enemy troops still holding the woods beyond the village, the prisoners were subjected to a volley of machine-gun fire. On this cold and frosty first day of 1945, the GIs were showing no mercy for their unfortunate prisoners as they crumpled to the ground, dead.

Anonymous said...

. No-one but a moron would want to engage in such in an exercise of futility.

What a cop out for doing nothing.
Its another description for apathy

Get some bottle if you don`t want what you don`t like,and thats common sense.

Reflections of 2013 said...

Fancy sending someone to prison for saying single word.
No violence involved, no threat of violence nothing like that at all.

Reflections 2013 said...

As the new year begins, I can safely say that 2013 was a year of Great stress and persecution.
History will condemn my imprisonment, sent to prison for saying a single word.
A word that is used many times over in the holy Bible.
Sitting in a prison cell for using a word that is universally used by millions of people every day.
A non threatening word with no violent intentions, not a hint of violence on my part just a search for truth.
Yet that did not stop them from sending me to prison away from my loved ones.
History will put into focus the persecution against my family.
And the hidden hand cannot stay hidden forever.

Anonymous said...

I could never live with myself getting someone sent to prison over nothing.
Colluding with evil people.

Islam to become Ireland's second religion said...

ISLAM will become Ireland’s second religion within the next 30 years because of dramatic population growth and immigration.

The revelation came as construction work is expected to begin next year on Ireland’s largest mosque.

The Clongriffin centre, on Dublin’s northside, will be the largest Islamic religious complex in the State and will also boast a major cultural centre.

An Bord Pleanala earlier this year granted planning permission for the three-storey complex, which is earmarked for a six-acre site owned by developer Gerry Gannon.

Costing more than €40m, the mosque complex will be able to cater for more than 3,000 people and will feature two minarets, a prayer hall, a cultural centre, offices, bookshop, a library, a mortuary, a creche, a 600-seat events centre, school, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, and apartment blocks.

The entire complex will be 5,573sqm in size and will be able to cater for 600 worshippers for Friday prayers.

Population statistics compiled by the Central Statistics Office confirmed that Islam is now Ireland’s fastest-growing religion and, at its current rate of expansion, it is set to become the second religion in the State after Catholicism.


Anonymous said...

Good, the Irish get right on my tits.

Still prattling on Brits out etc whilst ignoring that other colonisation by the back door.

There's only about three million of them so there'll be submerged in no time.

And before the thought police come knocking I myself of Irish descent with an Irish surname.

Anonymous said...

Come on Reynolds MP and Gwynne MP would you like your kids in this situation or as Zionists is this method part of your zionist support philosophy.

Israel government 'tortures' Palestinian children by keeping them in cages, human rights group says
An Israeli human rights organisation has accused the government of torturing Palestinian children after it emerged some were kept in outdoor cages during winter.
The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) published a report which claimed children suspected of minor crimes were subjected to “public caging”, threats and acts of sexual violence and military trials without representation.

"A few honest men are better than numbers", Oliver Cromwell. said...

It doesn't matter how many Romanians and Bulgarians come. The point is under EU law they COULD ALL come. That is the destructive lunacy of open borders, especially in England which is already virtually the most overcrowded country in the world.
WE have nearly 3 million unemployed and hundreds of thousands of young people unemployed, we don't need hordes (or even 1) of the unskilled flooding in with their masses of offspring whether from SE Europe, Africa or anywhere. Nick Clegg's comment likening the immigration of selected Finnish scientists, German engineers etc to hordes of ultra fertile, self-ghettoising Third World dross sums up what a total cretin the guy is. God save us from idealists whose mental dvelopment stopped at university.
The democratic decision on the future of Britain will be decided in the next 16 months. If it goes badly we'll find out if respect for democracy was misplaced, and how far Britons are prepared to go to save their country using whatever other methods are available.

tonydj said...

"Islam to become Ireland's second religion"

Very interesting post. What it tells us is that while Sinn Fein )"Ourselves Alone" are prepared to countenance a 30 year campaign of terror against fellow European Christians in the name of an celtic catholic Ireland, many of their victims being Irish Celts themselves, they remain silent in the face of a demographic change more threatening to "irishness" than even Cromwell was!

Anonymous said...

They don't just remain silent, Adams and McGuinness et al actually support the invasion. What.momentous times we are living in. We are all witnessing the death of the West. The West would never have succumbed if it were not for the traitors.

Anonymous said...

The constant repeated comment that we have lost our own Country,we are the underdogs,we have been overtaken,blah blah does not need to be repeated day after day.

What do YOU intend to do other than
naval gazing and chucking out more known facts.

Its apathy all round that has created the present situation,so
surely is it beyond human thinking to unite together not as Anons but an increasing active group not aligned to Political objectives.
Action is appropriate not Apathy.
Lets see less Anons and more up front comment makers who make objective points whilst taking note of legal restrictions and threatening terminology.
Silence by way of Anons is not an option anymore if you value your future options.
References to age old writings etc etc does nothing in attacking the destroyers of UK life standards.

Anonymous said...

To those commenting with Biblical references repeatedly,recognise that God is an observer not a pro active entity.
Seeking religion as a provider simply dates back to ancient times,wars and failed operations.

Anonymous said...

Most in the IRA were not genuine Christians of any stripe. You don't seriously think they were taking shots at British soldiers on Saturday and then filling the pews on Sunday do you? The same is true of the Loyalists.

The divide was more along the lines of left/right. Many in SF/IRA were Marx inspired with a peculiar mix of Irish nationalism. That was why Adams fraternised with Castro and the likes. The old original IRA was different, but the Provisionals were more political. The Loyalists tended to be far right leaning.

Anonymous said...

It's not about JUSTICE it's about plain and simple revenge.
It's about collusion, and having the right people behind you, it's about saying as must stuff as possible so some of it sticks.
At one time a court would demand evidence, but it seems that hearsay evidence is all that you need theses days to persecute someone you don't like.

Anonymous said...

"Orwellian state"
All it takes in Orwellian Britain, is for a foreigner to take a dislike to an Englishman and his politics.
A foreigner can shout racism for fun, and he/she will be believed hands down over any Englishman or woman.

Anonymous said...

The Loyalists tended to be far right leaning.
Not true many Loyalists are Zionist in their thinking.

NF in Ulster said...

And many traditional Irish Republicans el rather Conservative Catholic views.

The fact remains that a left right divide existed. Many of the far left in the UK were IRA sympathisers, and Ulster Unionists had links with the Tories incl. Enoch Powell.

Shinners are watermelons - green on the outside, red on the inside.

Anonymous said...

This blog needs a couple of new articles.

Anonymous said...

@NF in Ulster
Many Catholics support right wing politics. Left wingers in England support the IRA, most of the un - washed have never seen Belfast
Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Hitler was a Catholic

Anonymous said...

Catholics don't want Polish in their area, don't make me laugh with all this, Loyalists are this and republicans are that.
Catholics are no different from protestants when it comes to protecting their areas from this new invasion of Ireland.
And it's not an English one....

Anonymous said...

@ NF in Ulster If I remember rightly, the NF were told to leave the area by the UDA at Gawn Street (Templemore Avenue.
And they soon left in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that a well known poster on here can confirm what I say.
The UDA were based at Gawn Street. The NF Third Way were based at Templemore Avenue.
The UDA gave them a warning to leave the area, and when the UDA tell you to leave you better leave.

Anonymous said...

The NF in Belfast found themselves in the big boys league out of their depths.
NF were all talk about taking up the gun, UDA were never all talk and no action.
You are dealing with people that would shoot you in the head without a second thought.
People that would blow you away in front of your family.
NF in Belfast give me a break.

Anonymous said...

It's wonder the IRA did not tell them to leave, because if the IRA told me to leave I would leave fast.
Because you are not dealing with people that mess about after you get a warning.

Irish Blueshirts said...

Irish integral nationalism,
Christian corporatism,
Far Right

The Blue Shirts said...

On the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War O'Duffy began recruiting volunteers to go and fight in the war. Supported by the Catholic Church in Ireland and by right-wing national newspapers, O'Duffy and the first volunteers left traveled from Dublin on 13th November, 1936. It has been argued that the men who went to Spain were mainly motivated by a desire to defend the Catholic Church in Spain.

O'Duffy in 1922 as police commissioner. said...

So what have we got here then?
Eoin O'Duffy Chief of Staff of the IRA in 1922.
Best known for his advocacy of fascism.

Anonymous said...

One key lesson in life is this. Remember that everyone is an individual.
You can be Catholic and Fascist, you can be Protestant and left wing, or the other way round.
But I would personally say that Catholicism gave birth to Fascism.

Anonymous said...

TC Can you just leave a comment if you think I've made my point on religion and Fascism?

God made them as stubble to our swords said...

@ Anonymous 10:06, 'Whilst taking note of legal restrictions and threatening terminology.' If you mean free speech, Britons should be free to say WHATEVER they want in defence of their country. If we DID however we'd be tracked down and arrested in no short order.
It's now illegal to express certain views in defence of your nation and its freedom, just as Orwell predicted. The 'grounds' for this fascistic censorship are, it might threaten the peace and incite certain people/groups. In other words keep quiet whilst your country is destroyed, try to save it by 'unacceptable' means and you'll be prosecuted.

Hitler & Religion said...

Hitler was a nietzschean who despised all Christianity. In fact he was even an admirer of islam....

Red Army in Green Shirts said...

And Oswald Mosley was a Labour cabinet minister. It's beyond doubt that SF are a left wing marx inspired party.

Anonymous said...

The struggle will always be the same no matter the words of terror.
The sword of Christ will protect the righteous.

‘Nick Griffin might be bankrupt, but at least he’s not Michael Schumacher said...

Hideous piece of reporting from the Independent regarding Griffin's bankruptcy. Despite the BNP being long since dead and buried, the 'right-onners' still cannot resist to distort the truth when it comes to the big bad bogeyman BNP.

What the spokesman really said was:"Well, poor Michael Schumacher, a personal hero of mine, had £515m in the bank in 2010. Nick has nothing, but I would bet Michael would give anything to be in Nick's position right now. It just shows that there are more important things in life than money"

Hitler's Christianity said...

(quote from Mein Kampf)
Hitler wrote: "I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.." As a boy, Hitler attended to the Catholic church and experienced the anti-Semitic attitude of his culture. In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler reveals himself as a fanatical believer in God and country.

15,000 Nationalists March in Kiev (video) said...

About 15,000 people marched through Kiev on Wednesday night to honor Stepan Bandera, glorified by some as a leader of Ukraine's liberation movement and dismissed by others as a Nazi collaborator.

The march was held in Ukraine's capital on what would have been Bandera's 105th birthday, and many of the celebrants carried torches.

Some wore the uniform of a Ukrainian division of the German army during World War II. Others chanted "Ukraine above all!" and "Bandera, come and bring order!"

WWII Ukrainian Freedom Fighters Buried With Full Military Honours (video) said...

The history books are written by the victors, but eventually the truth will prevail.

dhimmitude beckons said...

School where 85% of pupils are Asian gives children a two-week October half-term so they can visit Pakistan with their families
Wensley Fold Primary School has increased the half-term break after 'many requests' from parents to take their children out of school
The Blackburn school said the changes would be trialled for one year and that the five days would be made up in September
Ofsted figures reveal that for 85 per cent of children at the school English is not their first language
Parent, who asked not to be named, said October is the best time to visit family in Pakistan because of the more reasonable temperatures

Anonymous said...

The face of modern 'Britain' and shows that any hope of assimilation is lost. Of course, the weak and deluded politicians will ignore this - after all, we are so busy promoting and pandering to all the 'other' cultures that we have lost all respect for our own. I pity the parents of the non-Pakistani children who will have to arrange 2 weeks of child care at a time of the year when it's dark and drab and unappealing to holiday at home.

Varg Vikernes said...

That was nothing more than a public relations exercise on Hitler's part. The man's true feelings on Christianity are well known, and they were anything but favourable. Himmler was also a former catholic who embraced Germanic paganism. They knew back then the anti white anti European nature of those foreign Abrahamic creeds.

All Christians are anti-whites in my book, who ought to go live in the middle east if they're have so much affinity for the place.

SerpentSlayer said...

Someone did my job for me. Hitlers actual religious views will likely never be known but the man was far from Christian. Like most Austrian Germans he was born into a Catholic home but he was a reluctant christian even as a child and had to be forced to speak at his confirmation.
His views on Christ as an Aryan resisting the Pharisees are well known, but whether he prayed to him as an adult we do not know.
It is certain that Wotan possessed the man's mind entirely, but whether Hitler was an initiate or not can only be speculated on. He was certainly aware of a guiding presence, compelling him to become the great hero, but would he have known his name?
As a Woden initiate (same god different name) I would like to think so, and that he would have finally purged the church from Europe, but who knows.
The future is what matters and the past can only guide us, so the details aren't always relevant.

Anonymous said...

Put up an article about the tv licence very popular subject

Anonymous said...

Can you block someone from sending you text messages?
I have a pervert sending me sick sexual jokes.

Anonymous said...

TC you would believe in this sick society that a person that sends me sick jokes of a sexual nature, says that they have the private number to the top brass in the police.

Anonymous said...

I want to be a Freedom Fighter, a soldier of my race.
I want a Nation standing proud, together in blood and comradeship.
The future does not look good, a nation that will pay in blood, a nation that will demand sacrifice.
Strong in unity, divided a failure.

SerpentSlayer said...

Is that from a song, do post it if it is. Very apt words, describe Britain well.

Anonymous said...

No made it up myself.

The Man said...

who destroyed the BNP, destroyed the hopes of millions of British people.
The man that took the BNP from 15,000 members to now less than a 1,000

Let us have done with you. In the name of God go! said...

They're still shipping them in by the boat load from Third World and European cesspits.
We'll find out in May at the European elections if the British have got the guts, brains and will to fight back democratically.

Anonymous said...

A political party is like a Church, in the sense it's a fellowship unity togetherness we are all in it together.
Facing our enemies together.
This was the case in the BNP, but it fell apart in such a short space of time.

Scientists at South China Agricultural University Create Glow In The Dark Rabbits said...


Anonymous said...

The ability to make living organisms glow under certain light is a potentially very useful development.
Have a quick google, an interesting topic that could help save your life.

SerpentSlayer said...

Scientists really are useless. For each of them messing around glowing rabbits and choking kestrels with fruit pastilles they could afford a fighter pilot or a doctor.

do you really want to hurt me said...

No I'm reborn

Dr Francis N Stein said...

More magnificent scientific progress. Hysteria and irrationality on such issues needs to be eradicated.
Fancy a species HAVING the capacity to make such incredible discoveries but deliberately refusing to out of squeamishness and phoney, selfish emotionalism. Pathetic.

Farage caught agreeing with 'basic principles' of Enoch Powell's infamous Rivers of Blood speech said...

Nigel Farage fell into a well-placed trap today when he found himself enthusiastically agreeing with Enoch Powell's infamous Rivers of Blood speech.

The UKIP leader was discussing the topic of immigration with Dermot Murnaghan on Sky News when the presenter gave him a quote about indigenous people being "strangers in their own country".

Asked if he agreed with the extract he nodded and said yes.

But when Murnaghan revealed it was taken from Powell's widely condemned speech the stuttering Farage began to backtrack saying he agreed only with the 'basic principle'.

Enoch Powell's 1968 speech in Wolverhampton was viewed by the majority as racist in tone and led to the minister being sacked from the Conservative Shadow Cabinet by Edward Heath.

In it he argued against anti-discrimination laws which were being proposed by Labour and and criticised Commonwealth immigration.

Powell quoted one of his constituents who had told him: "In this country in 15 or 20 years' time the black man will have the whip over the white man".

Edward Heath later said he sacked Powell because the speech was "inflammatory and liable to damage race relations".

But Farage found himself defending a section about the impact of immigration on the existing population.

"What he was warning about was if you get a large influx of people into an area, if you change an area beyond recognition, there is tension," said Farage.

"That basic principle is right."


British Heligoland said...

Tell me where British Heligoland is without looking it up?

A walk around Heligoland said...

British Heligoland 1814-1890

Get off the fence said...

Well done Nige, you've just got a lot more votes.
Polarisation between the, 'don't rock the boat brigade' who would happily sit back and see their country destroyed as long as 'it doesn't make trouble', and those who are sick to the back teeth of what's being done to THEIR country and are prepared to FIGHT FOR IT is exactly what we need.


story febriatch areahakKATE RUSBY A real Yorkshire Lass

Hail Yorkshire

List of Ancient Greek poets said...


tonydj said...

@ 03/01/2014 regarding Ukrainians in the SS. There are graves of Ukrainian SS men in Ashton.

Barbarossa said...

@ Tonydj, I understand the Germans were welcomed enthusiastically into Ukraine in 1941, something that gets little focus by modern popular historians.

SerpentSlayer said...

Given the size of recent demonstrations by Svoboda, I imagine the same men would be welcomed back.

Anonymous said...

That was temporary. The Nazis intended ruling over eastern Europeans as a Germanic 'master race' with Germany's new borders wiping out such countries as Poland off the map.

Fortunately they were soundly beaten by the superior slavs. According to Albert Speer at the Nuremberg trials, Hitler's scorched earth policy (Nero decree) was about more than just military strategy. His Darwinist views meant he considered Germans had proven themselves inferior and had lost the right to exist.

Much of the claims about stolen German land was crap anyway. German Danzig had always been Polish Gdansk until it was stolen in the 1790s. Hitler and the Nazis may have been pro German, but they were also anti whites of the very worst kind. Like Stalin and the Communists - good riddance to bad rubbish.

tonydj said...

Some good points in the above postings following my own post.

Yes, the Germans were welcomed as liberators in 1941, and the Nazi racial policies destroyed this support.

The modern theorist Hans Morgenthau tells us that foreign relations, foreign policies should be divested of any hint of "a crusade".

For what it is worth I agree with him.

Master Race said...

Highly dubious racial policies at that. Himmler looked like a Mongol and Goebbels looked like a Jew. The Russians used to deride German chauvinist claims about Aryan superiority in WW2.

There's a strong native dark element in the Germans and Dutch which is anything but 'nordic'. This is probably from the original Alpinid presence in central Europe, the blond element was a later addition coming down in waves from Scandanavia.

"The German Nazi Party under the influence direction of Hans F. K. Günther, recognized the Germans as including five Aryan racial subtypes, described by Günther in his work Klein Rassenkunde des deutschen Volkes (1929): Nordic, Alpine, Mediterranean, East Baltic, and Dinaric, viewing Nordics as being at the top of the racial hierarchy" - wiki

Even claims about Scandinavians being pure Aryan are highly dubious given the slight Mongoloid traces evident in the Lapps / Sami peoples. Take Bjork as a fine example.

The English are supposed to be highly Germanic, but on average are probably further removed from the Nordic / Aryan ideal than those blue eyed porcelain skinned Poles. Recent genetic studies recently claimed that the 'purest' Europeans are to be found in the Baltic region of Latvia and Lithuania.

Anonymous said...

Is the TC blog site going down the pan ?? because it seems we are now force fed with History lessons which can never be validated,confirmed,or
totally accurate.
Race,Colour,Ethnic origins are just one talking point,but you or anyone else can stop what is happening.
Regardless of the manipulated rhetoric from Politicians,
Archbishops,Pope or suggested salvation parties which will increase their votes,the Joe Soaps of this world but are simply gun fodder,stupid pawns for politicians,and daily force fed the numerous escapades of the thousands of so-called Celebs created by the utter shite media in all its activities.
For real NEWS Al-Jazeera cannot be beaten if you want the undiluted truth.
The vast majority now belong to the imbecile groups who will soon be given the new American rights on drug taking,in order to nullify the worldwide unrest,anger,and threats to stability when vast numbers become subdued as they fill their heads with sanctioned dope.
All this frantic search for equivalent earths shows the ultimate objectives of the disguised policy groups assisted by the Bilderbergers who already dictate who gets what.
For 2014 simply trust yourself and no-one else if you want too survive.

How could you get plessure out of this? said...

[WARNING GRAPHIC] Fox Hides In Hay Bale Before Being Torn Apart By Hounds | AGAINST CRUEL SPORT

Anonymous said...

current awersusansneym andpsiarrh waysCan't wait till summer can go to the Countryside.

Anonymous said...

They've started building on Brushes Lane Stalybridge.

Anonymous said...

John Enoch Powell : The greatest Prime Minister this country never had.Go and read Simon Heffer's superb biography of the man ' Like The Roman.' Powell summed up British political involvement in the EU in five words : " One Long Epic Of Deception." He spoke the truth about the (then) rising numbers of immigrants and the media and his spineless party hung him out to dry. Like Orwell,who foresaw the 'Doublethink' and 'Thought-crime' of political correctness,Powell was a visionary who told the unpalatable truth.

MoD apologises as RAF poster angers Bloody Sunday families said...

The government has apologised after an RAF recruitment billboard put up in Londonderry angered some relatives of those who died on Bloody Sunday.

Kate Nash, whose brother was one of 14 people killed by the Army in 1972, said the poster put up opposite her home in the Brandywell, was "deeply hurtful".

The poster has since been taken down and the SDLP said this was done responsibly and quickly.

The Ministry of Defence said it was sorry for any offence caused.

In a statement, it said it was an equal opportunity employer and its recruitment drive was about trying to reach as wide an audience as possible.


Londonderry UK said...

The RAF recrutiting in part of the United Kingdom. There is absolutely nothing to apologize for.

SerpentSlayer said...

They want to blame the IRA for taking pot shots at British soldiers. I don't remember the strafing runs on Londonderry carried out by the RAF. If the silly beggar fenians want they can go and join the Irish 'army', which I imagine if ever needed would be bailed out by the British forces after they surrendered unconditionally to the first lot of chances to give it a try.

Anonymous said...

In case you didn't notice, NI is a bit of an exception where these islands are concerned. A sizeable portion of its indigenous population reject and have fought against British occupation for hundreds of years.

Loyalists may be entitled to be British, but in any such society a bit of sensitivity and tact on both sides of the divide is needed. And the same is true of those who seek to ban Loyalist marches whilst conveniently ignoring the fact that Irish Republicans march in a similar fashion through protestant areas.

It's arrogant, pig-headed and petty chauvinism on both sides that has caused so much bloodshed on that island.

No Surrender....

Tiocfaidh ár lá (our day will come)....

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-HqHSkYG-Y said...


enforcedenrichment.co.uk said...

A science teacher has been arrested on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack in war-torn Syria.

Jamshed Javeed, 29, from Levenshulme, was arrested by counter-terrorism officers as part of an investigation into concerns surrounding travel to Syria.


Oh ze suffernik, ziz type of bigotry led to ze gas chambers said...

More than three-quarters of British people want to see a cut in immigration, a survey of social attitudes has revealed.

However, fewer people now than in 2011 think immigration is bad for the economy - 47% in 2013 compared with 52% two years previously, new findings from NatCen Social Research's British Social Attitudes survey found.


Englander said...

On Panorama's immigration special three quarters of the programme was devoted to BBC pseudo facts about money and the economy. There was also a heavy undertone of chronically patronising 'We know you're worried, but you plebs simply don't understand the true and wonderful benefits of all this enrichment.'
The destruction of our national identity, heritage and culture and the social timebomb building up for the future was glossed over in the usual Marxist fashion.
The only thing to rise above the money grubbing, lies and delusion was Nigel Farage when he replied, 'There are some things far more important than money.' Coming hot on the heels of his stating on Sky TV a few days ago that the 'basic principle' of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech was 'right', UKIP's leader is marking out his territory as a man of principle who will take risks and espouse positions way outside of the totally out of touch and spineless political mainstream.

Volksgrenadier said...

The solution is always prepared before the problem. Farage is a snake.

tonydj said...

The position regarding immigration IS simple. It IS good for the economy. As would be abolition of the Trade Unions, a £2 an hour legal minimum wage, a return to the workhouse, the reintroduction of child labour etc etc.

But is not "Good for the economy" becoming a mantra on a par with "four legs good two legs bad". A phrase to be parroted without consideration of it's meaning? What IS this "economy" which is so important? Given the high level of poverty in the UK, sorry, PARTS of the UK, it seems that the current high levels of immigration are not wealth producing.

Nigel Farage is making the right noises. But is that all they are? Noises. Nick Griffin should have been grabbing the headlines on this issue but.....well that's another story,

Anonymous said...

Have you got nothing to replace this with? whats going on with this blog?

SerpentSlayer said...

My thumbs are killing me, post a new article TC.

Anonymous said...

It was scarcely believable, listening to former Home secretary and Labour MP Jack Straw on last night’s BBC 2 programme - “The Truth about Immigration” – blithely confessing that he got it wrong about immigration.

“We did get it wrong and we deeply regret it” he said, adding that Labour should not be obliged to apologise.

Oh no, not apologise for the distress to individuals and their families and the damage to the social fabric of our society he and his government caused - “apologies, apart from personal apologies, debase the currency of the language” he said

Never mind debasing the currency of our society, Mr Straw, creating a country with loss of identity, permanently on the edge of insecurity, unrest and possible violent conflict, never mind about that.

How typical of that from a man who had the cheek to tell British National Party Chairman Nick Griffin on Question Time that he – Nick Griffin - had “no moral compass”.

David Blunkett, another former Labour Home Secretary, said he was unapologetic for the big influx of Eastern Europeans - “we didn’t spell out in words of one syllable detail of what was happening partly because of fear of racism” and, seeming to forget the rule of law and the presence of a police force and a UK Border Agency, added that if they hadn’t allowed the immigrants in they would have simply walked in illegally anyway!

Robinson mentioned a “fear of the immigration tinderbox”, and the now shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper admitted “I think there should have been more debate about immigration…listening to people who were worried about jobs and wages instead of saying you can’t talk about it fearing that would be politics of the Right”.

Michael Howard a former Tory Home Secretary, seemed astonished that the people of the country were not asked about or weren’t told about the potential consequences of opening our borders, “I don’t think that’s the way politics in a democratic country should be conducted”, and agreed that the public should have been told.

That from a member of a political party which expelled one of its foremost intellectuals – Enoch Powell – for telling the truth about immigration back in 1968, a truth which Robinson thinks is the main reason why British politicians and the media have shied away from talking about immigration for fear of being labelled racist, and all the key decisions have been made in private, without public consent.

However, this theory fails to explain why the main weapon multiculturalists and the Politically Correct use to stifle public debate and inflict their ideology upon us is not Enoch Powell but the “Holocaust”, events which we are told incessantly, 24/7, happened to people in Eastern Europe some 80 or so years ago.

There are deeper, more sinister reasons for media and government’s reticence to debate immigration and nationality…..

Most of Robinson’s programme was light hearted but grim entertainment, uncritically covering a Southampton school where the kids speak about 40 different languages but not English, where he mocked our people at a New Forest country event for not knowing how many immigrants were in the UK, apparently unaware that he and his bosses at the BBC were mainly to blame for their lack of information.

He started his programme with the usual lie about Britain being “a nation of immigrants”, that we Brits have “a genius for assimilating immigrants” and recounted the shock horror scenario of a future shortage of curry chefs from Bangladesh!

One was left with the feeling that the powers that be hope this single programme will now be all that is required to balance the lack of debate over the last fifty years - you have had “your debate” and the sheep can now be content and get back to Corrie, Big Brother and football.

"Necessity Hath No Law." said...

Regarding the planned mass immigration waves of the past 17 years - It was driven by greed for, and worship of, money. Those in control of money know that this obscene love of it is man's ultimate weakness.

God give us the courage and strength to rise from this stinking pit of greed, baseness and vanity and bring to absolute justice the would be destroyers of our nation.

crystal ball said...

The family of Mark Duggan are a shining example of bravery, decency and honour. One day all families will resemble the family of the former fun loving beacon of humanity Mark Duggan.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Gwynne (Shadow Minister (Health); Denton and Reddish, Labour)
My hon. Friend is right. London is a global city. It has people coming in from all over the world, not just from elsewhere in the United Kingdom. It is a diverse city. It is an exciting, vibrant city—I am probably over-egging it for a Mancunian, but it is a great place. Those complexities are what makes London fantastic, but they are also what makes delivering health services a real challenge.

So London streets are fantastic according to this bloody opportunist numbskull.
Its full of non working Europeans etc con merchants,robbers,
pilferers,pimps,locked up prostitutes,pickpockets.created gangs,and intent on bullying methods.
We already have our share in Manchester so according to this lacking in brains MP Manchester is also a fantastic city.
Now you see the Labourite ideology
plain and simple "come on in" you criminals,organised gangs,street beggars,we love you all entering and raiding our facilities and filling our prisons and detention centres.
Vote Labour and get the MP`s and Councillors YOU DESERVE who think in reality you are crap and not worth considering.

Plain English said...

It is not the traitors and swine in power to blame, but the fools who voted them in.

Anonymous said...

How long are you going to keep this blog locked down?

Gay said...