Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tameside Full Council Meeting 03/12/12

The Great Leader gives some facts and figures regarding the Metrolink extension to Droylsden and Ashton.


Tameside Citizen said...

The meeting is still in progress and streaming live. The Great Leader is currently on his feet arguing passionately in favour of HS2. It is very difficult to argue against anything he has said and his point about the ludicrous cost of Crossrail in London is spot on.

Anonymous said...

Anyone got a spare rocket launcher

Tameside Citizen said...

Yes, a recipient of £280 million of British foreign aid - India. I am sure they will have a spare rocket launcher since they have recently dispatched a probe to Mars. What mugs we are. Giving away vast sums of money to such countries when we don't even have our own space programme.

Anonymous said...

Have we got the required intelligence left in the UK to even fire a Guy Fawkes rocket over a roof top.
Based on the overwhelming numbers of
semi literate,walking dead,in our Borough seen everywhere, and the sleepy apathy which is now endemic throughout Tameside we are surrounded with huge numbers of half baked zombies shuffling around,
As for having our own Space Programme we wouldnt know which rocket end to light.
Lets have IQ tests for all Tamesiders (whats that came the response)

Anonymous said...

Let JT light the space rocket but first tell him "not too stand back" and just be a patriot JT

(Brain) Dead Reckoning said...

The teaching profession is full of people whose priority isn't teaching but to promote a particularly corrosive socialist agenda. The reason they detest school inspectors is they don't want to be discovered and called to account for their chronic failures, the results of which are increasingly all around us.
We fall further and further behind in every international educational ranking and yet there is apparently in the profession's eyes no acute problem, it's the rest of the world (with their superior results) who've got it wrong.

One Track Mind said...

Get some treatment (or a train set for Christmas) for your obsession with railbound c**p TC, it's becoming pathological.

The (very) dear leader said...

I prefer Kim Jong-un's official 'statistics' to Kieran Quinn's.

The Quinn's combined 'allowances' = £84,314.96 a year, or £1621.44 a week or, £231.63 a day.

Anonymous said...

Too many females who cannot control children in schools,they end up appeasing the kids,bargaining with them and scared of parents intervening.
Men should be brought more into schools who can instill obedience
a determination to learn and demand respect from each pupil.
That`s stage 1 of the recovery

SerpentSlayer said...

Fathers are needed too. I was in a minority at school in having been brought up by my mum and dad, and you could tell who had been and who hadn't.
Makes no difference of course, virtually every lad I went to school with is in low paying work or none at all.
But to have a country filled with people on various levels of the evolutionary tree, raised without dads, fed loads of sugar, being told that they are special and indulged with trinkets and gadgets is criminal.
I'm a keen Laconophile, and the way children were raised in ancient Sparta can't be beaten. Raised in a homogenous and proud society to love their families, honour the gods, look after their bodies and minds and to be willing to sacrifice everything they have for it, that's how we should be. No rom for sponging self-aggrandisers there.

Anonymous said...

Quinn talks in one breath about about increased 'footfall', and then in the next breath happens to mention that there's been a big boost in house building in the borough. So his dubious figure of a 9% increase attributed solely to Metrolink can theoretically be reduced with that population increase factored in. By how much we can only guess at, but the massive upsurge in eastern European immigration into Ashton recently will boost so-called 'footfall'.

The actual effect of the Metrolink will probably be to encourage more pensioners into the town centre who travel buckshee and might find tram a more agreeable way to journey. And since many pensioners are skinflints who treat such shopping trips as mere sight seeing tours, the actual economic net gains would have to be scrutinised by those of a less biased inclination than TMBC.

tonydj said...

.........and T-34 Production in the "John Taylor Non Pasaran memorial Anti-Fascist Workshop" was up 25% while the workers of the ..... Oh, sorry, just had a historical flashback to the 1930's.

Recession? We're exampt. Why? WE JUST ARE! said...

£230 a DAY between them! FFS!!

Split Tameside into four areas with four elected PROFESSIONALS on say £40,000 a year who would represent about 54,000 people each, i.e HALF what an MP manages. Why does a borough the equivalent of approximately 2.2 parliamentary constituancies need FIFTY SEVEN elected representatives.
This is one gravy train that needs urgent derailment.

Crusher Creel said...

The Famous Patented: "QUINN'S 'Allowances' Pennyometer." Extracts 16p, every minute, every hour, every day from the TMBC coffers.
They must be the world's hardest workers.

Anonymous said...

The Local Muppet spews out more vomit.
Andrew Gwynne (Denton and Reddish, Labour ( House of Commons Questions)
Figures from the national health service show that 600,000 more people used accident and emergency
departments last winter, an increase of 11% since 2010, and it looks as though the situation is set to get much worse this winter. Why?
For a start Mr.Gwynne Air Pollution is affecting more and more people and you deliberately enjoy ignoring these facts,but you will be getting the message very soon.
Having experienced some daily instances of an A & E waiting rooms and gaining inside information from various staff at various times
its a daily problem and increasing that immigrants and those from other Countries are using Hospitals as Doctors Surgeries,because when they feel ill with minor complaints they do not want to spend their valuable ???
time telephoning GP`s and being booked an appointment days ahead.
That`s the WHY ?? Mr Gwynne stop bleating about a situation YOU CAUSED with excessive immigration

Anonymous said...

Well said J Hall.

percy veer said...

@J Hall.

Whats that got to do with the tram. Please forgive me I don't like to make excuses for the local council but throwing that argument in here has lost me. The immigration card doesn't make me any wiser either.

The tram does nothing to pollute the air we breathe in Tameside. I agree as do all English Tamesiders that immigration is a drain on our borough but I don't think its fair to use that as a scapegoat for all our own problems.

Unholy Trinty said...

The massive increase in NHS usage in the last few years is caused by immigration. Many here, especially illegals, can't register with a GP, so A and E etc is where they go. The figures for Brits, including the elderly are known, predictable and haven't 'suddenly astronomically, unexpectedly increased' in the last five years, the number of immigrants and their masses of offspring HAS.
Check out the horrendous population growth demographics re immigrants if you want the truth.
The same applies to the 'surprise' 260,000 extra primary school places 'suddenly' required and all the other exponentially growing strains on our national infrastructure.
They're still flooding in from everywhere and massive numbers of them are coming purely because of our pathetically soft and over generous benefits system. It should be necessary WORK permits only, no families, no hangers on. Bear in mind as members of the EU we can't do anything meaningful about it.
Anyone who WANTS to save Britain had better WAKE UP and vote UKIP, otherwise the three main parties WILL destroy Britain.

Anonymous said...

125,000 journeys on the Ashton tram each month?

How many of these journeys were taken on match days and what is the average usage on non-match days?

How many of the remaining journeys were taken by pensioners who pay nothing and will only use it whilst it remains free?

How many of the evening journeys were taken by fare dodgers?