Sunday, 22 December 2013

One in three babies born in UK has foreign parent: BBC panellist says "to me this is fantastic"

This is most unseasonal and apologies to anybody who does not wish to think of this type of thing at this time of year, but having just watched the clip above I feel I must share it with others to see if my anger after thinking about what was said in the clip is unjustified.

The footage was aired today on the BBC News Channel and the issue being discussed was the fact that one in three babies born in the UK has at least one foreign parent (and in many places that figure is as high as nine in ten). The female panellist whose ethnic roots are other than indigenous British thinks that these latest figures are "fantastic" and she then talks of a constant churn of nationalities and a hybrid population who have no idea what the indigenous population looked like.

Well may I say - how damn dare she say that! I pay a BBC TV licence and therefore I am entitled to my opinion. The two white males seem quite comfortable with what she said and laugh it off, but I do not think the ethnic cleansing and eventual genocide, through 'hybridinisation' of my people is a laughing matter in any way whatsoever.

I along with virtually everyone else with British roots reading this had relatives who paid with their blood for the survival of this nation and its people and I find it totally incredible that someone whose ancestral roots are other than British has the audacity to appear on national TV and proclaim it "fantastic" that people of the future will have no idea what the original  population, (i.e. us) looked like. Could you imagine the outrage if a White person went on state TV in India or China and said it is fantastic that the people were being replaced by hybrids and that one day people would have no understanding of what the original inhabitants looked like?


SerpentSlayer said...

Compare this with the treatment of those who defend the rights of the indigenous people of Britain on television. The BBC is an criminal organisation charging an unlawful tax to promote the genocide of the British people and radical Islam (see the fauning treatment of the terrorists who murdered Lee Rigby) the license fee is not compulsory and they have no right to search your home for a tv.
There is so much wrong with this country, how do you know where to start with the protests?

Anonymous said...

I see little point in raking over this issue, as frustrating as we might find it.

The native British are (consciously or semi consciously) committed to a new mixed race future for future generations, so why fuss?

As for the TV license, well given the quality of TV nowadays I can quite happily do without and just use the box for DVDs and video games etc. In the internet age the notion of paying 150 a year for the privilege of tuning into a right load of ol' **** that passes for 'entertainment' these days is sheer madness.

You only need a license for plugging the aerial in, and there's no way I'm going to fund a left wing propaganda organisation dubbed 'British Broadcasting Corporation'.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a boycott of the license fee is the best bet.

Anonymous said...

The voting poll on the EU is sliding down again.

Anonymous said...

With every passing day, free speech is being stripped away.
Ridiculous situations taking place of persecution.
Ukip are now in the front line of the persecution to come.
I notice that more and more Ukip officials are now daring to speak out more on the issues of immigration.
And National survival.
You will most certainly see a campaign by the police to harass and persecute the family's of Ukip candidates in Tameside.

Anonymous said...

Good post TC,it sums up the feelings of 90% of the remaining Brits with years of ancestral roots.
Those ancestors who worked in the tough long hours in textile mills,
grafted in engineering workshops,dug out the coal in 3 foot high pit chambers several hours each day,and those who ran and created a massive rail system all of which created early deaths,chronic health problems
and who worked whilst on horrendous basic foods.
They created OUR country and those in two savage world wars who fought for its survival and died
those were the backbone of our society.
Us up North were the wealth creators but remained skint whilst the Southern Counties got the benefits.
Read the real facts about the eighteenth and nineteenth Century,
the orphanages,infant deaths,back street living,and be proud of those seriously abused folk.
We deserve better than what All Politicians dish out,none of whom know the deprivations of total poverty,and who still keep us as gun fodder when the next blow up occurs.

Bill said...

Another nail in the coffin -

Anonymous said...

So basically what she is saying is that we are to be erased from history in the brave new Britain of the future. If I said I wanted that to happen to a minority ethnic group I would have the door smashed in and arrested.

Alf Garnett said...

I spent my nite at tameside hospital last nite with another one of there mistakes ? my dad they told me it was a serious drug error ? my dad was on a diabetic ward and they didnt give him is inserlin for 5 days ? and now hes critically ill . his kidneys have stoped working hes going to lose a leg but they cant cut it off coz of the heart attack its caused him to have ? so it may have to just sit there and rot ? neumomia plus over infection ? Hes basically stuffed ? So now thats my mam and my dad that place as touck and in the same way ? SERIOUS DRUG ERRORS and he only had a sore toe ? Can some one tell me how do i get my head around this ?

Accountability said...

Sorry to hear that news Alf but the NHS is a very sick, sacred cow that is infected to the core in some wards/hospitals with serial incompetence and callousness. Why? Because it is virtually unaccountable. Once people start getting locked up for twenty or thirty years for, in effect, killing people, by extreme indifference, mismanagement, neglect and chronic incompetence then I guarantee the organisation will improve.

Time LTD. said...

Don't worry about immigration, Vince Cable and Nick Clegg have given the British people a 'moralising' slagging off for daring not to be delighted at the latest deluge.
They are two of the best examples ever of establishment figures being utterly out of touch with their nation, its people and their beliefs and wishes. After all how DARE these British want to survive and keep their unique heritage, culture and identity.
Pray that enough of the apathetic and/or gutless zombies who now make up a significant proportion of the British people wake up by May's European elections and give the media/establishment political fix up that is deliberately destroying Britain a massive and hopefully fatal electoral shock.
Last February's Eastleigh by-election seismic UKIP vote increase and their massive County Council voter support two months later alone has caused devastating unrest in the Lib/Lab/Con corridors of power with one panic immigration reaction and attempt to assuage the public mood after another. Imagine what an enormous UKIP swing would do in a full European election. Major heads (maybe at the very top ) would fall and then anything can happen.
The stagnant, traitorous clique that currently runs Britain needs to be destroyed. Terminal destabilisation by by a massive show of electoral force, the ONE thing the mainstream parties are terrified of, can be achieved but the clock is ticking.

Juggernaut said...

You're being ethnically cleansed, JUST REJOICE AT THAT NEWS.

Never surrender.

The god of light and the sun said...

Just before 10pm tonight it will be 45 years since the crew of Apollo 8 (Frank Borman, James Lovell and Bill Anders) became the first humans to enter the orbit of another planet, the moon.
Despite enormous scientific advances and achievements for our species in general, it has to be said that in terms of manned exploration of space beyond earth orbit, and what COULD have been achieved in those four and a half decades, it is a case of gross UNDER-achievement.

Anti-BNP MP Denis MacShane jailed for fraud said...

MacShane, real name Matyjaszek was truly one of the worst of the worst. Utter scum and a true enemy of Britain and Western civilization.

Anonymous said...

It goes without saying that MacShane the crook was a leading figure in the Labour Friends of Israel Zionist front group.

White Australia Policy said...

@The god of light and the sun

Not really. The endeavour was horrendously expensive, and to justify any return governments would have to find a good reason (like a permanent lunar colony) rather than just repeat trips lasting a few days.

Leftist Kennedy labelled it an accomplishment of 'all mankind', and people of all shades around the world joined in the collective sense of achievement. The reality was though that to get the job done JF relied solely on the brains of white men, in particular a leading German national socialist who (probably) did not share his sentiments.

Armstrong was also being charitable with his 'first words', it was in fact merely the latest in a long list of steps European men have taken going back to the Norse longboats and further. I doubt China will be engaging in any similar show of soppy one world sentimentality.

Ironically, it was also the time when the USA demolished its long standing immigration policy of favouring Europeans. In the 50s the country was 90% white, a figure which now stands at 70 and is forecast to be 50 within decades.

Australia made a similar grievous error. It's strict immigration policy had been in place since the beginning of the century, with the stated aim of preserving the continent as an outpost of the descendants of the white British. So much for our long proud history of tolerance and diversity....

Nazi Rocket Scientists Who Helped America Put A Man On The Moon said...

Rudi Beichel [4]
Werner Dahm [5]
Konrad Dannenberg
Kurt H. Debus
Casper van Diën
Ernst R. G. Eckert
Krafft Arnold Ehricke
Ernst Geissler
Dieter Grau
Walter Häussermann
Karl Heimburg
Otto Hirschler[6]
Helmut Hoelzer
Hans Hueter
Wilhelm Jungert
Georg ("George") Emil Knausenberger [7]
Heinz-Hermann Koelle
Hermann H. Kurzweg [8]
Hans Maus
Fritz Mueller [9]
Willy Mrazek
Erich W. Neubert
Theodor A. Poppel
Eberhard Rees
Gerhard Reisig [10]
Georg Rickhey[11]
Werner Rosinski [12]
Ludwig Roth
Arthur Rudolph
Harry Ruppe
Friedrich von Saurma
August Schulze
Walter Schwidetzky
Ernst Stuhlinger
Bernhard Tessmann
Adolf Thiel
Wernher von Braun
Albert Zeiler
Theodor Karl Otto Vowe
Georg von Tiesenhausen
Albin Wittmann

Walter Dornberger
Hermann Oberth
Jesco von Puttkamer
Guenter Wendt
Fridtjof Speer

another shit bull attack said...


The god of light and the sun said...

@ White Australia Policy, The Apollo missions all achieved and discovered a vast, different and extremely varied amount of new scientific information, much of which is still being examined and providing new knowledge now.
The technological discoveries innovations, inventions and breakthroughs made in simply planning, designing and constructing the hardware and massive amount of new tecnology involved are too numerous to mention. If the programme had gone forward we may well have HAD lunar bases, with all the benefits that would have entailed, many years ago. Those bases would of course have led to other discoveries and those discoveries to other discoveries and new tecnologies etc. That is how PROGRESS is made.

Anonymous said...

@The god of light and the sun

well by your logic, western nations ought to immediately begin bankrupting themselves with planned missions to Mars and beyond.

Down here on planet Earth, pragmatic decisions have to be made based on real world concerns and priorities. Manned interplanetary adventures are the kind of thing for stable, confident, well constituted societies. Not the basketcases which comprise modern western democracies.

When we don't even have the cash to fix holes in roads, it would be a bit silly to be starting work on other worlds. Rather like when you're bogged down in disasterous far eastern conflicts in the 60s and 70s.

Anonymous said...

A number of points re todays comments.
First Alf I would get all the names of those treating your dad at the Hospital and don`1t be put off getting their names.
Secondly all Tamesiders should now know the following which I was informed of today from the Faculty of Public Health Chief Executive which when I read it could not believe how TMBC have been let loose with its new task which should "scare the shit" out of Tameside people.
I quote:
We must also point out to you that, as a result of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, on the 1st April 2013, all responsibility for Public Health matters was transferred to local authorities, in this case Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council and any matters relating to the public health of Tameside should be addressed to them.
Now check out the new Tameside TMBC Health Board members and your hair will stand on end that proven lunatics are now even responsible for your Public Health,which includes New Charter,GMP,Tameside
Councillors who have no real experience of Public Health Issues,and even the disgraced Tameside Hospital Ex Chief Executive who oversaw the deaths of Tameside people through gross negligence.
As for the once big mate of Blair and the FOI "MacShane the crook",these Zionists should sit eating their family dinners along with our local Zionists Reynolds and Gwynne and give thanks they are not sitting in poverty,having had their homes stolen,and occupied by the Israeli Zionists
because their Palestinian homeland was invaded and stolen by the Zionists and their followers.
As for immigrants whatever the Tories now pretend,along with the Labour scum regarding limiting immigrant arrivals just forget it
its a lousy myth they are peddling
because fragmenting the Uk public into foreign groups they are following the divide and rule philosophy where Governments ensure no large groups can immerge and exercise their rights.
We are already totally shackled through the aims of Politicians of all groups in Government and Locally to put their filthy hands around our necks and ensure we become totally submissive.
Its time car stickers were produced saying "DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY POLITICIAN THEY ARE A TOTAL DISGRACE".
At a cost of around £1.50-£2.00 surely that`s possible to arrange to display the truth of your present and future lives
The devious politicians enjoy their posters and leaflets chucked everywhere so why crib at the Publics display of their need for
their rights in OUR COUNTRY.
Has the crap been already knocked out of you, or surely its our time
to cripple the politicians vile intentions.

Anonymous said...

Complaints silence church bells for first time in 117 years
A parish council claims it has been forced to turn off its church bells for the first time in more than 100 years because of complaints about the noise because its detrimental to human health.

What about the calls too prayer from the mosques ??
The Christmas bells for Christians is to announce the birth of OUR SON OF GOD,so why not claim
The last remnants of our Christian faith is going down the pan daily
and they are laughing at our weak kneed apathy.

Anonymous said...

Well said that man who posted at 19.41, you are right on every count and divide and conquer is certainly the game they are playing.

Tameside Citizen said...

I am sorry to hear that Alf and I hope your dad pulls through. If you click here you will find information on how to make a complaint.

The god of light and the sun said...

@ Annoymous 19:30, If western nations HAD forged ahead with space exploration there would have been vast increases in technological knowledge that would have benefitted us immeasurably, in terms of our sense of accomplishment and pride in who and what we are and our true potential, also financially the benefits could have been immense. Who knows WHAT would have been discovered, perhaps solutions to our energy crisis and pollution just fopr a start. Instead we got bogged down in pointless naval gazing, introspection, selfishness and infantile, self destructive 'moralising', such as trying to solve the problems of backwards Third World cesspits.
Such things are of course still possible, but starting from the type of fragmented, disordered societies we have know become would be significantly more difficult.

Kick them in the ball(ot)s said...

@ Anonymous 19:41, Massive numbers of people are ALREADY too apathetic or disenchanted to vote. This is precisely what the establishment parties rely on. If however a massive proportion of regular voters plus a sizeable proportion of the 40% who can't be bothered to vote even at general elections, all suddenly voted UKIP it would utterly decimate the rotten, traitorous political status quo. The message sent would be: Immigration - WE'VE HAD ENOUGH.
A definite, resounding and real CHANGE in the political landscape would take place with hundreds of new UKIP MPs.
Perfect? No, but infinitely preferable to what we have now, or what a mass not voting protest would achieve, which in reality would simply be to let the main parties back in but on far lower turnouts.